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  1. devon TWiG

    unusual tragedy ...

  2. devon TWiG

    What to pay for standing hardwoods, s West

    calculate your costs for felling and extraction ( plus clear up etc ) then deduct that from roadside price , this will then give you a starting figure for negotiating the price you can / will pay .........if both parties are in agreement !!! do not forget felling licence , bat / wildlife survey etc ...and all other bureaucratic bumpf !!
  3. devon TWiG

    Devon - first impressions

    You have only been here 5 days , hardly any one has had the opportunity to dislike you yet !! 😁 and yes the roads can be awful ....what is 20-25 miles as the crow flies can take at least an hour to drive ! I hope you are well practiced in reversing ..
  4. devon TWiG

    Making the news today....

    Perhaps some Guardian readers are confusing Robinsons and Robertsons and assuming that he is racist ( which some how has become the greatest crime ever )......https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=robinsons+golliwog&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=Oua488NlhoXG9M%3A%2C1V7HjIU5GG6OhM%2C_&usg=AFrqEzfR7uaAk9vhEB7JozSn_Sm2dxuI4A&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwisn9-4xczcAhXHZ1AKHfD2BfEQ9QEwCXoECAYQFg#imgrc=V56UjszBl5-ZTM:
  5. devon TWiG

    What's for lunch?

    For nearly 20 years now I have only eaten peanut butter sandwiches , every day , sun pat ( crunchy ) wholemeal bread !!
  6. devon TWiG

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Been driving a lorry a fair bit recently ...nice Scania with AIR CON ..... have not started a saw for a little while now , any jobs I have can wait !!!
  7. devon TWiG

    What animal would do this?

    Found exactly the same type of excavated bees nest in my woods today , would prefer to have bees than badgers .....
  8. devon TWiG

    Trees and drought

    Yes I have seen quite a few Birch and Willow suffering as well ...
  9. devon TWiG

    Milling western red cedar

    no apology required , I hope you do not think I am being pedantic, but if you are buying ,milling and selling timber then it would be in your own best interests to know what species you are dealing with 🙂
  10. devon TWiG

    Milling western red cedar

    Pretty sure that is a WRC !!!
  11. devon TWiG

    Milling western red cedar

    Could you post some pics of the foliage , because I find it hard to believe that is WRC looks like Sequoia to me !! happy to be wrong !!
  12. devon TWiG

    camping in a non campsite

    easy for me as I own some woodland !!! although camping is only permitted 28 days per annum no idea who keeps count though ...
  13. devon TWiG

    camping in a non campsite

    I was at Meadfoot Beach this morning at 06.30 am and did see a few big vans parked up , no idea if you were one of them ,,,was another fantastic days weather ....f$%k work ! .. I spent the day in the sea !!!!
  14. devon TWiG

    camping in a non campsite

    The road on the seafront at Meadfoot beach torquay has suitable laybys , have seen vans overnight there before , right next to road though , but not really busy at night , East facing so if weather is good you could wake up to a sunrise over the sea looking towards Thatcher Rock ... also some other roads very nearby may be suitable , one spot overlooking Hopes Nose is parked on all night by fishermen ..... nearest toilets are at Meadfoot Beach though ... Another nice spot about 1hours drive away is South Hallsands beach ... again great spot but no facilities at all , also east facing for sunrise ...
  15. devon TWiG


    I do not think Vesp would pass the IQ section on wildlife and geography !!!! Tigers are not found in Africa !! ( except in zoos )


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