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  1. Aye - I did notice at the training course venue that there were a number of skinny silver birch trees that had obviously been spiked heavily at some point which had well healed wounds.
  2. Not a troll - no! I probably should have mentioned that spiking was a rare occurrence in my line of work. Cutting them down did cross my mind and I'll do it if needs be. I was just hoping a vertically challenged person would say "yes! These are what you want!"
  3. Think I will have get to a shop.... Only spike immediately prior to felling - once checked for protected species (mainly bats). Initial check or if tree is not certain to be felled would be done with ropes only.
  4. Only spike up trees that are definitely being felled/lost due to development. I am an ecologist. I appreciate that jabbing bits of steel into tree has negative consequences.
  5. I'm not that small but good innovation there! We climb trees that will probably be taken down at some point. If it's only 'probable' I don't spike as if the layout/design of the road/pipeline/housing development is altered, the tree may be retained. Only spike when the tree is definitely coming out, i.e. there is someone with a chainsaw impatiently waiting for me to check the tree!
  6. I'd use a ladder and an endoscope in that scenario.
  7. Hello, I'm new to the forum - this is my first post, so hello! I'm new to climbing too - I completed the NPTC course in August. I work as an ecologist so climb mainly to check trees for protected species. Anyway, I bought some Bashlin climbing spikes and they're just too long and painful to climb in (pretty much levering my kneecap off). Can anybody recommend some highly adjustable ones that would be suitable for me? I'm 5ft 1! Cheers, Emma Oh - and does anybody want to buy some barely used irons? Bashlin climbing spikes steel (straight), velcro pad -about £240 new!


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