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  1. That's if not look for your ball in the rough will driving. Must remember when driving to keep an eye out for nails in the road and not drive over them.
  2. Got puncture in little loader the other day, took it to the bloke I use and he said best bet is OKO. Which he did, and as he did it was talking about a golf coarse he supplies tyres and repair them he got fed up with golf buggies got punctures out on the coarse so put OKO in every tyre never got a call about punctures, but the golfers still manage to knock tyres off rims from time to time.
  3. Hacksaw blade with hook sharpen on the end.
  4. woody paul

    Defender 130

    I run Kumho tyres of the same size on 130 front has 35psi and run back ones at 40psi and have done for over 12 years with no problems.
  5. Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Gun Kit for Motorcycle/Cars with 15 Mushroom Plugs WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Compatible with All Tubeless Tires - Cars, Motorcycles - Harley... This is what I mean by plugs.
  6. Have used them on ifor williams tyre and it still held 95psi. There is a tool called a tyre plugger gun which uses mushroom headed plugs.
  7. That's about it, every one is different body shape and length. Best I have found is SIP.
  8. Probably a good idea to keep an eye on ifor web site for used trailers, Used Trailers » Ifor Williams Trailers Ltd - Britain's Leading Trailer Manufacturer WWW.IWT.CO.UK Most Ifor Williams Trailers Distributors hold a stock of second hand trailers available to purchase. Agroco trailers maybe worth a ring but they are in Suffolk.
  9. Have you tried John page trailers.
  10. Don't know if you have tried Desert vortex line but that stuff is tuff use it in small strimmer to cut grass will knock brambles back as well.
  11. That's true if you have small loader, but if by hand then more sawing.
  12. With a tree of that size it's still got to be ringed up to remove so would be noisy.


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