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  1. I bid, I won, I collected...! The lot was the two ps250's with 4 or 5m poles and a couple of stihl bg85 blowers. Straight away one of the ps250 fired up, runs nice, no leaks, all good! There's one small niggle: the throttle cable is frayed a bit so it's a bit sticky but I reckon I can sort that with a bike brake cable (has the same end on it) The other ps250 appears to have a stuck starter, but' I've not looked into it any further. It's pole is missing one of the hydro quick couplers, i'll pop by my local hydro buddy to see if they have anything that small (it has the cutest little hydraulic couplers!) if not i'll probs just change them over to something more commonly available. One of the blowers fired up right away too, needs a new primer bulb (cracked a bit but not leaking yet) and a nozzle and she's good to go. The other didn't have a spark plug in it so I've not yet looked if she runs or not. So two out of four machines fired straight up, pretty pleased with that!
  2. Cheers, I'll have a punt anyway. I'll just bid to a bit below what I think the value of a single working one should be and hope I can get one working out of the two. I'll go up to £200 odd, can't go far wrong with that I reckon. If not, it sounds like the parts should have some value?
  3. Hi, I've stumbled across a brace of these at an auction close by. I've never seen one before, might get them (depending on price obviously) Used well, but not obviously ragged to bits. It's a dispersal sale from a local contractor. Does anyone have any information on these? Used experience? Value? Spares availability? Cheers, Daniel
  4. The sprocket bearing inner race is a bit bigger than the ring of rivets. So clamping on that ring of rivets doesn't do anything to the bearing at all. I just used a washer slightly larger than the circle described by the rivets on the bolt head side. Can't take a pic as mill isn't in the same country I am just now.
  5. I would (and have on my own set-up) drill right through the centre of the sprocket. Use a thick washer either side, slightly bigger than the Ring of rivets. If you're drilling the nose anyway, might as well maximize capacity.
  6. the sucker there is the bit where they state "the vehicles exterior has to be distinguishable as a motor caravan in traffic" Which means it as to look like one, whether or not it looks like one is up to the person looking at the photographs you sent along with your application. DVLA have instructed their staff to make this decision based on (not publicly published) guidelines which are very restrictive and basically state it has to look like a "shop-bought" motorhome. This is (imho) all sorts of wrong, such rules don't apply to other vehicle categories (anyone seriously wanna claim a fiat multipla looks like a car??? or an ariel atom???). But it most likely is related to the more crusty "converted" vehicles, totally "stealth". Which means if the police are told to look for a motorhome, it could be right in front of them and they still see just a van. Anyway, I hope you get y'r v5 back as a motorhome! but I'm fairly confident it'll state "van with windows" (which isn't a vehicle category? odd!) Still think it looks great inside!
  7. Deffo not a pine doesn't look like a horse chestnut to me either, I'd go with pear maybe?
  8. The tree by the building may have moved just a tiny bit. Gap between the screws now measures 297 ish mm. Took me some time to find the same tape measure for consistency... It appears to be in slightly less health overall. Most likely because of the very dry past two years (with half it's root plate covered by the building) and the very Sandy soil. There's little bits of Browning of the needles throughout. Hopefully with a slightly less dry summer for a year or two she'll recover. So far, I'm happy to retain this one also. Though it would be unfortunate if the building got damaged, it's not in use often and failure of the tree would not likely result in injury or worse.
  9. Cheers, I reckon anything over 60p is enough for me to take it on as it's within walking distance of my house and the ground is pretty easy going (clay). It's the faffery that'll take the most time I fear.
  10. I'm not British.... Saxon Euro power for the win here, see it as humanitarian aid to these Islanders. There's a wide mix of species going in. Oak, birch, field maple, Holly, sw chestnut, hazel, whitebeam, hornbeam, goat Willow, alder, lime, whitebeam, turkey oak, Italian alder, Aspen. Probably a few I forgot.
  11. I've been asked to do some planting, but haven't done any for years so was wondering what the going rate is at the moment? Planting in a grass field. Bare root whips. 4ft tubes + stakes. Trees and materials supplied so labour only. It's a bit faffy, planting in single lines with all the trees to go in according to a plan where each tree is marked. So I fear that would slow things down a fair bit.
  12. You can tell the insurance company anything you like... But if you want to insure the van for what it actually would cost to repair/replace it if the worst should happen, then (depending on the company/underwriters) it'll make a difference how it's registered. Fortunately none of mine have ever been in an accident of any sort (fingers crossed) but a pal who had a stunning converted van got his entire claim rejected as he'd declared it as motorhome, but the v5 didn't state that. Logic and fairness don't apply to insurance company loss adjusters.
  13. Three years on, here's the "field" tree. It looks to have moved about an inch, which given the distance over the measurements would be an increase in lean of approximately 0.45 degrees. Considering the position of the tree, it's vitality, and the targets should it fail, I'm quite happy with that. From the picture it may not be very clear, the tree has just one single branch on the "high side" which actually doubles back towards the low side to such an extent that I reckon it's net contribution to counteract the lean is zero.
  14. PS, That picture in yr bathroom of the creepy guy would put me off from using it.


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