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  1. If I remember back to my CS30 I think they suggested half filling the can with petrol, adding the 2t oil and topping the can up with petrol. Bit of a faff at the pump though. I really don't think it matters compared to accurate measurements and good quality oil and fuel.
  2. Basically the same weak sauce bureaucratic rubbish. "Yes we published it but won't take any responsibility for what was said". I'm frankly embarrassed for the AA, that they published such inflammatory and condescending content in the first place, but more so that they refuse to stand by it or act on it. An apology for giving such insulting material a platform would be appropriate, as would taking down the article. Sadly I'm not surprised by the reaction though. This isn't the first time the AA has failed to represent the industry how they should be. Unsurprising that they are widely held in such low regard.
  3. I imagine it would be quite inconvenient for them if someone had copied the original article.
  4. Thanks for your reply Paul, and for taking my tongue in cheek comment as it was intended. As has been previously mentioned I read your attempt to distance the AA from Paul's article as a bit of a cop out. By publishing it you guys are accountable I'm afraid. I've emailed Mr Elcoat bringing this thread to his attention and inviting him to reply. I'll await with baited breath...
  5. Let's try and keep it a bit more constructive mate, it'd be nice if the AA felt inclined to respond further
  6. Sounds like you might have taken business advice from Elcoat LTD
  7. You didn't have your own insurance though, so you're basically scum mate.
  8. Possibly more embarrassing is how he's demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the industry. Stating that Labour only sub contractors/freelancers should have their own insurance, for one. You'd expect someone who charges a 4 figure consultation fee to know the details.
  9. I look forward to it. If the term chicken is harsh, primary school must have been traumatic for you!
  10. So the exact same reasons as those people he vilifies then?
  11. Nice try Paul, but by publishing it on your website you're not only giving Mr Elcoat's views a platform, but you're endorsing them. Do you agree that the blanket use of terms like I mentioned above (parasites, bottom feeders and tax evaders) is appropriate? Perhaps you'd like to invite the author to justify himself?
  12. This article is worth a read for those interested in hearing how our industry representatives view freelance specialists and small startup businesses: Arboricultural Association - ‘Subbies’ TREES.ORG.UK <p class= lead brown bold >I like to try to pick up on topical issues in my articles so in the last edition... It's a pretty disappointing read with gross generalisations and hyperbole aplenty. Terms such as bottom feeders and parasites thrown about freely. See for yourself.
  13. Joe Newton

    Freelance Climber - Joe Newton

    12 years experience of all aspects of tree work. Felling Rigging/dismantling Pruning High quality reductions to TPO spec Crane work Cable bracing Tickets including: CS30/31, CS 38/39, CS 40/41. IPAF Emergency first aid + trauma Can bring saws up to 660 and decent rigging kit at extra cost. Call or WhatsApp on 07724387547
  14. This thread didn't quite pan out the way you hoped it would, did it?
  15. Has a look at the 2500 today. Can't tell if it's a little heavier fully loaded than the 2511 but it looks promising. I like that they haven't arsed about with an extra throttle lock like Stihl did.
  16. Use Skyland Equipment for parts. They've got a decent stock and it's easy to find on their website. Bloody fast shipping too. My current one was bought in Feb 2019, so I can't be using it too seriously! It probably does 80% of my climbing work tbf. You must be going at yours like a hillbilly on his sister!
  17. Great, thanks Gordon. By stiff I mean that it doesn't seem to flatten too easily. There should be an order for 3 devices coming your way soon 👍
  18. Anyone running the bdb on thinner rope @surveyor? I'm on atrax (stiff 11.6mm but feels thinner) and can't be arsed with a seperate rope for one device.
  19. Are people really pretending that it's coming home?
  20. Also what the fuck was Iggy Pop doing managing the German squad?


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