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  1. Joe Newton

    2 dead Redwoods

    His best chance at recovering any money from the stems is to pay to get it milled and sell the slabs himself.
  2. Joe Newton

    Stihl ms 201c-m

    Are they £350 better?
  3. Joe Newton

    Stihl ms 201c-m

    I've seen plenty use them. Never quite understood as an entry level 181 will do as good a job for a fraction. You're not going to be logging with it are you?
  4. Joe Newton


    This is why I love arbtalk.
  5. Joe Newton


    "Like a punched lasagna " is originally more appropriate
  6. Joe Newton


    I genuinely can't understand where Harvey got his intellect from
  7. Joe Newton

    Today's milling

    Customer today mentioned he had a couple of old saws if we were interested. I was cynical as usual and then he walked out with a pos homelite and an 075av! Got the pair for £20, gonna chuck the homelite and switch the 075 to chipped ignition. Got me a new milling saw!
  8. Joe Newton

    Echo 2511 woes?

    @spudulike is your idle fix a discovery you've made since working on my old one? Not sure which version my new one is either but it's been faultless so far
  9. Joe Newton

    Anchor system

    The first pic doesn't allow for descending on a pole, and the other two result on a remote carabiner near the stem for an anchor point, and aren't retrievable. Three shit options in my opinion. The rope guide is the best option available, and at under £200 will easily last 5 years if looked after. That's less than as pound per week for a safe efficient cambium saver that's reliable. It's not even a difficult choice.
  10. Joe Newton

    Sena question

    Pretty sure you can, I remember reading something in the instructions about connecting to other bluetooth devices
  11. Joe Newton

    quoting insurance jobs

    Yes, I always give the insurance companies a bargain, it's the least I can do for them.
  12. Joe Newton

    WR & ZZ

    That chubby rich kid might have put his name on it but it was designed and tested by someone else way before that.
  13. Joe Newton

    Best kit bags? Courant?

    Got the Courant here. It keeps over a grands worth of kit safe and organized so can't complain. Very comfy to carry on your back and it's nice not to search around the bottom of your bath amongst saw dust and fag packets for the kit you need. Only downside is that if you're hopping from one job to the next as per LA contacts it's a pain packing and unpacking your kit, might as well chuck it in loose.
  14. Joe Newton

    Telecom lines

    If you take out a line it's easier to call bt and claim the tree shed a limb, you were just called in to make the tree safe...
  15. Joe Newton

    Chainsaw boots as walking boots?

    The werewolves are marketed as a climbing boot. They have chainsaw protection but no toe cap. If you're going to be doing ground work with a saw I wouldn't recommend them.


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