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    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Due to a career change I'm selling this climbing kit, it's a two rope system and contains everything needed except a harness. Everything was bought by me from new. All items except the odd bits of accessory cord are still on a valid LOLER certificate until 20/07/24, which I can provide. Everything will also pass another LOLER with no issues as it is now. Items aren't very old and have only been used a handful of times, a few bits would look much brighter after cleaning, kit has always been stored properly with any wet kit being properly dried out before putting away, as well as bags been left open to allow air circulation. The kit includes: 1x Stein 70 litre kit bag - has a couple of small holes but nothing major 2x Stein Vault rope bags 2x 35m lengths of Yale XTC Plus 12.8mm rope, both with a spliced eye 6x DMM Ultra O triple lock carabiner 2x Stein Cambium savers with retrieval ball 1x Tuefelberger pulley saver with retrieval ball 2x Tuefelberger Sirus loop prusik cords 60cm 1x Petzl grillon lanyard set 1x set of AGS climbing spikes - these were just cheap spikes as not needed much, the tip of the gaffs are slightly bent, but this could be filed out, or replaced, the gaffs should be interchangeable with Bashlin gaffs. 3x extra prusik cords, made from 9mm Marlow Boa accessory cord - these do not contain serial numbers therefore will not pass a LOLER inspection, but are in perfect condition. 1x extra length of 9mm Marlow Boa accessory cord - no seriel number 1x extra length of Marlow Gecko rope - no seriel number The cost to buy all of this new would be just over £1100 Open to sensible offers Message or email is the best way to contact me.


    Ambleside, Cumbria - GB


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    A COMPLETE SET OF RIGGING GEAR FOR SALE This is a collection of rigging gear that was purchased late 2020, with the intention of starting a business. This gear has been stored in a dry, dark and safe storage unit since purchase. All items are brand new and unused, bar one of the 3t slings and one of two whoopie slings. All items are in mint condition, and the price includes the rope bags, holdalls and rigging bag shown - also included are a set of brand new unusued climbing spikes. Other items included are various pulleys, steel carabiners, rigging plates and 50m of brand new Sirius rigging rope. PLEASE NOTE Some of these items are also for sale individually - and if they are sold before this advert expires then they will remain for sale individually only. Contact for more questions or to discuss price. Delivery charges if applicable will be discussed. Located LL52 (North Wales). Cash on collection, or bank transfer. For other payment methods please discuss.


  3. 🧗🏼‍♂️We have an exciting opportunity for an IRATA Service Manager to support our higly skilled arboriculture department. As a talented leader and manager you will lead, recruit, and develop IRATA services the role be varied and will be a balance between office-based and site work. You will also have the opportunity to expand your experience by working with our arboriculture technical specialists. You will ensure the division and team are fully informed on any legislation or technical system changes, improvements, or developments for the company to remain the UK market leader by proactively working with new and existing clients to maximise the sales opportunities for the services provided by the team. To apply or find out further information, please contact 📧[email protected]
  4. A place has become available on the NPTC Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue course starting on the 14th November in Landbased Training at Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA). To book call 01628 827317 or email [email protected]. NPTC Level 2 Certificate of Competence in Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (0039-22)CS38 | Course - BCA WWW.BCA.AC.UK Course Information This 6-day course including assessment was known as … Continued

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Bought only a few months ago but not for me. They look new. Worn approximately 6 times. Well reviewed boot . ‘Event’ waterproofing (similar to Goretex ) No signs of wear or damage .


    - GB

  6. Hi, I have an upcoming job that I wanted to get advice from others on. It is a dead loblolly pine that is around 100-200 feet high and surrounded by fences. The fence isn’t much of a problem and I think it can be avoided or replaced if worst comes to worst. My main concern is safety for me the climber and the ground crew. The drop zone if I try to save the fence is small. It has very few remaining limbs. There are no other trees around that I could tie into for safety so pole climbing seems to be my only option. Are there any safety tips? I’m thinking about purchasing a tree squeeze in case of gaff slips but I have never used one.
  7. Considering a potentially long term move to Germany. Does anyone know how easy it is to find work there currently? I've 5+ years climbing experience and a foundation degree in arb so am hopeful despite visa complications etc. I'll be looking around the Hanover area. Info of any kind is greatly appreciated! 😁
  8. Night shifts available in the midlands mainly Birmingham Aston. Must be able to travel/have own transport. Bring your own saw and fuel. 11pm starts, short shifts, Saturdays paid extra £25. Job or Knock - If you turn up and can't work on the site for any reason, and are sent home, then you still get paid full wage. Message me directly for more details. [email protected]

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Bashlin steel climbing spikes. Very good condition. These have the twisted shank for better fit and added comfort. Upgraded velcro strap. Very little wear on the foot plate(model number still visible!). Any questions, please get in touch.


