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  1. Yes. Neck and neck, I'd say. Or trunk and trunk.
  2. Well, it's been 5 years and both doing well. The alder certainly doesn't want to let go of its friend
  3. Some days it does seem like I'm trying to burn asbestos
  4. I was given a whole load of Corsican pine years ago and it was chock full of fatwood - still using it now to make kindling. Leylandii I find a bit knotty to split but cedar is superb.
  5. I have been fortunate to have been given more logs than I can use, so I now have my own directory of friends who can take them away again! Some of the tree surgeons are ones I approached when seeing them working but just had a very polite call from someone on here who will be tipping next week. Tends to go in fits and starts. I can go months without anything and then some weeks I get several different companies tipping. Just a shame it's so bloody wet in my field as can't shift it around the place without chewing it up
  6. I'd take them if you could drop them onto a suitable habitat pile
  7. Very kind, thank you! You're not far away either... Can always plant more hedges
  8. Fair point but they were free and better to try rather than let them go to waste
  9. A good friend of mine has a load of little hornbeam coming up in his garden, which isn't huge. It's one of my favourite trees so we uprooted a dozen or so this morning for me to plant here. The largest was about 2cm in diameter and about 2m tall, maybe a bit more. I'm hoping they'll all take but wondered if anyone had done a study to see if trees transplant better if they're replanted facing the same way they were dug up? Too late for mine, it was an idle musing as I had nearly finished planting them all, but I wonder if trees are confused to find that suddenly they're the other way around? On that note too, if a tree is leaning due to light from one direction, I wonder if digging it up and turning it around would straighten things?
  10. Just jab the willow into the ground - if it's cut at an angle it'll go in and they're such voracious rooters - mine grow roots all the way along if you just leave them on damp ground for too long. Any time from now should do but I generally wait for a bit longer to make sure they're properly dormant
  11. Try leaving your hands out in the rain for 6 months
  12. Doesn't matter how viscous it is if it's water soluble. Anyway, let's not argue about it. Wood needs to be dry to burn and dry wood will burn.
  13. If the resin was being washed away then it wouldn't accumulate below. Yes, it's seasoning on the rare days it doesn't rain. It's mainly because I lack the space to put it all inside straight away


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