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  1. 300tdi all day long they should have never stopped putting them in i have a 300 td5 and 2.4puma the 300 wins every time less issues or problems and you don’t need a laptop to repair it either!
  2. Does the bigger air filter make a good difference?
  3. Have a 560xp after someone recommended it if it broke tomorrow i would go straight out and replace it. Put a sugihara bar on it and it runs sweet. Only little issue can be a pain to start when hot.
  4. Same here got mine second hand but love them and really really well made
  5. Same here got mine second hand but love them and really really well made
  6. Im just about to start. Lvl 4 with them after everyone i spoke to told me they are the best in the business and also my local tree officer recommended them very highly
  7. Fuckers if u get it back get skytag installed they have a 100% conviction rate i know its too late now but worth a thought if u get it back or another one
  8. Mine did that had it reset and its fine now you can reset it yourself but have forgotten the process to do it its something about choke on choke off run it up with chain break off someone might be able to help on here though
  9. Pay mine £110-£120 but both good lads and if we late pay extra good lads are worth keeping so pay them accordingly and they will work hard and happy cos they feel there valued good money for a good days work
  10. Hampshire paralysed tree surgeon returns to climbing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-49524719
  11. Husky for me all the way sugi bar for me its perfection
  12. And doesn’t leave the chipper running all day or stands watching while on the phone!


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