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  1. devon TWiG

    value of Douglas fir

    many thanks !!
  2. devon TWiG

    value of Douglas fir

    From my research it would appear for DF 1.15 m3 = 1 ton , does this usually work for you ??
  3. devon TWiG

    value of Douglas fir

    Many thanks , do you end up in disputes with ton versus cubic metre , as mostly I will work on volume and only want them to collect when it is raining !!!😅
  4. devon TWiG

    value of Douglas fir

    thanks for the offer of help Big J , but it is only a couple of hundred trees so not worth you coming this way for half a days work 😁..... just wanted to know rough value and specs , min top dia and length etc etc ...
  5. Just enquiring as to value of Douglas fir timber , may have quite a few to come down about 25- 30 metres tall , variety of diameters , what would be ideal length and min dia and rough price if stacked for collection by lorry ?
  6. devon TWiG

    Oak butt paint

  7. devon TWiG

    Adjacent trees and birds

    The law states that it is illegal to "recklessly or intentionally " destroy or disturb birds and their nests , sadly it seems some people take the view that they are absolutely sacred , and as others have said above people try to use wildlife and other concerns as a weapon against others ( nimby versus developer for example ) if there is no evidence of an offence then I can not see any case to answer ....has anyone ever heard of a prosecution for such an offence ??
  8. devon TWiG

    Which poplar species is this?

    I have heard it said a lot of poplar was planted for match production and plywood , don't think the precise species matters much as the wood is pretty much the same ,
  9. devon TWiG

    Cleaning prunus serrula bark

    Pretty much as above ........how would you wash most things ? mild soapy water ( baby shampoo ) sponge and soft brush , I washed a load of Betula utilis ( and a naked statue !! )a few years ago and they looked fantastic against the recently trimmed Leylandii hedge behind them !!
  10. devon TWiG

    HS2 Train/Rail link, Good? or Bad?

    I am concerned that the trains will be going too fast for trainspotters to see the name / number on it !!
  11. devon TWiG

    Whats the weather like near you?

    at the moment it is too foggy to see what the weather is like !!!
  12. devon TWiG

    Large elm butt .. double ended setup

    I wasn't far out then !! not at all jealous you b$&^(*d 😄
  13. devon TWiG

    Large elm butt .. double ended setup

    some fantastic looking lumps there .....where are you ...Scotland ?
  14. devon TWiG


  15. devon TWiG


    Apparently birthdays are good for your health ......... a leading group of scientists have gathered statistics to prove that those who have the most birthdays live longer !


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