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  1. I don't know whether to say that's just old school or whether you should be locked up in an old school 🤔
  2. Aspen available in 25L drums - both 2 and 4-stroke
  3. Aspen for years here in Stihl, Husky, Echo, Honda and Subaru. Never a problem
  4. I could be tempted but can't help in the time frame I'm afraid. Sorry!
  5. Hello Jo. How you doing? Have you asked Ed Willment (Treespanner)? Jon
  6. That must be it. Stacked on a disused runway I think
  7. The largest I've been aware of was put up on here a few years ago; it's in Norway and it's ridiculous
  8. ...stopped the car to let a half grown one cross the lane near home late one night a few weeks ago. First one I'd seen in years too. I'm told they're doing well in and around towns; can't say whether that's true or not.
  9. nepia


  10. ...go straight to Conclusions and Summary and you're there; 5 minutes reading It includes 5 species of common houseplant (in the US) particularly good at pollutant absorption
  11. But put on the backburner which we hope means properly ditched 🤞
  12. The speed that ball was travelling... fantastic performance. And just 18 years old.
  13. nepia

    Trailer towing

    You haven't moved house in many years then! I had a paper licence until 6 months ago but moved house so now have a credit card with an ugly mug on it retrieved from a passport photo database of several years ago (with my consent - they do ask if it's ok!)
  14. I don't know how this forum would cope without you 😂


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