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  1. nepia


    Don't think bamboo sprouts from top growth; it sure didn't when I chipped my own back onto the ground it had been growing in. If you put the roots through the chipper though...😣
  2. nepia

    Smaller Zubat

    It works. Gomtaro on the right, Zubat on the left and I've been A Man For All Apples. Still got the 240mm Zubat scabbard going begging...
  3. nepia


    I've chipped it a few times with no problem (Jo Beau). I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be fine for mulching: not the best perhaps but OK.
  4. nepia

    Apple wood.

  5. nepia

    Books, boobs and more books

    Er - no idea. Auxins are pretty basic to the mechanisms of plant growth and regulation! Gibberellins anyone?
  6. nepia

    Massive school boy screw up

    Make up your mind; are they crap or are they earners?! Glad things are picking up though; what cock to suffer that way because a service provider wasn't forwarding your business calls.
  7. nepia

    Apple wood.

    For the bigger bits you could speak to a local woodturning club but don't expect money for them green. If you want money for them you could make woodturning blanks yourself, dry them slowly for three years and sell them. Similar re the smaller pieces... firewood I'm afraid and given away unless you dry them and can find the limited market for small woodturning blanks (pen blanks for example). I can't see money in those logs I'm afraid: trust me I've tried the woodturner thing and failed. The hobbyists just won't buy green stuff, the professionals will but they're selective about their purchases. It would actually be nice for someone follow up on this post and shoot me down in flames; I could live with being wrong on this occasion!
  8. nepia

    Need some help!

    Google throws up this one man band in Aylesbury (probably more likely to answer at this time than a company) P (for Paul) W Auto Electrical 01296 420888
  9. nepia

    Poisoned Tree?

    Cotoneaster (franchetii I think).
  10. nepia

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    Thanks. Hollow isn't a problem to vitality but that's a good sized tree so I totally get the stability issue.
  11. nepia


    I'm in Surrey, nearly into Kent. There are few details really: renovation pruning isn't difficult once you get hold of the basics of opening out the centre of the tree, removing dead, damaged, crossing branches etc. After that look at thinning the remainder but not all at once - over several years to reduce the power of the reactionary growth. As I said above I get little chance to see such projects through to the point that the tree's been recovered and is in 'routine' phase! I have done a couple of purely spur pruning jobs (just reducing the number of spurs to reduce numerical fruit production); that's tedious!
  12. nepia


    My skills don't reach that far I'm afraid and I don't have any at home! I just prune others' trees and most of that work is renovation pruning. Not surprisingly I suppose I don't get to visit enough times to see it through to annual formative work; people don't want to hear that there's three years' work needed to get their tree back under proper control! Alec and Gollum... I hope they're OK.
  13. nepia

    To Mulch, or not to Mulch?

    David, if you're there - how's the pear tree from Page 1? Last news was a significant crack developing... Jon
  14. nepia


    Good to see you back on here: I think of you at this time of year because of your knowledge of apples!
  15. nepia

    Mulch Circles

    If you get some time on your hands you may find good info here


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