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  1. I'll give the client the info and let them make the decision! There's pro's and con's to either way we go really. If spraying was 100% effective for example, it'd probably be best to go that route and prune to give any surviving shoots a chance. If it isn't (and I imagine it isn't), then probably best to re-pollard. I've not sounded the stem but I did have a good look and couldn't see anything else going on. It's young-ish relatively speaking, not full of cavities or anything. When I say 'on the stem' I meant the odd shoots growing straight out of the stem becoming infected and because of how the previous one had died back into the thicker wood and the staining went through it, I had put the 2 together. Possibly incorrectly and something else was also happening? The one we took down previously was stained all the way down to a couple of feet from the floor and seemed to start from the tips. There could have been something else going on in that instance, though I don't know what. I've known the tree for years, also re 'pollarded' it some years ago and it has always been a vigorous tree - until the summer when I got a call because it wasn't looking well and declined extremely quickly. Thank you for the help 👍
  2. No, I haven't got any pictures. It's a domestic garden, 'pollarded' Willow around 15ft or so high with a 2.5ft ish diameter stem. The anthracnose is clear in my mind from the reported black twigs / patches on twigs, and curling and loss of leaves in early summer. Then what I can see of it now I would have diagnosed Anthracnose anyway. I came across a couple of trees 2 summers ago that were infected, and this one has been apparently showing signs since last summer. They're all within 5 miles of each other. The other two trees that I came across we got to within a couple of weeks to see what we could prune out in the summer, but whilst there were live patches in one of the trees, it had spread very quickly. The necrosis and staining had gone down into the framework and main stem. The other tree was completely dead. Both had been 'pollarded' in the past. I put the staining down to the Anthracnose, it didn't look the same as dead / dying wood. More like chasing Silver Leaf staining out of a Cherry if you know what I mean? The dead Willow was just infected down to the collars of the regrowth, but it was (albeit much loved by the client), an old and rotting Willow pollard. The client had already cleaned up any twigs and leaves when I visited yesterday. I guess the question really is whether to prune out now or in spring when we can see if / what comes back. If we do it now, I don't think there's going to be anything left. We could just re-pollard and possibly spray in Spring if it came back? Or Cut out anything that isn't shooting or is heavily infected in Spring, and possibly spray to limit the spread? Thanks for the responses.
  3. Will Anthracnose spread through a Willow at this time of year whilst the tree is dormant? I think the spread is too far gone and likely in the main stem, but was hoping to work on it when it comes into leaf to see what may be surviving and cut out any infection. Thanks.
  4. Cheers Bob, it does look like it. Thanks for the help.
  5. That really is sad. He was a very genuine, kind, thoughtful man. I didn't know him well, but he would always offer more help than what I'd asked for. Above and beyond, it's a loss. ****************ing Cancer.
  6. I thought Crab, but put it out there as so many different varieties. It was cut down last week and there were no apples or flowers. The two flower pictures were taken by the lady previously. It was a good size, around 25ft. Growing out of an up and coming Yew tree and against a Leylandii hedge so was very leggy. But yes, in blossom obviously looked very nice. Probably especially so this year - it's been the best year I have ever seen for Crab blossom around here. So, what variety of Crab?
  7. Hi, Could anyone ID this for me? It needs replacing! Carrying out planned work in clients garden and was asked to remove this as an extra. The lady of the house came back and was very upset to find her husband had had one of her favourite trees cut down. Then the question will be asked if we can find a sizeable replacement. Thank you.
  8. Hi, There's a group of us looking to go for a rec climb this week. Thinking super big impressive tree(s) or somewhere to set up a zip line / big rope swing. Has anyone got any suggestions? Within an hour or so of Nottingham would be good. And somewhere where we can either get permission or where we're not going to incur the wrath of the land owner. Thanks!
  9. I've heard that said before. Wouldn't a decent independent business (got a couple in mind) be able to smooth over the service agent downfalls. Or is it that they'd struggle to get the parts etc from them?
  10. Still searching for my mewp. How useful is a jib on a mewp? I've never used a machine without one and use it a lot when positioning in the past, but am considering a Teupen 23gt. It doesn't have a jib at the end and wondering how much difference that makes to getting past a branch into the tree for example deadwooding? For crown reduction I'm sure it wouldn't make so much difference.. The Teupen has a few extra metres height and a couple of meters better outreach, but no jib. Thoughts? Thanks.
  11. Thank you for that Khriss. It does look like it. I'll have a look for more of the symptoms next time I'm in the area. And report it if it is. But yep, looks like a fell I guess if it's confirmed as no control.
  12. It's only a small-ish tree. Maybe 30ft to the tips and a bit of a ball from a lot of pruning in the past. From looking at the tips and the lack of needles, I think that 'a lot' is probably a lot compared to a healthy tree Yes, apparently it hasn't been as bad this year as previous years, but yes the dead ends are more noticeable right now.
  13. @Khriss Hi Khriss, just following up on the Cedar from August! The owner tells me that around late Spring it seems that it is the newer needles that fall from the tree and that they continue to fall all the way until the end of summer. It sheds enough that to sit outside they need to clear a load of needles away from one day to the next. They do have honey fungus in the garden... I don't feel like it's honey fungus though with the fungus and the tree having both been in the garden for years and this shedding of needles in the summer all that is happening to the tree? Many thanks...
  14. Cheers Josharb. @donnk what sort of percentage duty did you pay on the digger? Might give me an idea of what I could maybe expect on a mewp. It's looking like the vat wouldn't be a big difference.
  15. So there could be import duty on a second hand machine? If VAT is paid abroad it is reclaimable still just maybe at a different rate? Have done thanks Marc, and yep there's a good choice there too. Yep, I'm in the UK. Import before the end of the year - why, because of Brexit and possible exchange rates? Yeah, a make that has parts availability is a must. There seems to be at least a couple of companies nearby that service mewps even if it hasn't been purchased from them. And yeah, that's what I'm trying to figure out - if what seems like a better price could end up breaking even at best with a lot more uncertainty and hassle. Is it as simple as finding one, checking it and bringing it back on a trailer, or is it a bit more complicated than that? I know I need some due diligence on ownership, outstanding finance etc, but paperwork for importing it or anything? Thanks.


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