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  1. Due to an increase in work load we are after another climber for two days a week starting ASAP. Excellent rates of pay, good hours, friendly team. contact Gemma on 07305 971920 or 01664 812400. Based just outside Melton Mowbray , Leicestershire.
  2. Evening mark, So used the husky today for a confider hedge reduction and silver birch removal and i have to say after first impressions and first use its amazing and i am very very pleased with it and has tremendous power for a battery saw.
  3. Will let you know mark am looking forward to seeing what it can do though for sure my top handle is a little tired now.
  4. I have 3litre one as the 1.9 was always strained pulling a chipper and full of chip when we trialed it. The 3ltr is a beast it will pull anything even when full Of chip and we got a 5 year warranty and full service package on it as well
  5. Ive been advised the new husky so have ordered it today so will see
  6. Abacus Hire Centre - First for Tools, First for Service - Home Page WWW.ABACUSHIRECENTRE.CO.UK
  7. There is a guy between melton and oakham i will see if can find his number he has two tuepens
  8. Andrews for me changed from meidl airstreams wont be changing back
  9. Hi folks, looking at getting one of these anyone seen/used one what’s everyone’s opinion on it? I know it is very new so a bit worried about teething issues as well. Plus guessing in an ideal world I would need two batteries and a van charger. thanks guys
  10. We have just changed over to a mac my wife has used pc s for years and years and was dead against it but now loves the mac and would never change back but she has all the Microsoft programs on ours. It is very intuitive but apparently it is more suited for a male brain so the apple rep told me!! Its perfect if you are using iphones and ipads too as you can start it on one device and carry it on another but sure microsoft does as well, it is just so much easier and a lot more user friendly for us.
  11. I had the option of both types of wheels as well you just unbolt the wheel bar and change the wheels so when access is good you can get more on with less damage to the ground. Tim is amazing at tcf as well really nice guy.
  12. We just got one os these really tough and really well made Brash Cart - TCF ENGINEERING WWW.TCFENGINEERING.CO.UK Our Brash Cart is ideal for tree surgeons, gardeners and foresters to move brash, logs, timber and chip.


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