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Found 32 results

  1. I'm a LOLER inspector based in Lewes near Brighton and i thought id share a document that ive been working on regarding the lifespan of PPE and Rigging equipment. I have a comprehensive document available for my clients but also a free sealed PDF version available for anyone to make use of. I hope it helps when buying new kit Lifespan | loler-for-arborists WWW.LOLERFORARBORISTS.CO.UK Chris
  2. Hey guys I'm hoping you can clear something up for me info wise that I am struggling to find anything on. I work in a Zoo / i'm in charge of browse collection for large mammals. Due to general bureaucratic issues with management who have little to no Arb knowledge, I am restricted to using a powered pole saw or in layman's terms a chainsaw on a stick (hah) and have to do any pruning from the ground. Recently i've butted heads with the site health and safety officer over PPE requirements in order to use the equipment in a public space following a complaint from a visitor that I wasn't wearing chainsaw pants... Now after 3years studying Arboriculture and a good 6 years in the Arb industry I have never come across any requirement under the UK HSE that chainsaw pants are needed in order to use a pole saw. I have contacted HSE for clarification as there isn't an available AFAG leaflet I can find on the equipment and HSE merely deflected my query to OSCHR who ... well ...there isn't a consultant in my postcode and their website forms and contact email addresses don't work. I'm at a dead end. Is there anyone who can clarify for me please the minimum PPE requirements for using a powered pole pruner and if possible if you have any link to ANYWHERE I can use as evidence to provide to my H&S officer it would be a massive help. I'm more under the assumption that the H&S officer can't find this info herself either so she's being difficult and using the situation as an excuse to make me do her job for her but for the sake of nutritional demand for the hoofstock, I really need to clear this situation up ASAP. Massive thanks in advance to anyone who is able to assist me please. Thank you.
  3. Hello Arbtalk members. We just wish to introduce you to Outwear Ltd, the new name in Arborist clothing, equipment and PPE distribution, having taken over the distribution of some truly outstanding brands from the team at Clark Forest. Outwear was created due to a need to keep up with the demand for the brands and to support continued growth, by moving to a larger, more modern warehouse to focus purely on distribution. The Clark Forest team continues as normal, by being one of Outwear’s excellent retailers. We plan on becoming active members of Arbtalk and know how valued the forums are to the arborist community. We hope to share news on our brands, product launches and other bits and pieces on a regular basis. We also wish to join in conversations and be here to offer help. Feedback on the brands is greatly appreciated and we look forward to meeting Arbtalk members at a number of shows and events, starting with the APF. The brands that Outwear currently distribute are: · PFANNER · PROTOS · Woolpower · DISTEIN · cutandclimb · Log Jack · BAHCO Forestry Tools · d3 Tape · Veriga Crampons Please take a look around our website www.outwearltd.co.uk to explore the brands that we look after and for detailed information on the products. We look forward to chatting with you.
  4. Hi, Ive recently started as a self employed labourer for a couple of tree surgeon firms originally to tie me over the summer whilst on break from uni. Since working outdoors, mainly on the chipper, I’ve enjoyed it so much, so much so I’m wanting to save up to do a climbing course so I can get up in the trees and do this full time. I’ve decided that I’m gonna do this full time and hopefully set up my own company in the future. But first things first, there’s so many brands of ppe was wondering what do recommend on buying? For example what are the best value for money type A and type C chainsaw trousers? Thanks, Paddy
  5. There is a raft of regulations governing health and safety in UK workplaces. It is the responsibility of every employer to be aware of the regulations and to comply with them. The regulations come under the umbrella act which is The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 although you may see it written as HSWA. The act places a duty on employers to “ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees”. If, as an employer, you fail in this duty, you face enforcement action by the Health and Safety Executive or a local authority. There are numerous regulations made under the parent act and the regulations governing personal protective equipment are the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. The role of Personal Protective Equipment in Health and Safety The role of personal protective equipment (PPE) in health and safety is frequently misunderstood. