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    Heavy duty Redrock Tipping Trailer. Dropsides 14 ton gross weight. Rear doors, ( not shown in photos) Good hydraulic brakes Commercial axles Bolsters. The trailer had been loaded with a roof mount crane for the last few years, the sides have been bashed and dented but they are strong and still work. The Bolsters have been bent over the years but we could supply it with new bolsters if required. Call Tom 07801 538 717 £3200 as is or 3800 with new bolsters.


    - GB

  2. I should add that we will also consider those who want part time or subcontract work.
  3. TD Tree & land Services are looking for a Tree Surveyor for our busy Survey Team. The role involves assessing, recording producing Tree Hazard Evaluation Reports and BS5837 Arboricultural Implication Assessments. We provide all the necessary software and equipment for the role. We are looking for someone who can work well on their own who is self motivated and committed to a career in arboriculture. Minimum Qualifications would be a recognised Arboricultural qualification such as a degree, foundation degree AA Tec or ISA qualification. We will also consider applicants with the LANTRA PTI. We are offering a package consisting of company vehicle, IT equipment, and a competitive salary based on experience. £24k+ and a company bonus scheme.
  4. Sorry. You've just missed out on our course which is running this week. If you contact my colleague Davy Whyte at [email protected] he can let you know when the next one is running. Generally these things book up fast so its worth registering your interest early.
  5. We have two places left on a PTI course that we are running next week. The course is being run in Central Scotland FK8. Price is £380+Vat. Dates 4th - 6th May Please contact David Whyte on 07535 167 216 or [email protected] to reserve a space. If are interested but you can’t make next week please get in touch to pre-book on the next course.
  6. Same with mine, pressure relief blows off so it must be making pressure.
  7. You could say concerned Neighbour if you like. The important thing is that if you have done things properly and recorded your checks then you have a document that you can show to any interested parties.
  8. It’s really not that hard to check before hand and if you do discover something then inform the client and go back another time. If you can’t afford to do this then you didn’t have enough money on the job. All our staff have bat awareness training, (two of them are licensed bat handlers) and I believe that pre start checks for wildlife are part of the basic tree climbing course. It can be annoying if some NIMBY attempts to use ecological issues to prevent work taking place, but if you have done a proper check and recorded it you have a document that you can show to any busy bodies..... Plus you can charge the client extra for the document if you like...
  9. Radials are much nicer on the road and they have better traction too, however cross plys are much tougher, especially in the side walls. It depends where you are using it, in domestic arb I’d go radials, but for forestry and site work crossplys.
  10. I will probably be selling an 8" ducker front mount in the next couple of weeks, it’s a din plate mount... comes with reverse box etc.. I just need to get it’s replacement sorted out first..
  11. Transformer welders are more reliable than inverter, but they're big and heavy. If its staying in the workshop then look at the Oxford range of migs. The 180amp one is under £500 and its quality stuff. I'm about to get the 240 amp one I think.
  12. The law regarding these type of issues is the same both sides of the border. And there is only one UK HMRC. regarding your PLI, all insurance policies have small print. If you don’t like yours try another insurer! If one of your conditions is no subby cover then that’s that. I was referring to the industry definition of what a subby actually is. Most policies won’t cover subbys, that’s the point of them being subbys... they have their own insurance. This is why it’s really important who is directing who on site, if you tell your subby to do something and it goes wrong whose fault is it? Whose insurance are you claiming on? That’s why subbys must work unsupervised in order to qualify as bona fide. Ie, " there’s the tree, I’ll be back at 4:00, see you later" The fact is on 90% of tree jobs someone should have EL cover, and when you think about how much were charging it’s a drop in the ocean to get it... I don’t know why so many try and get away without it.
  13. Just to add.... it is the responsibility of the business to check and evaluate its subcontractors, this is why you often have to fill out a subcontractor pack before you can work with larger firms. We ask subbys to do it. If we didn’t and a Subby cocked up we could still be held liable...
  14. We have 12 staff and use a number of subbys so I have a pretty good grasp of the PAYE and insurance situation these days. The first thing to know is that the HMRC definition of a genuine Subcontractor and the Insurance Industry definition of a bona fide Subcontractor are different so It would be possible to be one and not the other. So the HMRC definition would be someone who works for a number of different employers an invoices them directly. They are not concerned with the type of work that they do. The insurance Industry definition has more to do with the nature of the management of the subby. For a subby to be bona fide in insurance terms he must work or be capable of working under his own direction likely using his own tools and equipment. So scenario 1: Dave works for John 5 days a week all year. Dave has all his own kit and he is in charge when on site, John sends a groundie to work with Dave. John doesn't need to be on site, Dave will get the job done.... In this scenario Dave is a bona fide subcontractor in the eyes of the insurance industry, so john could get away with not having EL Cover and Dave could have his own policy providing John didn't 'employ' anyone else. In the eyes of HMRC however Dave is not a subcontractor, he should be employed by john since he doesn't work anywhere else. Scenario 2: Dave Works for John 2 days a week, he works for Bill the rest of the time. Dave has his own saw and climbing kit but he works under the supervision of John, they work together as a team all day. Dave is a genuine subby in the eyes of HMRC. He is not a subby in the eyes of the insurance industry. John needs to have EL insurance. Scenario 3: Dave works for John 2 days a week, he works for Bill the rest of the time. Dave has all his own kit and he is in charge when on site, John sends a groundie to work with Dave. John doesn't need to be on site, Dave will get the job done.... Dave is a genuine subby in the eyes of HMRC and the insurance Industry.


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