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  1. You got experience of burning Macrocarpa Stubby? I've no idea how good it is but will surely find out this winter; tree no.4 of it is half dismantled - only another dozen or so to go, the biggest with 4' dbh!
  2. You're closer than you think; Eupatorium cannabinum is its scientific name!
  3. We've had one here a couple of times recently and saw one or two every year at the old place in Surrey. Ceratostigma (hardy Plumbago) was the flower attracting them
  4. For God's sake avoid ladders, mirrors and black cats. What a nightmare; sorry to hear it. But glad all are reasonably well
  5. From Michael Ball's Wiki entry: 'Ball lives with the former presenter of Ready Steady Go!, Cathy McGowan. They met around 1989 when she was an entertainment reporter for a BBC London magazine show and interviewed him during rehearsals for Aspects of Love. They have lived together since 1992. On 23 December 2000, she saved his life by dragging him out of a house fire.[1][15] Cathy was previously married to actor Hywel Bennett, the marriage producing a daughter Emma. Emma's son is the godson of Michael Ball'.
  6. nepia


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  9. That's the resting position; the manufacturer's put it there so you can brace the machine via the handlebars while pulling the starter cord.
  10. So stop clearing it up folks; you're knackering the Purple Emperors. Talk about the law of unintended consequences 😋
  11. As far as I know I've still never seen one! Now I live in the land of oaks I should make more effort. Maybe I'll leave pieces of rotting meat lying about; the males I think it is like the stuff
  12. Me too (!) Andrew but you were good enough to warn me of the potential weakness; thanks
  13. No but did see plenty of Juniper. And just to keep the thread on track - sort of - caught a distant view of a Golden Eagle
  14. Not Britain at all so a bit of a cheat: these are the local 'crows' in the High Atlas in Morocco - they're choughs. Way nicer than crows and they sound brilliant; very talkative amongst themselves and quiet about it too


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