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  1. Hand ascender might help but you shouldn't have to grip the rope tight. Just keep yourself upright as rich says
  2. So Sena products can link to other comms via "universal pairing". The caveat being you can only link to one person rather than 4 with the sena comms. I can't comment about linking to the pfanner ones. Both systems need to be open to foreign pairing
  3. So do stihl recommend that dealers fuel and oil up each saw and run test it? Naturally! It's a pre delivery inspection required for the sale of any 2 stroke machine. Probably won't be oiled, but it'll be filled with stihl motomix or the equivalent and ran up and checked then drained prior to postage
  4. Super is more than sufficient. I asked stihl uk's head tech if he reckoned the ultra was with it and he said that all their machines are still compatible with red, super is better, but the difference in cylinders tested on super vs ultra were fairly negligible. Funnily my echo 2511 runs ace on super but shite on ultra Read above. Technically your 661 should be okay in red, but if you're buying a grands worth of saw there's no point being tight on oil. Buy 5l of super and it's cheap peace of mind. Re: bedding in, check the manual for a procedure, if there is none then just put it straight to work. Don't listen to some eejit claiming to run it on 40:1 for the first tank, or to only use half throttle, or to let it idle for a few tanks.
  5. I'm solely a freelance climber. The terms on my invoice state 7 days. Some people can't pay your soon enough, some wait a couple of weeks, and one or two companies will wait 30 days, which can be annoying. If you manage your cash flow well as a subby it shouldn't be a problem. Don't live hand to mouth. I pay myself from my business account at the end of each month, keeping a bit back for tax and contingency. Means late payers aren't such an issue.
  6. Clarke Shhh Air 30/9 0.88cfm 9Litre 0.3HP Quiet Run Compressor (230V) - Machine Mart - Machine Mart WWW.MACHINEMART.CO.UK Little compressor and £340 I bought a similar size loud one, bollocks to the neighbours. Their car is louder
  7. @Tommy_B will have a more comprehensive answer, but splicing has moved on from the old style. The slaice was a novel idea from teufelberger I think, incorporating a dynamic sling into a cover dependant splice. IIRC a batch of these were recalled though. Some ropes now use a "constant diameter splice" with a super long bury to retain a lot of strength whilst keeping the eye thin enough to feed through a mechanical device. I've got a couple of Cousin ropes with both ends spliced because I can feed a device onto whichever end.
  8. Only problem with that is you don't tend to adjust where the prussik grips the rope so wear is localised to that one point if that makes sense.
  9. Offer to knock £100 if their caretaker repairs any turf damage, then go nuts.
  10. Joe Newton

    Stihl 660

    Extra bars and chains would be no added value at all for me. You've gotta assume they'll be bent/burred to hell or uneven bar rails or wobbly nose sprockets. If you're buying a used saw be prepared to replace bar/chain/sprocket amongst the other stuff that might need replacing. I bought my 660 for 500 about 8 years ago and it was spotless inside, hadn't seen much work at all.
  11. I doubt it will get much asked of it, probably spend most of its life with a blunt "blade". I think electric is a good shout, but he might want one that makes the manly vroom noise. Nice one, I'll mention it to him.
  12. Got a mate looking to buy a saw for home use. Doesn't want to spend more than £100. I initially thought a second hand ms181, but their going for almost new price on ebay 🤣 Anyone had a positive experience with cheap saws?
  13. Wasn't that Mr Pakalopodos? Very similar contribution. Well spotted.
  14. Funny thing is mate there are a few lads near me who are quicker round a tree and charge less. I get on with most of them but it's their lookout if they're cheap.


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