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    Due to a career change I'm selling this climbing kit, it's a two rope system and contains everything needed except a harness. Everything was bought by me from new. All items except the odd bits of accessory cord are still on a valid LOLER certificate until 20/07/24, which I can provide. Everything will also pass another LOLER with no issues as it is now. Items aren't very old and have only been used a handful of times, a few bits would look much brighter after cleaning, kit has always been stored properly with any wet kit being properly dried out before putting away, as well as bags been left open to allow air circulation. The kit includes: 1x Stein 70 litre kit bag - has a couple of small holes but nothing major 2x Stein Vault rope bags 2x 35m lengths of Yale XTC Plus 12.8mm rope, both with a spliced eye 6x DMM Ultra O triple lock carabiner 2x Stein Cambium savers with retrieval ball 1x Tuefelberger pulley saver with retrieval ball 2x Tuefelberger Sirus loop prusik cords 60cm 1x Petzl grillon lanyard set 1x set of AGS climbing spikes - these were just cheap spikes as not needed much, the tip of the gaffs are slightly bent, but this could be filed out, or replaced, the gaffs should be interchangeable with Bashlin gaffs. 3x extra prusik cords, made from 9mm Marlow Boa accessory cord - these do not contain serial numbers therefore will not pass a LOLER inspection, but are in perfect condition. 1x extra length of 9mm Marlow Boa accessory cord - no seriel number 1x extra length of Marlow Gecko rope - no seriel number The cost to buy all of this new would be just over £1100 Open to sensible offers Message or email is the best way to contact me.


