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  1. Thats really cool, I'll be looking for old bits and bobs to try now.
  2. Thing is Mick, the whole woke thing only went crazy in the last 5 years or so. bet it wouldn’t get on tv now.
  3. I have brass eye on dvd, it’s still funny 20 years on. It was so ahead of its time. Four lions was also brilliant. this one sounds good too.
  4. Totally agree, I’ve chipped a helluva lot of brash with the heizo and small diameter stuff and brash just doesn’t produce much chip. I can fill a grain trailer, maybe 14 -16 cube in 20 mins with 10-14" diameter softwood logs. But it will take me an hour with brash.
  5. Are you comparing Scottish with English wood? Or felled at different time of year?
  6. I’m going to be selling a bandit 250 pto soon. Might be a bit big for you but it’s another league from the Forst.
  7. Tom D

    Tree Blasting

    Nice Reg! Why you blowing them up? Dealing with dangerous trees? safety works?
  8. My dad had that scam before, he too became suspicious and didn't pay. His was for £90k I think!
  9. I think that the AA have championed this cause in the best way they knew how. We might have done it differently, but I dont think they didn't try or colluded in any way. I think that I will produce a document detailing all the concerns of the industry based on the discussions on here and then see if I can get some response from the HSE. Based on the responses on the consultation thread we ought to be able to come up with something pretty robust.
  10. I knew that Mark. It's crazy that all this is down to one guy at the HSE, I don't think that there was any panel. Unfortunately the HSE looked at a list of accidents and decided that all these would have been prevented by a second line. It's hard to argue with that. We'll have to wait 10 years and see what the accident stats look like then. The problem is of course that 90% of the industry won't follow these rules and so we'll never see the true picture of what 2 rope working will do to the stats. The HSE were also made aware of the fact that this was playing not the hands of the non compliant and would likely penalise the compliant. They still pressed ahead.
  11. The issue of friction with 2DDRT systems in a dense canopy is not to be underestimated. You could easily find yourself stuck if you had an injury. Plus if the rescuer has to bag in and tie in twice the time it takes to reach a casualty could be excessive. Which then raises the spectre of pre-installing TWO rescue lines. So now there are 4 lines in the tree plus a rigging line if required!
  12. Broadly speaking I agree with your sentiments on MEWP's, and I spent £30k buying one last year! I think if they are widely adopted in tree work the number of MEWP related accidents will undoubtedly rise as you say. But as far as the regulations go its, work from ground...no? Work from MEWP...no? then work from a rope and harness.... Not saying I agree with that but there it is.
  13. I saw 'The Mule' on the plane to Minneapolis this summer. It was a good film. Clint looks old now though.
  14. I think any argument based on extra difficulty / cost is going to fall flat since 'what price do you put on a life?' This is why I have only seriously considered specific operations where 2 rope working is going to be more dangerous than a single line. There is however an accepted term: 'where reasonably practicable to do so' so if the extra effort of something out weighs the safety benefit then you are allowed to consider a more practical alternative. An example of this is: under the current WAH regs WAH should be avoided if possible. This means that a MEWP is preferable to climbing. So the justification needs to be made as to why a MEWP is not being used. This is where "reasonably practicable" comes in. If the additional time / effort / cost of the MEWP is beyond what is considered reasonably practicable then you may not use it. This has to be justified in the RA though.


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