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  1. Bump, Iv'e still got the Gloves, anyone want them?
  2. Update, The trousers, helmet and boots have gone. Sorry for anyone else who wants them but they went pretty quick! Hodge, I don't mind in the slightest. Happy to use Arbtalk to its greatest potential!
  3. No, it's not £500 worth in the condition I shipped it in, however it's enough to tide some people over untill their next pay check!
  4. Some people have too much time on their hands! Saying that it was an amazing Video!
  5. Cheers guys. Its amazing the amount of stuff that you accumulate! Just trying to sort through it all takes forever!
  6. Sorry to hear that mate. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  7. I'm sorry john, but the Helmet has already gone. Do you still want the gloves?
  8. Again, after cleaning out a few other draws i have come across some other stuff that I am happy to give away. I've got a pair of AT900 Xpert Class 0 Chainsaw Gloves that have hardly been used. A set of Stihl braces to fit buttons And a Petzl Alveo Vent climbing helmet with MSA Sordin ears(26SNR), but not visor. I also have 2 spare forehead bands for inside the helmet that fit the Alveo Vent helmet. Like I said before I hope someone that is starting out in this industry can put them to good use. Same drill applies, Either collect them from London, or you pay the postage. Isaac
  9. Cheers, My wife has a job teaching in Nepal, so that is where we are off to.
  10. Hi All As I am packing up and moving abroad I have 2 pairs of chainsaw trousers and a pair of boots that I happy to give away to someone who needs them. My hope is that someone who is staring out in this industry like I was several years ago and needs that first set of trousers to get them going until they can afford to buy their own. I have a pair of Stihl Hi-Flex Type C Allround Protective Trousers (size L) and a pair of Oregon Waipoua type C chainsaw trousers (size M) The boots are Meindl Woodwalker Pro, Class 1 Chainsaw Boot (UK Size 9) Both sets of trousers and the boots show signs of wear. I have re-stitched both sets of trousers in several places as they needed it. Bellow are some photos of them showing the wear that they have had. I live in london so either you could come collect them from me, or you can pay the postage to have them shipped to you. If you have any questions about them please ask.
  11. I work for a sub-contractor in London on a council contract, so i know what you mean about wanting to up your speed. Speed comes with time, and the best way to get that is to spend time in trees. I'm still learning, and have been on this contract for 2 and a bit years. When i was starting I tried to do a tree a day, even if it was the tiny GP at the end of the day. At least it was a tree!
  12. Wow, Looks like a nice tidy job!
  13. Hi Dan. Thanks for that reply! Looking at threads it does seem that with the Hitchclimber set-up it does require a spliced eye to attach or the friction hitch catches. This is my concern with this set-up.
  14. Hi Guys. Been reading through this thread and it's been really informative and answered a few questions, and following advice have invested in a cambium saver. However I am now looking for some more advice. I have been climbing on a prussic for the last year or so and have decided to move up to include some sort of shiny thing. I am looking to upgrade to a SJ/LJ/ZZ in the possible future but at this stage the cost is the one thing that puts me off them. I am currently in possession of some 13mm Yale XTC with no spliced ends. I have a rough budget of around £60. With those things in mind what would you people recommend? Thanks in advance


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