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  1. devon TWiG

    Government plans to tackle pollution

    Will this be yet another case of supposedly clever , highly paid people introducing a badly thought out badly worded piece of legislation , open to mis-interpretation ?? Only time I think it will be used is by complaining neighbours !
  2. devon TWiG

    Bird nesting season vs potentially dangerous tree

    I had a Goshawk nesting on land I bought ..... read this.... 400 metre !!!!!!!! exclusion zone during nest building ( for Forestry operations )...https://www.forestry.gov.uk/pdf/RIN267.pdf/$FILE/RIN267.pdf
  3. devon TWiG

    Bird nesting season vs potentially dangerous tree

    A guy in my area recently has been in court for collecting eggs from rare birds , including Osprey , Golden Eagle and ended up with a suspended sentence and a nightime curfew during the nesting season .... this is about as serious an offence possible so the probability of getting in bother for doing the job described above is extremely unlikely
  4. devon TWiG

    Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    I have some remarkably similar pictures ....
  5. devon TWiG

    Potato boxes.

    why not make your own storage boxes ? ...simple enough and you could make them to your own specifications ..
  6. devon TWiG

    cypress macrocarpa drying time

    It will not lose it's resin, it will dry ....it will lose it's water the same as any other wood , if fresh cut this time of the year then the next few months, especially May and June will probably see rapid moisture loss , however it does not move very much whilst drying ....are you milling it ?
  7. devon TWiG

    Non Native Species Week!

    Libtards will proclaim it is ethnic cleansing !!!
  8. devon TWiG

    Chuan Palm

    I am assuming you mean Chusan palm ......it is not really a "wood" but grass , however look up Dewey Garret an American turner who makes some interesting things with it , sandblasted to highlight the structure of the material ......
  9. devon TWiG

    Log Load Prices??

    if he has been charging more than you ( and selling it ) then you appear to have been under priced !!
  10. devon TWiG

    Transition to self employed (wages etc)

    this is the big problem with tree work ....the overheads ... most firms charge say £ 200 -£300 per man day +vat which seems a lot of money for a 3 man team to do some basic tree work , which a lot of it is ....simple felling , hedge topping trimming chipping etc . Where as a plumber , plasterer etc have far lower overheads as part of their man day rate and probably do not have endless bloody "tickets " to obtain just to do their job so as a consequence will keep more of what they charge ...
  11. devon TWiG

    Making the news today....

    another possibility is that he was Sergei Skripal !!!
  12. devon TWiG

    Making the news today....

    Has Vespasian been abducted ?? .....not posted for a while ...
  13. devon TWiG

    Saw pulling left - not bar, chain or user

    When you consider just how much wood a sawchain will cut in its servicable life and the money it should be making you as it is your main tool , then why does any one try to save a couple of quid ? I buy the best regardless of cost , and in the grand scheme of things of daily overheads it is too small an expense to bother thinking about ....
  14. devon TWiG

    Eco-plugs for chemical felling

    "ring bark " with a blowlamp !! thin barked trees like Beech will be fairly easy to do this too , it will boil the sap just under the bark and destroy the cambium layer and not leave too visible a trace as there is no need to burn long enough to "char" the bark .


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