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  1. Hakke Pilke 1x37

    Cheers guys. Have emailed Large's now so will hopefully get one sorted
  2. Hakke Pilke 1x37

    Anyone breaking broken a hakki pilke 1x37 processor. I need a shunt valve as the shaft on mine snapped today so if anyone has one I would be interested. Thanks in advance
  3. Cord wood stack calculation help

    We base almost all decent hardwood stacks at 55% timber 45% air and as a general rule of thumb its not too far out.
  4. Cordwood Wanted Norfolk

    Call Martyn Neve, got large amounts cut already and a huge amount to cut over the next few months in Norfolk 07860 859633
  5. Arbtalk christmas raffle draw

    Top man Steve. Just draw them all and put a list up at the end or you'll be there for hours fella
  6. Cordwood in Cambridgeshire

    Try Martyn Neve - Even Forestry 07860 859633 He's always cutting hardwood and has hauliers who can deliver to Cambs.
  7. Re: Kiln drying service required

    If you dont have any luck let me know and I may be able to help as a friend has an industrial kiln at a sawmill near Norwich and could possibly assist. Drop me a pm if you're stuck
  8. RIP Steve Hewlett.

    I came across one of his early chats with Eddie on Radio 4 one afternoon almost as soon as they began and have followed them religiously up to today. Can honestly say I have sat with a tear in my eye on more than one occasion and found it spellbinding. I think its probably the best bit if radio broadcasting I have listened to on any station, any time, anywhere. A sad loss.
  9. any one else mowed their grass yet ?

    I did think about it this morning but thought that all the neighbours would think i had a screw loose. Wish I'd done it now!
  10. trailer advice.

    Imo Ifor Williams trailers are seriously overated. The tippers are ok but any of the flats/plant trailers don't tow any where near aswell as either Brian James, or even better Blue Line trailers.
  11. Arbtalk Christmas Raffle 2016

    Done. Well done for all your effort Steve.
  12. What's the best book keeping software???

    Sage one is great. Link it to your bank account from the start and it will tie everything in together and make your accountant pointless, therefore saving you even more money!
  13. Blimey TCD, thats a good refresher for a 3 year old post. Wonder if he's got it out yet?
  14. Forwarders - Valmet or Timberjack

    Tom If you are on Facebook, ask to join the Forest Machine Operators Blog and ask if anyone has one on there. They have over 8000 members from all over the world now so you will defo get info and opinion and also probably an offer of a machine or two if you want one.
  15. Thinings wanted

    Or try Allan Rowlands Timber, you find them on facebook. They are from Wem so not too far from you


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