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  1. Not good at all. The way I read it the driver stopped for a landslide and had to back up. In the time since moving forward over that stretch of track there's been another slip behind the train; that was the one that the train hit.
  2. ...which would probably explain the lack of fruit in the OP's case. Learning all the time 👍
  3. Not something I've ever encountered so I cheated... WWW.RHS.ORG.UK The fact that there have been no fruit for a while is of concern: I'd suggest a low nitrogen feed at the time of pruning.
  4. A Police dog handler friend recently had a bad crash (on duty) involving him going airborne at 50+ mph; last thing he remembers before landing is his rear nearside wheel passing him. He had a couple of weeks off work, the unrestrained 35kg GSD in the dog box was absolutely fine.
  5. Lovely work Graham. Didn't realise Becher's Brook was that wide!
  6. Dexterous use of English!
  7. Ha! Hoisted by my own petard! You can buy the stuff anywhere - Amazon, Holland & Barrett...🤣 But I was right to be cautious as it's not suitable for me personally.
  8. I'm very happy that boron's worked for you but I've read the document and there was at least one claim in it that flew in the face of my fairly good knowledge of that topic; I won't say which in order to preserve my own medical privacy. Also I note that www.health-science-spirit.com is 'currently suspended'. That could mean something or nothing but I will not be rushing out to buy borax for myself; I think folk need to do more investigation first.
  9. Yeah I get that eggs; that's why it happens sadly. However it ruins the land through overstocking, compaction, bugger all weed management and it takes potentially good land out of production, reducing the opportunity for conservation land etc. Am I being Genghis Khan enough about hobby horses?! I know some owners and they're lovely people mostly 🤣 No double standards there...
  10. Now that's a useful suggestion that I'd never thought of through ignorance. There are a couple of large estates nearby so thanks for that. There's not as much farming as there should be in the area due to bloody horses but that's another topic that gets my ears steaming 😝
  11. Have you been watching those Youtube vids too? 😥
  12. The place I used to tip my hedge clippings at were on 'final warning' as they put it from the Fire Brigade a few years ago as their chip pile kept breaking out in small fires. The only practical way to deal with it was to scoop out the burning section while hosing it down. I guess the biomass market wasn't as buoyant then as now so the stuff sat around longer.
  13. Spent a family holiday there when I was a kid; I know how far that is 😂
  14. Unfortunately a lorry load would be way beyond my capacity. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. So; my suspicion that IBC cages aren't readily available in the south east seems to be fulfilled. Maybe I'll cruise some light industrial estates 🙄 and ask around there. Thanks to those who PM'd me offers; appreciate the trouble and it looks likely that one of you may be able to help. You're not in the south east but you pass this way sometimes so that's hopeful. I'll keep looking locally. Jon


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