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  1. Insa turbo special tracks if they fit use the on landy when off roading frigging awsome
  2. First time I towed our 28ft caravan with our 2016 3.2 ranger was going down the m4 at 70mph without realising soon backed it down to 60mph excellent tow vehicle manual gearbox 1st so low ratio excellent for pulling away with a load on
  3. Rac man

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Here's my 11 year old gsd guarding the rayburn bless him ovens on 300 that's his place to sleep for winter
  4. Does the r40 oil smell like the old castrol r from the 70's if so I'll get to put a drop in the mower for old times sake sad I know
  5. Tapped it in on my 462 now oils properly
  6. Mmmm castrol r that takes me back to 1975 scramblers race em Sunday repair em Monday best 2 stroke smell ever
  7. Nice medium sized overlander on the site I'm staying at in Poole Dorset
  8. On holiday in Poole Dorset 72° today and still warm in evening I expect the rayburn will be lit when I get back to sunny monmouthshire
  9. Sunshine and showers in Poole nice sunset over poole Harbour though
  10. Starting to attend more full electric cars running out of charge usually just past a charge point,this is the same as driver's when the fuel lights on they believe they can drive forever.
  11. Rac man


    I know of a archery shop at crick near chepstow done a breakdown there.went in the shop a guy was spending £1500 on archery gear not a cheap sport


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