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  1. Not a massive concern. The only other option would be to prune the limb back until the stem, leaving a huge pruning wound, leading far worse decay potential. Personally I'd reduce the defective limb by 3-4 metres and install bracing.
  2. Yeah, basically. Cedars typically rely on all of their limbs and the dead branches to essentially knit together and bear the elements like that. If you remove dead or dysfunctional branches you will very often end up with more storm damage in the near future because branches that were previously supported are now vulnerable because the other supporting dead or dysfunctional limbs have been removed
  3. I felt it was entirely justified.
  4. I wish I was eloquent. That was beautiful.
  5. I tried the scuba clip thing, found I spent more time reclipping and assisting the rope. Gone back to a hip bag with a mini prussik. Quarter the price of that neat freak think, and at least I won't sound like a twat when people ask what it is and how much I paid for it.
  6. I find it interesting reading a lot of adverts for subbies. Always includes the "must have"s and "good rates for pay" which makes my eyes roll. Very rarely do you find any reason why a subby would want to work for that company. With it being a sellers market in effect, just offering occasional work isn't enough, I need a reason to give you a day over everyone else. Job and knock, or "I'll buy breakfast" will usually do it.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty much booked through October now. I'm terms of changing days I'd expect a couple of weeks notice. I try and give more than that if I have to cancel a day. Because you're essentially a specialist with a long lead time is really difficult to call in sick or cancel because if the inconvenience to the contractor. And if a climber is available for tomorrow, there's usually a good reason why.
  8. Terrible idea. I want all my money after the day, not part of it because I've already spent some.
  9. "Fuckers today don't know they're born" Some trainee complained that my 500! was a bit heavy to use up a tree. I'm slowly becoming they miserable fuck of a boss the I used to hate.
  10. I think there have been links to people having strokes from jumping in cold water from very hot temperatures.
  11. There's plenty of evidence to show that isotonic drinks can improve rehydration and performance. Can't find anything to suggest they dehydrate you.
  12. Don't you live in a part of the world that's technically underwater?
  13. Second Dioralyte It's minging stuff, tastes like salty blackcurrant. It does help lots though. Good for a hangover too
  14. I'd bet on a pickup having less legal capacity than a single cab transit tipper with ply sides
  15. I'd be interested too. Currently buy weber briquettes but would rather buy local. I'm just down the road in CV22


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