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  1. Lit mine yesterday just to cheer things up a bit. Crazy weather.
  2. I lit mine this morning. Cheers the room up and helps dries the dogs. We have to have the windows open to lessen the smell from my elderly incontinent father's room 🤢 and it's bloody cold
  3. I didn't in the end. Realised that I actually like the gorse - it's a good barrier, evergreen, flowers all year round and after cutting it back, it's growing bushier. This is on the top bank of my pond, South facing. Petals are browning off a bit but the foliage is still green. Despite the council's assertions, natural regen seems to be my preferred route - plenty of birch, oak and willow coming up, with the occasional alder (spread from trees I planted, as there were none here when we moved in). All good for wildlife, as far as I can see. I have plenty of habitat piles around too, although the mother-in-law would rather I just burn it all and have the grass clipped to look like Astroturf.
  4. My gorse is looking pretty splendid around my pond - it's all naturally regenerated and providing good dog-proof cover so hoping some of the wildlife the pond attracts will actually stay. It has been really cold and wet this year so far but it's pretty tough stuff so should bounce back, I hope
  5. spandit


    Is it safer to tow Land Rovers backwards then?
  6. spandit


    If only terrorists drove Land Rovers more often - we'd have far fewer attacks as they'd be spending half their time fixing the damn things
  7. Love the smell of freshly cut bracken... I bought, at great expense, a DR Power 26" brushcutter - not a lot that stops it. You can hire Billy Goat mowers or similar which will do for tree planting. For a wildflower meadow you'll need to cut and collect the grass to reduce fertility.
  8. I was joking - plenty of people won't burn softwood, whether it's free or not. Benefits me as I get it dumped round here where I can use it to keep my house warm!
  9. Good plan. If they're tall and bushy, the dog won't be able to jump over them, which is the idea. Hopefully once they're thick enough to lay, they'll be too wide for her to consider jumping
  10. Just planted 100 of the 200 40-50cm whips I bought to make a dog resistant boundary along my neighbour's fence, which is in a poor state of repair. Sure I read somewhere that once they're planted, they should be cut in half to make them bushier lower down or is this a myth? Do cuttings ever sprout, with a bit of rooting compound on them?
  11. I split a log into planks/shingles, but not all the way down. I then flip the log upside down and rotate it 90 degrees and split the other way. It can then be easily pulled apart by hand
  12. We're having some building work done at the moment and there are inevitable offcuts of treated timber. From what I've read, timber hasn't been treated with arsenic based stuff (CCA) since 2006. What is it treated with now and does it make it safe to burn (in a woodburner)?


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