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  1. TD Tree & Land Services are looking for staff to join our busy Edinburgh team in a full time position. We welcome applications from people with a range of experience, candidates that are new to the industry to experienced climbers and ground staff. £20,000-£26,000 per year (dependant on experience and certification) £750 per year PPE allowance 28 day holidays(including bank holidays) TD Tree & Land Services are expanding and the role is to assist one of our Edinburgh teams. All enquiries welcome. Please call Andrew on 07809400050 or email [email protected]
  2. How is it odd? I have never had a harness last more than two years. This is due to wear not due to damage through negligence or accidents.
  3. I tried duck oil and giving it a small few taps. I think though that the spring inside has failed or fell out. Frustrating, I never seem to get much lifespan from a harness. I
  4. I sent them a video showing what was wrong already. They replied that they couldn't send a replacement buckle. It would be nice just to have a harness out there with user replaceable parts. I had two tree motions before this harness but found that either the leg straps or the hip to leg webbing would need replacing every Loler. The leg straps are not that cheap and if you need to replace two you may as well just replace the whole thing. I may try a tree motion evo if this goes nowhere though. I found some buckles from climbing technology that look very similar. I will check out the link in a bit. Cheers
  5. Cool. That would be great if you did that thanks
  6. The buckle is sewn in, its fed through two plastic clip thingies then swen, I guess so it can't come back through. But surely this shouldn't void the harness if undone then re sewn? It's not a load bearing point as such. I tried getting it repaired, 18 months old so out of warranty. I bought the harness with the intent of itlasting at least 2 years.
  7. It's just the buckle I need. I haven't spoke to Craig Johnson but I will message him and see if he can point me. It looks like the buckle from the rear of the chest harness would fit. But that's £99 for chest harness then using one buckle from it! Thanks for your help
  8. Has anyone had any problems with the buckles and their harness? Mines 18 months old and a spring has failed in the buckle leading it to come apart at the leg loop while climbing. Does anyone know how to source replacements? I have tried through the contact form on the website but it isn’t something they can supply. I’m reluctant to bin a harness on something so small, it had just passed LOLER the week before the issue started.
  9. Give TD Trees a call we are looking for staff and would be happy to give you work experience. Then see how it goes from there. Or give me a call and we can sort something out 07809400050
  10. Hot start, I flip lever up to choke, then set back to on without starting, this then sets it at half throttle, then pull cord to fire up. If that doesn't work drop start throttle wide open
  11. Good plan Tom. What happens in a rescue situation? Do you want the rescuer faffing around with two points of attachment. Or do you want rescued quickly?
  12. Is this for when you have your anchor point/points in? How do you get to your anchor point? Do need to have two ropes attached then lanyard in the third to ascend?
  13. Unfortunately it doesn't, it does fit in separate parts though. it is a faf but maybe the only way


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