    , Kent - GB

  10. Hi, I am currently an undergrad student studying at edgehill university completing my dissertation. The dissertation involves sampling of non-vascular epiphytes and measuring branches to answer the proposed question- Is Quercus cerris a good non-native phorophyte alternative for Quercus robur associated non-vascular epiphytes? this study involves the sampling of 10 trees 4 have already been completed. Unable to climb alone, I am in need of climbers local to edgehill with their own transport who are qualified and willing to assist me in the canopy for data collection. This will be voluntary work. Thanks, Jonathan
  11. I got my meindl airstreams from Gustharts, only 7 months old and noticed some cracks in the soles and recently been feeling wet or damp toes after a days work and inside the boot are starting to feel wet. Anybody else been having any issues in such a short time with these. Also they are my second pair really do recommend meindl.
  12. Established outdoor conservation company who are looking to diversify into forestry and arboriculture when other works slow down. 4 man team available, all qualified on 380 and above, and 2 qualified tree climbing, rescue and dismantling ect. Waiting on windblown accreditation and will be taking rigging courses as soon as is possible. Fully insured and have an excellent reputation for a high quality of work and output. Especially used to working in difficult terrains and environments and harsh weather. www.cairngormwildernesscontracts.co.uk
  13. Hi, I climb double rope with a VDT. I wanted to know what gear I would need to use a foot and hand ascender with double rope technique, not ready to go to srt just yet, I have climbed before on double rope, I had a foot ascender, sling under my other boot, chest sling, hand ascender, and I think a rope wrench? I'm looking to get that sort of setup myself, but not exactly sure of what to buy. Hope this makes sense.
  14. NPTC Aerial Rigging Course at BCA Landbased Training (Berkshire College of Agriculture) 13th - 15th September. Call 01628 8277317 for more information. This course is the Level 3 Award in Aerial Rigging Operations – this used to be called CS41. This is the 3-day course including assessment) designed for experienced operators and guides you through safe work positioning and safe cutting/rigging of horizontal and vertical sections; you will also be discussing peak loads in the system and how these can be minimised. BCA - NPTC Level 3 Certificate of Competence in Aerial Tree Rigging (0039-32) CS41 WWW.BCA.AC.UK Course Information In accordance with government guidelines, we shall adhere … Continued
  15. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Arbpro Evo 2 Climbing Boots Fresh out of the box with tags still on Size 9.5/44 I'm a 9 and they fit nice Any questions gimme a message


    Exeter, Devon - GB

  16. This item is SOLD

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi I have been a contract climber in Staffordshire for over 4 years and a climber for around 9, having recently moved back to the north east and into consultancy I am looking to whole sale my tree work gear. I was a bit of an equipment guy so accumulated a fair array of climbing and rigging gear as well as saws. Its a large list so I wont detail it in full here but the main points are: - LD2 rigging winch full assembly with enforcer load cell - 500I, 562XP, T540XPII and 2x echo 2511 TES - Full rigging kit including 3x pulleys, 2x 60m rope, spider balancers, large portawrap, double pulleys, light weight rigging kit etc - Full climbing kit for moving rope and static with 2x zigzag plus, ART twinline and ART ropeguide cambium savers, knee ascender, carbon spikes, throw bags and lines etc - 3x protos bluetooth communications headsets - 2x Fuel cans, aluminium and high lift wedges, lots of files for all the saws and spare new chains, 2 stroke oil etc At this point I am not looking to split anything up yet and am only looking to sell it as a job lot, I will consider splitting the list down if there is no interest as I know its allot of stuff and the price will reflect that. I have given everything that is applicable a fresh LOLER as I am an inspector and have been for over 3 years so everything is documented, I tend to keep things in good clean working condition and have photos of everything which I can email or send via Whatsapp etc and can share the LOLER sheet which gives a more specific lowdown of everything, videos of the saws can be taken and all are in good working order with all the saws, bar the 462 (2017), being no more than 2 years old. I have taken the time to retail price check the majority of the gear and it totals to around £15,000, the winch and 500i alone are £4000 new. Most of the climbing and rigging gear is within the last 2 years however there are odd bits that are older like the spikes and odd bits of hardware. At this point I'm looking for around £8000 and open to realistic offers for everything together and just looking to see if there is any interest in such a big load of gear. Its more suited towards a small company as the saws, rigging gear and headsets all suit a three man team. I will strongly suggest that any potential buyers have received structured training in the use of the rigging winch, its very similar to a GRCS with a few modifications (rope brake, exchangeable lowering cylinder) but its not something to just pic up and run with, it really benefits from an experienced team who know when to employ it and how to do so safely (That's where the headsets come in handy). As I said there is a load of stuff here I haven't mentioned but can go into more depth on if there is any interest but at this stage please do not ask for prices or info on specific parts as I will relist things if the lot doesn't go to one buyer. Feel free to message via the website or email if you are interested. Many thanks James


