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  1. They might take an hourly rate I will consider it. Thanks for the advise.
  2. Sorry I should have said the dead Ivy in the yew tree. Some one has previously cut it but not removed it. Waste I am having to pay at local recycling centre, logs/any suitable for burning they want to keep. Currently doing to this way as it is a new service I am beginning to offer as I complete my courses and buy equipment, I already have a garden maintenance business so looking to expand and this is something I have demand for and interest in.
  3. Good Evening, I hope are all well. I have been asked to quote for my first climbing job, this is to remove broken branches and Ivey. I’m not sure on pricing and how much time I should factor in. I’m aware this is a very individual thing which can vary greatly depending on overheads and day rates but just looking for a bit of guidance so I don’t under or over sell myself. I have attached some photos to give an idea. Any help appreciated. Many Thanks Rob
  4. Thanks Ben. That helps a lot. Just checking I've not missed bits off mine as trying to keep good records. Thanks again.
  5. Good evening all. I was wondering if anyone has a Chainsaw inspection and service log they could share with me or if not tell me where i could buy one from please? Thanks Rob
  6. Good evening all. Can anyone one tell me please if there is a file section on this site? Im currtly looking for chainsaw maintenance, risk assessment and any other health and safety forms that might be relevant or needed. Thanks Rob
  7. Thanks all. I'm based in Northampton and planning on going to my local dear at the weekend. Only problem is there struggling to get the stock in. Thanks all for the feed back.
  8. Thanks for the reply Doug. They recommend bringing your own Pruning Saw and Climbing equipment along. This will give the best possible experience. Will take a look at them sites. I've used FR Jones before but not looked at harness on there. I guess I'll just bite the bullet and buy one and see how i get on. Been looking at buying it all in a kit but the pricing difference is incredible so just shopping around for the best price. Thanks again.
  9. Good evening. Hope your all well. looking for some help and advice. I've got my Level 2 Accessing a Tree Using a Rope and Harness and Ariel Rescue booked in at the end of May. I'm completely new to this and looking for some help and advice. I know that it's down to personal preference and how it fits when on. What do you guys think to the TreeHog TH5000 and the Dragon 2? I would be happy to look at any but that all I've seen in the shop. when looking online loads come up but for rock climbing and lots say multi use and I'm not sure there suitable for what I need. Any help would be very grateful . Thank Rob
  10. Hi. Hope your all well. Looking to book in my Climbing and Aerial Rescue course so in the market for equipment. Can I ask what harness you use and can you recommend one? Many Thanks. Rob
  11. RobG 86


    Thanks again I will follow this up.
  12. RobG 86


    Good idea. Will definitely do that.
  13. RobG 86


    Again thanks for all great advice and thank you for this message gives me a lot of room to think. For me it’s all about learning, increasing my knowledge and growing as a person and I’m with my career. I’m planning on doing a fall tree surgery course doing many different things to get me where I wanna be and in some way maybe not cost-effective but for me it’s the passion of working with nature. I do this for the love of working in nature and then horticulture. For me it’s about doing what I love making some money and making a bit of profit
  14. RobG 86


    No that makes sense. Thanks for that message. We all have to start somewhere and it’s a little bit overwhelming and of course because I run my own garden maintenance business in some ways it’s harder because I can’t just go out and work with people all the time. Bearing in mind I’ve only got my CS 30 and 31 so I will never be tackling big trees at this moment in time I’m just looking for basic work to grow my experience and knowledge. When you start looking at the sizes of gardens and trees within them gardens even with the qualifications I’ve got now it will still be difficult to take down a tree without climbing it. But at the same time when I try and be fair to my customers but then also I can live in. Hope that makes sense. A few beers on a school night 😂
  15. RobG 86


    Oh fantastic comments not taking any as negative. Daily rate are what I do my garden maintenance, figured I would have to charge more for tree work to pay for the different insurance, kit and other bits. I’ve always told the customer how long things take and put more time on for things going wrong/ taking long. if I finish a day earlier I can fit one of my regular garden maintenance jobs in between. Thanks for all the feedback all good points.


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