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  1. woody paul

    Trailer mounted chipper

    I get what you mean if you do some sums like chipper price and trailer then getting it past by how ever then it would be over priced.
  2. woody paul

    Trailer mounted chipper

    If it was built right should not be any different then towing trailer and could be towed with any truck with correct licence. On some jobs could do away with extra truck if towing truck has carrying capacity as well for timber or tools and road signs and cones to and from job site.
  3. woody paul

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Do you now anyone with a drone to have a look,
  4. woody paul

    Small winch on 6" Timberwolf

    Electric winch will be slow. If you are not in line with what you are pulling will tip chipper over or it will slide round.
  5. woody paul

    Trailer mounted chipper

    sounds like you have thought about this when you starting build.
  6. woody paul

    Competent saw user needed

    That will ache in the morning.
  7. woody paul

    Mini loader rake/broom recommendations?

    Have been wondering if a forklift brush would work.
  8. woody paul

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    It sounds like they may now how it is and want concrete everdents to get them.
  9. woody paul

    Chainsaw boots as walking boots?

    Woodwalker pro if you are comparing prices you need to put size in as larger sizes are more money.
  10. woody paul

    Chainsaw boots as walking boots?

    I bought a pair of Woodwalkers a couple of months ago very lightweight boot to what I have had before.
  11. woody paul

    What genny to buy?

    Any thing with a Honda engine.
  12. woody paul

    What saws you got ?

    As it's sitting on kitchen work surface do you use it to cut you bread for sandwiches .
  13. woody paul

    What saws you got ?

    Husqvarna's 3120, 385xp, 363 special moded to a 372xp, 2 x 61, 357xp, 353, 346xp just rebuilt. Stihl ms230, ms200t. Echo Cs360tes. The saw I always take on a job is the husky 353 great saw.
  14. woody paul

    UPS missing parcel

    In delivery companies you get shit bag and have come across a few.
  15. woody paul

    UPS missing parcel

    I was working near a property i do work for and DPD turned up knowing they were not in i asked if he needed signing for he said no then he was looking around for some were to put it in a safe place, he lifted cover on barbecue and put it under there and took picture. Ask him how it works he said sent picture to customer of were left and what time also go's back to office for proof he left it so if one company can do it why not every other one.


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