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  1. nepia

    Arb Kitten

    Yep, totally get that. They are certainly animals that polarise opinions. Just see how vicious they can be...😋
  2. nepia

    Free False Acacia

    Would love to help Andrew but can't. The best I can do for you perhaps is suggest that the venue is West Molesey, Surrey...?! Jon
  3. nepia

    I quite enjoyed this

    Enjoyed that. My mind carried on from the Thames TV jingle and started hearing The Sweeney!
  4. nepia

    Tree of heaven hell for a client

    ...'her plan is to through a load of rubble (2ft deep) over the whole garden'... 😲 Ecoplugs in the stump.
  5. nepia


    cship - that's the hedge man talking; gospel!
  6. nepia


    I'm in the remove them camp; cleavers choke and pull plants down. Leaving them will deprive the growing hedge of light at the bottom where presumably you want it thick. If we were having this discussion in August I'd say don't bother with them - they'll be gone soon, but it's a bit early for that.
  7. nepia

    Why I started Arbtalk

    In my own small one man band way I'm another who's benefitted enormously from Arbtalk: work, knowledge, contacts, friends. Sitting in the pickup now is an HB20 I hire cheaply from a mate who I met on here years ago when I had a slightly used pair of Airstreams to sell. You've done a great thing Steve.
  8. nepia


    Interesting take on Bill Oddie here. I couldn't stand him; he was rude to the other presenters because he was The Man - he thought. I have it on good authority from someone who's met him a few times at functions that that was the real him; he's not the nicest person it seems. Michaela Strachan doesn't bother me, probably because I'm too old to care, and I give Packham a lot of leeway because just appearing in front of a camera with other people about is such an effort for him. Did none of you watch 'Chris Packham; Aspergers and me'? I don't ask you to like the guy but cut him some slack for Heaven's sake; doing TV stuff on a subject he believes in is the polar opposite to what his condition wants him to do. Lastly, please don't take the above as defence of his recent shooting crows shenanigans. I'm just looking at the person. And I've stopped watching Seasonwatch; bored now.
  9. nepia

    Replacement hip and splitting logs manually

    Billhook, you are the founding member of The Self Preservation Society. Good on you.
  10. nepia

    Replacement hip and splitting logs manually

    You're well due! I have a friend had one done at 50 and was back climbing in five weeks. Get on with it!
  11. nepia

    Replacement hip and splitting logs manually

    Beautiful house Baldy. I'll wave from the Kessock Bridge on Wednesday!
  12. nepia

    Treating sapling stumps

  13. nepia

    Replacement hip and splitting logs manually

    What height is your block? Catching logs is a good idea too but if you're bending excessively as you maximise the force of your swing your body will be feeling it more in a bent stance than an upright one. A taller block may be worth trying.
  14. nepia

    Treating sapling stumps

    The bunnies would deal with that but the point's academic now due to the SSSI rules on stocking.
  15. nepia

    Treating sapling stumps

    Let the sheep eat them! If the animals are fenced in for a while to preserve a high-ish stocking rate they'll see those saplings off won't they?


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