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  1. I spoke to another potential gallery recently and they stated that the items on S .O.R on their premises are not insured should they be stolen / damaged etc and suggested that owners should cover themselves for this risk only , if they wish ....PL was their responsibility ...
  2. I looked up about ADB in Europe to see if there has been any success in growing seedlings from the "resistant " trees and it seems success is very limited ...
  3. I sell work through galleries and have never been asked for insurance ...I am sure that is their responsibility !! however for craft fairs PL is required and I use Hayes Parsons £57 pa
  4. Most people have a "man day " rate ,and then estimate how many man days, or part of , the job will take . However , deciding what you may feel you may like to charge , and are able to charge ( its a competitive world out there !) may differ ...
  5. I have had the top handled one for over a year now , it does not compare to petrol power but is very useful ...I have done plenty of deadwooding (esp large conifers ) with it as well as hedgelaying , quick topping jobs and rough carpentry and think it is great ...I already had makita stuff so did not need to buy batteries and charger as well ... well pleased with it !!
  6. bit of old wives tale in some of that .....see link .... Welding Wood WEB.UTK.EDU The Forest Products Extension Program at the University of Tennessee exists to assist the wood products industry and...
  7. It's a kelp..... forest !!........ I do a lot of spearfishing and am regularly in this environment !! lovely conditions at the moment ...
  8. Wet wood is always more "pliable " than dry wood , see steam bending , or just compare a dead stick from any tree to a live one ...hazel is an easy one to try . Bigger Ash are ok as the butt is thick and will take some time to lose its moisture content , but the limbs up in the air could be well dry by then , also Ash is a fairly dry wood any way , and it has fairly large pores so moisture escapes quite readily , personally I have found Sycamore the worst for trying to fell against the way it wants to go , and the hinge just snapping after very little movement .
  9. A few examples of spalted Ash
  10. to obtain the felling license do you also need a woodland management plan , wildlife survey and restocking agreement etc etc ??
  11. I have been thinking about this scenario for a while now ( ADB vs felling license ) and find it hard to believe that the powers to be have not pre empted this situation and come up with definitive guidelines , even if apparently healthy trees were retained from a stand they would be very vulnerable to windblow , and if roadside trees are to be considered then closing the road once to do them all would make sense to me , not once a year as a few more die ! Utility companies ( electricity ) will also have major problems , who decides just how much die back is enough to condemn them ? Surely deciding officers should be able to use discretion and give the go ahead or they will become swamped by applications !
  12. equally there are plenty of others who die before they retire ..........a whole life of nothing but work !!!!!! guess each individual has their own opinion of work/ life balance ... I only work part time now and love it !!!
  13. Was at a large country house garden recently and found this , which I believe to be a Ganoderma sp , which in my experience are not common on large conifers , the trunk is approx 5 ft dbh and my best guess is that it is an Abies procera ( fortunately not quoting !!!!! 😃)


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