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  1. We use protos coms and they have been outstanding obviously people will complain that you look like a power ranger but the coms are second to none. We did have sena but fixing them in and maintaining them was a pain and obviously if you adapt or alter your helmet then the manufacturer won’t honour the warranty.
  2. Tudor environmental do reinforced bags but they not the massive bags they the smaller ones.they last for ages.
  3. I use a zigzag would be good if you could put on mid line.
  4. Think the dealer didn’t put enough pressure on to get it resolved ASAP for me and not the first time they been slow to resolve stuff. Hopefully it will be fine now as it was brilliant when first had it.
  5. First use yesterday and struggled to start at first but going to give it a good try this week.
  6. Sthil wouldn’t share their findings 😂😂 dealer isn’t shit big time
  7. Exactly what sthil said just wasn’t impressed with there service at all especially when under warranty.
  8. That’s what I felt when we handle both saws the other day but it is ment to be only .6kg lighter but feels more.
  9. Pistol went and sthil then didn’t know why and rebuilt it then it wouldn’t start. Took best part of 8 weeks to get fixed under warranty.
  10. Already have a 500i and had issues with it only just back from sthil after 6 weeks and only 29 hours on it.
  11. Hi all am after people’s thoughts between these two saws as we are looking for a mid range saw that will cope with a 24-28 inch bar nicely but isn’t to heavy but is reliable and wondered what people think between 462 or 572 ?
  12. Agree with this 100% turntable is a game changer but not sure about forst lots of problems with them from my past experience my greenmech has been faultless and as a company they have gone above and beyond for me. Peteb and gagroundcare outstanding.
  13. As above anyone do splicing in Leicestershire or near by we are based in Melton mowbray? Thanks Gemma
  14. Not sure on older models but our new one has the option to do it manually and mat be you can get it after market fitted?


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