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  1. spandit

    Is this the end?

    Assuming the whole of Wales is over 300m with 1.5m of rainfall, I calculate about 90PJ, just under half the energy of the Tsar Bomba.
  2. spandit

    How To Talk Your Wife Into Buying A Wood Mizer

    I stopped watching his videos after he started banging on about Jesus for 10 minutes in each one
  3. Could you not put some goats in there?
  4. spandit

    Bulk Wood Chipping

    Not cheap are they?
  5. spandit

    MS181 spluttering and bogging down at high revs

    My MS181 dies when I press the trigger. Think I'll order a new carb too
  6. spandit

    What to do with brash?

    Sell it as fire pit fuel. Bang on about how sustainable it is and whack the price up for townies
  7. spandit

    Old Firewood Song.

    "Apple wood burns clear and bright, So does every other wood, goodnight"
  8. spandit

    2wd Forest Tractor - Opinions

    I agree - the area I was dragging the trunks out of was really boggy before. Ground is pretty loose and I dug a few holes in the dust trying to make progress - wouldn't even attempt it in the winter (it's a friend's property and access isn't great - he was asking to borrow my roller but no way of getting it into his field without towing it down the road - it's a ring roller so that wouldn't make me terribly popular with highways...
  9. spandit

    2wd Forest Tractor - Opinions

    Was using my Ford 4000 to drag some large oak trunks out of a woodland yesterday. Carrying an 18 foot length on the loader forks was interesting but it coped better than I'd have thought
  10. spandit

    Tree roots and water pipe

    Just had to replace c.160m of water pipe after a massive bill for a leak. Turned out we had iron pipes. At least now we know where the water runs and have various shut off valves to isolate bits of the system
  11. spandit

    Towing with a ride on mower

    To collect an acres worth of clippings is quite an undertaking but I understand your frustration as we have a four acre field that the farmers don't want to bother with. You could rake up cuttings with a spring tine harrow behind a compact tractor. Not going to be beautiful mulch overnight, mind. Sheep wouldnt need to push wheelbarrows as they wouldn't be leaving clippings to carry! Electric fencing isn't too expensive and you might find someone willing to do it just to give their livestock some new pasture.
  12. Best thing I've learnt all week!
  13. spandit

    Large Yew Tree

    I'd be interested to know how old it is if you can get a good section through it. Good for bows if long enough. I'll post this on BCUK to see if you get any more replies
  14. spandit

    Towing with a ride on mower

    Get some sheep
  15. spandit

    Will it survive? (Cobnut tree)

    No further questions, your honour


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