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  1. £500 and i will collect it today 😂
  2. Just shows that any size of machine can get stuck. Glad it's not just me though
  3. Hi there, Has anyone got any experience with the kranman forestry trailers? Especially their durability. Thanks
  4. Personally if I had that but I would not send it for firewood. I would think that you could find a boat builder who would buy it, they need curved planks and can pay a premium
  5. Thanks, it's not a thread though, hard to describe but it's one of the controls that goes down inside the block
  6. hi there, The valve block on my trailer has gradually developed a leak and I was wondering if anyone on here could advise if there is a quick fix? I have attached a photo highlighting where the oil is gradually coming out. It's only slight but I hate leaking oil round the wood. Any advice welcome, Thanks
  7. A few photos of my 50hp alpine tractor and 3 ton trailer. Had it almost a year and shifted 1000 tons. In hindsight I wish I had got something larger with a 5 or 6 ton trailer because doing work on tonnage is a struggle but it's handy with the winch.
  8. Thanks rough. I think out of the trees marked up most are smaller than that but a few are up to 24" I will see if I can set aside enough to fill an 8 wheeler 👍
  9. Thanks for the replies. What diameter would be the minimum a Miller would be interested in? Thanks
  10. Thank you very much for all your replies. Plenty to think about. I will try and get up and take some photos tomorrow. I am thinking the pit props could be good solution
  11. Hi guys, I potentially have some very small scale forestry work coming up and there will be around 50 tons of timber to come out down a byway over a weak bridge. I will be extracting with a small alpine tractor and trailer which will has a maximum mass when loaded of 5 tons. Personally I believe the bridge will be fine because it's a short span, the full weight will never be on the bridge and horses etc use it all the time. The client is a little concerned about damaging it however because if it collapsed it could block the stream which could then flood a neighbouring property. They have suggested I could put down some kind of support over the bridge, such as the kind used to temporarily cover manholes during roadworks. I have done some googling but I can't quite find what I am looking for. I am of the opinion that a few scaffold boards doubled up would do the job and be more cost effective. Does anyone else have any ideas? Thanks
  12. I posted a few months ago looking for ideas for Scots pine and the upshot was that's its good for something but I didn't get any further than that. You can read the post here


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