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    Forest School

    Good tip site - easy to contact and use. Would definitely use again if in the area and sorry I couldn't get the second load to you! Thanks, William.
  2. Sounds good Stumpy, I'll PM you!
  3. Hi Tony, Same as you I needed some security where there's no power supply. If you find a good one that goes straight to the phone it'd be good to know. I had a good look around and went with these a year or so ago as they have no lights to give them away... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B078S3QTDK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 on the budget front and am very happy with it. plus https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stealth-Cam-No-Glo-Camera-STC-G42NG/dp/B01N1A2NN7 as it is meant to be a good quality one though have just noted the poor amazon reviews. If buying again, at the money, I would prefer to buy a couple of the cheaper ones than one more expensive one. I've got a little experience with these, also my father uses them on the trail to record animals and the trigger times can mean you miss what you needed to catch. A couple of cameras with different angles gives a better chance of catching what you want. Especially if on photo setting. I find 20 second video setting gives enough time for whatever has triggered the camera to appear on the shot. It might be triggered by noise or an animal just on the edge of the sensor so with pictures and the 'reset' time I find video best. You really have to keep on top of making sure you have enough memory space and battery power though. I'd also recommend 2 memory cards for each camera - when one is full, you can take it out, put the replacement in and then you've got time to view the footage with the camera still working. I was using mine to catch scum and it's pretty gutting to miss something because the memory card was on the kitchen table waiting to be checked from the last instance! The Gosira is sensitive enough to pick up a fly at night on some clips. I guess location is important with trees and grass setting it off, though it's only in really bad weather that I find it's been triggered like this. With some makes - like the stealth above you need to have certain memory cards - they only work with high end sandisk for some reason, best to check forums / reviews before ordering everything. The Gosira above seems to work with anything. Good luck!
  4. You don't want it do you Lux? 😉 Cheers Stumpy 👍
  5. If Lux doesn't take it, I would be interested in that Stumpy. Same thing, it would save having to load on and manhandle the grinder for a few small bush stumps! Cheers.
  6. I thought it was a reference to the zigzag body and neck! It's going to get used.. It all looks good for using the older style zigzag on drt then and being able to clip on the chicane for access. Sounds smooth. Not that I wouldn't love to be so fluent with srt as to want to use it on everything! Was looking at a few things on youtube for the chicane and came across these which I thought were interesting. First is with the rw but is interesting with the zigzag ratings as well as the failure points. The second is a pull test and shows the creep at over 400kg with the Chicane. If Petzl have said their tests have shown the same then that's reassuring! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB5shC1SaSM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxxAG8YnAj8
  7. Hi Rupe, karabiners aside, does the old single hole zigzag work with the chicane? I like the idea of being able to use it to access also. Just about to replace my zig zag and would prefer the smaller looking mk3 I think.
  8. Ok, so nothing to bother about? The cheapest these can be picked up seems to be about £250 before the vat so didn't really want to be having to fix it if it's falling apart almost straight out the box. Still not sure if the manufacturers design them to have these pieces stay in or come out! If it's not going to affect performance then I'll not worry about it. Cheers.
  9. I'll have to put a nail in the wall higher up so I can hang this one alongside the others!
  10. Yep, I'm the same. With the smaller bars I don't worry about it as they work, have probably had a lot of use already and don't cost as much! But with such little use I'm wondering what the deal is.
  11. Hi All, The machining plug has fallen out the end of my 4ft MS880 bar. It's only been used a dozen times. What's the deal? I can imagine crap getting caught up whilst cutting, but it doesn't stay in if I push it back in.. Does it need fixing back in somehow or it's faulty? It's a big expensive bar to not be right after only a few uses. Or doesn't it matter? Cheers.
  12. sc7 and sc1 Toad? I don't have my NRSWA or 12d. It is something I will look into though for the future. Just to have the knowledge to know what I need in terms of TM on jobs like this, even if I'm not doing it myself. And yes, agreed with them not letting me do it / insurance not covering. I know what you are saying scbk, and yes it's a tiny job - but I would like to do it right. At the very, very least I should know what the right way is! I feel things should be done correctly as much as is possible and I don't want to be gambling to get the job done. I don't want the Parish Council to suffer unnecessary cost, but if they truly want the job doing correctly then I also want to be in a position to be able to do that. I'm sure that that job could be done on the footpath 99 times with guys with hedge trimmers and no barriers etc and no problems, but if / when it goes wrong.... I was there in the peeing rain this morning with the trucks going past at 50mph - wasn't a nice place to be even just standing. And that's without any of them hitting the low bridge for the umpteenth time!
  13. Yes it's a busy road. I went down today to walk the path and it's bad enough just walking it when the juggernauts fly by. I like your idea of cutting it back hard Dan - drove past again to see if there was scope to do so and will recommend it. Thanks. I'm not sure if it would still give enough room to manage with a flail, but it'd at least give more space to do it by hand next time. 👍 No footpath on the other side Pete. I measured the path. Between 150 cm and 160 cm from the Armco to the edge of the road. I have just ran it past a TM firm who knows the road and he feels it sounds like we need TL and a half lane closure 😞
  14. Thanks RH. I've got a copy offline but thanks for the offer! Am going to visit the site this am. So now reading through, am I understanding this correctly - Lets say that on the 100m 60mph section, the footpath is the width of our working area. On top of that we need a 1.2m lateral safety clearance. If this is not possible, then a minimum of 0.5m will suffice, as long as we put a speed limit of 30 or 40mph in place?? On top of that, I need to allow for possible pedestrians. Would a stop / go man for the pedestrians be enough if we were cleaning up as we went, or should I be providing a temporary footpath by going into the road?? Someone please tell me that this isn't what technically needs to be done to meet the law?! If so, one of a few things is going to happen. It'll be either be going to traffic management, someone (else) will chance it, or the Armco is going to get flailed! The Parish Council may end up regretting taking on the responsibility of this small stretch from the LA.


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