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  1. Cheers for the reply ,do you keep in stock replacement lace system ? how much ?
  2. I did a bit of research on the "lacing " system and it has been around for quite a while on other footwear and it seems the replacement parts are cheap and readily available , it is just that every time I look for replacement boots there is even more choice than the last time !! hard to decide but I really do not like the massive bulky looking solid soled boots on offer that look like they are for mountaineering ....the BOAs are flexible ..
  3. Anyone got a pair ? any good ? lacing system looks vulnerable to damage in tree work but would assume Pfanner have tested this ....
  4. Anything you can lash / tie it back to for support in the meantime ??
  5. looks more like colletia cruciata to me
  6. how does a tractor replace a climber ?? Colebrook-Forge Fire Company, Colebrook, Connecticut - A tractor up... WWW.TROVER.COM A tractor up a tree! And, there's a picnic table underneath.
  7. many arbs who are any good ( or think they are !! ) seem to prefer to work for themselves and start up their own business ...........also like most trades it is costly and time consuming to get all the tickets that seem essential these days !!
  8. I will get the jameson then !!😄 many thanks !!
  9. Looking at getting a line launcher catapault , nearest dealer has Stein tekuchi or jameson tru shot any one got either of these and which is considered to be best ..........similar price so cost not really an issue ....or other ones that might be recommended ?
  10. I did something similar recently ....farmer came out with telehandler and a couple of big bales to put in place before felling ....worked a treat !!
  11. jaborist ....it is true what you say above about Jack Kenyon ...i was a practical instructor at Merrist Wood at the time and did a demo as to how it was virtually impossible to crutch thrust whilst ascending the tree and how it affected balance point whilst branch walking ( full body harnesses with chest attachment point ) this lead on to the "no branch rolling " ie being higher than anchor point so we were never in a "fall arrest " situation but the rope and harness were "work positioning " never slack rope .....
  12. Sadly because some have paid through the nose for their property they will do absolutely anything to protect or enhance that value .....not wanting development nearby ....fighting and overcoming endless objections is time consuming and costly therefore makes just the plot very expensive to start with , look in Exmoor and Dartmoor national parks !!! I fully comprehend your statement about being enslaved for decades to pay for what is essentially somewhere to live !! not a good way to spend your life !! then when it is finally paid off you are either worn out or die !! cant really see any answer to it really ....
  13. Houses in Devon are so expensive because it is time consuming getting all the materials down small lanes !!😁... NIMBYism has not helped also rules and regs of buildings , badgers , bats , rare orchids , newts etc etc ...J you are in a cheap part of Devon !! look at waterfront properties !!! Sidmouth , Salcombe etc 😱
  14. At 33;1 i would imagine it would be sluggish and smokey !!


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