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  1. I am sad to hear he is going but relieved that he is not being replaced by that ryan thing with the bleached teeth ..I suspected it would be a woman or some one gay though !!! doesn't really matter if they are ethnic on the radio I suppose !!!!😂
  2. Recent commission for a bench as a gift for customers friends .....Made from Sequoia I helped to take down about 5 years ago ...I got a nearby workshop to do the carving with a big , fancy machine ....It needed great care to get the name precise and the L and the I not too close together !!!😂
  3. I do not know of any finish applied to wood that keep it looking natural , esp oils / varnishes etc ...perhaps some clear satin/matt sprays , For driftwood and "bone " Oak I scrub them well with a stiff brush with a strong ( almost neat ) domestic bleach then rinse and dry then lightly sand to remove sharp bits . This will depend if final location is indoors or outdoors . There is some really fabulous characterful bits of wood to be found in many locations mostly free!! Scorching can work depending on required look ...lots of potential with bits of wood ...
  4. I once saw about 7-8 all swallowed whole and live by Seagulls !!!!☹️
  5. No one wakes up in the morning and then climbs a tree ....getting to work , loading kit , hooking up the chipper etc is a bit of a warm up , so is getting ladder up tree or trying to throw a rope or throwbag up the tree , I get what a warm up is and sometimes just stretch because I feel like it or it feels like I need to rather than a routine , never had a joint , muscle problem associated with that aspect of work , starting saws is probably as hard on joints etc ....Heavy lifting is the worst for damaging your body ...
  6. Ash die back is keeping the industry much busier than usual , it is a tragedy losing so many of them though !!! Also the industry is much more mechanised nowadays so a good team with kit scoff the work faster than ever before . There is plenty of work but getting a share is more competitive than ever , and keeping reasonable profit harder still ....
  7. I have found that AG 's drain batteries faster than anything else ...
  8. I am sure most chainsaw carvers use an angle grinder as well as a chainsaw , for shaping and sanding , just wondering what generator any one uses or would recommend , I would only need to run one AG and would like a lightweight genny to take to and fro my woods ...thinking Honda or Hyundai ...
  9. My reply was about this scenario in general.." fell for the value of the wood " ..maybe the site the OP referred to may be FL exempt but many / most sites will not be , birds nest on the ground and in the understory so can easily be killed / disturbed by felling activity ....to me as an old timer this is a pretty sad side of modern rules and regs but just things that need to be considered to avoid problems but make such situations not economically viable and as a result much work will not be done unless essential ... owning trees can be more of a liability rather than an asset , which does not seem right to me !!!
  10. Add to that the possibility of a felling license , management plan , bat survey and nesting birds etc etc !!!!
  11. There may well be some one nearby who knows what they are doing and would like to do it ...however .... is the landowner happy for them to do it...are they qualified / insured , risk assessments etc ? other wise they will need a professional contractor which might then increase costs beyond the value of the wood ....this is sadly a common scenario nowadays !!
  12. I can assure you there are plenty of roundabouts in Cornwall !! have you never been to Snozzel !!😁
  13. the worst truck I have ever seen is an L200 used by Lifeguards on a beach in Cornwall , driving around on salty sand all day !!!
  14. I have a Mitsi L200 and when I got it 3 years old it was in very good condition underneath , still faint black paint , so I got 5 cans of motorcycle chain lube and thoroughly undersealed it myself , in all the holes , nuts bolts etc and it is still in excellent condition , more important than polishing paintwork in my opinion , but shiny paintwork is what buyers see and judge a vehicle by ...mostly ..looking after a truck and keeping it long term makes good sense to me , but I do not do a lot of miles and light use only ...
  15. The reality is that who under-prices it gets the job !!
  16. I am pretty sure sewage sludge is not just spread on fields but injected below the surface to prevent run off , AD residuals are the same as well I think , it also allows grazing / cropping of grass to begin sooner ... farmers do not feed their cattle on contaminated crops ...
  17. we have had plenty of sunshine and it has been ideal outdoor weather !!!
  18. Seriously dry underfoot everywhere ..unusual for Devon this time of year , as much as I dislike rain we are in need of some before long , but none forecast !
  19. The world's longest subsea cable will send clean energy from Morocco to the UK ELECTREK.CO A 10.5 GW solar and wind farm is going to be built in Morocco, and it's eventually going to power 7 million homes in the UK. The cable is coming onshore at Bude in North Devon ( I think it is already there but not sure ) or why do big businesses not locate energy heavy industries to places like Morocco where solar power could be used then send to Europe on battery powered boats etc ??
  20. The best finish for a wooden bowl to be used as a sink would be either Rustins 2 pack ..a liquid melamine or one of the boat building resins such as the West system stuff ..there are also many others ...
  21. I use supermarket fuel in everything ...chainsaws , strimmers , motorbike , outboard motor etc and never had a problem . I am sure some people will claim that they can tell that the electric in their battery saw came from a windfarm not a nuclear power station 😂


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