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  1. Indian bean tree

    Late winter/early spring, just as the sap starts to move.
  2. Another ID

    Eek; will have to seriously study the diary then. I'll keep the small Pagoda pieces; most of them I had milled at 1" with the idea of bookshelves in mind. But I don't know how stable it is yet! Will e-mail soon with a date for the big lump.
  3. Another ID

    It wasn't meant to; it's only about 9" across. Yours is 22" max dia but v short - the base of the main stem.
  4. Another ID

    I doubt it's going to get us any further with a definitive ID but this was what awaited inside one of the major limbs when milled yesterday by member James Pepperpot. What we couldn't help but notice was that the wood absolutely stinks; not the smell of, say, heavily infected ash, but like a 2-day old cats' litter tray. Really bad!
  5. Rowan ring barked by worms

    Better comment will follow but that looks to me like a bleeding canker with nematode-like critturs feeding on the juice and woodlice on decaying wood. The animals are there because of the tree's ill, they're not causing it. The prognosis re the canker? Not good I would have thought but await more informed comment.
  6. Never heard of it but I see it's another name for crenata, which has a low-growing habit. But... apparently Buxus have opposite leaves, Ilex alternate; this appears to have them alternate...
  7. poisonous tree species

    Not specifically trees/shrubs but perhaps of some use... https://schoolgardening.rhs.org.uk/Resources/Info-Sheet/A-Checklist-of-Potentially-Harmful-Plants?returnUrl=%2Fresources%2FFind-a-resource%3F%3Fso%3D0%26pi%3D0%26ps%3D10%26f%3D1%2C6%3A
  8. Close to meeting the big man in the sky....

    I've met a few of those just up the lane from me and thought that one day I won't be in the mood for it so my peaceful ploy will be to switch off, get out, lock up and walk off in the opposite direction.
  9. Just as well you don't live nearby Steve - you'd get a Tree Restraining Order slapped on you! The Box isn't coming down; I just took pics with this thread in mind!
  10. I'm coming round to the 'it's not Box' school of thought: I'd expect to see more foliage growing straight off such exposed trunks of Box. And the bark's wrong I reckon. If it helps this was a Box I encountered this very morning.
  11. Fair enough; hopefully someone will be along soon with the answer. I don't remember box wood being yellow from the few small cuts I've ever made I have to say. I wasn't convinced about the leaf arrangement being right; comparing pics from very different sources can be tricky.
  12. It's Box isn't - Buxus - ? Rare at that size.
  13. Uses for mulberry timber?

    What county? I'll have some small branchwood soon from a small tree coming down (the trunk from ground level up to and including crown break is pre-sold!) and I have a 30' straggly specimen to take almost to the ground to counteract a large hazard beam split at ground level.
  14. Kew gardens visit

    Minimum of a long day needed to see Kew half properly; I've been there four or five times and find new bits every visit To do both in the day will mean a supersonic whizz round each which would be a bit pointless surely. If you only have one day make a choice.
  15. Mimosa pruning

    The only references online that I can find re this are US ones so beware the months given but... one entry says 'prune early to avoid missing spring or summer flowering'. So perhaps February would be a more sensible time so that the growth can get away in March/April in a typical spring (if such a thing exists any more). But if you're a long way from the sea (Leamington = Leamington Spa? - about as far from the sea as you can get!) maybe delay so as to avoid late frosts.


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