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  1. Joe Newton

    660 oiler

    Isn't there something you can do on the 660s to open the oiler up more? Something about a pin that can be pushed in?
  2. So you're a sole trader? You must have earned something?
  3. Ltd company? Been paying yourself a wage?
  4. Do you find people often regard you as a prick?
  5. Get your ground tickets and aerial rescue, then find a decent firm to learn the trade. If you put in the leg work with learning stuff yourself you should become competent within a few years, same as most other trades I imagine.
  6. Bollocks. You can earn a decent living cutting trees, have a mortgage, family and spare cash too. You'll have to work hard to become a decent climber, or else get some experience and start up doing domestic jobs to do well though. Tough to earn decent coin as a groundy.
  7. Any examples of this?
  8. As above. You'll work on date of entry into service rather than date of manufacture. If your LOLER guy fails stuff based on date of manufacture you should challenge him on this.
  9. Cooper At3 have good road manners. It was important for me as I didn't want something that was great of road but shite on tarmac. I'll probably go for the knobbly coopers next. I reckon BFG are pretty much trading on their name nowadays
  10. When I was a kid we had proper child abuse!
  11. Cos the ammo is heavily controlled?
  12. Ooh aren't you tough! "Usually"? How many times have you had to refuse to cooperate?


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