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  1. devon TWiG

    Google has just freaked me out!

    Equally strange is you mention Newton Abbot and I live there !! and we have never met ...spoooooky !!!
  2. devon TWiG

    Sister in Law stitched up by the coppers !

    this is a similar story that some one I know told me ......even if your dog is on a lead it is not necessarily "under control " also it is under YOUR control , therefore you are liable ... the case I heard was of clothing being damaged ....personally I would tell the police to keep the dog and just get another one !!!!🙂
  3. I think Thulborns do all highway work in this area ...A 38 .. A30 etc poor buggers get some horrid jobs !!!
  4. devon TWiG

    Tree Measurement and Felling:

    If you consider the offer low then why not pay a contractor to fell and extract the wood and sell it yourself ?
  5. Or we could eat the lamb ourselves and not import danish pork !
  6. devon TWiG

    Hazel commercial value

    I doubt it would be possible to cut overstood hazel coppice for firewood at an economic rate !!!! .... also regrowth is prime deer fodder so will need fencing . I drive a lorry part time and quite often shift thatching supplies ( i did today actually .. to Sparkford ) and ALL of the products are foreign !! wire mesh .. China , Thatch reed ...Hungarian ...hazel spars split pointed and twisted from Poland .... cost of labour plus other costs make it too costly to compete !
  7. devon TWiG


    This one made me laugh , and it is tree related .... also GERMAN humour !!
  8. devon TWiG

    Safe loads

    By law that dumpy bag should have a net over it and ratchet straps , to stop spillage from bag esp during manouvres , eg roundabout or having to swerve . also restrained by strap to prevent load shifting eg during braking , comes under insecure load which VOSA have a purge on at times .....we all remember seeing dumpy bags of sand etc unrestrained on flat bed artic trailers but not now !!
  9. devon TWiG

    Another tree ident please. Sumac?

    also the wood colour is not something we can use to ID rare trees as we rarely cut them !! my thought are possibly pterocarya sp but seeds / flowers etc would prove / disprove this . Interesting though ....
  10. devon TWiG

    Another tree ident please. Sumac?

    Was there any seed / fruits on or around the tree to help identify it ? .. I am in S Devon as well ( Newton Abbot ) and would be interested in a few bits of wood .....
  11. devon TWiG

    Making the news today....

    looking even more SEXY than usual !!!
  12. devon TWiG

    I've just started selling my artwork

    a self portrait by the invisible man would be even more special ...perhaps you could get a grant from the Art Council ...
  13. devon TWiG

    show us your Log Store

    This seasons fashion for log stores is "Lord of the rings" ... Asymmetric Gothic Arch style !!!! ....Couple of branches of bone Oak , carefully selected for shape and the rest is tanalsied from MVF . I just wanted something a bit more attractive in the back garden than a square box , I keep most of my logs in my woods , this is just my at home supply of a few weeks , will double as a bower seat or for a large potted plant in summer ....
  14. devon TWiG


    I am very doubtful that it is easy to just declare a vehicle as "agri " spec ...also you are not using it for agriculture ......Arb and Forestry are quite different ! definitely so as far as red diesel is concerned !!!
  15. devon TWiG

    Bubbly Ash

    Ha Ha , I have never heard it called "bubbly Ash" .....it is canker , it will create weakness in stems and failure is quite common , I turn quite a lot of wood and the pic shows a bowl 13-14 inch dia made from cankered Ash ...


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