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  1. <p>The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!</p>

  2. Hi guy's and girls's, It's that time of year I need to loer my kit for the first time, anyone know someone who dose this in the Nottingham/Derby/Mansfield/chesterfield area?
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a reliable loler inspector in the mansfield area. I don't mind a bit of travel say notts/derby. The lets say 'friend that was going to do it has gone away for 3weeks to Spain! So anyone know someone or do it them self, I would love to here from you! Also on average how much for a one man climbing setup?
  4. I'm in the same boat as you (admitted a bit older), 1 years ex, own kit, saw's ect. I charge somewhere between 120-150 for a days subbing as a groundy/ second climber, I do drop it a bit for mates rates. But the big one is not to sell your self short, if you do it cheep you will always have work but no money or free time. Bump up the price a bit so your payed the same for 4 day instead of 5 and that extra day is money in the bank or time to have fun! I work for a firm for a bit, but it worked out I could get more subbing for less days worked. And they let me go when one of the over lads on the team ran me over! Always fun that!
  5. Thanks for all the great feed back, will give it a try! Just a little peed as had a lovely job lined up, all existences paid, the works! I didn't think the damage was that bad but it was hard enough to crack the tow bar ball joint! So no car, can't tow with the lovely little Nisan micro I was offered as a hire car ( somehow they didn't quite get the like for like bit right) and 25 liters of chain oil and 5 liters of 2 stroke to clean of my kit ya!!! Dose this post sound like I'm venting? Well maybe just a bit!
  6. Hi, I had a ( how do I say this politely?) individual go into the back of my Toyota hilux at some traffic lights. This has led to oil going all over my climbing kit, I get that it's very bad for your rope and that has to be replaces. Same with lanyard, but what about my harness (it's a treemotion v2)? Is it just the bridge or do I need to bin it and get a brand new shiny one? Any help or comments would be a great help!
  7. Thanks for the advice, As I said still very tempted by a stihl but the (stupid) sales restriction has put me off, so it's a Husqvarna for me then! Best get my credit card warmed up for a hammering!
  8. Hi, I'm new to arb talk and the arb industry. I'm looking for a good medium powered saw for general use and feeling. Then a bigger saw for larger trees, ect. Any advices would be usefull I was looking at Stihls but as the nearist dealer to me is 20 miles away (40 return) I'm thinking of blowing that ideas off!! Now Im looking at the Husqvarna 550 xp and the 372xp. Any advices or other input would be of great help! P.s dose any one know why stihl has done this? It seems a bit stupid from wear I'm sitting they are going to lose a lot of business from small businesses and people in general.
  9. Dose anyone at stihl have a clue what they are doing? I can understand buying a chainsaw going into a shop, but parts??? Thats not the best of it, I have tried to order a TOY stihl chainsaw for my little lad, and I even have to go to a dealer to get that!! It's a toy!!! So as I'm doing my cs30,31,38,39 at the mow I was going to buy stihl, but looks like husky now!


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