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  1. 75 acres is a big block. You need a forester who can survey it to measure the timber volume and advise on the felling licence application. It would be possible to do this yourself but if you knew how then you would not be asking on here. The value will depend on a number of factors. What species are the trees? What size? What age? Have they been thinned in the past? What are the ground conditions like? Is the site flat or sloping? Is the ground soft? What is the access like? Is there a track and loading bay suitable for articulated lorries? Are there footpaths in the wood? Is there road frontage that will require extra planning? All of these will effect the price. If you could handle the felling license then you could just contact some contractors and ask them to make you offers but from the sound of things I would probably recommend finding an agent to act on your behalf. You will also be responsible for replanting the block once the trees have been felled.
  2. Thank you for your replies. I hadn't thought about the seasonality of it. Why is this an issue? Are the summer cut just more likely to go mildewy?
  3. Does anyone have any idea if there is a going rate for beech sawlogs? In West Sussex. Thanks
  4. Out of interest what kind of money would you put on the winching? It looks in the photo like you could drive down it but I know it's often steeper than it looks.
  5. Johnpl315

    Tree stakes

    Matt and Paul at CGW chestnut can supply good quality chestnut tree stakes. Email [email protected] and I am sure they will give you a good quote.
  6. Thanks for the replies and messages. I really want to sell this as a lorry load of around 17 tons rather than small loads. It's mostly in the range of 3" to 10" top diameter so I would guess maybe 30 or 40 bits to the ton?
  7. As doobin says, it's the stuff that hasn't made the grade for fencing materials.
  8. Got an 8 wheeler load of sweet chestnut available near midhurst in West Sussex. Cut to three meter lengths. Very bendy but all three inches plus top diameter. Looking for £30 a ton at roadside.
  9. Johnpl315


    From my understanding there are well over 100 types of eucalyptus and some a extremely durable fine timber and others are only fit for burning. It might be worth doing a bit more research to find out what you have got.
  10. I am not sure but it is on agricultural tyres, ripping the ground up 😬
  11. Where would I get chains to fit an alpine tractor?


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