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  1. miker


    Love them, and 281 xp, ton of compression the old 181/281
  2. miker

    large cc saws

    I know that the old stihl 090 was 137cc, but why no modern saws that big, stihl 088/880 husky 3120 and dolmar 166 were all 120 ish cc, modern tech, the newer saws would eat the old 090, in terms of speed ( maybe not torque tho ) i suppose weight comes into it ? Just thinking like !
  3. Put a longer bar and chain on the makita,
  4. Delphiniums still in full flower
  5. Thiose 181/281 have massive compression hey, dont blame you fitting the 288 pot
  6. I would say that is a 288 pot as it has a decompressor, 281 never had one as far as i know
  7. Wayfarer, planted many of these in hedgerows, bastard to get the spirals on tho without a bit of pruning !
  8. Might be a triggers broom by now mate ! if i find out anything i will let you know ( big County fan ) cheers
  9. There is a facebook page.".county tractor register" have a gander on there
  10. Twin prop shafts to front wheels, so when rear diff lock is in true 4 wheel drive
  11. Lost my dad 2 years ago to cancer, lost my old mum in april this year also to cancer, they were 90 and 93, never easy, keep your chin up mate and remember the good times and be there for your dad Sending my regards Mike
  12. It will have a split charge so either one


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