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  1. Is the issue here not simply one of public awareness? PLA lined paper cups are compostable but not domestically; the PLA needs the heat of industrial composting to break it down. So presumably you can put the cups into your roadside food waste bin.
  2. Have a look at small Phormium. They come in all sorts of colours and variegations these days. They'll take burning sun and very well drained soil; they won't take cold soil that sits wet in the winter although they are pretty hardy if the drainage is good.
  3. Euonymus was a good shout. It's a pretty demanding environment for plants Steve; are you planning to dig out old soil and replace with good stuff? At the very least you're going to need to improve what's there by the look of it. Look after the soil and the plants will look after themselves (almost).
  4. Might survive outdoors in the Scilly Isles but wouldn't last two minutes in your neck of the woods. They get very large anyway.
  5. Do you insist on all year round foliage? It's not a good situation for plants but Geraniums would probably manage. Proper Geraniums, not those bawdy Pelargoniums for hanging baskets.
  6. The answer in here is delightfully vague 😊 http://content.tfl.gov.uk/tfl-conditions-of-carriage.pdf
  7. Don't write off scrub; it's not a halfway house, it's a habitat in its own right. I'm teaching Granny to suck eggs by telling you of all people, I know; I'm just trying to make the point that 'scrub' isn't a dirty word!
  8. These are excellent I find Shop For Weapons Tube From Niton999 - Police, Security, Tactical Kit, Clothing & Footwear WWW.NITON999.CO.UK We supply police & security equipment and tactical gear in the UK for individuals and law enforcement bodies for more than... If you're not familiar go for the narrow ones. Their entire length is threaded. I write the chain details on the white lid in permanent marker.
  9. Can't help you but was really baffled by the thread title until I started reading the attached article!
  10. Yeah, know that feeling but at the end of the day it's only firewood; is it worth getting het up about? The good people make up for it in the long run in my eyes.
  11. You are blessed with your landowner aren't you. He deserves an Arbtalk pat on the back 👍
  12. nepia

    A new chapter

    You have; your earlier posts say that. Now just make it work! All the best.
  13. The postal system is universal (!) so... Top Cut Saws Ltd of Windsor, Berks. I've been sending my Jo Beau blades there for years and they've done a very good job every time.


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