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  1. spandit

    Habitat piles?

    Looks like a good Hugelkultur base
  2. spandit

    High Voltage near miss

    A 14 tonne excavator makes a pretty effective conductor for 11kVa too
  3. spandit

    Habitat piles?

    Managed to actually ask said neighbour as to what he meant. He reckons because we live in the countryside there is enough habitat around already and making some deliberate piles wasn't necessary. I disagree - my land is largely unmanaged but without the log piles, it's just grassland which is valuable for nature but limited in biodiversity.
  4. spandit

    Cherry logs. Which pile?

    I keep my cherry in a separate pile and I use it for cooking on in the summer
  5. Ivy was that thick. Despite my insistence that the tree and the ivy could live in harmony, she had it cut. Wouldn't be surprised if the cut went into the tree trunk too (it's a hawthorn). I've looked into Swiss options but the AN-225 is booked out for years in advance. With the queues at Dover, the rental cost of a low loader would be unaffordable
  6. Technically it's mine, but it was a gift that she bought for herself. Was going to fly the flag at half mast to mourn the loss of the hedge
  7. Only just noticed that. She's had the ivy cut. I won't be surprised if that tree "dies" and gets cut down whilst I'm away. She's a spiteful old fat hag.
  8. I only hired a 3 tonne digger. Ditch nowhere near big enough
  9. The fat **** threatened to chainsaw and weedkill the hedge so I hired a digger to transplant it elsewhere. Here's the glorious sweeping vista that was behind the hedge. She refused to pay for the digger hire (let alone the labour/fuel) because to just trash them would have cost her £20 and she said she gave me some money as a gift earlier in the year (that I wasn't aware I had to spend on her, the spiteful old cow). I'm ****ing seething. Seriously unhappy
  10. Anyone interested in quoting for a job in Uckfield? Need some small trees (overgrown hedge) cut down plus a bit of pruning. Will need to remove the brash/chip/logs but you can dump them for free at mine about 5 miles away!
  11. spandit


  12. spandit


    I presume they run a forest school - tell them they can use the logs to make habitat piles or for fires to make 'smores - it's what happens at my daughter's school (also in Sussex). I wouldn't want her playing on that. Surprised school haven't mentioned it.
  13. spandit

    Woodland floor management

    I suppose I was thinking of putting some pigs in and feeding them with pellets, whilst letting them grub up brambles and bracken. They do make a mess but will expose seeds whilst fertilising the ground. If you want a scrubby area clear, they're a great means to do it and then after 6 months you eat them!
  14. spandit

    Woodland floor management

    Why not just electric fence and put some regular pigs in? Bacon breeds are pretty large and should be easier to handle than wild boar.
  15. spandit

    Upgraded the MS181

    Would an MS181 handle a 60" bar?


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