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  1. nepia


    Absolutely definitely. Not for me but it's been discussed recently on here with favourable comments.
  2. The place looks great now Mick - good job! Came across this near it a couple of years back.
  3. nepia

    Footwear sizes

    Why couldn't you have told me that 20 years ago? 😣
  4. nepia

    Footwear sizes

    So many variables... yes, your feet undoubtedly change with time but manufacturers sizing is, very annoyingly, not standard. Having learnt that lesson the hard way I try to put footwear on my feet before buying these days. My feet seem to have enjoyed the same journey; I was always a 10 until about 20 years ago; now I'm a 9-9.5 and have got away with a very comfortable pair of size 8 work shoes.
  5. Cut bits of willow tree are so easy to come by that I wouldn't stress yourself trying to store material cut now. When the time comes to stick cuttings in the ground just ask local tree guys or on here and you'll source what you want with not problem. If you're determined to use what you have available now put them in the ground to root and harvest cuttings from them in late winter 😊
  6. Can't argue against it really when it has results like A call handler used it to send someone to rescue a victim of sexual assault being held hostage and capture the offender
  7. Every 3 metre square in the world has already been assigned a 3 word identity.
  8. Hello again then Dave. Hope it works well for you. Jon
  9. The Castor Oil Plant I think - Ricinus communis
  10. It shouldn't happen to an upstanding citizen
  11. nepia

    Gap in the market?

    Big J, that is a horribly cold way of looking at the issue. Doing as you suggest would make the county not Devon any more; that fact alone outweighs any CO2/economic traffic etc argument for me. Devon's a beautiful county; you'd wreck it for better mpg?!
  12. nepia

    Gap in the market?

    Hopefully because they're rightly embarrassed! But probably because they're plain rude.
  13. There's no slurry spreading done; no way would my mate run up and down his fields in winter except maybe after an unusually dry spell. Dung spreading happens July-September, most of the material being dug straight from the housing in time for the next occupation. I suspect this regime works as well as it does largely due to the climate in the north east tip of Scotland!
  14. Thanks for that. I have a passing interest in the subject as a good friend farms organically, for conservation and with minimal cultivation but all with permanent/semi-permanent grass/clover ley. The only ploughing there is to around 10" every 5 years or so to re-sow with more of the same. On the subject of nutrient manure from winter stored cattle is a resource and not a waste product.


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