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 is very clear, however, about what an employer’s duties are. PPE is regarded as a last resort. You are required to assess the hazards presented to your employees through a thorough risk assessment and then implement controls to minimise the risks of those hazards. Engineering controls and safe systems of work should be considered before PPE. This could be through the use of alternative equipment or by adopting a different way of working. Where this is not possible, PPE is required. What do the regulations require? Regulation 4 governs the provision of personal protective equipment and states that: “Every employer shall ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to his employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work” Furthermore, Regulation 2(1) provides a clear definition of PPE as: “…all equipment (including clothing affording protection against the weather) which is intended to be worn or held by a person at work and which protects him against one or more risks to his health or safety, and any addition or accessory designed to meet that objective.” General PPE Requirements All items of PPE that you provide need to meet the relevant legal standards and must be “CE” marked which means it meets European Union standards. Some European standards have been superseded by International Standards (prefixed ISO) and if adopted in the UK will be prefixed BS. There are specific guidance notes from the HSE for each item of PPE. Simply providing PPE is not enough. It must be stored appropriately and regularly checked to ensure that it is working correctly. Worn or damaged equipment must be immediately replaced. It must fit the employee who is required to use it, so a range of sizes to accommodate different employees will be required. Some PPE will need to be personalised for each employee. Face and eye protection is a typical example and will need to accommodate an employee’s prescription glasses. Badly fitting PPE cannot perform its function adequately and is distracting. Various items of PPE need to be able to work together so head protection must fit with eye protection. Sometimes, helmets with built-in eye or ear protection are the most appropriate option. Specific Requirements for Arborists, Tree Surgeons and Forestry Workers The HSE provides specific advice for each work task carried out by arborists, tree surgeons and forestry workers, such as guidance on aerial work. As an illustration, chainsaw users involved in aerial tree work would require: A safety helmet, a 4-point chin strap mountaineering style helmet complying with BS EN 12492 primarily to protect from falling objects. Must be compatible with chosen eye and hearing protection. Eye protection. This must comply with either BS EN 1731 or BS EN 166) to protect from flying debris, dust or other particles. Must be compatible with other PPE. Hearing protection to protect hearing from exposure to the noise of power tools complying with BS EN 352. Must be compatible with other PPE. Chainsaw boots to help protect the feet from chainsaw injury. Must have steel toecaps and be chainsaw protective complying with EN ISO 17249 Leg and groin protection to help protect against chainsaw injury and debris. Complying with BS EN 381-5 and type selected after careful risk assessment. Gloves to protect from sharp objects, machinery and cold. Appropriate clothing (for example non-snag and high visibility) Employees must know how to use the PPE and must understand the importance of using it. This requires both initial and ongoing training. When a new work task or a new item of PPE is introduced, new training is required. As the employer, you bear the cost of the PPE, not your employees, and ultimately it is your job to make sure you are compliant with all the regulations for outdoor work.
  6. Hi all, I have been qualified in crosscutting, maintenance and small tree felling for a good few months now, and after a good amount of saving from a part time job (im 16), I would like to get another qualification. My issue(s), is that im not sure if my current PPE will work for tree climbing and free fall techniques. I know I will be required to buy the ropes etc, however I was wondering how much of the PPE I use for work on the ground will translate to CS38/9 if any. My current PPE is: Husqvarna forest helmet Stihl function ergo chainsaw trousers, whilst on my course my instructor mentioned that my trousers has no protection around the back, pointing out that they would not be the style used in climbing, is this correct? Husqvarna chainsaw wellingtons (24 m/s), are chainsaw boots mandatory for CS38 /9 or will I be able to get by with my wellingtons? I would also like to know if a normal climbing harness, carabiner and belay device would be of use? Thanks
  7. Morning all! Hope your weekend has started well! We want to bring everyones attention to the massive PPE sale we now have on, including brands like Arbortec, Haix, Petzl, Stein, Gil and Prabos! We've added some massive extra discounts for this weeked as we were feeling generous after a successful Arb Show last week! Head to the link below to check it all out including an offer(a crazy one!) when buying Arbortec Breatheflex Type C Trousers and Scafell Lite boots together! There has never been a better time or place to get some fresh new kit for the summer sun! Sale Arbortec Breatheflex Trousers and Scafell Lite Boots Don't say we don't do anything for you
