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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there, this is a climber from Taiwan, you might want to check your TreeMotion Pro if you bought one that's made in 22/05 Last year, I asked a friend to buy me one freshly released TreeMotion Pro harness in the UK, I use it about 3 times a week, it's been comfortable and safe experience until a week ago, two weeks before the local tree competition, the two D-Rings, bases of the life supporting bridge, show some spots of corrosions. Shouldn't be like this for a product of 10 year lifespan under normal applications. Googled and asked few groups of climbers, I found 2 people have the same issue like mine, in similar period of time, they both have used the harnesses for 6-7 months, the D-Rings already showed corrosions, we concluded that's highly possible a production flaws. Emailed to [email protected] about a week ago, still ain't got any replies.... Anyone has the same issue here? Any suggestions what I can do next? Just wait?
  2. I have recently passed my NPTCs and I am looking on getting my gear all together, are there any shops near Buckley or mold in North Wales were I can go grab a harness and other bits.
  3. Hello Arbtalk members. We just wish to introduce you to Outwear Ltd, the new name in Arborist clothing, equipment and PPE distribution, having taken over the distribution of some truly outstanding brands from the team at Clark Forest. Outwear was created due to a need to keep up with the demand for the brands and to support continued growth, by moving to a larger, more modern warehouse to focus purely on distribution. The Clark Forest team continues as normal, by being one of Outwear’s excellent retailers. We plan on becoming active members of Arbtalk and know how valued the forums are to the arborist community. We hope to share news on our brands, product launches and other bits and pieces on a regular basis. We also wish to join in conversations and be here to offer help. Feedback on the brands is greatly appreciated and we look forward to meeting Arbtalk members at a number of shows and events, starting with the APF. The brands that Outwear currently distribute are: · PFANNER · PROTOS · Woolpower · DISTEIN · cutandclimb · Log Jack · BAHCO Forestry Tools · d3 Tape · Veriga Crampons Please take a look around our website www.outwearltd.co.uk to explore the brands that we look after and for detailed information on the products. We look forward to chatting with you.
  4. We're all loaded up and ready to support CKB Trailers at The Essex Young Farmer's Show this Sunday 20th May. Come along for a chat, find out what's new and beat the price increase. We're with CKB Trailers right next to the Main Ring... Did you see the thread yesterday about MultiOne still available at 2017, but not for long...
  5. The wait is over - Rotatech chains to fit the Stihl MS150 saw are now available to order online! Shop Here or Find Out More
  6. Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil (Christmas Edition) We completely sold out on Black Friday and we have now fully restocked! For a limited time only, enjoy DOUBLE NAS Loyalty Points + A FREE Rotatech Hat with your order. Use offer code 'XMAS21' to claim your free hat! Please note this is a top seller and once it's gone, we cant guarantee stock until Mid January 2018! Shop Here
  7. So moving to work in New Zealand has been a daunting but simple process and well worth it! As expected there are epic landscapes everywhere here. I've got a few small tips for anyone looking to do so to make it a bit easier: To work you need a bank account and IRD number: I opened an account at kiwi bank which is really straight forward and most of it can be done online. You need an ID and proof of address. If you're staying with friends or family you need them to give you signed a letter stating you live there with a utility bill with their address on. IRD offshore or non-resident application form. You'll need your UTR (unique taxpayers reference) number from the UK and your ID. You can complete the IRD form at the bank when you go in to open the account. They had a good look at my kit on the way in but it was all fine and worth the hours cleaning. Make sure you get rid of any signs of sawdust and anything which could be a tiny seed. I put my ropes etc in a bag on a cool wash and cleaned all krabs etc thoroughly. Tree kit is very expensive here up to 2x the price (regardless of the exchange rate) so unless you are going to be employed I'd recommend bringing pulleys karabiners and rope with you or get a friend to post stuff as a gift to avoid customs costs. Tree kit here can be bought at http://treetools.co.nz/ or https://www.metrogreen.co.nz/ I haven't found any other good sites yet. The food here is 3x the price unless you go hunting and fishing which is free! So be prepared for that. Rent is also pricey but I'm in Nelson which is apparently a sort-after location you can check prices on www.trademe.co.nz which is like ebay/gumtree with things, jobs and vehicles. I've found some small tree ID books that are OK for a quick reference but nothing comprehensive like the UKs Collins Tree ID book. I'm keeping an eye out. There's no need for insurance whilst working for another company. You are covered by ACC and the reciprocal agreement. https://www.health.govt.nz/new-zealand-health-system/eligibility-publicly-funded-health-services/reciprocal-health-agreements Vodaphone is the main service provider on the south island and you can buy a sim card and plan at the airport upon arrival.
  8. New product from Rotatech. We would love to hear your thoughts. Our reasoning for bringing out the Chainsaw Adviser is to help customers that need replacement chainsaw chains, but don't know the spec. It will help you measure the Pitch and Gauge. When you order the adviser, you will get a discount code for £2.99. This will give you your money back on your next chain purchased with us. The tool measures the pitch (distance between two points on the chain) and gauge (thickness of drive link). Video demonstration is Have you tried it? Would you try it? Any other thoughts?
  9. Hi all, I have been looking into the growing number of women working in Arboristry. The challenges they face and how we at Northern Arb can help. The biggest problem is being able to source the right equipment. We have a lot of experience and have therefore put together a list of items women seem to prefer. The Glass Canopy & The Growing Number Of Women In Arboristry Do you agree with our suggestions? Can you do better?
  10. Hi all, New to the site, but wanted to find out more about this: Record keeping made simple | Papertrail.io It's an online system for inspecting equipment that's supposed to be much easier than keeping inspection records on paper or excel/access, and can create LOLER certificates. I work for a pretty big arb company, so we have a load of equipment that needs to be inspected every 6 months, but we perform more regular checks too for PUWER etc. I have talked to my boss and he thinks it's a really effective way to comply, and will save time/paper when doing inpsections. What do you guys think? Has anyone used it before, or would think about using it? Thanks! Andy
  11. Hello, I'm new to the forum - this is my first post, so hello! I'm new to climbing too - I completed the NPTC course in August. I work as an ecologist so climb mainly to check trees for protected species. Anyway, I bought some Bashlin climbing spikes and they're just too long and painful to climb in (pretty much levering my kneecap off). Can anybody recommend some highly adjustable ones that would be suitable for me? I'm 5ft 1! Cheers, Emma Oh - and does anybody want to buy some barely used irons? Bashlin climbing spikes steel (straight), velcro pad -about £240 new!
  12. Hi All As I am packing up and moving abroad I have 2 pairs of chainsaw trousers and a pair of boots that I happy to give away to someone who needs them. My hope is that someone who is staring out in this industry like I was several years ago and needs that first set of trousers to get them going until they can afford to buy their own. I have a pair of Stihl Hi-Flex Type C Allround Protective Trousers (size L) and a pair of Oregon Waipoua type C chainsaw trousers (size M) The boots are Meindl Woodwalker Pro, Class 1 Chainsaw Boot (UK Size 9) Both sets of trousers and the boots show signs of wear. I have re-stitched both sets of trousers in several places as they needed it. Bellow are some photos of them showing the wear that they have had. I live in london so either you could come collect them from me, or you can pay the postage to have them shipped to you. If you have any questions about them please ask.
  13. Hi guy's and girls's, It's that time of year I need to loer my kit for the first time, anyone know someone who dose this in the Nottingham/Derby/Mansfield/chesterfield area?
  14. Hi there, can anyone advise where to get a quick release snatch block to help me extract timber. I am using a winch on the back of a tractor with what I estimate to be a 12mm - maybe a 9mm cable - whatever is normal for a farmi-type winch. The tracks, at the bottom of the hill are too narrow to back the tractor to within a 30degree angle - so I need to use a block to send the cable up the hill. I will be pulling one or two trees at a time - 75ft long larch with roughly 40cm butts. Can anyone advise? Thank you
  15. Guest