    Ambleside, Cumbria - GB

  2. We have places available on the NPTC Chainsaw from Rope and Harness course, 5th - 7th July and the LOLER course, 25th - 29th July. Please call BCA Landbased Training on 01628 827317 or see the link to our website for more information. BCA Landbased Training | Courses - BCA WWW.BCA.AC.UK The BCA Landbased Training Team can help you manage the environment through our extensive training program with a...
  3. NPTC Certificate of Competence in the Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment (LOLER) | Course - BCA WWW.BCA.AC.UK Course Information This qualification is specifically for those who inspect lifting equipment … Continued
  4. I'm a LOLER inspector based in Lewes near Brighton and i thought id share a document that ive been working on regarding the lifespan of PPE and Rigging equipment. I have a comprehensive document available for my clients but also a free sealed PDF version available for anyone to make use of. I hope it helps when buying new kit Lifespan | loler-for-arborists WWW.LOLERFORARBORISTS.CO.UK Chris
  5. Hi All, Could anyone provide names and numbers/email addresses for LOLER inspectors in Yorkshire?! Seems daft to be packaging up my equipment to post it off if there's someone local. Its just two sets of rope and harness and I'm based near Headingley, Leeds. Many thanks Barry
  6. Looking for a loler inspector in Manchester. Any details would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Leo
  7. I'm interested in trying some x rings or similar. Who is now using them in the UK, how you getting on with them? What are the differences in the various makes? I'm interested in getting them already in appropriate slings and fit for loler purposes so which uk suppliers are doing this and is the arrangement ce marked for inspections? Or do I wait until the arb show and see whats what there? TIA David
  8. I'm interested in becoming a Loler inspector for arb equipment. Before I undertake this i would like to know what insurance is required for inspectors and typical costs? Is the insurance part of a general arb/business insurance or separate policy? Obviously equipment can deteriorate significantly between inspections. Does anybody know of any claims made against an inspector when an inspected piece of equipment has failed and the implications? TIA David
  9. I was just wondering if anyone had bought/used or had any experience with the new DMM iD smart tags for Loler. Does it work reliably? When you retro-fit a tag to any item does it actually stay on the item? It's probably fine if you're a fair-weather climber and look after your gear but what about climbing through wet/dense/slimy/ivy-covered trees and shoving it back in your bag to rot like most tree surgeons. I can imagine the zip-tie tag to a harness and other textile products staying attached but the sticky dot they provide for the caribeeners seems unlikely....and....if it's still there (on a rigging pulley) after a year will it still work??? Please any info would be appreciated
  10. Hi I'm a freelance, self employed climber. My gear needs LOLERing. Can anyone recommend or put themselves forward as LOLER inspectors near Sheffield, Chesterfield or the Peak District PM me with their prices and availability? Thanks Will
  11. I'm looking for a LOLER inspection in the Cambridge / Royston area. Any recommendations? Thanks all.
  12. Hi, We are running a Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment Training course followed by the City & Guilds NPTC assessment. 3 days training and 1 day assessment. 12th - 15th December. £650.00 including assessment. Run at Arbor Venture Training based in Hampshire. Contact the office to book your place or if you have questions. 01590 683540. [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/events/865910100231721/
  13. Hi, can anyone point me in the direction of a training & assessment centre in south Wales that I can do a LOLER ticket. Cheers
  14. LOLER inspector availible in Somerset (Taunton area) will to travel for fuel cost. £80 per kit. call 07922370407
  15. hello boys and girls of arbtalk. I was originally looking for mike popham of loler uk as ive deat with him before. i sent him a text but no reply as of yet.*sent 2 days ago* if anyone can pm me a number for him ill check it against what i have. please and thank you in advance. if anyone else can offer their services for 2 ropes to be spliced we are based 10-15mins outside ely. please send me a PM as i get an email notification. many thanks Ian Clarke
  16. The HSE has issued new guidance regarding the application of PUWER for winching operations. This can be found by a Google search on "Application of PUWER for tree work winching operations" (see attached). It clarifies the application of PUWER and LOLER in these circumstances. Application of PUWER to tree work winching operations (002).docx
  17. Can anyone recommend a good LOLER inspector to me please? I'm on the south side of Birmingham. I've always had a very good guy to do it for me in the past but he moved away from the local area last year unfortunately. Thanks Simon
  18. Hi all, New to the site, but wanted to find out more about this: Record keeping made simple | Papertrail.io It's an online system for inspecting equipment that's supposed to be much easier than keeping inspection records on paper or excel/access, and can create LOLER certificates. I work for a pretty big arb company, so we have a load of equipment that needs to be inspected every 6 months, but we perform more regular checks too for PUWER etc. I have talked to my boss and he thinks it's a really effective way to comply, and will save time/paper when doing inpsections. What do you guys think? Has anyone used it before, or would think about using it? Thanks! Andy
  19. Hi guys, I'm looking for a reliable loler inspector in the mansfield area. I don't mind a bit of travel say notts/derby. The lets say 'friend that was going to do it has gone away for 3weeks to Spain! So anyone know someone or do it them self, I would love to here from you! Also on average how much for a one man climbing setup?
  20. I'm looking for someone to do my first (and hopefully subsequent) LOLER inspection on my climbing kit in the Sheffield area, could anyone point me in the right direction please?
  21. Hi everyone. My name is Billy and I am in the very early stages of setting up my health and safety consultancy SG Safety Group LTD. I am also a qualified Arborist but unfortunately injury has forced a new career path. I am after some thoughts from you guys on how useful my new business venture would be to the arb industry. I know through experience that if you want to register with CHAS or SAFEcontractor they make you jump through many hoops so I could help with this and also compliance with the law. It's only going to get worse for red tape. My plan is to offer services that include: LOLER inspections Bespoke health and safety policies Responsible person status on a retainer Safety audits and inspections COSHH assessments Risk assessments Method statements Fire risk assessments Certified Manual handling training Certified First aid training Certified COSHH training plus a few other things. I know that a lot of you trade as sole traders and some of these services won't be of any use to you but any thoughts on what will work or what I might be wasting my time with would be great. The Arb industry isn't the only industry I service but with my background it is something I want to explore. All the training can be done at your premises or home. Anyway let me know your thoughts and please be gentle.
  22. Hi all, I have just recently set up a LOLER Business. I am currently looking for new clients to take on in the East midlands area, covering from; Derbyshire [ north as bakewell] , Nottinghamshire, Down to j23 of the m1 and as north as j31 of the m1. Im able to do about 1-10 kits in a single session. I also carry out testing on rigging kit [excluding chains], collection and pickup of kit is a not an issue. All work is fully insured. All inquiries welcome, pm for more details.
  23. Hiya, New user, great forum! This query doesn't seem to fit the equipment categories so thought I'd put it here: I've just got a 5t Igland snatch block for use with a 3.5t winch, and I have a couple of questions about it if anyones got a minute: The block has no WLL/SWL/rating marked on it at all, nothing but an Igland sticker. If the block isn't being used for lifting, only dragging, doesn't it need anything like this, and by the same argument does it not need a 6 month competent persons examination under LOLER? Also, If the block is being used to double up it can double the pulling capacity of the winch, IE: 7t. Does this mean that the block would be under rated for this? When I was looking for a block most forestry ones were 3t/5t/8t with the 8t ones being quite weighty. Given that our winch is relatively light for forestry work it seems unlikely that we'd need an 8t - what does everyone else do? Many thanks for your time. Cheers, Devonseano.
  24. Hi, I do tree bat surveys for my work and myself and my line manager got our NPTC tree climbing and aerial rescue course in February 2008. We were told that our kit needs to have a LOLER inspection every 6 months, and that it has to be done by a competent person, my line manager thought that meant we can do it ourselves. But after speaking to other arborists (my husband is a forester and works with an arb team sometimes) they all seem to get someone else who has the loler certificate of competence to check the equipment. So my question is, do you have to have this certificate to Loler test your equipment or is a competent person include yourself?? This is the text I found on the HSE website: Thorough examination means a detailed examination by a competent person, who has the appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience to enable them to detect defects or weaknesses and assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment [294]. There's no mention of examination or tests or certifcates....confused


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