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  1. spandit

    Green Waste

  2. spandit

    Stihl MS181 ignition coil

    It has a leak from the oil tank so has been lying in a drip tray for some time now. I use the other one, although that’s also a bugger to keep running sometimes
  3. spandit

    Ventura swipe

    Looks identical to my Wessex Scrubmaster. I'd had it on the tractor for 5 minutes when I hit my first brick. It smashed the brick and kept going. Does a good job and fun to reverse into heavy brambles
  4. spandit

    Do you think they'll survive?

    Being told I'm wrong is the only interaction I get
  5. spandit

    Do you think they'll survive?

    Don't want my trees bullying each other. I though too much water would be detrimental but glad to be wrong. Should have planted more!
  6. Had an excess of willow (salix viminalis) cuttings from last year's growth so stuck a few into the banks of my pond, which was quite low at the time. Since then, the pond has filled up and the willows are now under water. Do you think they'll survive? Not terribly fussed if they don't, as we have plenty (as you can see I've planted a fedge on the island) but they have come into bud (this photo was taken today, March 1st 2019). Can't see it in that picture but just along from there is a huge mass of frogspawn, which is good news.
  7. spandit

    Habitat piles?

    Looks like a good Hugelkultur base
  8. spandit

    High Voltage near miss

    A 14 tonne excavator makes a pretty effective conductor for 11kVa too
  9. spandit

    Habitat piles?

    Managed to actually ask said neighbour as to what he meant. He reckons because we live in the countryside there is enough habitat around already and making some deliberate piles wasn't necessary. I disagree - my land is largely unmanaged but without the log piles, it's just grassland which is valuable for nature but limited in biodiversity.
  10. spandit

    Cherry logs. Which pile?

    I keep my cherry in a separate pile and I use it for cooking on in the summer
  11. Ivy was that thick. Despite my insistence that the tree and the ivy could live in harmony, she had it cut. Wouldn't be surprised if the cut went into the tree trunk too (it's a hawthorn). I've looked into Swiss options but the AN-225 is booked out for years in advance. With the queues at Dover, the rental cost of a low loader would be unaffordable
  12. Technically it's mine, but it was a gift that she bought for herself. Was going to fly the flag at half mast to mourn the loss of the hedge
  13. Only just noticed that. She's had the ivy cut. I won't be surprised if that tree "dies" and gets cut down whilst I'm away. She's a spiteful old fat hag.
  14. I only hired a 3 tonne digger. Ditch nowhere near big enough
  15. The fat **** threatened to chainsaw and weedkill the hedge so I hired a digger to transplant it elsewhere. Here's the glorious sweeping vista that was behind the hedge. She refused to pay for the digger hire (let alone the labour/fuel) because to just trash them would have cost her £20 and she said she gave me some money as a gift earlier in the year (that I wasn't aware I had to spend on her, the spiteful old cow). I'm ****ing seething. Seriously unhappy


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