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  1. This was not a shredder it was a tp 200 🤣🤣
  2. Think the contractor that done this chipping for the council needs to have a look at his blades and anvils! 🤣🤣
  3. Such a shame I love the safetrak 1928 but dont love dpf and electronics 😢
  4. Oh aye head gasket too. None of this has put me off the safetrack and I enquired about buying a new one this week but was disappointed to hear they have none left to sell 😢
  5. Wish I'd read this before I bought mine 🙈🤣🤣. So far I've had to replace tracks, rollers, idler wheels, bottom feed roller and bearings, starter motor, electric clutch, head gasket, various wires, throttle cable, stop bar cable and 3 or 4 of the top roller long bolts. She had a very hard life on the railway before I bought her but she has chipped a helluva stuff and made me plenty.
  6. jmac

    Ray Mears

    When he was filming in the west coast of scotland he was seen buying fire lighters in the wee village shop 🤣🤣🤣. I do like watching his programmes tho.
  7. Tree surgeons dont usually have to venture far from their van so a spare saw is usually on hand but I'm talking about forestry cutting where you might be a couple kilometres or more away from your van so a spare bar and chain is easier to carry in your piece bag 👍
  8. If you get a saw with inboard clutch trapped in windblow you can remove the power head easily and put a spare bar and chain on to cut yourself out. Never done this myself honest 😁
  9. Good Van that Steven 👍 I drove one for a couple years when I was at the utility cutting.
  10. Very important in my experience, I had a 2007 ranger with perfect mechanics at 110k miles snap in half with rusty chassis and 2009 l200 with only 75k miles also buggered with rust! I wish they would coat the chassis properly at the factory.
  11. What do we actually pay the cops for??? Hope your insurance sorts this out quick for you.
  12. Who would you recommend for ipaf training in scotland?
  13. You need to find a good garage with diagnostics and get it plugged in for a check 👍.
  14. Thought about doing this with my old 07 twin cab ranger but wasnt sure it would be a worthwhile load capacity? How do you find it 5 shires?
  15. The fine for what? He said he only needs both lanes closed for max 15 mins, maybe rules are different in england but up here I'm sure you can double red for max 15 mins


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