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  1. Show us ya birds !

    They seem to be heading south earlier than I've ever known. Numbers round here are hugely down on a month ago but they usually don't flock until the second half of September.
  2. The Wee Chipper Club

    Great stuff. You'll soon appreciate the benefit of sharp blades as you'll have to work noticeably harder to feed blunt ones. Get the blade changing down to a fine art and you're made. Ask if you need a reliable place to send them for sharpening; my Jo Beau's cost me around £80 a time for 96" of blade sharpened at two different angles.
  3. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    I'm already old and getting crotchety with it! 'Very nice but no-one thought about how it was going to be maintained did they' seems not to be what the client wants to hear. I've come round to the 'sod 'em; pay lots or find another mug' attitude. I'd rather not bust my balls on big hedges but if I do I want paying for the pleasure.
  4. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    Hedgesurfing works if the cut stems are thick enough and numerous enough to support boards. Rather than a pair of small boards (very dodgy!) I use a single 6x3' board; when it's time to move it I kneel, grab the leading edge and jump it forwards inches at a time. Watch your knuckles though.
  5. Cutting climbing rope

    Thanks Eggs - that works. Steve, your links were way too short; they missed out everything after the item number. I've never seen such a tool before; excellent for those who regularly need to seal ends!!!
  6. Cutting climbing rope

    ...same. 'This item has been removed or is no longer available'!
  7. The Wee Chipper Club

    I've watched the Ceccato vid on Youtube. Apart from the lack of PPE on the company's own vid (!) it's not a gravity fed machine as it has an infeed roller which is nice. But there just aren't enough hours in the day for me to want to use it; my gravity fed Jo Beau's half the size and twice the working speed of it. Given that there are also no agents in this country is it really a good choice? Have you considered a used Jo Beau? Speak to Dean at Global. They're not common but you wouldn't be paying for the early capital depreciation (which is low) and the machine would still have considerable value when you came to sell it on. Things do go wrong with machines and you do need parts: opting for one that has no support in this country is a brave move. Of your current options the CS100 is the most sensible I think.
  8. Cutting climbing rope

    What is it?! The ebay listing's been removed.
  9. Any wee chippers for sale?

    I'll make some enquiries when I can make a phone call...
  10. Any wee chippers for sale?

    I know of a CS100 that comes with a bespoke quadbike trailer; the owner's an engineer who built the trailer himself. I believe they come as a unit though, not separately. It's in West Sussex.
  11. The Wee Chipper Club

    ...Made to Delek's spec perhaps but with materials of what quality? Sorry but I'm very suspicious of anything made in China though things will improve - viz Japanese products; 'Jap crap' in the 60s and 70s, brilliant now. Then again I'm a devoted Jo Beau owner and have no regrets about paying as much as I did. You get what you pay for!
  12. Wellingtonia uses

  13. Out of curiosity do you mean diameter and not girth? When I was a kid my dad sold a tree or two a year to Gray Nicolls and their stipulation was a minimum 16' straight length of minimum 48" girth and no knots.
  14. Woodchip near Crystal Palace

    It concerns a job last week Rich that Al ran and I was marginally involved in.
  15. Woodchip near Crystal Palace

    A straight run through West Wickham to Highams Farm Al. The Warlingham commuter will have to shift a dozen sizeable lumps to block the drive again.


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