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  1. Triobrake removal

    Any idea how easy it is to convert a triobrake 346 to standard? chesrs Tom
  2. Igland 5110 Winch suitable for 130 Hp?

    Tractor size is irrelevant Mike, the clutch will just slip when she's at her max. Even a 70 horse could slip that clutch. I found that with my igland roughing the clutch plate up a bit with some wet and dry improved the pull a little. Also if your tractor has a front linkage and pto I think it's only a couple of hours work to convert the winch to run the other way. On my igland all you had to do was unspool and remove the cable, swap the chain tensioner to the other side and then put the cable on the other way round and wind it on. I never tried it but when I had it apart one time you could see it was set up that way. (There were bolt holes for the tensioner at either side).
  3. I have 2 sets for the car, like J says the difference in snow is night and day.
  4. The Crypto coin thread

    no you can still sell, you have to be quick and realistic. No one knows where the bottom is, and it can go up just as fast as it can go down, so there are always plenty ready to buy in at the right price.
  5. The Crypto coin thread

    Well so long as it keeps going the way its going i'm happy, my £2800 investment of 2 months ago is now pushing £14k. I have done this by holding some coins, trading others and margin trading and short selling some too. When the crash happens it won't be instantaneous, it will take 2-3 days to fully crash, well thats what happened the last time. So there will be time to trade your way out of it if you're smart.
  6. The Crypto coin thread

    I already did that today, but my main coin hasn't dropped that much.
  7. The Crypto coin thread

    You could well be right, I don't think this is the big crash though. Not yet.
  8. The Crypto coin thread

    it will definitely crash at some point, but the very fact that the crypto markets have attracted a different kind of investor means that how or when the crash comes will be hard to predict. Its bouncing back quite nicely now. who knows whats next?
  9. Tp175 chipper

    No TP's are good, I had a 250 pto, and I now have a 160 and a (ducker) 200. I have also had tw, gm, Forst and bandit. TP are up there with the others.
  10. Tp175 chipper

    Thats true Stevie because the blades aren't tapered, they do need turning however as once they round over it doesn't pull the stuff in as well. If you haven't turned the anvil its well worth trying.
  11. Tp175 chipper

    I have the older version, the 160, its a good little chipper, it pulls stuff in nicely although not as aggressive as a Forst or TW, however the build quality is good and the chip quality is excellent. If I have a complaint with the TP's its that they are a but fussy when it comes to maintenance, they like sharp knives and well adjusted anvils or they don't pull the stuff in as well.
  12. The Crypto coin thread

    if you want to buy crypto with GBP then cryptosaurus is ok...
  13. The Crypto coin thread

    You're spot on there, so hard to know when the crash will come, it won't disappear though, the technology is good, so when the crash happens some coins will emerge as the winners, others will just disappear and be worthless. The same thing happened with the dot com bubble, out of that came google, Facebook and amazon. The trick will be knowing who the winners will be.. BTW i just closed my factom margin position, profit from 25minutes exposure was $1100! So today I started out with a stuck timber wagon which we had to unload where it was and then drag out with the mog, so we were late to our job, set the guys going then a meeting in Edinburgh, then off into the borders to grab a snatch block that we had left on another job, then back to the job, couldn't get the Landy and trailer up the forest track so had to mess around with the alpine dragging it up. Then finishing in the dark, plus we didn't get the whole job completed, so the job was £750 but we didn't finish it, meanwhile I just made more than that in less than half an hour with no overheads, and it's tax free! Still dirty hands: clean money and all that.. Mind you I know what I'm doing if my guys do a bartletts and put me out of business.......
  14. The Crypto coin thread

    I know. Just like a job only makes a profit when the customer pays the bill. I think I'm going to cash out my original investment amount soon, then I'm in for free. I enjoy playing with it to be honest. I margin sold 200 factom 20 minutes ago, its bombing nicely just now. It's nerve wracking knowing when to close the position, but that's all part of the fun.
  15. The Crypto coin thread

    Well my investment just passed the. £7.5k mark! From £2.8k a few weeks ago. I reckon this tree work game is for mugs..


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