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  1. The boys have killed my Jo Beau M300. The chassis is bent such that the Anvil is pulled out of shape. This means that it cant be adjusted to give a nice uniform gap between the anvil and the blade which in turn means it pulls through chips that are to big and the machine jams. New chassis is approx £1200 and that's before labour and the various parts that would probably be needed for rebuild. So the question is what to do with it? For me and my contacts a chassis repair is a non starter. Risky and expensive. Would approx £2000 be good value for a rebuild? I've been offered cash for the engine so selling the engine and scrapping the rest is an option. Any other ideas? David
  2. Just found the manual, its 60Nm for the blade bolts
  3. I am going to swap the blades on my Beau Jo M300 chipper. Does anyone know the torque settings for the bolts. I'm struggling to find the documentation. Thanks
  4. Happy to give Sam a reference if that helps? D
  5. We are in the process of updating risk assessments for teaching forestry and arboriculture. Does anyone have a risk assessment for teaching rigging that I could have a look at? Is there an AFAG Guide or similar that I have lost track of. Thanks in advance David
  6. I have a colleague who has done a Lantra cross cutting qualification in the past. He is under the impression that it 'runs out' after five years. I understand that refresher training is considered good practice and a requirement for working on forestry commission sites. (Fisa) Does his qualification run out or is he confusing it with good practice. Is there a different or similar story in regards to the NPTC qualifications? Thanks in advance D
  7. Just had a look at the reset instructions. Saw would need to run on 'cold start' for over 30 seconds. I'm lucky to get 10
  8. 201 top handle, starts easy, cuts well but often won't idle after its been started. Tends to settle down if i cut something. Sometimes reving it up up seems to help. It has a new air filter and plug recently. What would be the next steps in sorting it? (And yes I may well send it to Spud)
  9. (I'm no legal expert) If you don't own the trees and didn't do the work I don't understand how the work that has been done could affect you in terms of prosecution. If you buy the land the tree/s were on you perhaps could be accused of the work if or when it comes to light? I would think that the best course of action is for somebody to talk to the tree officer. The issue here maybe that he needs to take action on whoever has been involved with the work which is a bit difficult if they are either going to be your next door neighbour or the people you are trying to buy from. Possibly a better way forward once the tree ownership is clear is for the owner to approach the tree officer with the aim of resolving the situation without prosecution. Mistakes happen and it maybe more in the councils interests to resolve with considered replanting or... I look forward to seeing what others have to say.
  10. Sling round my back with a cross in it. Made a sling to fit with a length of climbing tape and a 'tape knot' works well. Have a tiny rock climbers karabiner to attach it. I like that whilst it has limitations, (knotted sling and non locking karabiner) it fits perfectly and is strong enough to use as a sling and karabiner combination if 'push comes to shove')
  11. Maybe, but having spoken with both Aborisk and Trust who i understand to be the main suppliers of arboricultural insurance in the uk it would seem that as soon as your in a supervisor role and self employed / sub contractor you are carrying employer type responsibility on site. I flagged this because i suspect it affects quite a few people. Would be keen to hear about exceptions.
  12. Quick heads up... I've been checking out insurance issues and and it has become clear that when working as a sub contractor, if you take on a leadership role or are supervising others you need your own employers liability.
  13. Until about a two years ago I ran a business 'Morland Tree Services.' from Morland near Penrith. Morland being the name of the village I lived in. I have just had an email from my internet host saying I need to renew the morland.co.uk domain name. I won't be doing that as I now live in Devon and the Morland based work is not really relevant to me now. Out of curiosity I googled 'morland tree services' I couldn't remember if I still had the domain name pointing at a website. This is where it gets interesting. morlandtreeservices.com came up and linked to apparently a tree firm based in Penrith. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. My first thought was 'has somebody in the village started up a tree business? wonder who that might be? Its a small place and everyone knows each other so it would be likely I'd know them and wish them the best of luck, even point leads their way. Having looked at the morland.com website and its content I'm pretty sure something else is going on. The questions is what? The about us page suggests they are not a local firm. Saying they are based in Penrith. Unless they are actually based in the Morland/Penrith area there is some misleading marketing going on here at best. I probably know all the tree surgeons in Penrith area and those I don't know the ones i do will. Its a small world. At the moment if any of my old customers google my old business name they will pointed at this .com website. Building on what I left behind. If I was still trading in the area I would be very concerned. Perhaps a few of you might like to have a look at a few variations on your business names on the internet and see what comes up? e.g. morlandtreeservices.com morlandtreeservices.co.uk morlandtreeservices.net etc. 'Tree Services UK' features in the website. Who are they? (who are you?) I'm interested in finding it if this situation is affecting others perhaps more seriously than its affecting me at the moment. Thoughts please?


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