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  1. nepia

    Fly Tipping

    That's more likely isn't it; nicked then not wanted so killed and dumped assuming it wasn't done by a lazy owner wanting rid of cull animals Cheers
  2. nepia

    Fly Tipping

    So well behaved enough not to bury them and keep shtum but bad enough to tip them. Still odd!
  3. nepia

    Fly Tipping

    True but flytipping? Is there any chance they're escaped and then roadkill perhaps? Not disbelieving you but it is odd
  4. If you think that twice that pile will see you through a winter you need to think again I'm afraid! Very, very rough estimate - a decent evening's burning can easily see off a wheelbarrow of logs. But well done for going to softwood: I've burnt nothing else for 15 years or more and never had a problem. If you can grab Leyland Cypress it's lovely stuff to burn when properly dried but it's not the only one, it's just easily available I hope. Loads of good advice in previous posts; pay heed to it and you'll enjoy yourself. Good luck!
  5. At the time of my writing I wasn't aware of the - ahem - discrepancy in Djokovic's visa application. If an honest application would have resulted in refusal to enter Australia then I have to recant my earlier position: Oz needs to allow in contestants if it wants to host the tournament but not to the extent of allowing false visa applications. I did say there are many angles to this story and everyone seems to have a different one!
  6. And the population seem so happy to be prisoners. Weird
  7. There are so many angles to this story. It's a bit surprising so many Aussies seem to have rolled over to their government's policies and support the stance against Djokovic. Then again it's election year isn't it. Then again Djokovic himself has proved not beyond reproach with his award giving whilst allegedly isolating: he's not the most popular player on the circuit in the first place. But overall yes, a political decision supported, perhaps a bit worryingly, by the courts. My own view is that if, as a country, you want to host a major international tournament you need to let the contestants into the country. If you want to exclude the contestants you can't host the tournament. The Oz government seem to be wanting to have their cake and eat it. My view but like I say there are many views
  8. @openspaceman Sorry, no idea. I don't even know what town/city the guy's alluding to. I know he has knowledge of Croydon (= tramland) but then his anecdotes seem to cover all corners of England
  9. Just found that. Thought-provoking and full of contradictory emotion on the part of the Georgians, some of whom suffered and some of whom benefitted from the exercise
  10. Where's Episode 2? You can't leave us hanging...
  11. Fentanyl... yep, sure stops you moving. I had a big dose IV a couple of years back and had to take a decent dose of lactulose nearly four days later 😮
  12. I wouldn't hold your breath over which breaks down first!!! Happy Birthday; have a good one 😊
  13. I think he means that if you make two bus or tram journeys within an hour of each other the second one's free of charge
  14. nepia


    Crikey; that means the firing squad for the others. Bit harsh...
  15. nepia


    Good man; my kind of joke. What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? For the one person who doesn't know - a stick


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