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  1. Joe Newton

    working over asbestos roofs

    Price for the easiest and safest option, if they can't afford it let someone else take the risk while you're making easier money elsewhere. Are you really hungry enough to make the headache worthwhile?
  2. Joe Newton

    What Tracked Chipper???

    So basically you need st8 capability without buying an st8? That's a tough one.
  3. Joe Newton

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Have you considered the new 280 on tracks? 230s bigger brother @Mick Dempsey the bigger chippers have their place if you do a lot of clearance work where you can get near the tree and chip on site or have a big wagon to chip into. Pointless if its your only chipper though.
  4. Joe Newton

    Homemade BigShot

    You'd struggle to do worse than the stein one!
  5. Joe Newton

    New sthil reviews

    Had the pleasure of playing with one before they were released at Stihl HQ. As I understand it, it's the fuel injection technology that saves a lot of weight. No need for carbs etc. It's bloody impressive on a 25" bar. Reckon it could easily handle more, although it balanced beautifully 25"
  6. Joe Newton

    211 notice details.

    That's kind of how I saw it. Just the planning department pushing their remit a bit. Like I said that worded it as a "request" not a condition, so I gave it due consideration and carried on.
  7. Joe Newton

    211 notice details.

    I took it literally as a request, not a condition of the consent, so I politely denied their request and carried on anyway.
  8. Joe Newton

    Sister in Law stitched up by the coppers !

    Hahahaha savage.
  9. Joe Newton

    211 notice details.

    I once had a planning app consented with a note that said "we request the local green space officer be present to oversee the works" or something you that effect...
  10. Joe Newton

    Petal vertex ear defenders

    This is the way
  11. Joe Newton

    Unexpected rigging issue

    Checking the stats for old Froggies gob, he opens to 13mm, which given everything on the TM is below this except the main attchment ring, surely it would still work ? No clue, it was quite an old one I tried.
  12. Joe Newton

    carabiner age

    You can always wash the dust off y'know
  13. It crossed my mind too. The sort of thing a lonely person would do when looking at a permanent ban when the new year coma wears off and the bullshit inevitably starts again. Then I realised that the thread is about actual tree work...
  14. There's a big difference between doing a job well and getting away with doing a job poorly. In my opinion this case is the latter. The unnecessary one handing at that height and the excessive drop in the rigging system exhibit that. When you're unwilling to consider constructive criticism you pave the way for incidents like the one Wayne mentioned above.
  15. Joe Newton

    Well done Echo!

    Bloody good saws when they're correctly tuned mind. Better than the 150 by a long way.


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