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  1. Clients that make you go hmmmmm.

    You could have given them a really high price and they would have been delighted with all the money they saved !!!!!! ........ I once felled a tree for some one a good few years ago , for about £100 , an easy days work and they were very grateful and said it saved them a lot of money not having to hire in a professional !!!!!
  2. Making the news today....

    Many are also just cashing in on the gross inflation of their house and retiring early and or buying a lifestyle in a more pleasant area of the country , or overseas .
  3. Making the news today....

    Yes , this and many other examples but if anyone dares to speak out they will screamed at for being ....racist , xenophobic , right wing nazi facists etc etc , left wing bullies seem to shout the most , however if you are part of any large organisation , government , council ,BBC NHS etc you will be ousted or denied a voice unless you you conform to PC rules , a sort of left wing fascism really isn't it ???
  4. I don't think they've done much of this before

    Bloody funny , they seemed to really enjoy themselves ....but what were they trying to do ? strim a pond ?
  5. Sanding a bowl

    Are you just holding a piece of sandpaper in your hand against the bowl spinning in the lathe ? ... I use small 2" dia foam / velcro sanding arbors in a drill and will focus attention where / if required on troublesome spots like you have shown here , do not need high speed or much pressure , and I am sure 120/150 grit will remove those marks , it is a bit annoying when the marks only show up when finish (oil or wax ) is applied though .
  6. Goaty

    Really sad tragic news .... I also do a mixture of both Arb work and lorry driving and both have considerable risks to self and others ....but such events are thankfully rare .....condolences to his nearest and dearest ...
  7. Bob the Builder - Cornish version!

    I was accused of "cultural insensitivity " whilst in Cornwall for putting the cream on my scone before the jam !! ....
  8. Cordless Stihl v Makita v Other

    I have the makita shown in the video above , and find it a very useful tool indeed ( i have quite a few makita tools so already had batteries and charger ) I have used it on smallish hedge laying jobs , deadwooding conifers and various pruning jobs and for when making rustic furniture , also great to keep handy when chipping for the odd awkward bit that needs a quick cut , however the relatively slow chain speed makes it feel like it is jumping from one cutter to the next , so if you are realistic about its limitations they are very handy indeed ....but like others have said not really a forestry tool ...
  9. Bob the Builder - Cornish version!

    Could this not be considered "racist " by oversensitive types ... bloody funny and quite accurate though !!
  10. Battery power for the road / woods .

    They had milk carts doing this bloody years ago !!! Perhaps all cars in future will have high efficiency solar panels on roof and bonnet to help, especially when parked up during the day , and / or people stop driving around so much !! also where will the government get its lost revenue from fuel duty from in the future ?
  11. Legal definition of Forestry ?

    Bob .... I kind of understand what you are saying ....but ...this is not a commercial enterprise ,the logs are for my own use , all of which are from the wood , if I cut them to whatever size or leave trunks whole and leave them to rot ( eco pile ) or burn in situ , how can this be considered storage ? I have no intention of fighting enforcement , ( no enforcement action yet ) but can not understand on what grounds they feel they have to prevent me from doing what I am doing ... I include a pic of one pile the planner was not of the opinion that the pallets etc constitute a structure of any kind ........ also the local council is the DNP authority.... Terry ...
  12. Thanks to Brexit :)

    my thoughts exactly , but some eco -mentalists will try to convince people that nasty chlorine is so bad for you and Salmonella is "natural" and therefore good for you !!!! However it should be grown in England though !!
  13. Oak egg

    Yes it is hard to get the shape "just so " and as you say an excellent exercise in appreciation and achievement of form , which is essential to produce quality work ....however if you select a few real eggs most of them are not perfect !!! nice one though Mick , when you have made good one try then to make an identical matching one !!!!
  14. Legal definition of Forestry ?

    Thanks for the replies folks ! ... It does seem that no one considers it wrong in any way to cut and stack firewood in a woodland and I really do not understand where he is coming from , I shall just wait and see what the response is .....
  15. Legal definition of Forestry ?

    FC said that what happens to trees after felling is not their dept , no felling licence reqd ( less than 5m3 per calendar 1/4 ), yes it would seem many people say they would like to see more small woods "managed " however there are too many barriers to this .....my research has lead me to discover such activities as hurdle making , greenwood furniture, spoon carving , charcoal making etc are not considered "forestry " and are not permitted except ad minimus - less than 28 days per year ....ironically DNP gave a grant to an organisation to encourage bringing coppicng back in to rotation and funded courses etc for training but you are not allowed to process arisings in the woodland !!! ( same rules whether in a NP or not apparently )


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