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    Not the one in the pic, I’ll post images later. Its in good working order, hasn’t done all that much work actually, has two knives, log lifter and been stored indoors all its life. I can arrange transport if necessary. dm me for more info.. Pictures added now. Its very dusty as its been at the back of the shed for a while, paintwork is good, everything works..


  2. I have the Nokia’s tractor king tyres, forestry radials, the ride is like a rolls Royce compared to my other N series. Very stable using the crane. Expect to pay an extra £600 each for them though. Worth every penny…https://www.nokiantyres.com/heavy/tires/forestry/nokian-tractor-king/
  3. Hi Tom, I have just read your article from 2019 about the two rope system, which explains the situation well (even to a non-climbing newby to the industry). I am keen to learn more about it but don't have time to read the enormous number of replies you have had since you wrote it. Are you able to let me know whether either the AA or HSE responded to your thread in any way please? I'd be grateful for a short reply letting me know what you think the situation is to date. Thanks in advance, Kate (CTC Recruitment)


  4. Tom D

    Makita 7901

    Here’s a blast from the past, since this thread our 7901 got ported by spud and did a lot of work before eventually breaking and being left in the corner of the shed. We got it running again and treated it to a new bar. She’s still a great saw. FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Even the council’s don’t tax their tractors as commercial. It would be Mobile plant if anything.
  6. Here she is working. IMG_3981.MP4
  7. I ordered it with polycarbonate windows. The sides, rear and roof are all polycarbonate. The windscreen and door are glass though.
  8. Look at her go! Our new addition. IMG_3905.MOV
  9. Was used for black powder back in the day. you could be the new Guy Fawkes.
  10. I guess a skilled hand could make it work. probably a fair bit of trial and error with that method until you get the knack. Still at well over £100 per sqm to buy ready made I am looking at around £20k for cladding at a very rough estimate. so I can afford to experiment a little.
  11. Was it tongue and groove?
  12. Where did you learn about this? got a link, or a book to recommend?
  13. I think you brush all the excess carbon off so probably not.. Although you can leave it really black for the crocodile skin effect.. maybe then it would..
  14. I have looked at that but.. its expensive and when I have a load of wood sitting there and the space to do it it seems daft to buy it. It looks labour intensive, but then I'd have the satisfaction of having done it myself, I'm going to do some timber cladding for inside too..


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