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  1. What size timber are we talking about and what quantities,
  2. All ways check hire stuff when it turns up and if no good send it back, they soon get the message you take no crap.
  3. Your problem is its a hire machine, seem many fitters at hire shops servicing chippers and they haven't got a clue what try to do.
  4. Here's 1 way it can be done, knew i had seen it some where
  5. Help my brother do some work on pipes on his digger can only think a nightmare of a job as not much space spare on a digger to fit extra stuff.
  6. You could try KMR Hadleigh in Suffolk.
  7. Don't track and cut, swing and cut is the answer as it shows in most promo videos of hedge cutters like that.
  8. It bears little fruit, but has a dainty white flower in spring. So it may be.
  9. Ran Tanaka tbc 230 with hedge cutting head for many years, in the last couple of weeks been flat out every day. Easy to start hot or cold
  10. Ditto,, I have a Tobroco Giant 204 all steel not plastic panels, Kirkland machinery had some deals on them when I last looked. My brother has driven both Avant and the Giant and says giant all day long for move ability.
  11. Cross knife is to high for the pushing plate that size.
  12. woody paul

    tip site

    Try Harry Smith aggregate Great Waldingfield or Bugg skip hire on the Sudbury side of Nayland.
  13. Dead willow today, had to get it done before field is ploughed. Tree was in small garden plot so felled out through hedge then winched but up bank and out on to field. To give you an idea of size the saw is a Husky 346xp with 16'' bar.
  14. Went to use tractor with loader and bowdens cable decided to move ip and down but no loader movement turned out grub screw had come out because casement had crack so would not hold in thread. So came up with this to get me going again 4''nail and jubilee clip.


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