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  1. it is a cultural / tradition thing I guess and suspect electricity is a recent thing .
  2. one of the main reasons that live meat markets exist is due to lack of refrigeration to keep meat healthy .......we do the same here with crab and lobster !!
  3. I have been driving a lorry all week , delivering all sorts , mostly farming and fishing related stuff , glad to be out about in this lovely weather all over Devon and Cornwall
  4. happy with mine still ...not as bright red as they started 😁
  5. went in to local ASDA today , not many people but plenty of stuff ,loads of bread , so much that I think much will be binned !!
  6. They will also have more money due to inheriting from deceased oldies as well !!!!
  7. definitely walnut ....... chambered pith is distinctive
  8. Got about a dozen fair size Douglas fir windblow and some are smashed and others have to be cut for safe removal but there is quite a lot of wood ( too much for firewood ) and was wondering what lengths they would best to be cut to and rough value , can make a 20 ton load
  9. Check out this lady .......... Prints — Sarah Woolfenden WWW.SARAHWOOLFENDEN.CO.UK What is a giclee print? The word giclee ("g-clay"), is derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt or spray"...
  10. I always have my own supply of wood cut and split ( fairly small ) by Easter and stacked on pallets with tin sheets on top , fairly good airflow ( not too broad a stack ) and when it comes to burning ( Autumn ) I have a days supply in house near woodburner which dries further still , never measure moisture , it just feels right and burns well ...any wood that is , oak does best is split smaller as it does not like to lose its moisture ..
  11. There is some very nice wood in that log , the burring although not major will add considerable figuring to the wood esp waney edge boards , there appears to be brown / tiger oak looking at the top end of the log and there is plenty of good wood around the decay area ,,,if you have plans for your own use and are willing to pay for milling then I think it would be worth it , if however you are speculating on selling wood after paying for milling to make a profit then it is a chance you will have to take ...it always is though !!!
  12. If it is to protect a new planting site , it will only need protecting from browsing/ fraying for approx 10 years so is there any real need for it to last a very long time ? This will of course depend on species and site !! Also deer stalking will obviously help and allowing brambles to grow instead of constantly cutting back once trees have established for a few years .


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