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  1. nepia


    Bloody hell Mark... I don't know what to say. As for 'central government' policy - I doubt it; sounds like a nifty bit of buck passing. After all it would mean that an MP who got his garage done over and the Rolls damaged wouldn't get a visit. Right. 👎
  2. nepia

    Bird nests

    Beat me to it. I've found warm pigeon eggs n October. As long as it's warm enough they'll shit eggs.
  3. nepia

    snapped a leaf spring on the nivara....

    I wonder if Nissan will buy it back cos of the cracked chassis?
  4. nepia

    all my woodwork so far

  5. nepia

    all my woodwork so far

    Not half bad eh? I'm assuming that was from the lump I supplied, hence my asking? Thanks for the pics.
  6. nepia

    all my woodwork so far

    Hi Steve. Any chance of a pic of the Pagoda? Ta, Jon
  7. nepia

    Out milling Alder

    The submerged stumps of Stone Age walkway pilings in the Fens have also been identified as alder.
  8. nepia

    Favourite softwood

    I was going to make a couple of inane observations of my own but won't now embarrass myself after that post - that's brilliant.
  9. nepia

    Silver leaf of plum tree

    Opinion of an interested amateur, not professioal... Could the tree not be managed in decline by staged reduction? Yes, the fung will get it eventually but you don't have to get rid of it in one go. Re your succumb comment; spores are in the air all the time so the risk to nearby Prunus from the one infected tree may be increased only very slightly by its proximity. Removing that one doesn't impart resistance to the others!
  10. I like that, especially the bit about landfill: I mean wtf in this day and age?! The whole of waste management in this country is being done just so badly; it's turned into a moneymaking exercise for those that want it and has nothing to do with reusing/recycling, reducing waste etc. It gets harder to lose domestically produced waste because of it and bureaucracy (more than half an old wardrobe = trade waste!) rather than being made an easier and more eco friendly (horrible expression!) experience. Without condoning it I do understand why some flytipping occurs.
  11. nepia

    Educate me

    Leaving aside what the thing looks like I'd say there was actually good intent on the part of the operator; less large cuts have been made just above unions rather than huge cuts being made below them and hence leaving long stubs. I can visualise a decent operator working with gritted teeth attempting damage limitation within a dictated spec. Probably not though 😊
  12. nepia


    We live and learn. Never had anything to do with Alder!
  13. nepia


    I'll go for the genus Cercis and let an expert go for the species - or correct genus!
  14. nepia

    Educate me

    Could just be the client's insisted spec.
  15. nepia

    Look out!

    Yikes. What tune does the security arch play for you at the airport?!


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