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  1. whats that about the bottom vent being connected to outside via a pipe
  2. mended the oil side of my combican with a poundland epoxy syringe
  3. am I right in thinking Adam Worboys etc gets you a head start in alphabetical listings,just behind aardvark services.
  4. I can only tell you about how good the mosquito bags are,i use them to finish drying my stock off, Stack them with the mesh side to the wind for good airflow and make sure to keep rain out from above. The ones with bottom loops suit my system as I use them to tip logs out on trailer. My current bags will have been used about 8-10 times and are now on their last legs,but I am now double bagging to get more use out of them.
  5. If only we could get the managers from the best hospitals to sort out the worst ones. The biggest problem in the nhs is that the shit employees are so difficult to sack that they get promoted upwards and then recruit their useless mates to surround them. Next time you are in a hospital and the service is rubbish,start turning the staffs I.D badges the right way round so you can see their names,they love being anonymous.
  6. Just heard from my sharpening guy,that my blade tips are damaged/lost, Any info about retipping costs or services would be great blade has only been sharpened twice and cost around £220,i think it was stone inside some hedgerow firewood plus barb wire that had grown in.
  7. I reckon if you made a foot high extension to that little trailer and heaped the load up a bit,you would be on the cube. It would tip up by hand to empty as well.
  8. Does anyone else suffer from scary ignitions in their stoves after stoking up onto sleepy embers, we get a fair old pop and a puff of smoke into the room.
  9. Im making a batch of cattys for the Christmas craft fairs and I am looking for ideas for the pouches, anybody got any brainwaves on an everyday object that could be adapted/recycled into a pouch. Also any good sources of twang. cheers paul
  10. lads around my way ,tell me that they used to travel to dances on motorbikes,three lads on bike and pulling two more on push bikes. Naturally they were drunk ,but all lived to tell the tale,i would of loved to have seen that outfit ,lights out and navigating by moonlight to avoid the fuzz.
  11. double bagging gets more trips out of them,put a better bag inside a dodgey one .
  12. Just out of interest,how many acres would be needed to plant 3 billion trees and 200000 miles of hedges. I don't know if there would be room for any food crops. Im all for planting more though.
  13. Can anyone give me an estimate of strokes per minute on kindling machines please.
  14. I bought some oil off plogs five years ago,and cant believe its the same bloke. Any chance of a before and after photo. All the best to him and great to see him,i hope he is coming back to us,


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