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  1. There will be no homegrown softwood for construction by the time these mad new tree planting schemes get going. I reckon the new generation of forestors have been brain washed into planting crap. I know big conifer plantations are not very wild life friendly but they are a necessary evil.
  2. young boy started driving a360 excavator on site the old salts warned him that if he swung around in the same direction too much the base of the machine would unthread and fall off He spent a long time making sure that if he did a rotation left he then countered it with a right
  3. those veritas power tenon cutters go up to 2inch, probably take some holding though,the inch ones will spin your arms off when they catch. they kill drills to.
  4. hi gimlet can you confirm if those holly mallets are just a section of trunk with a branch growing out as the handle.
  5. Anybody else cry when he was trapped underwater,gulp.
  6. Which item continues to make you smile at its performance. My sad and battered 55 year old zetor tractor amazes me,it was £400 30 years ago and has done everything ive asked of it.It lives outside and has been boiled and run low of oil,but always starts again after a rest,it powers the splitter or sawbench day after day and can still earn half its original cost in a day.
  7. leave it til Christmas and sell foliage to florists for wreaths,they love yellow variegated.
  8. hi coppice how about vented barrow bags,they contain .25 of a cube.They can be moved about with a decent sack truck and could be manhandled onto landy. I usually stand 4 on a pallet tied together for stability while they season.
  9. Google mobile upholstery repairs,a wizard in a van will make it disappear.
  10. Just out of interest try putting bar on upsidedown and running saw
  11. thought the chancellor was doing away with red diesel in the recent budget you just claim a rebate in future
  12. Test results back,ive got it and have to assume wife also has it. Its bloody rotten,8days of the most miserable aching coughing til ive sprung a rib,boiling then freezingand trouble sleeping and not much better after all this time. I wouldn't wish it on anyone let alone the elderly. At least im paid and looked after by ambulance service
  13. whats that about the bottom vent being connected to outside via a pipe


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