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  1. kimtree

    Most valuable bit of kit ?

    Schaffer 2026 loader with a branch manager grapple,4 in 1 bucket.This is ten years old now and would have loaded thousands of tonnes of debris and logs .Can't imagine not taking it to a long drag brash job
  2. kimtree

    Thorn in knuckle

    About 30 year ago i was dragged through a thorn bush by a cow and ended up with a 1.5 inch thorn up under my arm in my chest. Didn't notice the thorn as it was not visible for a few days and a lot of other places hurt more. Eventually it made itself known and one of my mates extracted it with pliers .It healed up fine but was red and hot for days after More recently i got struck by a dead date palm frond that foolishly i put up my arm to fend it off .Should have just stepped back. Anyway it hit my left arm and two spiky bits went in right to the bone..The pain was intense and bled like a stuck pig when i extracted them with fencing pliers.It did not get infected but was considerably painful for days after.
  3. kimtree

    Our new 79

    I've got one from that era. HJ47 1983
  4. kimtree

    Bandit stump grinder electrical issues?

    In my case every wet season down time has been months i think last year it was out of action for 3 months.Might have had 8 months down time with it so far in 4.5 years. I have less than 800 hrs on the clock to I think if i was in Europe getting parts from the factory would be much quicker than here in Oz I finally have all the parts to replace the dodgy connections at the basket end so maybe this wet it won't be a problem. Top machine when it works though there would not be a better machine out there with its capability just let down by a piss poor parts network.
  5. kimtree

    Why choose arboriculture?

    i wasn't academically inclined and in the school careers advice department two suggestions were made. Farming or forestry. I knew farming paid bugger all so forestry it was. Shortly afterwards school decided they didn't want me anymore and I was sent packing at 15 and abit
  6. kimtree

    Bandit stump grinder electrical issues?

    Not a grinder i know but on my Cela spyder lift we have had a lot of problems.Most which are/were water related. Water in DIN plugs,water infiltrating encased rubber electrical connections. Water getting into cable boots.All these faults indirectly end up back at the remote making you think there's a problem with it or the receiver. Other faults were from vibration causing fatigue in a ribbon cable connection (or at least that what i thought it was). And damaged aerials I would find out the brand of remote/receiver you have and approach the manufacturer or their agent.
  7. kimtree

    Bandit stump grinder electrical issues?

    I know its in the USA but you could try Autofeedplus.com as i do believe they were the original inventors of Auto feed for chippers and they also make remote control setups for all sorts of grinders.
  8. kimtree

    What to do with all the sawdust ?

    i actually give away about few cube a year of sawdust to the local water authority who uses it in dam gate maintenance. They mix up small amount of it in a dustbin with a little water and dump it on the upstream side of the stop logs ( huge concrete beams ) lowered in in place of the gate they are working on and the sawdust finds its way into any leaks and seals them up as it swells. Apparently its good for about 24 hours then it would have to be done again
  9. kimtree

    Stump grinder, a worth while investment?

    I bought a stump grinder so i could do the whole job and not have to come back to site to check on the work of another contractor . Unfortunately at the time there was not much choice in stump grinders with a screen to stand behind and in hindsight i bought the wrong machine. It was cheap and as it turns out no good After changing the cutting system and putting a bigger engine on its quite good now but is still really a use fix machine. As in you use it then you have to fix it. Got Rhino teeth on it now the punishment these teeth can take is incredible you can still smash the carbide off but its rare to do so
  10. kimtree

    Hit and run .

    After the fact i know but if you had had a helmet cam or camera on the bike it would have had a different outcome
  11. kimtree

    If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck....

    My dad worked for the same company in the UK for 19 years up until he was forced to retire but the entire time he was employed by an outside agency as a contractor . But the conditions which he worked under were exactly as what a worker would be classified as He had to be there at a certain time for a set number of hours(9 -5) and couldn't delegate another contractor to do his job He was also expect to go overseas at the companies beck and call.
  12. kimtree

    An interesting trailer

    In this pic the cable goes from the winch thru the block on the top beam down to the other end back round 2 blocks on one side of the beam then back to the front yellow sheave then back to the blocks on the other side of the beam and then the hook comes back to the winch end .Pretty complicated really but originally i tried a straight pull but it did the beam no favours I should get all the hardware off and sell it.it has been parked there at least 10 years now It seems i have a problem parting with my 'stuff'
  13. kimtree

    An interesting trailer

    it is made out of light weight steel so it could be manually pushed up ramps into a trailer and made out of what i had lying around at the time.I already had the tirfor and some of the blocks.Because the cable goes around so many times it would take a lot of cranking to get the log to lift up .One wheel is inboard for travelling as it would not fit in the trailer otherwise and down in the leaves is a 50mm tow hitch.With a decent jockey wheel you could push it over the log run a chain through the two lower blocks .Get as much slack out as possible (we used a chain binder).Crank the winch until the log hits the top beam and then tow the whole setup out to the street either with the pto winch on the Toyota ute or on the towball if we could get the ute in. I remember getting one log out by pushing and pulling by hand.Never again did we bother trying BTW the washing line is not part of it .LOL
  14. kimtree

    An interesting trailer

    in my pre loader days i built a trailer type log arch powered with a tirfor and multiple blocks to get advantage.It has the cable running down both sides of the top beam so you wouldn't bend it.If the log was straightish the payload could be up to 3 ton it was used principally to get large logs from the back yard to the front verge so we could get a crane truck to pick them up. Was not road legal and was a bit of a pain to use but we did get a lot of unrecoverable logs out with it but it has now sat under a tree unused for years
  15. kimtree

    mecanil grapple saw

    I hope that they finally elect to get rid of it so i don't have to tidy the 'pruning ' cuts up i must of quoted five times over ten years ( and others have also quoted) on removing this tree for the group that owns the hotel but they would rather keep spending big money attempting to fix all the damage to the plumbing , brickwork and concrete paths it has caused instead of removing the problem. African Mahoganies grow like weeds here. This particular tree is only about 30 years old IN 2007 i took out a similar sized tree about 20 metres from this one in the complex only then i had to climb it and the drop zone was about 3 ft by 12 ft and took three days to rig down and drag out by hand to the old 12'' chipper in the laneway. No loader or any flash gear all done the hard way not like now.Now I do it the smart way


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