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  1. I bought an easy lift from Ted when they first came out and could not get on with it either .
  2. Some where I have/had " Hang down your head Tom Dooley " on 78rpm by Lonnie Donegan . πŸ™‚
  3. The " gaps " were probably there prior to cutting , just covered up by the foliage . It will come back I am sure .
  4. Ok , ok I godda white handled pen knife and a bag of bulleyes + Β£ 1,38p ? ? πŸ™‚
  5. I like butternut squash and sweet potato soup . πŸ‘
  6. See devon TWiG's post " potentially very serious "
  7. I know in Scandinavian countrys you have to run , by law , winter tiers between certain months of the year . Big J will know the exact times .
  8. But this bugger did it was still in the tin .
  9. Forget trailers , the amount of people that can't reverse a car equally spaced between 2 strait lines in a car park is beyond belief . Thy start on the piss , ease back , rotating the steering wheel this way and that and end up exactly on piss when they started . 15 degrees out of true , 1or 2 wheels over the other parking bay . They do it all again and end up in the same position , get out , lock up and walk away ....
  10. Was it a solid piece of paper , or one with holes in ?
  11. Perhaps you need to change the title of your thread. I thought it was to make kindling out of pallets . May be " Any one supply kindling ? " But , if you are in Australia , just to give you the heads up , you are posting on a U.K. forum !
  12. Mine is loudish but , surely you could run it up in the week/day time to fill the tank and just use what is in the tank without turning it on ?
  13. And thats a " phew " from me πŸ‘
  14. I planted a fruiting cherry on land like that . Went a back a day later to water it and some scrote had dug it up and stole it .
  15. I don't get slipping clutches or over heating . Sometimes get covered in fox doo doo though πŸ˜”
  16. I was visiting my bro several years ago ( Western Australia ) and everything I saw was whole tree chippers . ( there being no need for fire wood in that state ) .
  17. Also I don't use a guard so can run longer lines . ( I know , I will go to prison )
  18. Yep . I got one running 4.0mm square line in a jet fit head .
  19. This , certainly around our way . They are like confetti after a wedding .
  20. The only "grey " imports I have has experience of were bikes . Honda VFR 400 etc etc. The head light dipped to the wrong side and that was it really . On some you could change the lens others you had to get a U.K. spec head light unit but that was tricky as there wern't any official imports .


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