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  1. nepia

    Arb Kitten

    The Girls. Full sisters, again from the south of Spain though not the same source. Full sisters, they arrived seven weeks apart and reunited like they'd never been separated. Txiki (Basque for very small apparently) and Mini, who's smaller 🙄 How hard it is to take a good pic of a black cat!
  2. nepia

    Arb Kitten

    The Kids. They were two of four found in an olive grove in a plastic bag, wet and cold, with a bottle of milk and a syringe in the south of Spain. My wife stayed up with them all night (she was staying with her mum at the time) but lost the other two. We got them four months later. Gin & Tonic my predictable wife called them 😊 I couldn't bring myself to stand on the back doorstep at night calling out 'Gin...Gin...' so to me they were Toots and Tweets. Neither made their second birthday. Roadkill...
  3. nepia

    Monkey Puzzle

    Mark, cut int into 5x 8' lengths (if it's 40') and find someone to haul it for you. Just get it back to your yard, then worry about what to do with it!
  4. nepia

    Monkey Puzzle

    And heavy as hell when wet. Keep your ankles well away Mark!
  5. nepia

    Arb Kitten

    This should be the 'Mogs rock' thread 😁
  6. Oh yeah - that was the other way of doing it; sitting on a bench mindlessly hitting a cricket bat with a ball 🙄
  7. It wasn't mandatory but it did help in keeping the face flat and not potholed. 'Knocking in' it was called.
  8. No idea! But I do remember being slightly disappointed that I was never offered a free bat as my dad used to sell two trees a year (well, 16' of each of two trees) to Gray Nicolls at Robertsbridge. We lived near Bexhill at the time.
  9. Not very hard then as if you didn't knock a bat in you ended up with a collection of small craters on your bat face!
  10. nepia

    ID small tree?

    Dunno about that but https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/trees-woods-and-wildlife/british-trees/a-z-of-uk-native-trees/dogwood/ Scroll down to 'Look out for'.
  11. Presumably that's what I was doing as a kid when spending hours mindlessly hitting the face of a new a new bat with a mallet...?!
  12. Looks very nice Rod and it's great to see Charlie remembered. Hope you're well. Jon
  13. nepia

    Am I too late to attack this pear tree?

    It's a pear tree that's still not in leaf or anywhere near. What's it going to do if you carry out your planned work on it; die?! I don't think so - it's a pear. Crack on; it'll be fine.
  14. nepia

    ID small tree?

    ...in which case you can try the Cornus leaf test. Pull a leaf gently in half across the centre vein; if there's a thin string of latex-like sap joining the halves you have Cornus.
  15. nepia

    Aspen 2

    No I haven't had any bad stuff. I've been running all my 2-strokes on it for 5 or 6 years and my wee chipper on the 4 for nearly as long. I would be gobsmacked if the problem there is the fuel and not the machine. My HS81 smokes a bit but it always has and is the only machine that does.


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