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  1. Interesting reading were to cut it off your best bet is cut as long as possible as Steve pointed out because once cut shorter you can't stick a bit back on, was all ways being told I had cut them to long but never to short and lost money.
  2. You fly wheel will be drilled for a certain pressure plate so it's a stronger pressure plate you need to push on clutch plate.
  3. You could play guess the model.
  4. Customer sent me this picture asking is it honey fungus.
  5. Can you not get that in with something. Timberwolf do advertise hire.
  6. Not got any at moment but may have some at some point soon.
  7. Are you after stumps or trunks, and what sizes.
  8. Not the right shade of blue.
  9. Isn't a mini digger £70 a day and about £200 a week. If it's to save extra labour tell him the price for 3 men as a machine will move about the same if not more.
  10. Curry's not on my favourite list, went to store to get gas cooker which was mains gas and we run lpg so needed change kit turns out it do come with 1 when it said it don't . Best was store could not get one delivered for 3 weeks and i went home and order through curry's online and got 1 in 3 days.
  11. If field hedge then get someone in to flail it.
  12. Looks like it has been cut back hard before. And customer happy that's it.
  13. I laugh when big shooting estate burn every bit of brash then say they can't hold game to shoot.


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