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  1. Gains from a muffler mod wouldn't be measured on a tachometer. The benefits are quicker pickup and more torque, not higher rpm.
  2. For a ground saw to run a 12" bar a 181 is a fine saw for a third of the price
  3. Provide an acceptable scenario in which the opportunity to relay Rich's analogy would not arise or be necessary? Stop copping out with caveats like this Paul. Demonstrate to us that the AA is indeed doing everything it can to represent the sentiments of our industry, instead if hiding behind "maybe, if it comes up".
  4. Utterly pointless saw for the money.
  5. The cat had not been bypassed so in theory exhaust gasses won't be escaping any faster
  6. If you're an occasional user I'd try and stay basic. Avoid autotune and if you've left your saw a while between running it replace the fuel with fresh. Don't bother draining the tank and running it dry, just make sure it's always running on fresh fuel. Echo do a good robust simple 50cc saw. There's no point spending top dollar on a pro saw that'll be more highly strung and you won't really notice the benefits for the extra cash
  7. For pruning I'll usually work off a base anchor. Set the anchor high on the trunk to keep it out of the way of the groundies. I'll judge each job individually though. If there's a lot going on or any rigging etc I'll canopy tie. If im dismantling I'll usually climb ddrt as I find it easier and less faff on spikes. Sometimes I'll use SRT for access on a big ivy covered dismantle and change to ddrt to start cutting. I don't worry too much about working from a base tie, just be aware of where your rope is!
  8. Very nice, what does one have to type into Google for that to come up?
  9. After a bit of advice, just looked at a failed ash being held up by ivy over a palisade fence. Nothing to winch the tree off so the best bet is to remove a section of the fence by removing said shear nuts. I know there's a few fancy types on here so can anyone give me any pointers before I grind the fuckers off?
  10. I won't be missing it. Got a baby at home now so caught wait to bugger off for a weekend.
  11. Fuck. I can scrape together about £500, reckon they'll barter?
  12. How much are those massive fully automated wall mounted machines?


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