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  1. We have 3litre one it’s amazing pulls everything and excellent build uality
  2. Yes absolute beast and love it
  3. Alcohol hand sanitizer put it on leave to soak then wipe off!!! Works on clothes too really well
  4. Thanks guys gone to jones they have 14 in stock in hair so will try them
  5. As above does anyone have any experience of good quality chainsaw boots in 13.5 or 14 size please as have a new lad started and his feet are huge. thanks in advance
  6. Any idea on the sort of money you looking for it?
  7. Have you got any pics of it please?
  8. Hi where doeseveryone get there tarpaulines from ours have finally given up the ghost and the company no longer trades its just for the usual hedge cuttings etc
  9. We’ve gone with abax trackers for all our kit but not installed yet but seem good so far.
  10. Speak to rob at chainsaw bars about it
  11. We run 3 awesome saws the early one we had had serious issues but the new 2 are amazing. Not a match for the 661 IMO as we run that as well. For big take downs and light weight and easy of starting it is amazing.
  12. Signed up but the parts I need aren’t listed they are shown but not listed
  13. Hi guys can anyone help please I’m after a website or something that shows me all the parts for my 500i and other saws so can get the correct part numbers and order the parts any ideas or directions anyone can point me in please?
  14. Quadchip if you do lots of domestic as brillaint for rotating it and getting it in small places. Runs amazingly and back up service is far better than forst.


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