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  1. Tree climbing... I just couldn't find a good picture... 🙄Kate
  2. Do you stretch before or after you climb? Do you think it helps to avoid injuries? If so what do you recommend are the best stretches? How long do you do it for? We're interested to know and will share what we learn in a blog if it seems like it would be useful to Arb Climbers generally. Thanks! Beccy and Kate Picture credit: Photo by Mars Williams on Unsplash
  3. Our client is an established Tree Care business based in Bermuda who are now looking for a Climbing Arborist to assist their team with work all over the island. The work is mainly residential tree care with some landscaping and occasional utility work. Suitable candidates must have at least two years climbing experience and have tickets for aerial use of a chainsaw. You will be expected to drive but this will involve taking a test once in Bermuda to gain a local licence . You must have a clean police record and be over 21 years of age. The company will arrange the work permit and Visa for you which can take 3-6 months and provide the first months accommodation. In return, you will be paid from $26 BMD /hour gross ( £20/hour) for a 45 hour week with overtime available.Taxes and healthcare come in at circa 22% so similar to UK. Plus 20 holidays per year (inc Banks).Interviews would be held remotely via video call but general queries can be answered by contacting our office on [email protected] or 01743344466. Job ref: 2435
  4. Wow, that's a coincidence! Thanks for sharing, my sister will love that! Kate😊
  5. The Lebanese Cedar seems popular... I'll have a google and see why 😊
  6. Thank you for sharing. It has surprised me how many memories I could drag up of Old Tom. It’s actually a lovely pastime of thinking back on trees I have known. My grandparents in Devon had a biloba which was useless for climbing but they loved it. I will think on 😊
  7. When I was about 8-10 I lived in Gibraltar (40 years ago 😬). There was a tree behind our flat called Old Tom. I’m not sure what type of tree it was. It was great for climbing. It's still there; I've just checked on Google Maps. I was not a good climber but I could do some of the ‘crossings’ which all had a name. I can’t remember the name of them all but I could do ‘zebra crossing’. Only the older really competent climbers could do ‘Highest Point Crossing’. Looking up from my safe spot I would watch them cross nimbly from one branch to another, so high in the air. I can still remember exactly the base of the tree and where the trunk divided and left a gap in the middle for your foot. And the lumps it had kindly grown, like on a climbing wall, to help me up. I don’t remember there being an amazing view. It probably wasn’t very tall anyway. I think when we were in the tree we didn’t look out of it, being in the tree was the excitement. Sadly I don’t have a picture of it but my sister Valerie says she can send me one. This is her memory of it: Highest point crossing was terrifying, you had to swing your legs and loop them over the next branch and then grab the branch above in the middle and swing across. I can't believe we used to do it! There were 3 knobbles, left, right, left up the two boughs, to get to the first proper branch on the right, I remember those knobbles very clearly! Someone fell out trying it, Fraser? Not sure, but remember his being terribly winded and me realising just how dangerous it was. Marjorie the doll tried a few times after that but I don't think I ever did again. My brother remembers being too little to climb it but once leaning his bike against it in an effort to use it as a ladder. I don't think it worked. He was only 4. Do you have a favourite tree you'd like to share? Have a good week 😊 Kate (& Beccy)
  8. Hi Mark, which photo is it please? Or which is the wrong name? I'm struggling to see where to correct it. Thank you! Kate
  9. Can you correct me please? If you could drop the photo in below I’ll sort it sorry! Kate
  10. COMPETITION WINNERS ANNOUNCED! 🥳 Thank you for every entry; we've enjoyed them all (one did make us blush though 😂). We've summarised and announced the winners and those which we especially enjoyed in the blog below. We'll also message the winners via Arbtalk messages. If you'd like to see the photos on Instagram we're at https://www.instagram.com/ctcrecruitment/ and would love a follow and to credit every photo. Feel free to message me if we don't have your details to do that. Thanks again and look forward to more chats soon! Kate and Beccy 😊 Arb Photograph Competition - Winners & more - News - CTC Recruitment WWW.CTCRECRUITMENT.CO.UK Arb Photograph Competition - Winners & more - News When we asked Steve Bulman from Arbtalk about running a photograph competition we had no idea how many fab...
  11. Thank you Mike, that’s great to know. I’ll be in touch 😊 Kate
  12. Thank you so much for all the fab entries 🤩 Judging will take place over the next 24 hours… watch this space 👍 Kate & Beccy
  13. Hi Mick, we’re judging them in the next 24 hours… late entries will be included because we’re nice 😊 Hope you’re having a good day 👍
  14. Thanks for commenting Patrick. I’m fascinated too. The thing is I know so little about this world that I bet you’re learning a lot more than me! Thanks for joining in with the photos. Much appreciated… even though I feel very sorry for the van! Kate 😊


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