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  1. Hot start, I flip lever up to choke, then set back to on without starting, this then sets it at half throttle, then pull cord to fire up. If that doesn't work drop start throttle wide open
  2. Good plan Tom. What happens in a rescue situation? Do you want the rescuer faffing around with two points of attachment. Or do you want rescued quickly?
  3. Is this for when you have your anchor point/points in? How do you get to your anchor point? Do need to have two ropes attached then lanyard in the third to ascend?
  4. Unfortunately it doesn't, it does fit in separate parts though. it is a faf but maybe the only way
  5. Yeah theft could be an issue, we have just got a new one due to theft... I have looked at the racks plumbers use for pipes etc but I'm not sure they accommodate the engine.
  6. Hi there, I’m hoping some of you might have a decent solution to carry a pole saw that doesn’t fit inside a small van? we could go ahead with a roof rack but this seems a bit much, i was thinking some kind of roof mount grip a bit like these, has anyone used anything like this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kolpin-Rhino-Grip-Handlebar-Mount/dp/B002RTPXAE
  7. I done that with my positioner Did you manage to source replacements? And get the rounded ones out?
  8. I tried replacing mine but rounded the little allen headed screws and struggled to find replacements,
  9. Its pretty low hours really, had it apart today couldn't see anything obvious, I will check tomorrow to see if the shoes are sticky. thanks again
  10. Cheers Spud, is that just new clutch time then?
  11. My 550xp is overheating around the clutch, side cover gets too hot to touch after a minutes running, and smokes. Excess oil seems too be not getting on to the bar and dripping rather than getting on the bar not sure this because of the heat thinning the oil? The bar is oiling enough.Could it be clutch slippage? Everything looks fine around the clutch Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Its cougar blue I'm on, self tends really well, pretty hard on the hands, but remedied with gloves, nicer than tachyon for me
  13. We use klass neon 10 thermal gloves, a pair will last a week or so, only £1.80 a pair. Don't have issues with them getting stuck in my zigzag either.
  14. Mine leaks a little through the side zips, but Its still better than others I have had.
  15. We left the sticks to rig the last tree off, we were able to fell the two on the right at that height, the other one was a bit to close to the shed for felling.


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