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  1. After a further bit of research it would appear to be the tenants responsibility unless "specifically excluded" http://www.ala.org.uk/sites/default/files/0802.pdf I suspect this will be an important thing to know as dead ash trees become more common .....
  2. An aquaintance of mine owns a field and has a rather frosty relationship with tenant , the council recently served a notice about trees with Ash Die Back , who is responsible ( pays !! ) ...owner or tenant ??
  3. I made my own from chicken wire , a bit time consuming but should be usable many many times !! however I am pretty sure everyone will think it works out too dear so will stick with plastic ( cheapest ) so the ( plastic ) problem will continue !!
  4. These guys will have all you need .... Westward Rope and Wire - Home Page WWW.WESTWARDROPEANDWIRE.CO.UK Established for over 25 years Westward Rope and Wire supply quality rope, both natural and manmade, wire rope and...
  5. SUP - Is that Stand Up Paddle Boarding? I've never really seen the point of that. Non of the excitement of surfing or windsurfing. Yep ..stand up paddleboarding .....very popular this year ( after lockdown ) most suppliers sold out ..same with quite a bit of other stuff as well , kayaks , wetsuits etc
  6. I spend a lot of time on the water and very rarely see a windsurfer ...mostly SUP,s and kayaks ...
  7. Ash die back will continue to provide work for a good few years .....
  8. Seeing as Germans are not renowned for a sense of humour probably not a joke ....I suspect this will become mandatory for dealing with Ash die back felling ( joke ) hopefully !!!!
  9. Really sorry to be reading about this accident and the guy involved , and those that saw it happen and helped ..but ..I really can not believe how any one used such an anchor point , and does this not just add more justification to using 2 ropes / anchor points ? is any one doing this now ?
  10. No need to go deep and i think they look best with a strongly contrasting colour of wood ...I either scorch or dye mine black !!
  11. pretty sure ( shore ?😁) it is Oak with a bit of brown Oak staining ...
  12. yes , that's why I mentioned it ....but years ago most were 25-1 !! it just shows how oils / engine design have improved ..I guess the market for outboard engines and scooters / mopeds etc are bigger than for 2 stroke garden machinery ....in fact chainsaws are some of the last remaining 2 stroke motors in regular use from new now
  13. It has been common in outboard boat engines for years ...but they are water cooled ...
  14. thought i was going to witness a big crash yesterday heading to Plymouth ....black pick-up towing a trailer with a similar black pick-up on ...snaking started as he moved out of slow lane at about 50 -55 mph and crossed tram lines caused by HGV 's, big snaking action and all other traffic slowed expecting the inevitable but thankfully it never happened !!!!
  15. depends on size and weight !! company sending probably went for cheapest option


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