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  1. Now in stock from 4SRT the Solo chest harness for single rope technique. Simple to use and comfortable - £37+vat plenty in stock. https://www.skylandequipment.com/4srt-chester-solo.html
  2. There is a shortage of these once again with Husqvarna out of stock, we have 2 left in stock ready to go! 25% Off RRP https://www.skylandequipment.com/husqvarna-572xpg-chainsaw.html
  3. Okay we have an answer - They have confirmed that the outgoing ZIGZAG (ie D22A) is compatible with the CHICANE as well as both new 2019 ZIGZAGs. They have said that the configuration is not certified by a notified body (ie they didn't send it off to be certified along with the new products but that they have put the D22A through all the same in house testing with a CHICANE as they have with the new ZIGZAGs and are happy that it passed all the testing. I have added a photo to show the size difference - note the new one is the Zigzag to have a swivel you need to buy the Zigzag Plus which is not yet in stock.
  4. These are basic buffs - no special HV or fire protection and so on you can get with Buff but they will do the job as a sweat band - face mask - come in a bit cheaper as well at £10.
  5. The new ZIgzag is on its way - it is bigger than the original Zigzag and too be honest we prefer the original as it is more compact - so we are letting you know if you want one of the originals we have limited stock left - once they are gone, they are gone! Might keep one for myself if I ever go back to it....🤔 Original ZigzagNEW - Zigzag PlusThe pictures are not too scale.
  6. For the month of March, we are giving away with every pair of Pfanner trousers a free neck tube! They will auto go in with every order.
  7. Arrived this week is the Chicane from Petzl to work in conjunction with the Petzl Zigzag - seems like a really nice bit of kit and will be popular for the DDRT climbers on Zigzags looking to try out SRT.
  8. We have finally become an authorised Stihl dealer and can now supply you in store and online with a great range of parts, products and prices! In time the catalogue will build and as you know with Skyland if you see it on the web-store then you know we stock it and this is the way we will carry on with Stihl! https://www.skylandequipment.com/brands/stihl.html
  9. Thanks Steve, it will still need work like all websites I am finding issues daily!
  10. Finally, it is here! After nearly 1 year of hard work, we are proud to launch our new website! Please take a look and let us know of any issues! Feedback is greatly appreciated. We will be adding more features over the coming weeks. https://www.skylandequipment.com/
  11. Finally it is here! After nearly 1 year of hard work we are proud to launch our new website! Please take a look and let us know of any issues! Feedback is greatly appreciated. We will be adding more features over the coming weeks. https://www.skylandequipment.com/
  12. Brand new and in stock! A fantastic, fun hoodie from Dendroid showing the ultimate tree surgeons vehicle in the Unimog and the great show piece of topping a tree out and having a helicopter take it away! As always with Dendroid the quality of the material is excellent and long lasting. http://www.skylandequipment.com/dendroid-dream-day-hoodie.html
  13. We have handpicked some great deals for you! Starting Friday around midnight there will be deals on Sterling ropes and bags, Arbortec, Echo and more! http://www.skylandequipment.com
  14. These look the business! Limited stock and no more until next May [emoji37] http://www.skylandequipment.com/edelrid-talon-climbers.html


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