    , Durham - GB

  17. Good afternoon all, just putting the feelers out to find out if I could gain experience with anyone? I have 2 years experience climbing and grounding. I have all the basic tickets and To make things easier I have my own saws and own PPE and own climbing kit if needed. I’m not asking for a full week of work. Just maybe the odd day now and again. I’m based in Doncaster. Thank you for reading
  18. We're looking for a climber to join our team in Bristol to support with utility work. We offer training so this role would suit you if you have domestic experience and are looking for a change or if you already have utility experience. All PPE provided along with training and monthly bonus scheme. Full-time role working Monday - Friday 09:00 - 17:00 with occasional paid overtime available. If you're interested please comment below or email [email protected].
  19. Hello, I will be finishing off an eight week intensive course in tree surgery around the 21st October, after that I will be available for work as a qualified arborist and will have all the necessary tickets too work. Prior to the course, I have 2 years experience working as a gardener for a sole trader along with some self employed work, mainly hedge cutting. My number is 07880749696 Give me a call if you're interested! I have already got my chainsaw tickets, so could do some ground work in the meantime if you'd like.
  20. I have recently passed my NPTCs and I am looking on getting my gear all together, are there any shops near Buckley or mold in North Wales were I can go grab a harness and other bits.
  21. I've worked mostly in forestry but I'm doing more arb work recently, and will be getting my climbing tickets soon, so I'm not really clued up on spiking/climbing a tree. I've seen lots of guys just spike straight up a tree with no backup, just their lanyard holding them close to the tree which seems stupidly dodgy if they were to gaff out. How do people on here recommend securing themselves in case they slip? There's a Japanese guy on youtube I found who uses a method I'd probably go for, but interested to hear what others think and what other options there are. -
  22. Hello! I am currently studying EWITS to become qualified as a arborist/climber. My course will be completed in may and I will be moving too Sheffield as soon as I've qualified. My previous experience is a couple of years as a gardener which included a fair amount of pruning, including fruit trees. If there's anyone willing too have a chat or offer some work that would be amazing! Give me a buzz and I'll send a CV over as well! 07880749696 Ta, Leaf Link to course I'm studying - https://www.plumpton.ac.uk/courses/forestry-and-arboriculture-intensive-course-ewits-8-week-course-197/
  23. Arborist Climber MILTON KEYNES, South East (United Kingdom) Full Time£26,000 - £30,000 (GBP) Kings Landscapes About the Company Kings Tree Surgeons is a specialist arboricultural division of our parent group Kings Landscapes. Founded in 2004, Kings Landscapes has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success with the group now comprising tree surgery, maintenance and both commercial and residential construction divisions. Across all of our divisions, you will find passionate, professional people delivering outstanding projects. Both BALI and the Society of Garden Designers have formally recognised this excellence with national awards, whether it is a flagship, complex public scheme or an intimate residential space. About the job Kings are seeking qualified and motivated arborist team Leader to covering London and Home counties. Kings offers competitive pay, which is tailored to your skills and qualifications. Salary: Dependent on skills and competencies – between 26k to 30k. You will need to be flexible, reliable and have a thorough, proven knowledge of all aspects of tree work. They will hold the requisite NPTC Certificates, and a driving license . The ideal candidates will be flexible in style and thinking, with an open, friendly personality. They will understand and subscribe to the importance of working as a team. Requiring genuine commitment, this position offers an exciting challenge and a chance to be a highly motivated team player. If you feel you have the necessary skills and competencies to be successful in this role please email your CV and covering letter to Maria Stone by clicking the apply button below or telephone on 01908 585220, alternatively, send your application to Kings Landscapes, Flaxbourne Gardens, Salford Road, Milton Keynes, MK17 8HZ Preferred Skills The candidate’s key responsibilities will be climbing and undertaking arboricultural duties including; tree pruning, dismantling and felling. Driving Licence required. Interested? Please email me on [email protected] if you dont have all the prefered skills dont worry we would still like to hear from you
  24. Currently looking to fill some dates in the diary for this month & next. Freelance climber/groundsman, 3 years as groundie, 2 years as a climber since then. Plenty of experience in domestic & commercial sector. Level 3 ED Arb & Forestry Cs30, 31, 38 & 39 All climbing gear and saws Looking for work around North Yorkshire but would travel if the pay is right & there's plenty of work. Also other fully qualified climber/groundsman with tipper if needed. Mob:07938870338 Cheers
  25. Hey all my arborist friends. What do you think about this product?? it shoots very accurate up to 250 feet and is made of stainless steel and air pressured. The costs seem to be very competitive with other products we have trouble with accuracy. Is it worth it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_h-8gpEJHw


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