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  1. Got that too... doesn't blow them up like a CF though
  2. .308 a bit expensive to feed...
  3. Next question... 22LR (quiet, leaves body intact to eat), or .223 (effective, albeit in a slightly more gruesome way)?
  4. Wicker cradle type thing - I've threaded a steel cable through the handle and around the bottom as it wasn't really strong enough to carry a full load. Kindling etc. is in a wicker picnic basket
  5. I have some 1/2" sockets with a reverse thread designed for taking nuts and studs out. I imagine with a decent cordless impact gun you could grip the nuts although I seem to recall the bolts will just turn if you try Irwin Bolt Grip Nut Remover Set Expansion Set WWW.TOOLSTATION.COM Unique design that securely grips and removes stubborn nuts and bolts. Reverse spiral flutes bite down for maximum...
  6. Went to see if any of my newly planted almond trees had started budding (as the established one is getting there and it always blossoms early). Found this: Hoping it's not bad enough to kill the tree (rabbit spiral now added - it was unprotected before) but with my luck it'll be yet another fatality. Already lost several hundred pounds of trees in that patch alone (due to weather, mainly)
  7. First looks more like cedar to me. Not sure of second - could be cherry. Third/fourth might be laurel
  8. Splitting it now means you can stack it and leave it to dry rather than having to worry about it later on.
  9. My Ø2 baffle plate melted (at least, it had a bulge in it the size of a tennis ball) and a new one was a lot of money so I just cut out some sheet steel boiler plate that was lying around (it's rusty as anything but doesn't matter). Otherwise quite happy with it. Seal recently came off when we burned a load of toffee that was past its best - it ran down and stuck the door closed!
  10. I'd bet polystyrene cups are easier to recycle and use less energy to manufacture in the first place.
  11. More than happy to be corrected if you have a link
  12. Can buy bog standard hazel for that but cobnut seems to be more expensive
  13. I have a very productive Kentish cobnut tree (that was "power coppiced" a few years ago but which has recovered). Being greedy, I'd like more trees but I'm a tight git so thought propagation would be the way forward. I've pegged 3 stems down onto pots of soil - haven't split them or used any rooting compound (as per this link: Laying Hazel to grow new hazel coppice stools – Woodlands.co.uk WWW.WOODLANDS.CO.UK Woodland for sale throughout the UK, including woods for sale in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. ... ) - what do you reckon my chances are of having 3 new trees in the spring? I've fenced it off to stop the dogs wrecking the pots (which were quite expensive)
  14. I save all my cherry for cooking on. Don't have any beech but I get by with a mixture of other stuff. Have a lot of ash and oak to supplement the almost unlimited leylandii I have. At the moment, anything that isn't wet from the rain will do!


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