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  1. Joe Newton

    Chainsaw boots as walking boots?

    The werewolves are marketed as a climbing boot. They have chainsaw protection but no toe cap. If you're going to be doing ground work with a saw I wouldn't recommend them.
  2. Joe Newton

    572 husky or 500i stihl

    And how does that compare to how similar size saws hold their revs in the cut?
  3. Joe Newton

    572 husky or 500i stihl

    Do you see my point? Or did you just take it at face value?
  4. Joe Newton

    572 husky or 500i stihl

    All saws obviously drop revs when cutting. To state that the saw drops to a specific rpm in timber is surely horse shit. Far too many variables involved for that comment to be taken seriously
  5. Joe Newton

    what's up with swearing?

    You're a special kind of country bumpkin though.
  6. Joe Newton

    Decent spiking boots

    Yeah, but I'm not paying an extra £50 for a feature I won't use. Just ordered the Andrews. I've recently got the leather bottoms for my geckos but it was effort getting them tight enough that they wouldn't slip off the none existent heel. Sure these will be fine. I don't need a massively clunky boot, just one that'll keep the shank where it's meant to be. I'll let you know how I get on, if I don't one of you can buy a cheap pair for your wives/sisters
  7. Joe Newton

    what's up with swearing?

    To be fair the moderators donate their time free of charge to keep this forum on the straight and narrow. Sure, there's a lot of traffic and stuff gets through, but if you have as genuine question or concern about how this forum is ran you could either privately message the admin, or not use it. Basically publicly calling out the moderators decisions is not going to get a great reaction. We're grown men here, this isn't school. Life's too short to get upset with things on the internet.
  8. Joe Newton

    Decent spiking boots

    So is it just that the soles are thin/ flexible? I don't mind that as I weigh naff all and have tiny size sevens. The thing that I'm keen to know about is if they've got enough heel to keep the spike firmly in place. My scaffel boots have done me really well but the sole is worn to the point that it can't keep spikes in place
  9. Joe Newton

    what's up with swearing?

    Steve ain't paying you enough mate. What makes me laugh more than people getting pulled up for naughty words, is clinging onto it like a whingy toddler. Take your licks, man up and move on. Edit: Toxic masculinity. "Man up" is so medieval.
  10. Joe Newton

    Decent spiking boots

    Cheers Matty, what was it particularly that made them bad for spiking?
  11. Joe Newton

    Decent spiking boots

    Awesome, that's plenty of endorsement right there. Cheers boys!
  12. Sorry for the banal "What should I buy?" topic. I'm aware that Bolam is going to post a picture of fetish wear, but if any grown ups have a suggestion I'd like to hear it. Looking for a pair of saw boots with a decent chunky heel for spikes that would also be not too clunky for normal climbing. I like the look of the Andrew Cervinos as the built in for loop means I could do away with the tatty floop that lives on my boots. I've heard a few times that they're not the best for spiking in though. Any recommendations or experiences?
  13. Joe Newton

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    If you're going for a 50cc saw its worth considering running a narrow kerf chain. I run Oregon 95TXL on my ported 357 and its definitely quicker than the standard .325 chain.
  14. Joe Newton

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    Yup, or a retractable lanyard so when you push the chog off it returns. I try to avoid chogging on big timber these days though
  15. Joe Newton

    150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

    I've actually seen a thin rod used for the same purpose. Cut most of the way through, insert rod beyond bar and carry on. Also helps roll the slice off and you don't have to spike round to the nose of your bar for the second wedge


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