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  1. told him it should go back, hes 87 and pretty stuck in his way bless him, ive worked for him for 22 years and nothing surprises me lol. i might try and convince him that it needs to go back to the dealer
  2. it only has 40 hours on the clock..no end of problems but he seems reluctant to get on to the dealer. you cant tell some people !!
  3. No mate , its 22hp briggs petrol engine, 727 ? i think
  4. hmm, it had an issue with the main fuse when he first got it, ill chech that, cheers mate
  5. A guy i work for has one of these, it wont start....so looking at fuel or electrical problem So how are you supposed to get at the engine if it wont start as grass box needs to be in its raised position to get at the engine ????? no manual lift that i can see ?? great machine but poorly thought out for maintenance/breakdowns Any thoughts ?? Cheers Mike
  6. ithought it looked a bit cumbersome, might have to drop into my dealer and have a go with one
  7. Has any one used one of these, any good ?? how does it compare to the handheld 525 ?? Cheers
  8. Seems that a lot of you guys have had it far worse than me, makes my bloody blood boil, i too have worked for 21 years and built up my kit from nothing only for the scum to nick it and probably sell it for a fraction of the cost , and the worst part is that the police cant/wont do a thing about it without cctv footage etc, i for one will challenge any potential suspects regardless weather it is my kit or anyone elses, we are all just trying to get on and earn an honest living Cheers for all the replies/suggestions etc Mike
  9. Was in a garage , very discreet, in the grounds of a care home, 20 yards from main building, outside flood lights etc, they took the locks with them, seems very organised but on the other hand seems like an " inside job "
  10. Lost some kit last night, what does it take to keep the scumbags out, are high tensile locks and hasps the way to go ? a mate of mine reckoned that they used a rebar cutter to get in, locks were fine but hasps were mullered, as was the lashing chains around the kit, what is the way to go ????? Mike
  11. lc4 120 series i think, 3.0 d4d engine 173bhp
  12. looked at both..x trail ..43000 miles on a 12 plate, landcruiser ..127000 miles on a 09 plate, both fsh and 1 owner, both in above average condition..l/c feels more solid and great 4x4 capability, x / trail better running costs, not so rugged, either will be perfect for what i need, similar in price at £12k ..opinions please Cheers as always Mike
  13. Hadnt thought of that, maybe tell them it has been modified, but would prob bump up insurance premium


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