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  1. Husky 266 or 365

    266xp was a great production saw, but getting old now,if you are using a saw to earn a living, go for 365 ,better anti vibes/warranty/parts availability/reliability
  2. Thanks gardenkit, yes this is exactly what happened, i replaced the solenoid a few months ago as it failed to engage,so possibly a bad replacement, i will seek out another Cheers
  3. Turned machine off today, solenoid( i think) was still running, pulled one of the wires off..still running, started taking earth lead off the battery, lots of sparks,then starter kicked in, key was out, pulled wiring from ignition...still cranking !!, finally got earth lead off and it stopped Help ! Cheers
  4. Thinking of selling my 2 bad boys, saw has had 5 tanks of fuel through it, brushcutter has done maybe 20 hours work, not hard up but hate seeing them there doing nothing now my work has changed, both in A1 condition and both less than 4 years old,husq 372 and husq 525 strimmer do everything i need these days
  5. Stihl O8S

    i have one, but would prob need a carb kit and a sonic clean
  6. Loose bark chipping south England Portsmouth

    Hambrooks ?
  7. Knapsack sprayer

    oregon here aswell,£40 i think
  8. Tuning carbs with no L and H screws

    have you checked/cleaned clutch springs/shoes, just a thought
  9. Full skip chains opinion.

    skip chain
  10. Full skip chains opinion.

    have you been cutting ash with that saw, chain looks dry, ash seems to suck all the chain oil away
  11. Full skip chains opinion.

    i run full skip on my jonsered 2188 (390 xp) 28", performed well in oak, main reason i got the skip chain was in the event of my bigger saw needing repair i could use my 372 with same bar and chain, less drag ,so smaller power head would do the job
  12. cheap chainsaw

    in my opinion you get what you pay for,if you go into the pound shop and buy a pair of pliers they may last for years,they might break the first time you use them,same as a cheap saw/strimmer/drill or whatever, can you not wait a couple of weeks to get your saw back from repair ? but if you have a spare £40 then why not, might be a good bit of kit, might be shite
  13. Forestry speak

    ooh, you bastard, the term used when you shred your hands on a gnarly old winch cable
  14. More mower advice

    big difference on cutting width between these 2 mowers 17" on the jd and 21" on the viking, just incase you didnt pick up on that
  15. MS660 sprocket advice

    i like that


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