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  1. Survey Results – Health and Safety for Climbing Arborists

    Thanks for this, interesting reading and results. Glad to see it's not a knee jerk reaction of fit more guards to everything, and rather an emphasis on proper work positioning, emergency planning and behavioral issues.
  2. Lanyard Options

    Don't forget the stopper knot in the other end
  3. From memory I think it was this chap, probably worth a quick phone call to check though before you rock up with a load! http://mountpleasanttrees.com
  4. There was a chap down that way who took chip, ran a tree nursery? Can't remember the name, will try and find out.
  5. Record of CPD?

    Hi, After attending the prep workshop in York last week, I've been trying to sort out some record of CPD so it's nicely listed, and am struggling a bit! Is there any set guidelines of how it is best to record this, rather than "I went on this course, hang on let me find the ticket... and I sometimes go on Arbtalk!" I need to record both formal training, and informal (i.e. Arbtalk, attendance at trade events, staying updated with relevant documentation, etc etc.) Many thanks Joe
  6. Qualifications for Utility Arb

    I can't make it to the arb show but interested in knowing more about this please Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  7. How to descend and work within the tree?

    I know next to nothing about rock climbing, but in this application assuming you are climbing on a doubled rope and not straying into SRT territory then the prussik is only taking 50% of your weight, with the rest being transferred to your anchor point via the termination end of your line. As mentioned, you can use many gadgets to climb that are more efficient - spider jack, zig zag, hitch climber, etc. Personally, I'd learn the basics with a prussik loop and move onto the more advanced systems once you are more comfortable up a tree. Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  8. How to descend and work within the tree?

    I don't know anyone who uses a grigri for day to day climbing, as I understand it the prussik used in rock climbing is somewhat different from its use in arb. Assuming you are using a 13mm arb rope such as xtc, you want a 10mm or min 8mm prussik loop, that's all you need to ascend, descend and work the tree. You will also need a short lanyard, say 5m of 13mm rope and another prussik so if you need to change over you are still tied in, and to give you a second anchor point when cutting or to stop you swinging. If you can make it to the arb show this weekend, you will come away with a much greater understanding of tree climbing techniques, as well as a desire for lots of shiny jingly toys Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  9. VT vs Distel

    I love the VT myself, I find that a well tuned VT will outperform a Zigzag or Spiderjack any day of the week. Problem is it takes a lot of playing to get to that stage! I'd buy a few lengths of cord, forget eye to eyes as I find cord length is crucial and you can't adjust the eyes unlike a fishermans Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  10. R.I.P Theocus David Shepherd

    Met David a few times, didn't know him that well but always seemed like a decent, cheerful bloke. Rest in peace, thoughts go to the family and friends Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  11. Photo Competition - Win £100

    Hedgelaying from a few years ago Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  12. Date rate for tractor & winch

    What's happening with the chip? Chip and spray, dump on site somewhere or remove entirely? For a lot less than £250 you could hire a great big 4x4 dumper, tie a rope to it and pull then use it to chip into and dump on site if that helps, done that once or twice before. Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  13. Scottish power spikes

    Think western power use Buckingham if that's any help... Can you post a picture of said spikes, someone may be able to id them Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  14. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    If it helps, I'm fairly certain I have an old Samsung s5 with a broken speaker at home. You can't use it to make calls but everything else works, happy to pop it in the post for you Steve as a tester phone? Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app
  15. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    When i search for something using Google on my phone (Motorola on android) and a relevant arbtalk thread pops up in the results, when i click on it the app opens but on the normal home page meaning i then have to try and remember what the thread i was about to look at was called, and search again within the app? Is there a way round this, or am i being a bit dense? Sent from my XT1700 using Arbtalk mobile app


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