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  1. Tom D

    Electric joysticks for botex

    I have them, they are really good, take a wee bit of getting used to after the valve ones. Mine have been on the crane since it was fitted. My old crane had valve controls. I wouldn’t go back.
  2. Tom D

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Scum. Ask all the dealers to check when someone orders a chute.
  3. Tom D

    Remote control for pto chipper

    Ooof that must include the pressure assist though?
  4. Tom D

    Remote control for pto chipper

    Ac price built one on to my Heizohack, I have control over feed / reverse, top roller lift / push down, rotate discharge chute, tilt deflector on discharge chute, and an on off switch. Its is very handy, but I dread to think what I paid for it. @John Shutler might know, as I think he was pricing it up for his machine.
  5. Tom D

    PTO chipper recommendations

    My 12" bandit is available to hire, £350 per week..
  6. A couple of videos we had made to show our habitat creation work. Sorry about the musak...
  7. Tom D

    Up to yer nuts in it thread

    Yep, he tried to claw himself out on a dead tree.... glad and it wasn’t my job!
  8. Tom D

    Up to yer nuts in it thread

    I rescued these two diggers last week, had to get the 5 tonner out to make a bed for the log mat to rescue the 13 tonner. It took both my winches and 2 snatch blocks to get it out. 20 ton combined pull.
  9. Tom D

    Our new promo.

    Yep I was in the orange vest. Andrew was climbing.
  10. Tom D

    Our new promo.

    Don’t know, the production company sourced it.
  11. Tom D

    Durable fencing timbers? Do they exist anymore..

    Could have been, I don’t remember them being octagonal.. but they might have been..
  12. Tom D

    Durable fencing timbers? Do they exist anymore..

    There’s a company importing proper creosoted posts from Sweden, I saw them at the highland show a couple of years ago , can’t remember the name. It’s the real deal, it was Health and safety that shut down all our creosote plants but this Swedish one is state of the art apparently and uses the proper old school stuff. Boiled and pressure treated. Those old posts can last 50 years +
  13. Tom D

    Are we all rubbish?

    Bump! Its just as relevant today as it was 5 years ago...
  14. Tom D

    Trees Close To Electricity Wire

    I don’t have a contact but quite often Scottish Power will do them for free if they feel they are close to the lines.


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