    Face book?

    Hi Guys, I'm working on updating our Face book page putting up pics and videos trying to make it more interesting and useful for you guys would you please check it out let me know what you think and give us a like it would be very much appreciated. Cheers!
  16. Guest

    Your Equipment

    HI Guys, I recently visited Vermeer's EMEA Head offices in Holland where I met a good bloke called Jasper. Jasper is a student who is currently working towards his qualifications. He has prepared a survey that we would really appreciate if some professionals with good industry experience could help us out and take a few moments of your time to fill in for us, it doesn't take long at all, and, for your trouble you will be entered into a competition to win an original Vermeer Huddy please click on the large equipment form where the survey can be found. Cheers guys have a merry Christmas and a happy new year
  17. Hi Guys, I’m Will Wood and I’m the new representative for Vermeer in North England and Scotland. As an arborist I have always had a keen interest in machinery so when Vermeer UK sent me off on my recent trip to the Vermeer EMEA headquarters in the Netherlands I was in my element! I have included some Photos of the trip as I though you guys might be interested in taking a look at some of the photos I took.
  18. As a thank you to all the Arbtalk members and guests that have entered the giveaway and provided us with some great feedback we are offering this free gift with any order for a limited time only. All you need to do to claim your free gift, is add this item to your cart with any order: --> Mystery Free Gift <-- Free gift on any order Available until the 11th June The more you spend the better the gift No minimum order Don't forget, FREE UK standard delivery with any orders over £75! Get your Mystery Free Gift from Skyland Equipment!
  19. Hi all, As a wannabee arborist, where's a good place to go and try out harnesses and related climbing kit before I make a load of expensive purchases? I'm in Dorset, and don't want to travelling all day if I can help it Thanks in advance Dale
  20. Hiya, New user, great forum! This query doesn't seem to fit the equipment categories so thought I'd put it here: I've just got a 5t Igland snatch block for use with a 3.5t winch, and I have a couple of questions about it if anyones got a minute: The block has no WLL/SWL/rating marked on it at all, nothing but an Igland sticker. If the block isn't being used for lifting, only dragging, doesn't it need anything like this, and by the same argument does it not need a 6 month competent persons examination under LOLER? Also, If the block is being used to double up it can double the pulling capacity of the winch, IE: 7t. Does this mean that the block would be under rated for this? When I was looking for a block most forestry ones were 3t/5t/8t with the 8t ones being quite weighty. Given that our winch is relatively light for forestry work it seems unlikely that we'd need an 8t - what does everyone else do? Many thanks for your time. Cheers, Devonseano.
  21. Hello everyone this is my first post I'm starting a Higher National Diploma in arboriculture in september and i plan to get a pair of saw gloves and boots. internet research has led me to husqvarna, oregon and a few others. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  22. Hi to everyone reading this post, I'm in need of some advice guys as im going on the course CS 30 and 31 in January at Myerscough college, but in the mean time i need to get hold of books on Tree surgery and Arbriculture, if any of you could tell me the best books for someone with no knowlege in this field at all i would be truely gratefull, there are so many out there and there not cheap so the best ones for someone just starting out, Also guys if possible i need to know what tools and equipment i'll need to set myself up with, i dont mean the big mulchers or plant , just hand tools and climbing equipment, PPE . Thanks in advance guys Rhys


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