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Found 60 results

  1. Hello, I will be finishing off an eight week intensive course in tree surgery around the 21st October, after that I will be available for work as a qualified arborist and will have all the necessary tickets too work. Prior to the course, I have 2 years experience working as a gardener for a sole trader along with some self employed work, mainly hedge cutting. My number is 07880749696 Give me a call if you're interested! I have already got my chainsaw tickets, so could do some ground work in the meantime if you'd like.
  2. I have recently passed my NPTCs and I am looking on getting my gear all together, are there any shops near Buckley or mold in North Wales were I can go grab a harness and other bits.
  3. I've worked mostly in forestry but I'm doing more arb work recently, and will be getting my climbing tickets soon, so I'm not really clued up on spiking/climbing a tree. I've seen lots of guys just spike straight up a tree with no backup, just their lanyard holding them close to the tree which seems stupidly dodgy if they were to gaff out. How do people on here recommend securing themselves in case they slip? There's a Japanese guy on youtube I found who uses a method I'd probably go for, but interested to hear what others think and what other options there are. -
  4. Hello! I am currently studying EWITS to become qualified as a arborist/climber. My course will be completed in may and I will be moving too Sheffield as soon as I've qualified. My previous experience is a couple of years as a gardener which included a fair amount of pruning, including fruit trees. If there's anyone willing too have a chat or offer some work that would be amazing! Give me a buzz and I'll send a CV over as well! 07880749696 Ta, Leaf Link to course I'm studying - https://www.plumpton.ac.uk/courses/forestry-and-arboriculture-intensive-course-ewits-8-week-course-197/
  5. Arborist Climber MILTON KEYNES, South East (United Kingdom) Full Time£26,000 - £30,000 (GBP) Kings Landscapes About the Company Kings Tree Surgeons is a specialist arboricultural division of our parent group Kings Landscapes. Founded in 2004, Kings Landscapes has enjoyed unprecedented growth and success with the group now comprising tree surgery, maintenance and both commercial and residential construction divisions. Across all of our divisions, you will find passionate, professional people delivering outstanding projects. Both BALI and the Society of Garden Designers have formally recognised this excellence with national awards, whether it is a flagship, complex public scheme or an intimate residential space. About the job Kings are seeking qualified and motivated arborist team Leader to covering London and Home counties. Kings offers competitive pay, which is tailored to your skills and qualifications. Salary: Dependent on skills and competencies – between 26k to 30k. You will need to be flexible, reliable and have a thorough, proven knowledge of all aspects of tree work. They will hold the requisite NPTC Certificates, and a driving license . The ideal candidates will be flexible in style and thinking, with an open, friendly personality. They will understand and subscribe to the importance of working as a team. Requiring genuine commitment, this position offers an exciting challenge and a chance to be a highly motivated team player. If you feel you have the necessary skills and competencies to be successful in this role please email your CV and covering letter to Maria Stone by clicking the apply button below or telephone on 01908 585220, alternatively, send your application to Kings Landscapes, Flaxbourne Gardens, Salford Road, Milton Keynes, MK17 8HZ Preferred Skills The candidate’s key responsibilities will be climbing and undertaking arboricultural duties including; tree pruning, dismantling and felling. Driving Licence required. Interested? Please email me on thomas@kingsls.com if you dont have all the prefered skills dont worry we would still like to hear from you
  6. Currently looking to fill some dates in the diary for this month & next. Freelance climber/groundsman, 3 years as groundie, 2 years as a climber since then. Plenty of experience in domestic & commercial sector. Level 3 ED Arb & Forestry Cs30, 31, 38 & 39 All climbing gear and saws Looking for work around North Yorkshire but would travel if the pay is right & there's plenty of work. Also other fully qualified climber/groundsman with tipper if needed. Mob:07938870338 Cheers
  7. Hey all my arborist friends. What do you think about this product?? it shoots very accurate up to 250 feet and is made of stainless steel and air pressured. The costs seem to be very competitive with other products we have trouble with accuracy. Is it worth it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_h-8gpEJHw
  8. Hi, I'm looking for work starting in December in Gothenburg Sweden if anyone can help. Own climbing kit, own ground saw, cs30/31/38/39. Thanks Matt mat.joshua@protonmail.com
  9. I am on the hunt for a new climbing line! What i am after is a rope with no sheath slippage when damaged, these ropes already exist in the rock climbing work with videos of sheath slip and objects decking out to go with it... think about it.... Everything we use relies on the sheath, zigzag, hitches, spider jacks, rope wrench etc... so your rope gets a tad worn or snags above you while working, that rubs away or just gets worse through weight bearing, the sheath is compromised and slips like taking a sock off.... end result is you going down. Doesn't take much to compromise the sheath when weighted to tear the whole way round. I know BEAL do a 'unicore' rope already for arb work but at 13mm, its way too big for SRT or zigzag. Video showing compromised sheath and the outcome to friction device.... think about it when your climbing next and you will see what i mean. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtURlhPssQI Anyone know anything that fits the bill? possibly Cousin Atrax potentially. Stay safe guys
  10. First impressions on the DMM Captain Hook by Marcus Undery (@timberwolf190). Blog post by Marcus Undery Make sure you watch our Captain videos: [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao3KA0jFK5Y]Rec Climb with the Captain Hook[/ame] [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhN8xMifJzI]DMM Captain Hook Promo[/ame] You can Pre-Order the DMM Captain Hook at TREEKIT now.
