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  1. devon TWiG

    Tree Id please

    Lucombe Oaks are quite common in my area (S Devon) Lucombes nursery who invented them is near Exeter ...some pretty big ones as well !
  2. devon TWiG

    Herringbone grain

    I often pick up gorse driftwood when at the coast , it took a while until i knew what it was as it was just a stick with no bark , one of my favourite bits pictured below !
  3. devon TWiG

    Herringbone grain

    gorse ??
  4. devon TWiG

    Pallet delivery

    I drive a lorry part time and the main pallet network we deliver for is FORTEC and believe it or not I sometimes deliver dumpy bags of logs that originated in the Lake District to S Devon , also deliver kindling and net sacks of logs to Mole valley farmers regularly ....so try a pallet network there are plenty of them !! Keep the pallets under 1 ton and the goods not overhang / exceed the dimensions of the standard pallet .
  5. devon TWiG

    Wood with natural holes in?

    many such lumps occur due to the practice of "flush cutting " which was done in pre Shigo days ...and in some areas for quite a while after as well !!!! particularly on less decay resistant species ...Sycamore , and Ash especially ...
  6. devon TWiG

    Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    I had not thought about how long spores may remain viable , thanks for the answers / opinions , it was just a random thought !!
  7. devon TWiG

    Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    In theory if all Ash trees have died and been removed ( within a very large area / nationally / europe wide ) will the disease / fungi survive for any length of time ? could an area then be safe to be restocked ?
  8. devon TWiG

    Self employed fears

    An HGV driver I know works for an Agency and it appears he can not work for more than 13 weeks continuously at one company ( or is regarded as employed ) so has time off / or gets sent to another company for at least one week , then can start 13 weeks again ....it is with a large depot so they always seem to need a number of agency drivers ...
  9. devon TWiG

    Log Goblins

    So if you are a man, who is attracted to women ,are you really a lesbian trapped in a mans body ?
  10. devon TWiG

    Staff woes, getting ready to chuck it all in

    Perhaps this sums it up !!!!!!http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2017-10-30/bus-companys-website-says-it-has-closed-after-message-from-owner/
  11. devon TWiG

    Preservatives for fresh felled wood

    old sump oil mixed with red diesel helped a larch slab shed I built last a long time
  12. devon TWiG

    How long will douglas fir posts last untreated?

    To increase the longevity of your posts where they go in to the ground dump some salt around them each year to keep the soil "hostile " to wood decaying / boring organisms .
  13. devon TWiG

    Ash dieback

    Look at the trees in the verges on the A30 from Exeter to Okehampton , lots of it ...
  14. devon TWiG

    ID Please

    medlar is my first thought
  15. devon TWiG

    Price for Yew

    It all depends how much you want the wood !! do you have a use for it yourself ? or are you planning to mill/process and sell on ? I would of thought the owners would consider £50 derisory as I suspect they consider them valuable and can see more value in them than £50 for firewood !! Also if you are after Yew wood when will the next opportunity to obtain such lumps come along ?...


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