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  1. Introduced to the South Downs NP in 2008 Mick I became aware when I saw a pair doing very impressive courtship tumbling using the cliff updraughts next to Cuckmere Haven about seven years ago
  2. Feeling some serious shockin' - no g - at the news
  3. Yes, you can whack them. I removed one a few years back that the owner hated and so had pulled all new growth from annually; it never got the message
  4. Three sycamore stems to remove from two trees. Located behind shops with rear access 'road'. Bordering rear residential neighbours. Access good only on foot though drag could be much worse. Anyone interested? I've sold the job rather well I think ☺️
  5. nepia


    I also like Billy Connolly's method: I'm stark naked and I'm opening the door in 5-4-3...
  6. Stunning timber. Any sensible turners would be drooling at the prospect of that. Pity Steve isn't still here. Or is he...? @se7enthdevil
  7. Did the A23 feature Mick? An embarrassment; it really is disgusting but not alone sadly. As for the idea of all those horrible people throwing stuff out of their car windows I never see it. What I see is plastic sheet, dumpy bags and the like that could only have come off commercial vehicles. I hang back from dustcarts and recycling material carriers as they're the worst offenders!
  8. nepia


    That's a very good point; there's a massive difference between humour and gloating. The latter really is pretty sick but if we stopped humour every time someone felt offended humour would cease to exist. That said I think the original post was a bit close to the knuckle; explaining the difference between that and humour is difficult as it wasn't gloating. Just too soon maybe as we don't know how bad His Maj is.
  9. Mark, I've ping ponged between Direct Line and Hastings Direct for several years now. Worth a look maybe
  10. nepia

    Resting Cat!

    This one of ours is a thermometer when the burner's lit; the hotter the room the longer the cat
  11. nepia


  12. What a rewarding project; well done!
  13. Beautiful; love it. I attach our version. Trust me, you are nothing like Mr Ed. But that was a long time ago; he was an Arbtalk pioneer who, um, knew his own mind 😊


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