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  1. Good morning all, Has anyone seen examples of serious bark damage on mature Tulip trees? This specimen is in West Dorset, and aside from the problems shown in the photographs it appears to be in rude health. There are some dried out rhizomorphs on the stem that would suggest Honey Fungus is the culprit, but no fruiting bodies apparent - they may appear later in the year. There are several areas of dark staining and some 'oozy' secretions associated with them. The owner says that he has never noticed any mushrooms on or near the tree, and believes that the bark must have fallen off within the last few months. Would Honey fungus alone account for the damage? Would one expect the tree to be showing signs of stress in the canopy given the amount of dysfunction in the lower stem. The tree is much-loved by the family, and they would like to retain it if possible. If catastrophic failure were to occur, the tree would most likely fall onto the lawn. The house is a safe distance away. The damage is on the NE part of the stem, extending approx 1.5m high, and there is further loose bark that is likely to fall off fairly soon. There has been no mechanical damage to the area from grazing animals or strimmers, etc. No fire either. The tree has flowered normally. Any observations welcome!
  2. Morning all, Coastal Tree Care is looking for experienced, fully-qualified climbers with great skills! Self-employed or on the books if preferred. Virtually all of our work is in the South Dorset area, with a huge variety of clients. Salary or day day rates based on efficiency and experience. Please give Dale a call on 07530 686040 for more details, or email your cv and copies of qualifications to [email protected] Immediate start available. https://www.coastaltreecare.co.uk/
  3. Morning all. I’m looking for an experienced subbie climber to join our small team. Most of our work in or around Weymouth and Dorchester. Immediate start for the right person/s. Call Dale on 07530 686040 Coastal Tree Care Ltd
  4. Another thumbs-down from me - I can't believe Husqvarna are still selling these cans. Mine was awful from the outset. Still using the previous model and the clear Stihl combo can which is simple, but just works.
  5. Phew! You have no idea how relieved I am. Ta very much
  6. First posting here folks. Used a pull line via GRCS to make sure of direction due to the proximity of a garden building
  7. Thanks to Steve and all the generous sponsors! My Super Se#y chain oil has just been delivered, complete with more demure images...
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. The fruiting bodies don't appear to be regular 'bracket' shapes - they all form from a central stem more akin to a standard mushroom shape, only much bigger. The land was also an area of landfill covered with a thin layer of topsoil. Perhaps a large log got buried?
  9. We came across these specimens under thick bramble scrub today. Anybody recognise them? They appear to be mycorrhizal.
  10. I've got a 6'x4' trailer with tail ramp and mesh sides. CS100 fits inside nicely and gets lashed down to internal fixing points with ratchet straps. Also space for a couple of road signs, or a load of modest logs if you're into that. The trailer is the largest size you can take into a domestic council recycling centre, so handy for small jobs, etc. if using a car rather than a truck. Have also just had a 10'x5.5' trailer made. This will take the wee chipper sideways-on at one end, leaving space for almost two tonnes of arisings... Pretty useful.
  11. It's the 3.5t Grafter. I've had it a little over a year, and it already had the tool cabinets and a standard tipper bed with drop down sides and rear. I had the bodywork done at Buffalo Trailers in Yeovil, and the signage by Sprint Signs in Weymouth. The body is aluminium boards around a reinforced galvanised frame, with chequer-plate roof so I can get up there for street tree work etc. Roof frame also acts as a ladder rack, or can carry lengths of timber for landscape jobs. Roughly £4k investment but it's already paying for itself...
  12. Another option is to use some 'wood-effect' uPVC fascia board. This is very flexible, weather-proof and provides a nice contrast to the lighter decking. Simply screw onto your joists or outer frame
  13. Here's my Isuzu tipper after some tidy bodywork and wrapping. I think she looks the biz but I am very biased!
  14. Small job, but I'm keen to practice filming as much video as possible, for the following reasons; It's good for website SEO The team like to share their exploits with family and friends It's a useful learning aid - spotting mistakes then discussing alternative techniques It can be fun, adding an extra dimension to the job Clients also like to see the videos Like most arbtalkers, I'm learning all the time, and hope to make steady improvements as I pick up tips along the way (in both video and work generally!)
  15. Wille and the Bandits are one of the best live acts I've seen anywhere. Have seen them at least a dozen times live, and Will was kind enough to let me use their tunes on the videos. All good!


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