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  1. I do have a Job, I work in the building trade as a ceiling fixer, but for the last year or so I've fancied a change, so I have paid to get me some CS tickets and got myself a chainsaw and PPE, and with me not being able to get much out of it I've been thinking how shite it must be for the young uns who have nothing to fall back on like myself.
  2. Thanks guys, aprreciate the possitive words. Hope fully some one will give me the chance to prove my self soon!
  3. Felix, i thankyou for the old "CHIN UP", Thing is i know i will be an asset to a Tree Surgeon, I had loads more to say but my misses just deleted it .....
  4. Every guy or girl looking for work on this website, I feel feel for you, i have been trying to get work on here for months, nothing has come of it really unless you count the work i have had off Dave, 4 weeks max out of 3 months, but a BIG THANKS! To Dave Riding for the work, I have what you guys have as a minimum....CS 30 31 38 my own Chainsaw, PPE and Transport....was gonna get cs 39 but read alot on people passing it regardless of experienceand getting no where.........Ive spent enough money chancing, i think you guys in the colleges need shine and make yourself be noticed or else in the current climate your gonna be stuck in the job centre picking up ( i wont say it on here properly.... ( scraps) GOOD LUCK MY GUYS, PleaSE KEEP ME INFORMED ABOUT YOUR LUCKY BRAKES GUYS, ID BUZZ OF A FEW OF YOU MAKING IT PASSED THIS RECCESSION... :thumbup1::thumbup1:
  5. I'm looking for work as a groundsman, I have certs CS 30, 31 and 38, also have CSCS card (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) to get on building sites have my own ms260 chainsaw and all PPE, any tree work will do, I live in the Rochdale area near royton and i have my own transport, if you know of any companys looking for subbies please drop me a pm with the details, Thanks alot guys for reading
  6. Dean they look way better than the ones im looking at buying , what did you pay for yours?
  7. If the work started flooding in Paul maybe I'd invest in a pair, Cheers
  8. The reason i would be buying the ladders is primarily to do the tops otherwise I'd buy a 3ft Hopup could you show me a picture of the triple ladder you mention Rupe, even though there £100 more than i can afford on ladders
  9. I think i can see where you coming from there burrell_ but would you say there is an advantage over the multi purpose ladder and how much did your ladder cost
  10. Look guys Im on a massive budget here, Im finding it hard to get groudie work so I've took apon myself to have some business cards done and advertise myself for Hedge cutting, Im in need of a way of getting to the top of the hedges and I've seen the Multi purpose 4.75m ladder for £69.99 it seems as though it would be perfect for the job, Bearing in mind I'll be using this for domestic use only, I'd love to hear some of your views please Rhys Conway
  11. I dont know if this will help you on your search for a new harness but i did my climbing course at Myerscough college and i borrowed there Komet Dragonfly 2 harness, very comfortable and doesnt look too complicated like the treemotion.


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