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  1. Me too - not much we can (legally) do about that
  2. Due to the very generous tree surgeons who have tipped logs here, I've had a surplus and have dumped quite a few in various piles around the place. Was out with the dog last night near one of the piles when she started barking - it's a consistent bark that I recognise so I ran up to see what she'd found... saw these: First time I've seen more than one (and it's only been this year that I've seen any hedgehogs since about 1985). Hoping the slug population will be somewhat curbed later in the year!
  3. I have two. Both been in the ground for about 5 years. One is about 6' high, the other is barely out of the tube. Not expecting any fruit for some years...
  4. I made my own. Bought a cheap Bluetooth headband and put the bits into some existing Peltor ear defenders. Works pretty well although I'd have to take them off to answer calls
  5. He'd whittle a lovely spoon as you starved to death.
  6. Alice Levine is from the North... I'm hardly Sean Bean myself...
  7. According to Lofty Wiseman, "That fat fuck couldn't survive in the pie aisle at Tesco"
  8. What a charming notion. Yes, I do have a type
  9. 1. Professor Alice Roberts 2. Alice Levine 3. Hattie Morahan
  10. Can't find the link now. I think they mentioned it on the news
  11. ...this dry, breezy weather has done wonders for my log stacks. Nice to have a proper supply of decent dry wood now it's colder - thought they'd never dry out after the winter rains
  12. WDC - it was a retrospective application. Took about 2 years and a lot of reports. Waste of time and money frankly.
  13. Thanks. Been a struggle with the council getting it approved but now mainly leaving it to bed in and attract nature for itself
  14. Thanks. Got plenty of invertebrates (smooth newts, frogs) but the heron comes around and there are a couple of ducks who are often on it, so I expect they're tucking in. Lots of insect life which attracts swallows (or swifts, or possible martins) which are amazing to watch. We've been seeing a barn owl hunting in the field too and I expect there are plenty of voles in the banks where they've collapsed (as they're supposed to). No fish yet but I expect they'll find their way in eventually, unless them coming in on ducks' feet is a myth.


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