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  1. miker

    Sachs Dolmar 133 Bar Help

    had the same problem with my dolmar 9000, i went to a machine shop near me and they milled out a stihl bar for me, my old 153 in my picture had a stihl bar also milled out
  2. This has happened within the last week, my trees are in a clump/small avenue , seems to be the middle ones have it, very strange, but like you say warm days and sharp frosts, ill keep an eye on them
  3. At a site i look after we have a small avenue of mature Beech trees and i noticed today at least 4 have started to shed dead leaves, the canopies are looking a bit bare, i have cleared the l;eaves up and will monitor for any more shedding Any ideas as to what this is, ground is chalk , trees are probably 75 ish years old Cheers Mike
  4. miker

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    i got caught out on a landcruiser, cost me £700 to get it welded up, just about passed its mot , but was rotten as a carrot, probably wouldnt have passed its next mot, lost a few quid on that one, im more careful now
  5. miker

    What's the best old 4 x 4 ?

    if you type in the reg number of the motor you are looking at into google,normally the first hit will be " regit" this will give you past mot history, you can check if rust has been picked up as an advisory, also mileage etc, i was set on a ranger and then checked mot history and it was a rust bucket
  6. miker

    quick acting weedkiller

    Using rosate 360 at the moment but seems to take up to 4 weeks for any noticible die back, is there anything a bit quicker ? cheers
  7. miker

    selling grounds / garden contracts

    This is something i wil look into
  8. I have 5 garden/grounds contracts for a growing residential care home business that i am finding difficulty in getting someone reliable /trustworthy/efficient etc to carry them out, how would i go about selling the contracts ? all 5 are worth £38000, regular visits , 12 months of the year, payment via bacs,none of them are rocket science, seasonal baskets/pots etc,grass cutting, beds and borders, hedge cutting/leaf clearance, all have compost areas, all based hampshire.. any thoughts, just need to keep them looking smart all year round Cheers
  9. miker

    All terrain tyres

    Thinking of either toyo open country or cooper discoverer at3 for my jeep kk, anyone had dealings with either of these tyres, normally have general grabbers but thinking of trying something different, plus jeep is a bit of an odd size, 235/60/18 Cheers
  10. miker

    Going to view a 2006 Ford Ranger

    6 bolts holding the bed on, only problem i had taking the bed off mine was the bloody ring around the fuel filler neck by the cap, give the bolts a squirt of wd a week before , should come off ok, 3 guys will lift it off with no problem
  11. My freinds mature ash tree is looking very odd this year, smothered in seed pods but very few leaves, i would say 80% pods to 20% leaves, any ideas lads and lasses Mike
  12. miker

    Massive fly

    not cockchafer, get loads of them here, they are brown and hiss at you, this bastard was black and would have nearly covered a 50p coin
  13. miker

    Massive fly

    much darker and bigger than that mate, reckon it was 3/4 of an inch wide with wings shut, !!
  14. miker

    Massive fly

    no , all black, possibly mottling on wings, ive just looked up a tiger bee fly, could be one of them
  15. miker

    Massive fly

    Didnt manage to get a picture , huge fly , easily 1 inch long landed on my wall, triangular in shape at rest, ive never seen anything like it before, it was massive, anyone else seen any


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