  8. Hi Guys Does anyone know where I can purchase this in the UK without having to go international and deal with all the tax and delivery problems. Freeworker - Pfanner Chainsaw Protection Overall - climb up high! I met a worker wearing one and liked it's simplicity for climbing and groundwork. Cheers Rich
  9. Good Morning all! Time to beat the Monday blues with a special offer! Throughout the month of February, you can grab the Stein Krieger Forest Chainsaw Trousers just for £139+ VAT(Type A), and £149.00+ VAT(Type C), reduced from £200 and £220+ VAT respectively Featuring Hi Vis strips, class 1 protection and an overall design with Arborists in mind, you can't go far wrong! Head online now to grab a pair at a great price! ------>Sale (Valid until February 29th or while stocks last)
  10. Good Morning Guys, Hope the weather is better with all of you instead of where we are! Just to let you all know we've had delivery of the Brand new ARBORTEC SCAFELL LITE Boots today, so we've been busy packing up pre orders to go out! If you'd like to know more about the boots then check out the links below, all sizes and colours are in stock and available for immediate dispatch! And don't forget included in the price is a free pair of Arbortec technical socks and a spare pair of laces! Arbortec Scafell Lite Green Arbortec Scafell Lite Blue Arbortec Scafell Lite Black
  11. Afternoon all, We've added a new sale section to our website, featuring popular products and bits and pieces that will be constantly updated. These are part time deals that don't want to be missed, so check out the link below! Sale This is separate to our clearance sale, which is full of items that we will no longer be stocking, usually because they are no longer available, or the person they were ordered for no longer wants them! This is the place to grab items for absolute rock bottom prices! Clearance Page Also, as ever we would love to hear your feedback on these pages, and what you would like to see more of on our website and social media pages! Let us know!
  12. Hi Arbtalkers, guess whats finally arrived! The Arbortec Breatheflex trouser that has been so successful and so popular within the professional arborist world, is now available in GO/RT Hi Vis, for use on highways, railways, and general useage where being seen is priority number 1! Currently available from stock are Type Cs, in Small, Medium and Large, with XL and all Type A sizes due in soon. Place your orders now for immediate next day delivery, or pre order the Type As for dispatch as soon as they are available. For more details, check out the links below! Arbortec Breatheflex Chainsaw Trouser GO/RT Type A Arbortec Breatheflex Chainsaw Trouser GO/RT Type C
  13. To coincide with our launch of heaps of new Arbortec/Treehog products(Including the new for 2015 Black Breatheflex Trouser!) that we are now stocking, we've had a shiny new stand built in the shop to give everyone in store easier access to the whole Arbortec range! Why not pop in and have a look! You can also check out all the new products on our website, by heading to the link here: Arbortec We've also added a "New products" section to our site, which you can check out regularly to see all the latest innovations and bits of tech! New Products :thumbup:
  14. THEY'RE HERE! Now available straight away, the eagerly anticipated PRABOS A1RBs and PRABOS ULTRA boots! The A1RBs been popular already, with 2 pairs already gone within the first hour of having the boots in the shop, and now the first 10 customers who buy the A1RB online will receive a FREE set of the popular KitDRY system, worth £19.95! This is on top of the space laces and waterproofing spray included in the boot price! ACT FAST TO GET INVOLVED! CLICK THE LINKS BELOW! Prabos A1RB Class 2 Chainsaw Boots Prabos Ultra Boots
  15. Happy Weekend everyone! To kick it off, we've got a brand new special offer available on our Kit Deals section of the website! Featuring 2 pairs of SIP Progress Trousers, one lightweight, vented pair of Type As, and one more heavy duty pair of type Cs, these will keep you comfortable all year in Britain's famous changing climate! Check out the link below! SIP Summer/Winter Trouser Offer
  16. Names Ellis, 3+years as a groundsman, chainsaw cross cutting and maintenence ticket, CSCS card, I own all of my own ppe, helmet, chainsaw trousers and chainsaw boots. I can trim hedges to a high standard as I've learnt from the best, my felling is up to scratch, I can identify most common trees, my pricing is also good. I know what the climber needs before he shouts down, I know the difference between the chain oil tank and the petrol tank, I know that the petrol needs a 50/1 mix of 2 stroke, I can sharpen any size chainsaw. I'm an all round kind of person, give me a chance to get up a tree and I'll be up there in a flash, I'm determined to stay in this industry and would love a company to grow with. I can be contacted on 07722063131 or at [email protected] Thank you
