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  1. To start with i can't afford Aspen 2 all the time !!! Ive been using the backpack blowers for last couple of weeks now that the leaves are coming down in earnest, been having crappy headaches for last week or so Is this related ? anyone else having similar problems ? Is it me or does the E10 look/feel waxy, and smell different, i see super unleaded is still E5 , might try that Cheers
  2. My wife and her friend have taken up going for long walks and have had a few problems with phone signals etc when they get in low ground/wooded areas They have got " what 3 words etc but i do worry when they are not contactable Is there a better way to communicate.. 2 way radio or some sort of military/ gps or better smart app etc Cheers
  3. Well.. ive decided on the shogun, may look into getting it chipped in the future but initial test drive, i found it to be comfortable, practical and looks like it will do all that i need it to do, if i can achieve 25 ish mpg then i will be happy, big spacious , practical motor with all the bells and whistles. proven reliability and durability........here goes..thanks for all the input Mike
  4. Right, really got a hankering for the shogun 3.2...ive seen a 2015 with 33000 on the clock for £22k and a 2015 with 62000 on the clock for £19k, both have full mitsubishi service history, same spec etc, both from same dealer..does 30000 miles make much of a difference on these old bruisers ? Ill get me coat cheers Mike
  5. Tell me to sod off if you like but ..... You know the drill by now ! Ive had hilux, ranger , isuzu , just thought i would get real life input on the l200 looking at 2015 on, mk 5 i think, not the new one I wont be towing, just strimmers,blowers, tools etc and weekend use to chuck bikes/bbq etc in Cheers again Mike
  6. yes, but you are about 10 feet tall lol, im a only 5 foot 10 soaking wet lol
  7. Now looking at an Amarok !! Again any real life mpg/durability/good/bad...its a bloody minefield but just need some real life pros and cons Cheers again Mike
  8. Looking maybe to buy a low mileage shogun 3.2 auto, are the mpg figures really bad ? i know its a big old heavy dated 4x4 but can i achieve 30 mpg with a lightish right foot ? i wont be towing and will drive a mixture of motorway and rural with some off road in the winter Just wondering if anyone on here has one or can give me some feedback, Also considering a 67 reg l200, again realistic mpg figures if anyone can comment Cheers me dears Mike
  9. My 153 in my picture, went to chainsaw heaven many years ago now as couldnt get parts, shame was a real trooper in the big stuff
  10. as said before, 40cc plus
  11. viking/stihl. will pick up soaking wet grass no problem
  12. I would let it settle in and grow for a year before you cut it,
  13. This is getting more spooky by the hour lol. hope you get sorted
  14. No, owner user, although i did sack an employee a while back, 6 months later backpack blower, brushcutter and hedge cutter were all pinched .....
  15. Right, i have drained the aspen out of the blower, refilled with petrol and stihl 2 stroke oil ( i have used this for years with no problems ) i have tuned carb and is now running well Not blaming the aspen in any way, i was just curios as to weather i had a bad batch I will run a few tanks through and then go back to aspen to see what happens I will update soon


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