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  1. People who categorically state that one system is better than the other baffle me, to the point where I would doubt their experience. Doubled rope has plenty of advantages, and there have been occasions where I've seen climbers breaking out the throwline and srt kit and it takes longer than an easy climb on doubled rope.
  2. Lovely couple of days in a nature reserve in Staffordshire, pruning/ felling competing trees near stone great veteran oaks.
  3. Couple of totally pointless reductions today. I cried them off last week with the wind so was good to get them done.
  4. another usp for the rope guide that nobody has mentioned yet is the way the cam releases on retrieval, creating more slack. The pulleysaver with the prussik doesn't do this. If that wasn't enough the pulleysaver retrieval loop isn't midline attachable like the rope guides, meaning you have to take the retrieval ball off each time you install it.
  5. In what way do you find the pulleysaver more versatile?
  6. You don't seem to understand. In the UK the responsibility lies with the primary contractor. A freelance climber is contracted in a labour-only capacity. The self employed climber could well have his own insurance for doing his own jobs, but they wouldn't pay out for somebody else's job, so it's irrelevant.
  7. Labour only subcontractors (which the majority of self employed tree cutters are) will come under the liability of the primary contractor
  8. The newer model echos have a big x on the recoil casing and I think a blue ignition module. I'll check tomorrow
  9. The new echo battery saw has good feedback, but it's early days and personally I'd wait a bit to see how they do. The stihl battery pruner was very disappointing power wise
  10. 2511 by a country mile. Anyone who's used mine is always disappointed that they bought the 150. The recent 2511s have ironed out any running issues that the earlier models were notorious for. The stihl 150 bar fits direct onto the echo with a 57 link chain. I've tried most combos and this one seems to be the best.
  11. That's solid "escapee dad" logic right there 👍
  12. I was gonna mail it but that's not a bad shout!
  13. That long huh! I still get anyone who's used it offer to buy it from me. Fancy doing another one?
  14. here we go with another one... What do you do for a living mate?


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