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  1. Tom D

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    My new pup.. 5 months old now.
  2. We will be prepared to offer a re-location package to anyone who is moving from another part of the country.
  3. TD Tree & Land Services have a vacancy for an experienced arborist in our busy Edinburgh Team. Requirements: Punctual and personable Experienced climber capable of tackling trees of any size and choosing the appropriate method to carry out the task. (a minimum of two years climbing experience) A good understanding of tree biology and how to prune a tree to a high standard. A can do attitude. Pre requisite qualifications: (NPTC) Chainsaw and small fell Tree climbing and aerial rescue Chainsaw from a rope and harness Driving license Desirable qualifications: (NPTC) Rigging / Dismantling Pruning Assisted fell Wood chipper Powered pole pruner Large tree felling Windblow We would also welcome anyone with formal academic qualifications such as AA Tech or Foundation Degree What we're offering. Salary around £24k plus bonuses and additional rates for weekend or night working. The opportunity to work for an Arb Assoc Approved company where you will be encouraged to gain new skills, training will be provided in areas where you are wanting to improve. We have an excellent suite of equipment including tractors with cranes and Unimog with HIAB as well as the usual vans and chippers, all our climbers can get the climbing equipment that they want or need on the company (you choose the kit you want to climb with). We also have a consultancy and ecology division and we would encourage climbers who wish to pursue a career in this direction in the future to gain new skills and be ready to work as a consultant when it's time to hang the spikes up. Please apply by emailing info@tdtrees.co.uk with your CV or a brief intro and leave your number, we'll call you. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD AND EXPECT A CALL. you may ask questions below but you'll get a quicker response by email.
  4. I’ve recently started making a few handles and scales, it’s quite rewarding...
  5. We're just in the process of updating our RA to accommodate the changes. One thing is clear, as an employer I will not tell a climber whether he should use one or two lines in any given situation. Climbers have different styles and choose different equipment, it would be quite wrong for someone on the ground to tell an experienced climber how to perform a particular task. With trainees it would be different. Our new RA will allow for each climber to risk assess each tree he will climb and to justify why he is using one rope, if that's what he choses to do. He will sign the document and that will be that, his decision. I'd loose too much sleep if I had the task of telling climbers how they should climb, imagine if something happened, I could be sued because I placed him in a more dangerous position. There will be caveats to this of course, but that will be the basic principle of our policy.
  6. There are two main issues regarding this, you could argue that one of them is not the HSE"s problem. The first is a good solid practical one: That is that tree climbing and climbing man made structures are the same, or at least similar enough to warrant working to exactly the same regulations. I do not believe that they are. The second is that these new changes will be widely adopted throughout the industry. They won't be. We have already discussed point 1 at length, there are so many situations in tree climbing that will never arise in a rope access situation. We can have these situations detailed in a robust ICOP . Point two is a trickier one. The HSE can easily argue that it's not their problem, and to some extent they are correct. IRATA companies rarely work for the general public, there are no IRATA door knockers or travellers, there are not even any IRATA corner cutters who will work cheaply. In fact they have an excellent professional reputation and a good safety record. I think that some in the HSE probably imagine that's how our industry will become. It won't unfortunately, not without some serious intervention on their part. If they could introduce legislation which made it clear that only 'approved' (by whom I don't know) companies could be used and that customers faced prosecution for using non 'approved' companies. This is pie in the sky of course and will never happen. So we are left with the reality that those who choose to abide by the rules will be much slower and require more equipment, they will inevitably be more expensive. They will still be able to get work with commercial clients who take the rules seriously but the domestic market will be closed to them. We may even end up with a two tier industry those who do domestic work and don't follow the regs and those who do commercial and do. This will be a very sad thing to see, and as has also been mentioned many times, if people break the rules once a precedent has been set, if you're going to not bother with two ropes, why bother with chainsaw PPE? No point getting LOLER if you're not compliant anyway.. The question they should be asking is would people obey the rules of the road if there were no police, no cameras, no dash cams? or would it just be a big free for all? The fact that they only investigate accidents means that there is virtually zero incentive to follow these rules for many, (who goes out thinking they're going to have an accident) especially one man bands (something IRATA doesn't have either). If the HSE were driving around in unmarked cars turning up at domestic jobs at random and auditing firms on the job then this two rope thing would work. However thats not going to happen. It's going to be entirely optional.
  7. Tom D

    day rates

    Even at £380 a day you would hit the vat threshold before the 10th of Oct.
  8. Tom D

    day rates

    Jeeeeeeesus thats cheap! So if you pay two staff 150 that leaves £80 for you, fuel, repairs and maintenance on a mog and all your kit, replacement ropes , ppe, insurance and everything else. I can only conclude that a)your wife / father is minted and this is just a hobby to you. Or b) you have only been going a short time and will go bust the moment the mog breaks down. Or c)you are laundering money for organised crime and don't need to make a profit. You should be £800 a day for a mog and 3 men. Thats our MINIMUM for a mog and chipper and 3 men. over £1k if possible.
  9. There are a few points to make here: First; the ICOP is still in gestation and we have been promised a consultation on that before it gets published. Second; the accident rate probably won't change because all the guys who were having accidents due to not following the old ICOP or due to incompetence still won't follow the new rules and will still be just as incompetent. Third; the use of a second line will as many have pointed out make the job more dangerous in many situations. But for access there will be the two rope requirement. This will mean that chances are on most big tree jobs the climber will ascend on two ropes (*Clears throat*) and then unclip from one of them in order to begin reducing / dismantling. This will leave a pre-installed rescue line in the tree (so long as the climber has remembered to lower the prussic to the floor). Having a pre-installed line in the tree will not be a bad thing.
  10. I charge 1000 per day if I can, but it depends on the job. That looks a mess John. I put a scaffold pole through mine the other day, one of the worst things was a lump of lead though.
  11. Paul. Will there be any possibility for consultation on the ICOP? perhaps a draft published here? I have been pleased with the large number of sensible and well thought out replies on this thread, perhaps if we were able to give a draft the once over it wouldn't be a bad thing? Cheers
  12. I had my defender re-mapped years ago, it’s done well over 100k miles on the remap. I think the thing is with some of the cheaper systems it’s that they just turn up the pressure in the common rail. This will affect the spray pattern and burning character of the fuel and possibly cause problems. A proper re-map will open the injector for a fraction longer without altering the spray pattern. I have a similar system on my valtra too...
  13. How easily can you tune the engines back up to 35Hp?
  14. Thats really cool, I'll be looking for old bits and bobs to try now.


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