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  1. Not for me but anyone interested in MP may care to know which bit of the world it's lying on!
  2. Does for me. Try https://thegardenmachineryforum.co.uk/
  3. Blacklight... had to Google that one; never heard of it. You mean ultraviolet! Actually there's no need with the glow resin Mark used; it charges amazingly well, even in relatively poor light. But getting pics of the glow could be an issue; I hadn't thought of that. I'll tap up the techy offspring for thoughts on that one in the morning.
  4. I'll put the table in the window tomorrow to get better light and fully charge the glow; it's a bit faint in this weather away from the window. It still glows a bit though.
  5. No apology needed Mark; your workshop isn't centrally heated! And the shrinkage really is minute; I only mentioned it to make the point that it can happen; you can barely see it - you have to run your hand over the surface to notice. The glow's still great. It's a regular talking point; I love making the wife turn Strictly off so I can darken the room to show off the table!
  6. I have a table with resin inserts. Time hasn't pulled the resin away from the wood but as the wood has dried to indoor humidity levels rather than outdoor and under cover levels the surface has become fractionally uneven with the resin standing very slightly proud. But there's no evidence of lateral shrinkage pulling the wood off the resin. The wood is yew.
  7. I'm the one who stands corrected then; it didn't occur to me there would be a difference between the units - apologies JAG63. I'll shut up and get some brekkies. 😊
  8. No they don't: an accredited assessor can perform both roles.
  9. Sorry to hear your bad news Jonesie; sickening.
  10. Not legally, no. I wouldn't brag about it if you do source one or you'll go to H&S prison. Splitters are supposed to require both hands to actuate the splitting mechanism.
  11. Yes and maybe it is; cherry doesn't keep well on the ground. Get hold of some that's in good condition, season it properly and try it; it's good stuff.
  12. If I needed such a machine for a job and could get it for your price I'd bite your hand off and go looking for more work for it. I'm no expert on hire prices but as a slight comparison I pay £80 a day for a 13hp pedestrian stumpy and that doesn't save much labour!
  13. There must be contact details for the home owners on at least one of the 'legal notices': contact them asap, preferably in an auditable way, and make them aware of both the situation (they're probably unaware) and their responsibilties. Be polite but firm and emphasise the urgency. If they don't respond v quickly and positively it looks like the LA should be your next port of call given the above legislation. The fact that the tree is in a CA means you need to inform them anyway of any intended removal of the tree.
  14. The Husky polesaw (536LiPT5) is brilliant. 50 minutes cutting time on a charge - that's cutting time; each cut only lasts seconds. When you've been out with the saw a few times you stop worrying about running out of charge. My saw's first job was reduction of two maiden yews, no cut bigger than 25mm. The battery was half charged at the end. Another story but if you buy anything Husky make sure the seller registers the machine; if they don't you may encounter wriggling if it goes wrong (I've just replaced the control unit at 17 months old).


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