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  1. Wasn't questioning the OP's decision to get someone in. Probably the sensible decision. It sounded like you were suggesting that you should bore and release that tree. I was replying to that.
  2. Anyone struggling to knock that tree over with a conventional felling cut wants to hang up their saw trousers.
  3. My experience of the 201t has been pretty good. Had it from new, one of the early models with the normal carb. I drilled the exhaust and later added the upgrade kit and its been great. Had it for about 8 years and aside a couple of cracked plastics it's been faultless. How many 200t ran for that amount of time without carb issues? You need two toppers as a climber though. 10" and a 14" If I was buying to replace the 201t I'd be getting the T540 (battery or petrol)
  4. I think we can get a couple more threads out of it first.
  5. Anyone choosing a harness based on price is thinking a bit backwards IMO.
  6. The application and refusal notice was a funny read. The applicant has obviously watched a couple of legal dramas but was to cheap to pay a professional for the report.
  7. When I insured my house they just asked if they're were any trees over a certain height within a certain distance of my house. I answered yes and got my quote. That was it. It may have affected the premium but house insurance is cheap enough.
  8. Leather glove filled with vaseline. An atypical high brow joke from me for a change. If you don't get it you're probably just thick.
  9. I don't understand it. He's not even black!?
  10. I use an imported one from before they were UK CE marked but in fairness I have died several times because of it
  11. Bet you breathed a sigh of relief there 👍 You using a big shot or hand throwing?
  12. Awkward looking bugger that, Rich
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHccW_ZhFWJ/?igshid=1jocmjw474vt1 I don't know if this link works but it shows the dmm ring setup on Drew Bristow's Instagram. Dbtree on IG, @DrewB on here but I don't know if he visits much. For the 4 way crab I just have a few of the dmm oval ones. Bit strange to get used to using but I use them on my harness attachment too and I don't notice the difference in difficulty
  14. I use 4 way crabs for remote applications. One the crab goes through the pinto it gets rotated 180° with the gate orientated away from the stem. It would be practically impossible for the crab to rotate back, let alone for the 4 way lock to rub open. Safest mid line attachable canopy anchor that I know of. The only other option that is safer (to my knowledge is using a dmm ring instead of the pinto. To retrieve it though you'd want a seperate retrieval line though or you'd be ring a bowline with a very long tail.


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