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  1. jmac

    Some good saws

    The original 372 was way better than the xtorq imo πŸ‘
  2. Sounds very familiar πŸ™ˆ. Been working along side a young Latvian lad last couple weeks and his work ethic is best I've seen for a long time, doesn't even take his phone out the van. Unfortunately he works for the guy I sub to and not to me, now if only I could find a couple more like him πŸ€”
  3. Surely that's someone with saw and chipper tickets? Think op is looking for un skilled labour?
  4. Dont know about that, I just offered a guy a job, he only got small trees so basically a trainee in the wood and I put him through first aid and fisa refresher but he reckons he is better off cleaning holiday cottages!
  5. Yes I agree they are slightly different skill sets but being competent with a saw on the ground first is a much safer way of doing it rather than just doing cs 30 31 then straight onto climbing. There is no escape route when your tied to the tree your felling! πŸ‘
  6. Imo people shouldn't be allowed up a tree till they have mastered everything on the ground, and by that I mean have done windblow and large trees for a good while.
  7. Do this myself with a safetrack 1928 and 3 ton digger with grab, makes life much easier πŸ‘. Would love a 12 inch safetrack tho ( cant see past greenmech safetrack for access 😁 ) got a job coming up where we have to fell and sned and stack sub 12inch diseased larch over 4 hectares, all of which is just being left to rot but forester wants it to look neat for public! Be much quicker and easier to track through woods chipping whole trees 😁
  8. Manual tip is crap for fly tipping 😁. Had one at last place I worked, think it took 3 hundred pumps to tip it fully! Good advice from Bob, mine has it's own battery and manual backup handy for when the battery goes flat and I need to take it out to charge.
  9. Will that include dodgey wiring too? My brothers crafter box van and mates crafter tipper have been a nightmare with intermittent electrical faults!
  10. Never had any pfanner, how are they for sizing? I'm usually XL but some cutting trousers like sip are quite small for an XL.
  11. That will look right smart when finished πŸ‘. What is the price of a sheet of that 4mm folded alloy?
  12. All that machinery is right up my street 😍
  13. It certainly is, seen a post on face ache the other day from a woman from glen Coe saying she counted 116 tents and 25 campervans in 1 night in glen etive and there are no public toilets there πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©. 90% of the rhoddies cleared in argyll are done by hand so I wouldn't go out and buy expensive machinery unless you have a contract set up and ready to go.


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