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  1. I was asking the lady if the Fatsia losing it's leaves was just after a late frost that we had here, but she couldn't remember. I've just had another look and can't see anything to suggest its fungal - no indicators for Kabatina or Coryneum canker for example.
  2. Hi Khriss, It's happening at the moment, I can ask for more details. I thought it was Phacidium coniferarum? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I can't find much information on the above. The owner planted it on the day his mother died so wants to save it if possible! The gardener has been cutting the infected parts off over the years, but it's getting to the point that they are thinking to cut it down. What is the deal with this? Does it live on the tips so could be pruned out? Could it kill the tree eventually? - It has been like this for quite a few years apparently alongside with it being pruned every so often. Thank you.
  4. Hi all, A gardener friend planted this row of Leylandii for a client of mine. 18 months on and they are having problems. There might be 15 of them in total. Around 6 of them are fading and dying off a bit on the extremities and more in the inner parts nearer the stem. One is completely gone. The trees have been doing ok until 'recently'. I'm wondering if it's climate / they're quite hemmed in and have competition from other plants also. The lady noticed they were struggling and that they might be dry so started watering. The healthiest one is to the right in the raised bed - I'd have thought would struggle the most if it was lack of water. The Fatsia to the far right has quite a few leaves going brown and dying off. I'm also not sure if I can see a bit of yellowing on the two nearby cypress trees.. so wondering if something fungal could be going on? Am going to go back and have a look with Kabatina shoot blight in mind. Does anyone have any ideas? The lady is very worried she's going to lose her hedge just before they rip out the one the other side of the fence and start building houses! Thanks.
  5. Hi Ty, With mine it seems that if it's cranked tight then it doesn't leak, but it's too easy for it to travel back. Only takes a few seconds of grinding and it's turned back a little not hard tight. Not sure if it should be hard tight or if the design has some play in it to breathe etc? It's not loose enough to come off, just a cm or so of travel.
  6. Has anyone experienced the fuel cap on a Fsi B20 not fitting properly? It used to be ok, it's not had that much use and now the petrol sloshes out. It seems that it shakes loose slightly (like 1cm of turn), and whilst it is still tight down to the tank, it still has that little bit of play on the turn. If that makes sense! I tried fitting a large rubber washer under the original thinking it may have got compressed or that it might help, but it didn't make any difference. Dealer has said a new one is around £30, but I don't feel like buying a new one if it won't sort the problem. The machine will be over a year old but probably only goes out once every couple of weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks.
  7. Hi Woodcutter, It’s not about losing a ‘nice little earner’. It wasn’t even that to be fair, just a standard job. It’s that a Parish Council is having work done to the standards in the photos. I’m sure we’ve all questioned what homeowners have decided they want doing or what they have had door knockers do over sensible advice, but isn’t it different for a Parish Council to be promoting such work? Of course, you win some and lose some, fair play and if it’s done to a decent standard and the person can live off of the money it brings in then that’s right. Not so long ago (different PC) I was asked to quote for a row of 5? Over mature, spreading Acer trees in a school playing field. A tree report had been done by a highways firm (trees in a play field, not near a highway). The report seemed tick box generated and open to interpretation. With the height estimate of the tree and the “reduce by between X and X meters”, I thought the trees could easily get screwed here. You could end up with a 10ft trunk or a couple of meters off the top. The work was being advised because of structural weaknesses, poor unions etc. The trees are in very public view and also within a conservation area. I’m not sure if they were TPO’d. I spoke to the lady who wrote the report and we had a discussion where I asked if it would be acceptable to reduce the problem areas, insert Cobra bracing in other places and minimise the reduction where it wasn’t needed. Her words - “if you can do that, that would be wonderful”. The field and trees are owned half school, half PC. I was informed the head teacher would be at the PC meeting so went along. The head teacher wasn’t there, but I relayed everything in an email later. I made it clear that I wasn’t shopping for work – that I would drop out the process if they wanted, but that those trees could easily get permanently ruined and be a long-term expense if the work wasn’t carried out correctly. They asked me what I thought of some work they had had done on the village green and I told them it was (from a glance), good. That it is not often tree work is done that well. I ended up putting in a quote low enough that I would have been happy enough for someone else to do it if it was done to a good standard. I wanted the work to be done well, be it by myself or someone else, but with the report as it was, I wanted to do the work to make sure. I would really have struggled to fit it in time wise but could have made it happen. So, my quote was at its bare minimum and (detailed) conversation with PC had been had on the importance of not screwing up the mature trees on their first reduction. What do I look at every time I drive by? Tops chopped off any old how, rips, stubs, branches cut part way through and left to fall off without even tidying the ends up, random long branches extending from the crowns, and worse of the worse major deadwood, some a few inches diameter and a good few meters long, still in the tree! Some have even been reduced to this length! Who reduces major deadwood over a children’s playing area but leaves it in the tree? It’s not good enough. On top of that they have of course instantly put out a mass of regrowth that in my opinion will now need periodic maintenance to keep the weight off these reduced branches, as well as the other problems topping and regrowth brings. I told a councillor the work is diabolical and have left them to it. It shouldn’t be happening though. I’m not looking for a big pay day – and I wouldn’t expect to get one off a job like the one shown in the pictures, it’s about the trees. They’re not that special a group of trees, but there is no sense in f***ing them up and creating more work / cost in the long term to save what couldn’t have been more than a couple of hundred quid in the short term. Sorry for all the writing!
  8. Even if they do have a favourite tree surgeon, my gripe is that it is terrible work that the parish council is having done. I guess it is people who do not know about trees employing other people who do not know about trees. Where does the quality control / checks come into it?
  9. Yeah, I'm not losing any sleep over it, it's just crap when someone can do such shoddy work and because they're trees and no one understands (or cares?) then they can continue doing it, and cheap of course. Think they had a platform in. They've asked me to quote for some crown raising. Not worth trying to compete with this and obviously don't want to lower to this standard.
  10. I was asked by a Parish Council to quote for some tree works - "to cut back overhanging tree branches". The caretaker explained that they wanted more light in as they were changing the surface of the sports area and didn't want so much shade, moss etc. My advice, as explained to the council in detail - - Sever the Ivy, it is most of the light issue and an easy job. - There is a lack of decent pruning points to reduce the Acer back to - if you want the branches taking back to the fence, better to take them off to the stem / crown raise so that you don't end up with meter long dead branches or a mass of regrowth / we can prune back as and where suitable. I put in my quote and telephoned to make sure that I was quoting for the same standard / amount of work as the other two quotes, as we all know what happens too often (see photos!...). Someone else got the job. No issues with that IF it was done to a semi decent standard! If it was something else like an electrician that left wires hanging out a plug socket or getting poisoned from a restaurant, then they would know it was a shoddy job. People don't seem to understand though. They'll look at this, say it's back to the fence, it's been left tidy, so good job?! This work has done more harm than good! - Branches lopped back indiscriminately so that in a couple of years they should either be taking the deadwood off or cutting back the regrowth. - Ivy either not severed (about 2/3rds of the ivy is not severed), just cut so it will heal over and grow again or cut so roughly that the trees are / are almost ring barked. Even if the original instructions were followed and the trees were to be just cut back to the fence line, there is no need for such shoddy work, ripped cuts etc.. Moan over.. Especially frustrating when it is a Parish Council who should be looking after an area for it's people and not even a homeowner just set on what he / she wants.
  11. William Clifford

