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  1. kimtree

    You are God for a Day

    the most sensible answer to a stupid thread as for certain there is no god
  2. kimtree

    Forst ST8 spout question.

    on my vermeer 1800xl the drum pocket right under the knife where the chip shatters must be made of a mild steel as it concaved itself so badly i had to get it built back up and then hard faced as well. Chipper had only 1200 hours or so at the time but mostly is machine fed and we will chip very large wood as well
  3. kimtree

    Forst ST8 spout question.

    on my Vermeer 1250 the chute had what looked like half an orange where the chip had been hitting before it eventually blew out. Vermeer Corp beefed up the chutes on the 1800xl where the chip hits but for some strange reason made the sides out of 2mm and this is where they then failed. On mine i replaced the 2mm sheet with 6mm plate and problem solved
  4. kimtree

    Laski F500 stump grinding teeth

    i doubt any would fit by enlarging the holes you would have to drill new ones . I tried a green tooth pocket once but the hole spacing was wrong. Laski copied the rayco tooth but used too small a holding bolt otherwise i am sure they would have been fine if the bigger bolt had been used. I sheared bolts regularly hitting foreign objects prompting a change to a multitip wheel and cutters I have managed to snap off a Rhino tooth but had to hit a bit of drilling rod to do so. Multi tip were much better than the original teeth but the rhino teeth last a lot longer and cut faster If you do change to a Multi tip / Rhino Wheel just be aware that they do wear out ( mostly the leading two pockets) and will need rebuilding occasionally
  5. kimtree

    Laski F500 stump grinding teeth

    I have still got the original wheel (for sale if your'e desperate) .But if you have just acquired this machine you would be better off changing the cutting system as the original cutting system was utter shite
  6. kimtree

    Laski F500 stump grinding teeth

    Are you still on the original wheel? I swapped to multi tip about ten year ago but now run it with rhino teeth instead
  7. kimtree


    sounds like you've had experience
  8. kimtree


    Your'e a bit off its way further than that.More like Durham to Cairo Egypt
  9. kimtree


    its not my pic i was just presuming
  10. kimtree


    Try corned beef from the tin .Yum
  11. kimtree

    Tree roots and water pipe

    Water cant be compressed is correct like when it gets into a diesel engine. But in a pipe its a different story. The pressure being applied by the tree or roots would be greater than water pressure within the pipe (pipe materials could have a bearing on this). Also as mentioned by another poster the outlets would have been turned on and off thousands of times during its lifetime allowing the pipes to be compressed. So unless the pipe is made from "unsquash" able materials then it is entirely possible for a pipe with water in it to be squashed by tree roots and all the ones i have seen have not been an illusion. I haven't got any pictures to prove it but will take some next time i find them with the stumpy
  12. kimtree


    Turf friction burns
  13. kimtree


    I suppose it is. In the wet season it is possible to drive to the next town 100 ks away and not see another car the entire way and then on the way back 3 hours later not being able to get home because there's been a flash flood and the whole road floated away (has happened twice so far)
  14. kimtree

    Tree roots and water pipe

    I have found and seen plenty of pvc , poly and copper pipes crushed flat in and under stumps while stump grinding so it is perfectly possible to crush a pipe over time. Biggest culprit up here is the African Mahogany a very fast growing tree in the tropics.Palms are very good at flattening pvc too Plenty of concrete slabs and parts of houses have been jacked up by the wrong tree in the wrong place in the area i live in. Back in the UK in the 80's i worked at this farm in Surrey where the water pressure got so bad that an exploratory dig found a 3/4 steel (or lead pipe cant remember ) corroded down to roughly half its size We ended up digging a trench 500 metres back to the water main on the road and putting in a big blue plastic pipe with all the joins welded together. Once it was hooked back up nearly all the taps in the place leaked
  15. kimtree


    I am in WA.We don't really get drought up here.Just a dry season when it doesn't rain and a wet season when it rains sometimes and is terribly hot . The proper drought is more than 3500 klm away in NSW and Victoria


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