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  1. Powerfab

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    If you go to Tractorbynet.com there are threads there on thumbs. I recall one in particular was a supplier who made a bolt on thumb kit with offset bolts to wedge it in location. Not something easy to describe it needs a picture to show. I haven't been on there for some time, you might have to do some searching to find it. Possibly you have to register to view pictures on posts.
  2. There is very little width on the expanding jaws to spread the force in the cut. I'd say it's likely that the jaws will just cut into the timber and exert very little useful force. The beech might work being hardwood depending on the time of year and how much sap is rising. The softwood I would wager would be a complete fail. You might be able to tack weld a couple of metal plates onto the jaws or wedge shims in place before exerting force, but it all becomes a bit of a faff.
  3. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    Useful information. I had a Countax in the past, whilst I loved the striped finish they were not the most reliable yoke. Seemed to be constantly replacing bearings and the sweeper shaft had to be rebuilt several times. Final straw was having to put a new Tufftorq hydro transaxle into it, sold soon after. It was a thirsty beast as well. Kholer 25hp twin, sucked petrol like gin. I think Stiga have gone away from the timed toothed belts and only use standard "V" belts now, certainly there's none on the three blade combi decks.
  4. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    Thanks for the information.
  5. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    Can you run it up and down the slope or would you always be going cross slope. My worst bank is about similar to this and looks just as wet for most of the year. Certainly a "+" for the Stiga. What model is that?
  6. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    Funny, I looked at the Husky and thought the decks were lighter gauge and likely more prone to rust. The Husky would certainly be a good bit cheaper on a comparable product. Had a Husky out on a demo last year. Whilst it certainly did the job, there were just areas I thought could be better thought out. What primarily put me of them was the turning mechanism. The rear wheels don't track with the fronts, and with the engine over the turntable rather than on the tail it seems to me the COG is much higher and hence reduced stability. Of course this could all be nonsense. It needs a side by side comparison to really make a judgement and as I said at the outset I'm having difficulty arranging a Stiga demonstration.
  7. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    Thanks very much for the confirmation. Barrie at Garden Kit gave me a recommendation of this model. Just have to find one now s/h within budget. Don't think there are too many available.
  8. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    Thanks for that. Wrong end of the country entirely unfortunately. I'm in N.Ireland. I'll take a look at his Youtube videos.
  9. Powerfab

    Stiga Outfront mowers

    After wearing out several ride-ons and getting fed up with lifting and disposing of grass, I'm in the market for a Stiga Park outfront. I've a dealer near me with Stiga lawn tractors on demo, but nothing in the out front range. He would supply any to order, but no plans to demo an out front this year. So I'm a bit lost with respect to the best model to go for. I've just under 1 acre to mow, all on gradient with several steepish banks. I think my only criteria is the 125cm deck and 4WD. No idea if the diesel is any good. In the petrol I've always been a fan of Honda engines but others seem to suggest the Vanguard is better. I've read that the Park Pro is a more robust model but can't seem to find any definitive information about what makes them better than the standard model. Anyone any experience on these and which model may be best. Any thoughts gratefully received.
  10. Powerfab

    Bollinger Utility truck

    Love the way they have a 110V take off for the portable table saw and ripping 4x2 in the middle of a pasture. What happens when they drain the battery sawing and can't get home. It does look like a blatant rip of from the Defender. I suppose imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Agree with Jonny however. When you get past the sticker price, you are getting a lot of kit for the money. Not saying it couldn't be cheaper though. Would be a long time before I could afford one.
  11. Powerfab

    Dog Steps for my pick up

    Where do you get them from Bustergasket? I've an elderly Boxer findings it impossible to jump up into tailgate any more and reluctant to jump out again from the jolt when he contacts the ground. I thought a folding ramp might be the only option, but I'd look into these.
  12. Powerfab

    hardwood softwood n ireland

    Dave, What part of Norn Iron are you located? When you say "loads" are you selling by trailer load, or is it come and collect yourself?
  13. Powerfab

    Tractor or telehandler or both?

    My thread mate Wish I'd never gotten rid of the little Case (David Brown), that was the perfect sized machine and easy to work on. Just very slow on the road. Oh well, you live and learn.
  14. Powerfab

    Tractor or telehandler or both?

    I'm in the same position myself at present. I'm looking for a suitable "hobby" machine to tow firewood, lift bags into trailer etc. I'm only looking after my own firewood needs, cutting and drawing from nearby farms etc. I'm on the lookout for a sub 100hp machine, as fresh as possible, the only criteria being the fastest road gearing possible, preferably 40 kph. In the past I had an Iseki 30hp midi compact which was a lovely machine, but too small for a decent load and not suitable for roading, although was road registered. One thing I will say, Japanese small tractor prices are horrendous. For example a replacement water pump was £450. Could have got the same for a Ford or MF for about £50. Also dealerships for these machines are limited. Even farmers will tell you the most important thing when selecting a machine is the presence and quality of a local dealership. I'm leaning towards a Massey 390, Deere 6400 or New Holland 6640. All these are rated as "bomb proof" machines with proven mechanicals and little in the way of overly complicated electronics. However they do hold their price well secondhand. Wish you well with your search.


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