  11. Hi, I am posting this on behalf of a group of young engineers. We are we are working a design of a new SRT ascending/descending friction device that can be certified by CE. Our aim is to get the certification as well as to make the climbing process as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we would love to hear from real tree surgeons about what would they want this device to do to make their job easier. So we can have an idea about what would be more important to consider while designing this new device. If you can complete the survey bellow we would very appreciate it. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/DV3RJHG Thank you for your time.
  12. Recently bought myself the tuefelberger drenaline, was going well until it began fraying and accidentally clipped it with my spikes. So i have two questions 1. Anyone tried splicing drenaline? 2. Any recommendations that isn’t “tachyon” or “poison ivy” for a durable 24 strand 11-12mm rope with low stretch (not much to ask for i know). Was looking at Yale Limelite (because it looks sexy) thanks all
  13. hey guys quick question does anyone have any other ideas or tricks they have used on their bridge to help when using two climbing systems, as i'm finding that they're getting jammed together or caught on each other and its a pain in the arse. Thanks
  14. I'm just currently looking for work In Europe as an arborist-climber, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on websites to go on to apply and how to go about it? Which countries are the best to go over? Norway is good I've heard. I have the experience needed as this is a short bio on myself, I am looking to start at the beginning of January. Please check my Facebook page out to see the quality of work carried by myself with the videos and pictures of the jobs I've done, you should be impressed. Thanks. Jordan Name: Jordan Lee Email: jordle07@live.com Cover Letter: I am 26 years old, I have been running my own tree surgery company back in Wigan, Manchester, England (North west, England). My role is to price month long contract jobs up from pricing the amount of days needed to the staff needed on the job, also i am the main climber on the job with over 6 years experience. My certificates are as shown; *Chainsaws. *Tree Climbing & Tree rescue. *Tree Climbing with the use of a chainsaw for aerial use. *Aerial rigging for trees. *Trailer licence with full driving licence. I am basically looking to try something different and wanting to travel to different countries to have a better experience in the job. I will leave my company running with my brother who will manage my business. My company is on www.facebook.com/havenleatreeservices which is quite popular. I am extremely competent with full knowledge on how to run a job efficiently. my email address is jordle07@live.com . please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. thanks
  15. Hi there guys just a quick question about getting new clients, obviously there is the conventional ways like website advertising and word of mouth etc. But I'm looking for anyone with tried and tested less conventional ways of reaching people in need of tree works?
  16. TREEKIT are proud to offer two specialist workshops led by top level arborist and ART ambassador Joe Harris! Joe Harris is an arborist, contract climber and tree climbing trainer. He has worked in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US, as well as presenting at conferences and running workshops all over the world. He is a two-time Australian tree climbing champion and two-time world tree climbing silver medallist. Climbing Workshop - System Comparisons - Friday 28th of July 2pm to 6pm - followed by Pizza Rigging Workshop - Working with Angles - Saturday 29th of July 9am - 1:30pm - followed by Fish & Chips £39 exVAT each (including food) or £68 exVAT for both days. Courses will take place at TREEKIT. For more information check out: https://www.treekit.com/featured-products/joe-harris-specialist-workshops.html
  17. SINGLE ROPE TECHNIQUE (SRT) is a set of methods used to descend and ascend on the same single rope. The course will cover safe single rope techniques exploring the safest ways to use the correct ropes, knots, devices, safety cords and karabiners. Attendees will have a hands-on practical experience understanding the theory behind it, the devices, ropes and using them in the tree. This is a popular course and open to arborists of all abilities. You’ll meet other arborists and share ideas and experiences. Instructors Geoff Pugsley and Ben Rose are both very experienced users of SRT in their work and both share a keen interest in the latest developments. THE COURSE INCLUDES FISH & CHIPS AND REFRESHMENTS THROUGHOUT THE DAY AND IS SET IN THE BEAUTIFUL GROUNDS OF AMMERDOWN PARK. Book here now to secure your space! Call us for more info or to discuss group bookings on 01373 475540 https://www.sorbus-intl.co.uk/SRT-workshop-Sorbus-international
