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  1. You'll do better there than Vis Express; 3 weeks so far to change a pair of lenses...😡
  2. I hadn't even considered the yellow flowers coming from the trees; I thought they were from hidden clumps of herbaceous perennial! But now you mention it... no idea if the flowers are from the tree. Better pics needed!
  3. Which shrubs Brian? All of them? Close-ups of the now removed ones are needed for ID please though I would say that the ones with spikes of yellow flowers are Golden Rod (Solidago). Annoying of your tenants but at least you can knock the price of replacements off their deposit as they shut the door behind them.
  4. nepia

    RIP Pete Shelley

    Too young. I still regularly play a solo album of his; really good stuff.
  5. Many Happy Returns PeteB. I'm three and a half years ahead of you! 😁
  6. nepia

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Tell the client 'I'll be there 9am' or whatever. You've then given yourself a deadline - something to work to; the time pressure becomes your motivation.
  7. nepia

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Works for me. I'm retired from the day job and have plenty of my own work to do but still do the odd day for a fairly local company: it's good to get out. I learn, I meet other people and go to different places. The whole occasional 'out of the ordinary' experience has benefits.
  8. nepia


    In my mid 20s I could do 17 - yes, honest! - wide grip overhand pull ups. I couldn't come within a country mile of a one armed.
  9. nepia

    Easy access Oak available.

    Not exactly but you got the place name wrong so I thought it helpful to provide the correct name for the two members that had asked for a location. 😁
  10. nepia

    Easy access Oak available.

    The other thread Al's started says Edenbridge.
  11. Thanks again. Jonathan, RHI sounds like the archetypal politician's 'good idea', i.e a very bad one. Beau, point taken about logs being a luxury. So going back to my earlier speculation about domestic woodland management becoming viable the suggestion is now maybe not because the demand for firewood would drop due to non-firewood economic effects, i.e. the broader Brexit effect. 'Speculation' being the operative word; we're in the same position as all those pre-Brexit vote speculators who were making predictions!
  12. Thanks for the valid points chaps. Big J - RHI is gobbledegook to me. It sounds like your thinking is to scrap it...?
  13. ...just Buy British - lamb, pork, beef... Said while trying not to sound jingoistic 🤨
  14. Agreed that most things are money driven. But if Brexit leads to Baltic kiln dried becoming the expensive option would that kick start the domestic market? Whether the end user gets to pay more for their cube than now or not would then be down to competition-induced pricing. N'est-ce pas? To go back to your earlier comment about consumers not paying more for their firewood - if I remember correctly your prices are at the high end as the market goes (no inference intended - I'm sure the quality earns it) and you sell well. That suggests to me that others would be prepared to pay more unless Dartmoor is inhabited by the country's most generous people!


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