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  1. Rac man


    Sorry guys I put on wrong forum pls delete
  2. Rac man


    Let's be careful out there
  3. Rac man

    Mot testing

    I pick up 3 to 4 a week they normally been driving with strange noise then pop goes the front tyre,even had 1 customer took punctured wheel of then called as couldn't get spare on I pointed out could be that coil spring sticking that caused puncture ,iv seen them where people have turned them round and cable tied them in place crazy
  4. The crem near me is one of the largest recycling for mercury and gold they obviously went the easy route scum bags
  5. On the fan dance they should have the 22 SF boys with 50cals up on top just for target practice. I know a few they can't understand why the public want to climb it it just breaks you if they do it properly 😷😷
  6. You wonder why the infection rates are rising here in wales we are on lockdown no entry then on the weekend snow arrives and people travelling from as far as London to try the fan dance sf route up pen y fan brecon then there the ones moaning about tier system
  7. Rac man

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Hi I nearly lost a gsd from harvest mite after a walk in the woods a few years ago,also there's blue algae in water and Alabama rot around here in Monmouthshire ,glad Betty better.
  8. Yes we tried to tow it out with a 4wd tractor no chance needed a hgv recovery truck to pull it out.
  9. That's what I was just going to tell you to check glad it's sorted
  10. Or go old school and get a rayburn runs 9 rads .excellent for cooking tons of hot water .does eat a fair few Logs
  11. I've got a 2016 ranger 3.2 t6 manual.The heaviest I tow is a 28 ft caravan it returns 30mpg tows like you wouldn't know it's on the back.only thing to remember is if you do your own oil change you got to drain and fill and have the engine running with in 10 mins also check for oil leak at the bottom of the bell housing it will be rear crank seal leaking quite common fault other than they're awesome to drive.
  12. Engine running LIghtly spray carb cleaner/easy start over the inter cooler hoses if revs pick up You found the split or plug into diagnostics look for low boost pressure on live data


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