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  1. looks like you will not need to take a towing test from 20 sept this year !! same rules as pre 1997 license ...
  2. that is perhaps just a different way of looking at statistics !! Any job has the potential to affect your health one way or another , also a great deal depends on what your life style is as well as your job ...also there are many jobs now that never existed not that long ago !!
  3. I believe the current training of drivers is excellent and they acquire all the skills needed to drive safely , it is just the ATTITUDE of some that is a problem !!!! Young drivers seem a lot better than the mature ones , esp those driving well known German brands !! Yes the lanes of Devon are a challenge ( I drive only rigid 25 ton ) but I would find it bloody boring up and down motorways all day !! I heard an interview on the Radio of an "ice trucker " from the US and they could not believe how drivers in this country cope with the roads , small villages , steep hills , sharp bends , so many junctions / roundabouts and congestion and could not understand why they do not make a similar programme about trucking in the UK !! I only drive part time and on the whole find it pretty easy ...sat down staring out the window listening to the radio is not too challenging !!
  4. I remember seeing breeze blocks being delivered to building sites years ago they were just dumped from a tipper , many broke and a labourer / hod carrier had to stack / shift them around ...very different nowadays ...thank god !!! When I started tree work , mid 80's no one had a chipper locally and everything was stacked as high as possible in back of truck ( if not burnt on site ) and then tipped off at a burning site ....those were the days !!😱 did not know any different though and happily accepted it as part of the job then ....
  5. back in those days driving was a hard job, mostly handball loading /off loading as not many places had forklifts then , hundredweight sacks no joke !! that is why women did not drive lorries ....it can be very easy work now ( like most jobs due to mechanisation ) that is why older drivers can continue ......I have noticed at roadworks how old most of the crew are as well and after a bit of research it would appear there are more people aged around 55 than any other age in the UK !!!!
  6. I think you are wrong on both counts .... it is much more complex than that !!
  7. I mentioned horses as an example of the fact that you are not able to build / develop in the countryside as you wish ... As a forestry example there were 2 big legal battle / case near me " The Hillyfield " which was very interesting as well as "steward Community woodland " both examples of what is considered "appropriate development " Although they are both within Dartmoor National Park ...
  8. I am pretty sure it is not as simple as that ....just because some one buys a field and grows a few veg does not entitle them to build a barn , hard standing,shower block toilet etc ... planners consider things on merit and objections and it is easier with a greater acreage or else the whole countryside will look like allotments !! You need planning permission for a stable for horses . You can apply under PD rights but they can refuse and then full planning will be required which gets costly and puts many people off ...
  9. How many woodlands in this country have a toilet ?????
  10. I believe all the solar panels are made overseas ..Germany and China , loads of money gifted away ......
  11. in a lorry I met a guy driving a Jag who entered the narrow stretch of road rather than pulling up where it was wider , and he insisted I went back ...which I did as it was not far and easy ...but very slowly ....and then left him ...juuussstt enough room to squeeze by which he was not happy about and as he was next to me I looked down on him from my open window and said ..." be careful not to scratch my lorry " he really went off on one and called me a fat c..t ( I am about 10 1/2/ stone and 5.10 ) he went even redder when I laughed at him !!
  12. stop buying so much stuff !!! I drive a lorry part time now and the situation is very complex , but the pay has increased which will help ! delivering food to stores is one of the less favoured driving jobs though ....
  13. not really for me to decide what is a game or a sport ( if there is any difference in many cases ) but some things just do not seem to make sense to me !! wokeness is not a big thing but it never existed before in sport but was in evidence this year , trans weight lifter , gay knitter , mental health issues, mixed sex relay events etc and statements by organisers .... in reality most competitors are ruthlessly competitive bastards who will do what ever it takes to win !!!😁😁
  14. buying a woodland through the lotting companies is very quick and straightforward though, pay the asking price (no haggling usually ) and about 6 weeks and it's yours ..trying through estate agents is a pain in the ass ...you make a bid , same as guide price and wait ages to hear that you were outbid ... then try and find another woods for sale could take ages for the same to happen again , and prices are often higher and stand alone woods that are small are rare , especially with good access etc .
  15. I think I have read some of your saga on a woodlands site ....from memory you have been in a long protracted battle with planners and residential neighbours for ages over just about everything and if I remember correctly you have a very tiny woodland , so in reality this makes it very difficult to justify your sheds , loo etc for the amount of "forestry " work you are undertaking .


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