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  1. Shadowlithing

    More than you know old bean... Haha How's trix Felix mate?
  2. Shadowlithing

    Hahaha thought you might like that X
  3. Shadowlithing

    I miss climbing shadows ..
  4. Solo Tree Work

    And then some...
  5. Rope wrench issue for lighter climber

    Forget limb walking mate, you need to workout what will be your best route to take with regards to what work is required to the tree. If you intend on going through natural forks then try and install a false redirect above the crotch. Try to avoid tight angles going through natural redirects if you intend on coming back through. Positioning of the false redirect is key to help you with the backtrack. Try a few different hitch variations on the rope wrench setup a few less wraps on some hitches helps a long way when it comes to light climbers.
  6. Solo Tree Work

    Some company's I worked for made you leave feeling like the 2/3 men teams were left in the yard, so when you say solo I can completely emphasise on your words Reg. On a serious note, we do what we do what we have to do.
  7. Scott Fraser training

    Scott is a great guy! I have a lot of time for him. His tutorial's are second to none!
  8. Which top handle?

    Reduction!! Pah!! I use my on take downs! Rips through timber twice the size of its bar length no problem!
  9. Which top handle?

    I wish mate, I would of done things a lot differently mate!!
  10. Which top handle?

    haha they nicked named me monster at school.
  11. Which top handle?

    My 150 is an animal!!
  12. Wanted!! Mature Prunus Victoria

    Hey guys, Putting some feelers out as I know how fast the word travels on here. The estate that I'm on are looking for a mature Victoria plum, the tree will be a feature tree situated by itself but needs to be of a decent size! It will also need to be delivered to boston Lincolnshire area. Can anyone help us out? All questions can be answered and yes money is no object! Please be serious with replies. Thanks in advance Adam
  13. I just called, to say....

    Yes it will mate long over due Haha you'll never get rid of me mate We've been without a car since end of December dude but when we get it back we will be up to see you and Jen
  14. I just called, to say....

    I will be coming down one day but won't be doing any demos! Not sure if I'll be on my own or with family but I'll be about You srt whore Steve check you out
  15. I just called, to say....

    Like wise amongst many others mate. Be good to catch up this year at the shows. I'm at the AA with ISC this year if your about mate


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