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  1. Thanks for your feedback everyone. I will work out a plan with the owner and see exactly what volume we are working with over what time frame. I messaged the FCO but after specifically asking about ash dieback, they didn't actually mention it at all or answer me. I got this response.... " While I cannot advise specifically on this case, I have linked our guide on instances where a felling licence is required: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/876642/Tree_Felling_-_Getting_Permission_-_web_version.pdf You will need a felling licence if you wish to thin the woodland, as I assume this would be taking out more than 5m3. There are no restocking conditions needed for thinning licences as you are only permitted to remove up to 30% of the canopy cover. Anything greater than a thinning, i.e. Regeneration Fell or Clear Fell, will come with enforceable restocking conditions that the applicant and the Forestry Commission agree on." They basically told me everything I already know and nothing about the rules for felling ash with dieback... nvm.
  2. A client has asked me to look at what they have told me is a small (1-2 acre) semi ancient woodland and advise them on the best way to manage the ash dieback and suggest other management ideas. Apparently there are a lot of mature ash in there. But i wanted to check what legislation i might need to be aware of that isn't usually part of arboriculture jobs I'm more familiar with. They have a footpath through the woodland so 'managing' ash dieback is about making trees within striking distance of the path safe and then replanting with something suitable. Do we need a felling license to take a number of ash down or is it exempt because of dieback? Would I need any other permissions to do thinning/felling/planting work in the woodland? I'm assuming we don't need to do an environmental impact assessment? Once I know exactly what's there I'll probably be back for management suggestions. Help and advice much appreciated thankyou.
  3. I am a sole trader with 10 years experience, climbing and rigging kit, saws and a transit dcab tipper(not sign written). L3 Extended diploma in forestry and arb. Rigging kit and my own insurance and h&s systems in place. Available for the odd day as a freelance climber in and around Gloucestershire I can also provide a 2 or 3 man team with a chipper for subcontracting work. Message me or email [email protected] or call 07934782915
  4. Ok thanks for all the feedback. I'm leaning towards a mitsi l200 double cab now
  5. So I'm a sole trader starting a new buisness, I recently bought a transit tipper but iv just been asked about woodland work... so thinking I need to sell my current small van that I was using for freelance climbing and the family car and either buy a pickup(probably a ranger 28mpg) or a 4wd SUV(probably VW Tiguan 40mpg) Is it right that a pickup is tax deductible but a 4wd car wouldn't be ? A car would be cheaper and have much better mpg. The fuel saving over time might negate the tax saving anyway. Which as it would mostly be for the Mrs to drive around would be preferable... I just need to have an occasional 4wd option which could tow. What are peoples thoughts on this?
  6. As a subby I wouldn't climb for hourly otherwise I'd be looking to be employed work. We set our prices because that's what we want to earn in a day to cover our costs and make self employment viable. Going home early with a full days wage is also an incentive to work your ass off and do a good job. If you have two people being paid £25ph at different skill levels. One is an insane climber, efficient and hardworking, not interested in long breaks and one is a a less confident, slower climber, likes a break, makes the job drag a bit. You will not only be paying the lesser climber more money but you are doing your buisness a disservice. Interested to know if you invoice your clients a per hour rate? Or each job is priced? as I guess that would change things as you wouldn't know how much you're getting paid either!
  7. There may already be a thread relating to this but I couldn't find it. I thought it might be useful to create a list of all legislation that business owners in the industry should be aware of. As part of a business start up loan application I have been asked to name what laws, legislation and regulation I have considered for my industry. I know there are plenty more but so far I've come up with these please post your suggestions and I can add them to the list. Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) The Work at Height Regulations 2005, The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Employment Rights Act 1996 National Minimum Wage Act 1998 Employment Relations Act 1999 The Maternity and Parental Leave etc. Regulations 1999 Part-Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 The Equality Act 2010
  8. i didnt read the whole thread but wouldn't 4 employees be ideal for you? You could subby 2 guys in when needed or just regularly a couple of days a week to begin with and book more days in if it goes well. Maybe get one good freelance climber and if your other TL is climbing on the other team then just a decent groundy would do? 4 is actually really efficient. obviously with 4 you can have 2 up 2 down which is really good on big reductions or on jobs with lots of different things to do.. i worked for a company that did this when i started freelance climbing. it worked very well. when work went quiet in spring he just booked fewer days with me and the other guy without the pressure of needing more work for his employees.
  9. Where are you based ? I'm setting up a business and am a freelance climber but I don't yet have a truck and chipper. Your set up would be useful to me and I imagine I would also be useful to you?
  10. Fair play that's unfathomable to me, double what I charge. I'm 160-180pd 8years ex, tickets Inc rigging, L3extended diploma, kit and saws... I don't see how a firm could afford 384 for a climber for a day?! Id be interested to know what the firm's you're working for are charging. Around 800 for a 3 man crew is standard where I am....
  11. I've just recovered from an operation and returned from NZ. Currently living in Cheltenham area gloucestershire. I'll travel up to around an hour and charge £180pd. I have 8years experience, PPE,saws & kit, and a driving licence. I'm chilled out, reliable, work hard and treat every job like it's my own. L3 Extended diploma in forestry and arb(distinction), lots of tickets including rigging. I can send a CV/references on request. Contact me on 07934782915
  12. Hi rupe, I've just got back to winchcombe from managing a team in NZ. I've been off work for 5months after an operation. If you're still looking for help I'm ready as a freelance climber, got my own saws and kit. I'm available potentially for a day or two a week. I'll update my CV and send it through later. Give me a call on 07934782915 if you would like a chat. Cheers, hamilton
  13. Anyone know if I can just put the head on my wolf garten multitool of either skylaunch or big shot and it'll do the trick seems silly to have loads of poles when I already have a long pole? It's true, ask the mrs.
  14. Have you got a very basic site risk assessment system that is simple and easy to fill out that then refers to a more in-depth one within your health and safety policy or do you just have a standard table that is filled out each job? Did anyone think of a simple system that involves minimal writing? We are trying to sort our system out and develop a succinct and simple to complete risk assessment sheet. I haven't got very far with it tbh. If anyone cares to share a template or ideas of their own it would be appreciated! Cheers
  15. www.treeandforest.co.nz we seriously need to add more/some HQ pictures


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