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  1. Presumably all of the harnesses with a single bridge will be deemed inadequate for tree work now too? The AA have rolled over with this one. A self appointed body claiming to be for the benefit of the industry should have had our backs, instead they've gone along with it knowing full well it's not making us safer, but there opposite.
  2. Thought it was about some of the LA contracts I work on. Maximum impact, minimum effort!
  3. Never understood this attitude. You never taken a tree down after a house was built nearby? It's a butchered acacia, just before we start mourning it
  4. Hopefully a few more years will see me at your level, where the real work gets done from a cab or from a cafe! Until then I'll continue to strop into dodgy trees and tell myself "it'll be alright, as long as the other guys think I'm good."
  5. Doubt there's any device designed to break away under a certain load. Personally I wouldn't bother, anchor into the good tree, strop into the bad one. It's nothing new, and trees don't tend to fall over as soon as my 10stone starts climbing them. When I can get a digger on site I'll be all over stevie for advice.
  6. Just use a couple of big zip ties. Don't know what all this "resettable" stuff is all about? It's just for the one job, if another comes up use another couple of zip ties...
  7. Joe Newton


    Also used to work with a groundy who wanted to be a climber but wasn't allowed on account of him being a farm-spastic. He wore a sawpod on the ground and had a rescue knife clipped to his belt loop. He was fired eventually after hedge trimming a finger almost off.
  8. Joe Newton


    Yup, they walk amongst us. Mate sent me a photo of one of the subbys walking into a co-OP complete with protos and foot ascender!
  9. Joe Newton


    Didn't get on with mine, used to rotate round and stick into the back of my knee, would get in the way and was another thing to faff around with putting on before you start climbing. Plus you look like a bender mincing around site with a saw strapped to your leg. I keep my silky clipped to the leg loop of my harness now, but it doesn't get used much.
  10. He blows the shite off it and gives it a fragrance of your choice
  11. I was sceptical as well. I was told they wouldn't still sell it if it wasn't suitable for their machines, but realistically what makes them money?
  12. I was invited to Stihl HQ last year with a few from here, and I asked their head technician about the red oil. He maintained that any of their oil range was suitable for the new mtronic saws. Not disagreeing with you, but I found that interesting.
  13. I think the clearest thing this thread has demonstrated is that anyone who spends too much time in their shed playing with other people's dirty chainsaws will end up a little strange in the head...
  14. The cheapo Dickie Flexothane type jackets look decent for the price if you're gonna be standing about in the pissing rain, but no good for grafting in. If you really have to climb or graft in the wet weather I like to have 2 or 3 sets of base layers and micro fleece tops. You'll stay warm (but wet) until you stop, then change for the way home. Nothing is going to stop prussik gravy running down your arm.


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