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  1. Glyphosate is absorbed through the foliage isn't it so the odd accidental dab on a stem should be ok I'd say. Nature abhors bare ground; if you successfully kill off the ground elder she'll replace it with another coloniser - ivy perhaps or lesser celandine. Be careful what you wish for!
  2. Competitive grieving... haven't heard that one before; like it - it's spot on. It's like 'who can be offended most easily?'
  3. Totally agree re the over-the-top reaction. My wife and daughter met at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex today, were there an hour and a half before being thrown out (politely) as all RHS properties closed 'as a mark of respect'! They were the last in the queue in the cafe to be served; the folk behind them were told 'sorry, no food; we're closing'! I can understand closing the properties tomorrow - still over the top but I can sort of see it - but actually evicting paying visitors (refunded) and paid up members? Really? That's bonkers. It's not nicknamed the Rheumatics and Hernia Society for nothing!
  4. Our previous LA collected food waste, our new one doesn't but the quantity of food waste going in the bin for incineration is also minimal - meat-based plus avocados cos they don't rot! Everything else goes in the plastic bins up the garden. I'm waxing lyrical about plastics in teabags... I think my life has been less than useful! 😂
  5. Teabag plastic - the next scandal! Our LA distinguishes between landfill waste and household waste. Household waste - which is getting our emptied teabags - is incinerated for heat/power generation and I'm happy with that.
  6. Very good; I'll stop pulling my bags apart and concentrate on the wife's! Beware marketing though: 'biodegradable' isn't the same as 'compostable' and that's not the same as 'home compostable'. Biodegradable means that if left long enough the bag will eventually break down. Compostable means that the bag will compost at industrial composting temperatures, i.e. ~60C and above, not in your average home compost heap. So don't be surprised if a biodegradable teabag takes 5 years to achieve it. Some of the fossil fuel plastic previously used has been replaced by plant plastic in the form of PLA - Poly Lactic Acid. I hope I'm right there; my info comes from a very clued up vegetarian daughter and my own research when seeking plastic-free teabags some months ago.
  7. My decaff PG Tips don't say plastic-free on the box and I'm sure they would if that was the case: check before you buy!
  8. Saddo that I am I rip the bags open, spill the contents into the kitchen compost bin and bin the empties. You can get plastic-free teabags but they cost. Also I drink decaff and paying for plastic-free decaff teabags is too painful.
  9. Reminds me of my Oxdale logsplitter!
  10. But it seems to have made the grade
  11. I think the whole contraption fell off a rustbucket
  12. I'm struggling to get my teeth into this thread I'm afraid *** Darn; that one's been done too. I'm really scraping the barrel here...
  13. Stunning shots. The very first one is apocalyptic!
  14. Thanks for that. Why raised beds? I want to go no dig without constantly raking growing medium back onto a heaped bed. And I'm nearly 61 so the back's due whatever rest it can get 😊


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