  17. Hi All, New here so please forgive the newbie for any blatant stupidity and poor etiquette. I've had a little experience with a CS before but never enough to start thinking about things too much. Now I find myself wanting to use greenwood for turning and large carvings (Redwood Kings inspired to be honest). I have a few of questions which I would love it if I could get some help with: 1. Are there such things as neck and shoulder guards? I did some work with an artist from Seattle years ago who had a leather/composite guard that hung over his shoulders and fastened behind the neck. Just wondering because as a newbie to frequent saw use I want to protect from mistakes as much as possible. 2. I have found a saw on ebay from a company called XXX power tools. It's 56cc with a 20" bar. If anyone is aware of I would love some comments. I can't warrant forking out on a top make but don't want a load of rubbish either. 3. Most of the times I've used a chainsaw before has been simple crosscuts. Any tips, videos or guides on cutting down the length? Again... sorry for the newbie stuff... just want to get some decent advice before a new adventure begins. Cheers everyone. Rob
  18. Its Friday!!!! That means a bumper double deal for the end of the week, so today only for the 9th and 10th deals of Christmas we are offering the Meindl Airstreams at £169, and the Stein Krieger Arborist Type C Trousers for £155+VAT! Call and grab a bargain quick! 01962857951:001_cool:
  19. So folks, here it is! Our first extension offer from the APF Show 2014. For a limited time only, you can now pick up the Haix Protector Pro chainsaw boot for a bargain £179!! Featuring Kevlar class 1 chainsaw protection, Goretex waterproofing, steel toe cap and a hardened midsole and sole rubber. There is also Haix Certified Orthopedic System which cushions your foot but also keeps it and your leg in the correct alignment for anti-fatigue benefits. Lastly, the boots also uses a climate system to bellow out the warm moist air as you walk and allow fresh air to be drawn in to keep you comfy while you work. Usually £191 from ForestAndArb, grab them now at an APF special £179 while it lasts! Haix Protector Pro Chainsaw Boots
  20. Morning All, Following on from a hugely successful APF show this year, we'd like to say a big thank you everyone who came to see us and said hello throughout all 3 days, it was great to catch up with some of you, and put some names to the faces! As a celebration from this, both for those who could and couldn't make it, we will be having some APF extension specials coming up soon, so a chance to get some great bargains at show prices! Keep an eye out for these over the next few weeks Thanks, The ForestAndArb Team
  21. Hi all, Fancy some good news to brighten your weekends? We now have the brand new Stein Werewolf Climbing boot in stock and available for immediate dispatch! Following on from high interest at the APF show this year, we have got sizes 41-47 in stock, so have a look and see what you think! This boot could be the start of a revolution! Hit the link below for more info. Stein Werewolf Climbing Chainsaw Boots Thanks, The ForestAndArb Team
  22. In case you haven't, check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ForestAndArb?fref=ts Like the page for all our latest news on new products, special offers (especially with the APF coming up soon) and information. You might even discover something you didn't even know we do! Regards, Martin, part of the Forest and Arb Team
  23. about to order the pfanner ventilation trousers im 36" waist and looking for advice on whether to go for large or medium, ive currently got some old pfanner type c and theve always been a bit big so thought i would go for medium however on honey brothers they say medium is 35" dont want them to be too tight, and have to pay to return them. any experience or advice appreciated.
  24. Hi all, I am pretty new to the industry and have been recommended to sign up to Arbtalk to get some advice on buying new gear. I have just finished my course and I am looking to buy some PPE, Climbing equipment and a topper (probably the new Husky 540 as its just arrived!). I live out in the sticks in the South West so ideally I am looking to get everything sent in the post... Any recommendations of where to buy from? Where have people had good service from? Cheers Stan
  25. Hi, I'm new to all of this...don't know if anybody has had this with their boots to or just me? I bought a pair of meindl airstream's around a month ago from Honeybrothers. They are lovely boots however after work I always find a 'wet' look stain on the instep of my boots, it's damp and always happens in the same place and on both boots.. Very odd! Feedback would be great as a bit worried to what it is and if they are going to remain waterproof!!


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