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  1. What about the husky x com defenders? Anyone tried them?
  2. I'm definitely going to the APF this year then 😁
  3. I'm hoping for a 100hp 12inch safetrack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Must be a wee trailed machine when you have a lineup like that of the competition machines??
  5. Exploding seats fitted when bikes not in use, blow the balls clean off them!πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
  6. Nearly bought this lethal old thing years ago, really glad I didnt 😁. https://youtu.be/12PvauAvd1g
  7. Our local tip charge Β£150 + vat per ton of green waste! They used to let us dump chip for free as all the local gardeners would come in and take it. Needless to say I dont dump there any more.
  8. Nice one, I wonder if part number 5019012-01 is still available? I cant find a bolt anywhere in my junk pile that fits.
  9. How do you know what size of greenteeth to go for?
  10. It's very light and the shaft is made out of alloy. I will try and find a bolt that fits it and try it out in the new year when I get back to the felling.
  11. Found this in the shed when I was having a clear out, anyone ever used one? It looks like it might be quite flimsy as the main hinge bolt is snapped. I'm guessing it was either very expensive when new or not much use as this is the only one I've ever seen?
  12. Very nice πŸ‘. Is it coming with a shear or grapple saw on it too? Be a handy machine for dodgey roadside trees and ash dieback.
  13. Even worse if he has cut one arm so bad he cant use it! Imagine trying to use two friction hitches with 1 hand 🀯😀.
  14. What's the hours on the chipper Stevie?


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