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  1. Always had outstanding service, delivery is next day if in stock.
  2. Right were it connects to lever.
  3. How far do you want to travel 130 2012 one down here in Essex. RST land rovers.
  4. Best I had was, your landy passed while in the test bay but hand brake cable broke when they parked it up so it passed.
  5. If you talk to any good garage they are ran off there feet with the 6 month extension on mot's earlier in the year with the extra work need on some cars/vans. Best tell that garage were to go or just ask them outright were they get prices from
  6. Are they agri or Skid there is a lot of difference in the mess they make.
  7. Took landy 90 to different mot garage last year came out with list as long as your arm, oil leak near every seal, split in tyres track rod end play. Took it the other day to garage I have always used in the past and guess what no track rod end play and same one as before and no split tyres. They should look at advisories to see history, the other day mot examiner did say last year's tester must of had a bad day.
  8. Same ply rated as agri tread for that machine. But need good driving skills as like on ice when it's a bit wet. Used more for garden work then forestry but when needs must it gets used, have been quoted about £100 a corner for agri grip tyres and wheels.
  9. I built my own after buying grab and rotator for RSL engineering.
  10. Hydraulic one all day long when in gardens with tight access or a lot of tree weaving. Also holds its position if you need to knock a it of brash into place.
  11. It can't be as clean as they make out, as bio mass is wet and only want us to burn dry wood 15% moisture or something near that no way can bio mass be that low.
  12. Looks a tidy truck, look after it and make a profit when you sell it.
  13. For the Gun hoe Tree Surgeon.


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