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  1. Those leaves are very unusual; I wonder if the tree is virused or if some other external agent is affecting the leaf shape. Zelkova? Elm? (does any elm have a smooth grey bark?)
  2. To be fair Mick - speaking as an Englishman I'd be happy just not being beaten by the French. Or Germans. Or Belgians... 😄
  3. Yes but also it seems the locals feel ignored by the Tories - who assumed their votes! The SDP got out there and knocked on doors; Ed Davey visited the constituency 15 times during canvassing!
  4. Victims of classic Tory arrogance; once again (and I'm looking back decades - think late Thatcher era) they assumed votes. Serves 'em right but don't hold your breath for a sea change in British politics because of it
  5. Ron Pickering at the Montreal Olympics - 'And there goes Juantorena down the back straight opening his legs and really showing his class'
  6. Haven't noticed willow dieback here in East Sussex - I'm targetting the gorse 😂 (Hope you understand the in joke)
  7. nepia


  8. Bunzy, would you be good enough to ID all those pics please if you can remember them? Then I can save the thread in Faves for future reference: Acers are looking better and better for here the more I think about it. Cheers.
  9. Always. Mulching is a bit of a thing for me. Good shout; I do like Birch. The wife bought me Royal frost: a bit of a show-off tree but as delicate as any birch.
  10. Bet you wouldn't have gone for Chionanthus retusus or Caragana arborescens though would ya. I'm just showing off; I'd never heard of them either until I found them at the well known Perryhill Nursery last month, sadly closing down forever in July.
  11. @Baldbloke I think he's talking to you from the bottom of the pond
  12. Liquidambar's fine but doesn't jump out at me: I have a mental wants list more than long enough for this garden and it's not small! Last week I planted Aesculus pavia and indica; the leaves on pavia especially are superb. I have a Hop Hornbeam to put in; lovely tree but wouldn't have told my kids months ago I wanted one for my birthday if I'd known that the new garden and woodland would be in area where 90% of the natives are oak and hornbeam! Thanks anyway.
  13. I'll keep Crimson Queen in mind - thank you. Not to be confused with Crimson King it seems! Encouraging to see your comment on growth potential of Jordan. Cheers, Jon


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