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  1. Thanks for the comments thus far. My budget is somewhat flexible, would £300 get me a decent enough machine? I have a good grinder/linisher for sharpening. I also have a good belt sander, a 15” disc sander, router, saws etc so don't think I'd want a multitool device.
  2. Cheers Steve! I'm in Oxford mostly, but don't mind travelling or paying for postage. I just don't know what brands/models etc to look for?
  3. Well... I don't don't really know exactly what I would like to turn... I would like to make some bowls, tool handles, small trinkets etc. Is there a machine that'll do most things ok? I suppose if I want to specialise in one thing or another I can get a machine to suit the specific purpose, but until I've tried everything a bit I won't know?
  4. Hallo, I've decided my life is void of meaning unless I have a lathe. I've played with turning before, a long time ago though, and am a complete novice, I know very little about what machines are good and what just looks good etc. I'm looking for a machine that's easy enough to use for a beginner, but doesn't need upgrading too soon because of reaching the limits of capability? With such kit, is it better to buy a really good solid 2nd hand or new? What's a good selection of chucks etc to start of with, wanting to turn bowls, small plates etc.? Basically: help, I'm clueless! Thanks, Daniel
  5. I like milling downhill with the Alaskan...
  6. Where in the world is this tree?
  7. Daniël Bos


    I think maybe you've misinterpreted the blurb. The sprockets are replaceable but I don't think there's a spare hiding in the bar. Not the worst idea ever I suppose but it would negate the whole "as light as possible" bit...?
  8. Ha, so they can end up like meek wee lambs? No thanks, fiercely independent thought is encouraged, whether I agree with their conclusions or opinions or not. As long as they can explain their reasoning and thought process. As far as the use of language, my wee lasses have been around enough shearing sheds to be as eloquent as one can be in the full variety of swearing available worldwide, yet canny enough to know when to moderate the use of such.
  9. My kids school had a celebratory non-uniform day yesterday to mark the occasion. The children were asked to wear red, white and blue. One of mine (10) went entirely in black, "why would I celebrate the marriage of some people I've never met, nor are likely to ever meet. The monarchy is bollocks!" "Language dear child!" Proud parent moment...
  10. I'd just keep it simple: 12v panel Pwm charge controller Battery The charge controller will have a load out, which will only be powered when there's sufficient voltage, thus preventing battery/pump damage.
  11. Yes, but the op states the nest isn't in the tree in question
  12. Does anybody actually know this matelot? I'm slightly worried about his (or her?) wellbeing.
  13. I'm not fat, I'm just a bit short for my weight...
  14. Yup, the beluga bulge was a recent addition to have a useable space over the cab. Now there's enough space to kneel in the bed up there (a design essential :-D )


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