  18. Sorbus are pleased to announce that we are hosting another workshop to benefit our customers on: Modern Climbing Tools and Techniques A complete practical overview of all the latest tools and techniques run by expert trainer in tree work and forestry, Tony Darbyshire and 3ATC winner Geoff Pugsley. An insight into rapidly developing new techniques and rope climbing tips for the arborist climber to help you be as productive, safe and comfortable as possible in the trees. Saturday 8th October We are all aware that this industry is constantly evolving and new techniques and tools are being introduced regularly, it almost seems that you just learn one technique and then there is another new shiny gadget out to learn about all over again! To help climbers get a better understanding we are offering a ‘hands-on’ experience in a variety of systems, starting at our brand new premises in Frome and then off to the beautiful grounds of Ammerdown Park in Kilmersdon. To get your space and for more information book online here: https://www.sorbus-intl.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=699&product_id=7062 If you would like to discuss any aspect of the course with us please don't hesitate to call us on 01373 475540 or email: sales@sorbus-intl.co.uk Thanks, The Sorbus Team
  19. ...of a guy dismantling a pole, top down ing, or whatever we want to call it, and he had a flip line and his main climbing line. He used some kind of pulley system on his main line so once he had dropped a section he disconnected his flip, dropped on his main line, reconnected his flip, ascended a foot or so, then pulled another line and his pulley'd main line released and dropped to him. He then re attached it, as one would a secondary line, took off another section and repeated the whole process. Looked very cool but I have never seen it done like that over here. Is this normal practice for you more experienced peeps? and if so what pulley/kit do you use for the secondary/main line? The video if you want to see what I'm babbling about is here: and to save time the best example is at 16:40
  20. Hi All, I am currently looking for climbers on both the private and utility crews working throughout Australia. Can anyone provide me details of a good Arb School to align myself with, or if there are climbers looking to come to Australia for a working holiday or permanent, please let me know. Our company provides all training to be able to work on the Australian network, with the pay rates being quite attractive, with a Living Away from Home allowance (LAHA) being paid when working away. Any help would be appreciated. Our Website Tree Maintenance | Cairns Email - billy@mpdt.com.au Phone +6170407860009 Thanks
  21. Hello Everyone UK Open TCC 23rd - 24th July 2016 Lyndhurst Hampshire Arbor Venture are hosting this years competition again, run under ISA rules. Following the success of last years, it's going to better then ever. With the prelims on Saturday and the masters on Sunday come down and have some fun with us - whether it's you're 1st or 50th competition, it's a great friendly atmosphere, with loads of prizes on offer (not just for the winners!) it's a great weekend to put in your diary. Stay locally or camp on site FOC, check out our website and Facebook pages for all the information. Arbor Venture Training Arboriculture Courses and Assessments https://www.facebook.com/events/563947640455234/ Pre entries please, volunteers and judges needed.
  22. If your a climber based in South Wales, take advantage of our tree climbing facility in the Vale of Glamorgan. We will be running practice sessions for competition climbers throughout June & July, and will be hosting our own competitions. We welcome competitors to sign up. More info: michael@treetopchallenge.co.uk/ 0800 644 4440
  23. Ive got into doing a bit of climbing lately (bit of a hobby), and my trusty husqvarna 41 has finally blown up, and i dont fancy swinging the 560 around up a tree. Hence i now need top handle saw, dont want to spend more than 300+ vat, not too fussed whether 30 or 40cc as each has its advantages. Narrowed it down to Makita, tanaka, efco, solo, echo. Which make and model of these top handles is the best saw in your experience? Cheers
  24. Good Morning everyone! Its safe to say its been a busy couple of weeks here in the run up to Christmas, so getting all our deals live on time has been a bit of a struggle! However, they are all now live and we will be keeping them online until the new year to make up for some of the missed days! Theres offers on 550XPs, chains, trousers, Zigzags, ropes, and more! All with extra discount and freebies available! Also, its worth noting that we will be doing dispatches until the 23rd, with packages being delivered on Christmas Eve. Once this is done, we'll be closing until January 4th, when all order placed between 24th-4th will be processed and dispatched ASAP. Click here to check out the offers! ------->Sale
  25. Our Client is a rapidly growing tree care company based in the West Midlands and is looking for a Climbing Arborist with a minimum 2 years experience and proven experience in tree climbing skills. The company offers a competitive salary and excellent opportunity for progression. Must have full clean driving licence and own vehicle. For details of qualifications required and how to apply follow the link below: Climbing Arborist - Leading Tree Surgeons (28532823) - reed.co.uk


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