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  1. Vermeer bc600xl

    Easiest way might be to find a trailer (chassis) with the right weight capacity, take the bed of and glue the chipper on. That way you don't fall foul of the rules regarding home built trailers, and it would be a quick and simple job.

    Wheelbarrows are a peculiar thing. There's many people for which the barrow is a major part of the working day, yet rarely does anyone spend any money on one. My barrow was made by fort (marketed as belle -from the cement mixers- in the UK) and cost about £120. Every time someone uses my barrow, they'll agree that it's the nicest barrow to use. But I've yet to see another one in use somewhere. This Makita looks flimsy, unstable and awkward to use. And it's about £700. Without batteries or charger...
  3. Making the news today....

    I'm pretty sure following my logic is beyond you, my logic involves a thing called compassion for which one requires empathy. A quality which appears entirely void in you. I'm not accusing you of being a racist, it's not my opinion, it's not my thoughts. It's a fact, you are a racist. Not a "racist", not a "so called racist", an actual racist. I base this statement on earlier white supremacy vileness you've posted before, not the drivel you come up with now.
  4. Making the news today....

    There's really no need to apologise. You're arguing with an entity that expressed the belief that people with darker skin are inferior to those with lighter skin, and the belief that what place you were born makes you....
  5. Chimney fire causes?

    Ok, so in short: The boiler temperature can have a big impact, but is not likely to be the only issue?
  6. Making the news today....

    I think the problem isn't simply paying for sex, it's what marriage is all about. It's the fact that the oxfam folk came from a very wealthy place, and rather than helping out the populus where they were sent they took advantage of the vast disparity in financial situations between one of the richest nations and one struck by disaster. It is likely the prostitutes in question would not sell their bodies had their country, their lives, their income abilities etc not been entirely crushed. So it's taking advantage of another human's misfortune by people paid and sent there to help better the situation.
  7. Plastic tree guards/tubes etc

    There are several biodegradable options available. Some made from plastics made from corn and potato starch, others from fortified cardboard like stuff. They're not quite good enough yet though. The potato ones i trialed were saggy and soggy and on the floor after one year. The corn ones were a nightmare to put on and fell apart in less than two. Gave feedback to the manufacturers who both ensured me that better things are on their way
  8. Chimney fire causes?

    Whut, use another forum!?!?! What if Steve B finds out?
  9. Chimney fire causes?

    wind direction or strength doesn't seem to make much difference. Not tried just burning kindling, but i'd have thought if it was a draw issue like that it would eventually remedy itself after burning for hours? It doesn't change whether it's just lit or going for hours/days.
  10. Chimney fire causes?

    He's not been logged in for nearly two months now, fingers crossed he reads this
  11. Chimney fire causes?

    Nope, an extra vent was put in an outside wall, windows/door open makes no difference
  12. Chimney fire causes?

    I suppose my main question is: can a badly controlled back boiler reduce the firebox temperature so much as to have caused this?
  13. Chimney fire causes?

    It is insulated. Twin wall selkirk from the ceiling above the cooker to the cowl. The only single bit is from the cooker to the ceiling. It doesn't have a ladomat i think, but a rather more complicated control system
  14. Chimney fire causes?

    That may have happened, but i don't believe it is the root cause as its never really been burning well imo. If that was the cause it would have slowly got worse.
  15. Does anyone demand payment on job completion?

    I don't accept cheques (they were fased out in the 80's in the civilised world...) Bank transfer only, payment to be in within 30 days. I rarely do small jobs for mrs miggins though. Only once had a customer pay late.


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