    Forest School

    Good tip site - easy to contact and use. Would definitely use again if in the area and sorry I couldn't get the second load to you! Thanks, William.
  12. Sounds good Stumpy, I'll PM you!
  13. Hi Tony, Same as you I needed some security where there's no power supply. If you find a good one that goes straight to the phone it'd be good to know. I had a good look around and went with these a year or so ago as they have no lights to give them away... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078S3QTDK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 on the budget front and am very happy with it. plus https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stealth-Cam-No-Glo-Camera-STC-G42NG/dp/B01N1A2NN7 as it is meant to be a good quality one though have just noted the poor amazon reviews. If buying again, at the money, I would prefer to buy a couple of the cheaper ones than one more expensive one. I've got a little experience with these, also my father uses them on the trail to record animals and the trigger times can mean you miss what you needed to catch. A couple of cameras with different angles gives a better chance of catching what you want. Especially if on photo setting. I find 20 second video setting gives enough time for whatever has triggered the camera to appear on the shot. It might be triggered by noise or an animal just on the edge of the sensor so with pictures and the 'reset' time I find video best. You really have to keep on top of making sure you have enough memory space and battery power though. I'd also recommend 2 memory cards for each camera - when one is full, you can take it out, put the replacement in and then you've got time to view the footage with the camera still working. I was using mine to catch scum and it's pretty gutting to miss something because the memory card was on the kitchen table waiting to be checked from the last instance! The Gosira is sensitive enough to pick up a fly at night on some clips. I guess location is important with trees and grass setting it off, though it's only in really bad weather that I find it's been triggered like this. With some makes - like the stealth above you need to have certain memory cards - they only work with high end sandisk for some reason, best to check forums / reviews before ordering everything. The Gosira above seems to work with anything. Good luck!
  14. You don't want it do you Lux? 😉 Cheers Stumpy 👍
  15. If Lux doesn't take it, I would be interested in that Stumpy. Same thing, it would save having to load on and manhandle the grinder for a few small bush stumps! Cheers.


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