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  1. this is always a very confusing subject ...safe distances ...I am pretty sure 11kv will not "jump " 3metres ,( under normal circumstances ) I think a spark plug takes 25kv to jump the gap , but I completely understand the need for extreme caution around electric lines , but if they are grossly overstated then they will be ignored to some extent by some people . Look at a pylon for example 400kv yet the metal superstucture of the pylon is only about 3metres from the conductors , Watch a lorry on a road go under 11kv lines with only a couple of metres clearance , I have worked on line clearance in the past and never really liked being near the conductors ...live, or made dead , and it can be very hard to judge distances esp when in tree adjacent to conductors ... not sure 10 metres safe distance is possible as 11 kv wires are only about 6-7 metres above ground level , so grass cutting is breaking the rules !!!
  2. You may also want to consider what to do with plastic pallets at the end of their life ..wood can be burnt !! wooden ones last a fair while if up off ground as others have suggested .
  3. The demarcation area has been updated / expanded in Devon as of 10 th Dec I am now within this area ☹️https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1038293/DemarcatedArea4_011221.pdf
  4. very sad to hear that ...it was covid according to local news 😔
  5. Thanks for the explanation , I was somewhat puzzled why anybody specifically wanted Lawsons !
  6. I will put it another way then ....Lawsons Cypress has less uses than almost any other wood ...sorry if I offended your favourite tree 😁
  7. What do you want Lawsons for ? I always thought it was of the most useless woods ever invented ...
  8. There is loads of wood out there that is well worth milling , and quite a few people doing it ..but the stumbling block is actually selling it ...at a fair price as well ...and not just the best plank from each tree , I know of contractors yards with lovely butts and planks just rotting away !! shame , but some seem to be of the mindset that if it does not fetch a high enough price to part with then it is left to rot !!
  9. Oh dear !! I am not sure exactly what the effects are on the DF's in Oregon other than some needle loss on mature trees , it does not seem to be completely killing all trees affected ...yet , but time will tell and it may be different in the UK ..I have about 3 acres of mature 30m plus DF's which I do not wish to lose ! I have been felling some Ash in my woods today due to die- back at this rate I will have a field not a woods !!!!☹️
  10. I have always found strawberry wood very prone to crack and warp and it loses its colour quite quickly as well .....nice work though " guppy "punk you are a Dab hand at this
  11. The exclusion zone with regards to movement of timber etc has now been expanded almost right up to my doorstep near Ashburton !!https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1033190/Demarcated_Area_Nov2021.pdf
  12. that IS Christmas ..same shit every year !!😁
  13. Some with threaded bar and nuts others with screws , all fixings are recessed and hidden by wooden dowels , I hate seeing screwheads !!
  14. sorry ....I assumed there were loads left !


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