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  1. On wards and upwards its there loss mate
  2. My little boy hasnt seen it yet but he will Love it. Took just under 3hrs to get back so all good will certainly be in touch with more work
  3. In its place now outstanding workmanship and exceeded my expectations massively! This guy does amazing things with wood! Thanks mark outstanding job
  4. My insurer does it and i think its a good price for all of it and its covered on site at home where ever it may be. Mines with executive insurance through a guy called adrian
  5. Protos ones for us outstanding performance and quality.
  6. They have guys at all there depots that will probably be able to help had an issue with my brand new 460 and predator were useless but went back to Ben Burgess they helped over the phone then when that didn’t solve it had it in and fixed ASAP excellent service.
  7. They the only company that does in my experience [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. On my predator the bearings have a number on them so I’m Sure the number is the reference may be try a bearing company we have one near to us that reckons he can get any bearing
  9. Same here company I worked for use to cram the day then say at 330 just go and do this little job for no extra money after he had made day rate plus some. My lads have there day sheets when they are done they go home or sharpen saws I think it encourages people to feel appreciated and then when a job over runs and offer them money they say no thanks I finished early the other day we are even. Works both ways but that is only my opinion and you get and keep good staff.
  10. Just get some more quotes and more options from other local tree surgeons there are a lot of top guys around your area would be my advice
  11. Havent taken the belts of mine I’m afraid its too new as yet but I’m sure pete will see your post and get in touch he is really good and helpful
  12. One of the lads from greenmech is on here im Sure in time he will see your post and give you an answer as well he is pretty good and high up at greenmech as well
  13. On my quadchip ive got round blades and when they are off the flywheel runs well but does the same when blades are on as yours and mine is straight from greenmech this year if thats any help
  14. If you dont mind me Asking where did you get the truck from? Im looking at going bigger too but not sure as yet
  15. Greenmech for me too forst didnt last a year for me. Greenmech service for me os second to none and machine is amazing


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