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  1. i need help with this one?

    Good shout. It looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it.
  2. i need help with this one?

    OK, not B.stenophylla 'cos of it's deciduousness and the fact that the leaves are about 3 times the size I thought they were.
  3. i need help with this one?

    Unusual as a tree but looks like Berberis stenophylla, a common shrub.
  4. MS261-C (m-tronic) Hot -won't - Start

    I've seen it written that you can kind of reboot the carb setting software by working the saw flat out in some big wood for about 5 minutes - really work it. Might at least be worth a go before taking it back.
  5. Spring is finally here ?

    Saw a swallow and a martin just outside Tiverton on Saturday; we've had a few brimstones for the last week or so here in Surrey. Bumble bees have been about in ones all through the winter - sadly. The dawn chorus is picking up but it's nothing like it was just 5 years ago ; so few birds these days.
  6. Taking charge of my Laurel Tree

    SRMMIKE, as everyone rightly says bash it; your biggest mistake would be to go gently. The holly to the right would make a nicer feature tree than the shiny thing so perhaps cut the laurel down to ~6ft, then maintain it as a dense 8' shrub with the nicer holly above it..
  7. Show us ya birds !

    Excellent AB; I've never had the pleasure of seeing them here.
  8. Fungi id please

    It's a good bet being on a conifer. Potentially nasty.
  9. Log ID please

    You're probably right (pink heartwood) but in that condition it could be almost anything!
  10. Coppicing strawberry tree.

    I had to hack one back hard when we moved into the house and every stem sprouted but it looked horrible; long weak whippy shoots going in every direction. I don't think coppicing will kill it but the regrowth may not please you. It certainly doesn't come back like a hazel.
  11. CS 100 Tight bolts on blades

    On my Jo Beau I use an impact driver; it saves the bolt corners.
  12. Tree ID Please

    Not all Crataegus have thorns. Are there no leaves around the base to tell you the genus at least?
  13. Holly stick available - Coulsdon CR5

    Result - the stick's going to the Wilts/Dorset borders for Gobby to work his magic on and the lesser sized material will go for firewood so even Huck will be happy!
  14. Holly stick available - Coulsdon CR5

    Hello Hopalong; how's it going?! Yeah, I'm sure I can keep the stick somewhere safe for you. What lengths would you want it? It will have to be cut for transport. Jon
  15. Holly stick available - Coulsdon CR5

    The rest of the tree will be!


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