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  1. Just before it rains chuck a load of Italian Rye grass seeds over his lawn . He will be mowing it every other day ! 🙂
  2. This is what I would have suggested but even if there is a positive result for glyphosate proving who did it is pretty much impossible . I feel for you bud .
  3. Just taken her into the woods to get the shade . Slow walk for about 100 yards then back . She has eaten a small amount of tinned dog food with some fresh chicken hidden it it . Vet said if it was a person they would be on bed rest . You godda remember that !
  4. Sounds like low comp . Once it gets hot and parts expand the compression drops off to the extent it wont support combustion . The other simple thing is it could be a blocked tank vent pulling a vacuum . See if it will keep running with the tank cap off .
  5. When they form a cloud I thought that was a murmuration ? Sorta like a shoal of fish in the sky . ( not sure about marmalising 😁 )
  6. I think I have a Stihl F/Chiz 3/8th low pro on mine so maybe you can change the sprockets ( mine is a MK1.5 ) A Mk1 with a lot of Mk2 parts on it .
  7. In normal circumstances she is sorta self regulating when it come to food . If she has not done much that day she will eat a small amount , if she has had a complete " bazzer " of a day she will scoff the lot and look for more . She of course was nil by mouth this morning . She is still a bit docile . She is walking about doing circuits of the lounge and garden . Did a big poo ! The waggy tail is slowly coming back . Sleeping now .
  8. Just had a call from the vets . She is out of surgery and all went well . Currently eating a bowl of dinner ! I have to wait a couple of hours but can collect her at 15:30 . Thanks for all your kind wishes .
  9. Thanks matey . No she did have an infection in her " strawberry " but antibiotics sorted that a couple of weeks back . She is fit and lively again . I took her in this morning and she could not wait to get in there ! She is an amazing little spaniel with not a bad bone in her body . Wants to be friends with everyone .
  10. Mine is in at the vets just now . Having her gear box removed .
  11. I actually know a bloke who was in the Red Arrows . I think they were flying Folland Gnats at the time . When he left the RAF he became a pilot for Virgin . I think he is retired know .
  12. Wall to wall blue sky . Light breeze ( thank fcuk ) currently 32 degrees .
  13. They are not gonna turn up to a job with a 210L drum of chain oil even if they have one back at the yard . Ever thought they might decant it ?
  14. I did . Maybe too economic with words 🙂
  15. I find with mine If you are only pumping up your truck tiers you can use it strait away . Most will go into the tire and some into the tank. When you have done this a couple of times there is enough in the tank to use an air line to blow out filters etc with out turning it on.
  16. Well any chainsaw dealer probably . But if you want it sent there are some on here who do mail order . Look through the sponsored adds .
  17. Sad to hear about Olivia Neutron Bomb .
  18. Watch out for sheep made of cheese though . 🙂
  19. Nothing if the clutch bearing cadge has collapsed and the end of the crank has gon oval . Maybe £ 270/300 if its post that episode . Does it stall if you put the chain brake on ? If not its a goodun .


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