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  1. Stevie, I've done the chiropractor bit for years - stopped it now - and the expensive changing of mattresses. Neither they or exercises helped much. Sad to say that what has helped enormously is a lightening of my workload; I'll be 60 all too soon. It is entirely possible that your salvation doesn't lie in mattresses, exercises, chiropractors etc at all. I'd love to be wrong; give a 'hand it back if you don't like it' mattress a go; what do you have to lose?
  2. HSE-compliant jeans; I wore them for years 👍
  3. nepia

    Spear Cut

    Dadio got slated when he first posted the idea years ago but I tried it on a hung up Horse Chestnut and it worked a treat. Mind you that tree was far flatter than in the video; it just needed a nudge from the base.
  4. nepia

    Spear Cut

    Daniel Murphy - dadio on here - uses them and somehow always sparks a lengthy - ahem - debate 😊
  5. Alt-berg do an excellent re-soling job; you could ask them if they do other makes.
  6. I'm waiting for an update re A's large birch that blew over three weeks ago across B's fence, garden and brick outbuilding, damaging the building. Both insurers are denying liability. B has already threatened legal action against his insurer and he is not a man to be trifled with; his name begins with Sir! ****ing insurance companies... the whole industry's a scam in my book.
  7. You did. I missed it. I am unworthy. 😥
  8. I'd be surprised if you find the grain's straight once you cut into it; sizeable eucs always seem to grow spirally, hence their being such sods to process for firewood (I have recent experience of two biggish trees that are at last firewood!). If you do find good straight grain your next issue will be drying it without it pulling itself apart, another euc habit! But it's free; go for it and don't worry about such 'issues'!
  9. I read some instructions somewhere once (Tractel perhaps as I have a 5-ton winch of theirs) that said it was impossible to over oil them.
  10. As above. Neighbours two doors up have a well done resin drive; I was recently working at a house where the prep was poor and after less than a year the drive has moved a lot and is visibly breaking up.
  11. For nesting purposes height is good - anything to make life more difficult for cats. Does the blob have to be conifer; Lonicera nitidans perhaps? I hate the stuff but you can maul it and it's fine. If you cut it as it grows it develops into something the small birds like.
  12. Not exceptional. I've diced up an 18" dia stem and there's one in back gardens in Edinburgh that's the height of the surrounding 4-storey buildings.
  13. nepia

    Stihl 064 bar

    For more conventional use 😊 I find 30" is as big as I'd like though the saw would probably pull a bit more. 20" is great, 25" no problem.
  14. Despite its resilience even Laurel can be weakened by a poor environment; what's the soil like? Could at least part of the pale colour be due to chlorosis which is weakening the plants and allowing secondary problems as per Peasgood's post? Look after the soil and the plants will (mostly) look after themselves.
  15. They grow their trees in Hampshire Expert growers of British Trees, supplying the landscaping industry for over 155 years. Specialists in semi-mature trees, both field and container grown, plus contract growing with a focus on plant health and biosecurity. WWW.HILLIER.CO.UK Expert growers of British Trees, supplying the landscaping industry for over 155 years. Specialists in semi-mature trees, both field and container grown, plus contract growing with a...


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