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  1. Whats the access like? Is it hilly? Is the ground firm or boggy? Is there a watercourse? How big are the rhodys?
  2. Its great firewood with a brilliant calorific value. Whats the site like?
  3. Im an experienced groundsman looking for permanent, full time employment in or around Taunton, Somerset. I currently have a national diploma in forestry and arboriculture, CS30, Chipper & MEWP. I also have several years of experience in fruit tree pruning, mowing, hedgecutting and small machinery maintainance. I have been in the industry for 6 years. I currently dont have a driving licence but my test is booked for the 21st of August and im able to get wherever you need me to be. if you have anything at all please call me on 07584658268 or PM me on here. Gus McWilliam
  4. Haha a caravan may be an option. Iv found a few decent flats nearby so I'm arranging viewings today
  5. I'm currently in Ruishton working at Monkton Elm garden centre
  6. I'm in Taunton now jon. Working in a garden centre lol
  7. Cheers for the best wishes all
  8. Various news outlets and the sex offenders register told me this. Plus when I asked him he admitted it
  9. I have been absent for several months due to being effectively homeless. Today me and my partner were set to move into a room. I googled my landlord and he turns out to be a paedophile and peeping tom. It's been a draining day to say the least.
  10. Ill get a picture up by the end of the day
  11. Hi all, I have a large Elwell number 5 felling axe that I'm planning on selling soon. It's in good condition and pretty sharp. What sort of price should I be selling it for?
  12. Berberis Darwinii if im not mistaken


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