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  1. He should have just put a cummins 6bt in it, you can pick them up for 500 quid! 😁
  2. It was quite a tidy one too was it not? What a waste!
  3. Seen this in oban the other day, must be worth a few quid?
  4. What a waste of a nice wee mog! 🀬🀬🀬
  5. jmac

    Gap in the market?

    Bloody tourists! 😁. That could have been nasty.
  6. jmac

    Gap in the market?

    No wonder you were raging, that place looks braw πŸ‘
  7. That's a proper west coast load! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. jmac

    Gap in the market?

    What an angry looking guy! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. He was going way too fast, especially with faulty trailer brakes 😱.
  9. Yeah think you have hit the nail on the head spud. I think the FC had a lot to do with husky being popular here, all their cutters in this area had husky saws so most of the contract cutters followed suit.
  10. Yeah I'm a big fan of him too, he will fix anything and runs loads of old scrap like me 😁
  11. jmac

    Which 3 Pro Stihl's

    Is 550 husky not the alternative to the 261?
  12. jmac

    Which 3 Pro Stihl's

    If it were me I'd go for 462
  13. I think it also depends where you are in the country spud, up here on the west coast of Scotland it's prob more like 30:1 husky to stihl because most wood cutters use husky here. Imo both stihl and husky have gone downhill with reliability! Hard to beat a 461 stihl, had mine 3 years full time forestry use and only replaced oil pump and starter cord πŸ‘
  14. Thanks @ForestryFinance. I have used both chippers so don't need a demo, both good chippers but I couldn't go back down to a 6inch chipper 😁. Do you know the price of a safetrack 1928? Cheers.


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