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  1. Murmurating I meant - didn't intend to be childish with the correct word twice!
  2. Isn't murmurising when the birds flock and then do their kind of synchronised patterns in the sky? These just coalesced and flew away
  3. I tried but there was this bloody great spotlight in the sky called a full moon
  4. Sadly they didn't do any marmalising but about half of them formed a cloud that circled a couple of times before heading off for the night. The sound of the wings was quite eerie - not a sound from their mouths
  5. Good to see so many starlings: this was at the top of Scotland a few days ago VID-20220808-WA0001.mp4
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  8. @Chrissio Have you considered the use of ground screws on which to build your extension? We have a Planning App in for a Sussex barn (a bit different!) that will slightly overlap the RPA of a semi-mature oak. The arb consultant doing the BS5837 survey thought it was a great idea and one that would minimise grief from Planning re the tree which isn't currently Preserved
  9. Difficult to catch with a camera as it has ants in its pants and is very quick. Almost resident in the garden
  10. What happens if you do leave the lumps to the end? I often do just that with my Jo Beau and I just let them bounce about until they're gone while I rake up
  11. How the hell do you expect to get a vehicle that size along the lanes of Devon?!
  12. Unfortunately had to be on the road at the time: this was just outside Devizes the weekend before last. The glow on the horizon was orange, pink, violet all at once and put me in mind of an apocalyptic Hollywood scene
  13. Whatever you do remember that green matter will only be on the outside in the light whether there is one tree or two; so yes, if you have two pressed against each other and you remove one the revealed side of the remaining tree will look the same again. I agree that something was probably removed from against that tree in the pic. If you work it/them at all do it in cool weather when you can wear a spacesuit; the dust and particles from those things are horrendous 😊
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    Same with the writing on cheques apparently 🤥
  15. Are you sure you've watered it enough? 12' is a big tree to plant from a pot and will need many gallons for its first couple of years
  16. On the subject of the cash cow having been milked I passed petrol station today where diesel has come down 2p a litre in the last two days. The start of a trend? 🤞
  17. So on BoJo's way out of the door an 'investigation' into retailer pricing is announced; quelle surprise. Would it be overly cynical of me to think this may be a sop now that many pockets have been heavily lined and the cash cow well and truly milked?
  18. Had a couple of those in the garden recently but they were very much awake!
  19. Abso-bloody-lutely. It's called rank profiteering Retailers are playing who blinks first with the meaningless £2 'threshold'
  20. You got experience of burning Macrocarpa Stubby? I've no idea how good it is but will surely find out this winter; tree no.4 of it is half dismantled - only another dozen or so to go, the biggest with 4' dbh!
  21. You're closer than you think; Eupatorium cannabinum is its scientific name!
  22. We've had one here a couple of times recently and saw one or two every year at the old place in Surrey. Ceratostigma (hardy Plumbago) was the flower attracting them
  23. For God's sake avoid ladders, mirrors and black cats. What a nightmare; sorry to hear it. But glad all are reasonably well


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