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  1. I was thinking about changing most of my saws to 3/8th 50 gauge. Anyone use that? I am struggling to find a bar for the 550 tho.
  2. The fine for what? He said he only needs both lanes closed for max 15 mins, maybe rules are different in england but up here I'm sure you can double red for max 15 mins
  3. Saw logs were 100 quid a ton up here before xmas!
  4. Dont tell them your closing both carriage ways, that's when it gets expensive! you can double red the lights for a maximum of 15mins anyway.
  5. jmac

    New Chipper

    He must of had an ice cream van if he was richest man in paisley at that time 😉
  6. Thanks Jase very helpful as usual 👍
  7. Can anyone give me the torque specs for the head bolts on the isuzu 4le2? There was a torque setting then think it was 90 degrees??
  8. Did anyone on here end up buying this?
  9. They are soft as shite! I got a 550 for brashing and it just loves to shed parts.
  10. Can anyone tell what this is? It's on an old wound half way up an elm. Is it bad news for the tree?
  11. Is a 190 an upgrade for a Jensen 530? ?
  12. Time is money and chipping is faster, we do alot of work for the woodland trust and they usually want branches dragged away from paths and I always wish we could just fire it through the chipper. Chipping roadside stuff will be quicker and safer than leaving piles of brash and logs at roadside.
  13. How big are the drains in your area big j ? Reason I ask is guy I sub to had an 8 ton hitachi built and he said it was useless as it would disappear in the big ditches up here.
  14. If I was buying my first chipper I would buy a low hour greenmech 1928. Good value for money and piss all over the smaller chippers ?
  15. I had 1 big hairy edge spruce the other day, had to put both 20 ton and 12 ton jacks in to get the bugger over, and only just got it over at that. Jack's were pushing and bending the 10mm steel plates into the butt! Would have been safer with a pull rope.


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