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  1. Standing dead spruce from within a mature spruce crop, will burn straight away with no seasoning but with seasoning makes great kindling.
  2. What hp is in that big rayco bob? I have a slightly smaller grinder with v4 Wisconsin on it, think its 35hp.
  3. My mate has a Suzuki jimny with mud tyres on which is a great wee truck off road but he says the fuel economy is poor.
  4. Berlingo style van with winter tyres and a sump guard will get you up most forest tracks. If the wood is being harvested the road will need to be decent enough to have timber wagons running on it.
  5. jmac

    Helmet Damage

    I'm type 2 what are you ? 🤣🤣
  6. Was this an ex duffy county? I'm sure I've seen it before when working on mull.
  7. Skip tooth chain is a good option for long bars on smaller cc saws, plus less teeth to sharpen 👍
  8. I'm pretty sure the 130 uses the isuzu engine, parts for these engines are surprisingly expensive. When I did the head gasket on my chipper that uses the smaller 4le2 isuzu engine the gasket set and new head bolts were close to 500 quid. 5k does seem a bit steep right enough but if he has been using the digger for any length of time with the gasket blowing it could have damaged the block or liners which would soon bring the cost of repair up.
  9. Have you seen the state of so called workmanship on building sites these days, its diabolical. There are very few actual craftsmen around these days. Same with chainsaw operators! Plenty with tickets but when you get them into the wood you soon find out most of them are fecking useless 🤦‍♂️
  10. jmac

    Insurance issue

    Another case of pointless insurance policy and taking money off you for nothing! 🤬
  11. I've used rotatech blades for years and never had any problems at all. Worked for a big company years ago that had timberwolf chippers and used oem blades and one of the blades shattered! Turns out the guys had changed the blades without using a torque wrench.
  12. jmac

    Trailer towing

    That sounds mental! No reversing what a joke 🤦‍♂️
  13. jmac

    Trailer towing

    Was talking to a guy who has a couple of lorries yesterday, he said the hgv test is going to be shorter and easier to pass. Anyone heard similar?
  14. My brother has a 2010 crafter van and has had bother with its electrics, sometimes it just decides it doesn't want to start! He has had it on diagnostics a few times and no one can find the fault. My mate had a 59 plate tipper with a similar fault.
  15. I was thinking of getting a heavy duty canvas made for the top of the silage trailer so its removable for log loading and cutting out a bit at the top of the rear door for chipping through so it can be loaded right up to the top with no mess. Has anyone done similar ?


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