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  1. Change the wheel to Rhino. My experience with the original wheel was not good.Bolts would shear alot
  2. the only mistake i can see is that the reach is too short .I hope you are getting a manual section as part of the package .It is definitely required to keep the expensive stuff from getting squashed
  3. Yep its the high speed that i like on mine and the safety aspect as well
  4. you would be better off with a cnc router. Lots of good kits in USA available. much cheaper Look up CNC router parts
  5. Cant go past Schaffer quality .Got over 3500 hours on my 2026 now
  6. dont know about in the uk but here in Oz i can get that sort of stuff from the local tractor /engineering shop.
  7. I would not be able to get rid of the machine in good conciseness and also i live in a remote area. My manual has my model number on the inside cover page but the whole book itself is generic and mostly covers other models, is yours the same? Mine also has the 'crane' hook but only 230kg on it. We have a proper crane so i have never used it
  8. very. Cela now do a 40 metre light truck mount with 17 metre outreach and up and of height of 20 metres. Don't know if I would like being up at 40 with a small canter truck as the base though
  9. Does your operating manual look generic or is it a dedicated one? Also did you manage to source a parts manual. I could never get a parts book from the Oz dealer
  10. assuming it the same as mine 100kg at 12 metres , 200kg at 10 and 14 metres up and over
  11. Great.Must have done 50 jobs with it since those last pictures.Absolute game changer.I have bought my own farm off the back of it
  12. you should be alright in chilly UK . Turns out the can bus system can't handle the heat levels we get here.Also some of the rubber wiring connections absorbed water/rain from the air but they have been changed on the later machines i believe. I have put a cooling fan setup in the processor box and that fixed most of the random codes appearing on the screen.We have also replaced various wiring loom parts and the top box electronics. Cela did a retrofit wiring fix but i had to find out about it myself. As in they knew there was an issue but didn't do a recall. To the machines capability's. When it works its fantastic great working envelope good speed and there is nothing else out there similar. Really good for tree work. Now to parts supply. In Europe you should be ok but in OZ if i didn't have a backup machine i would have gone broke waiting for parts . The first part that broke was a track adjuster that split the side of the piston barrell? that took three weeks to get here. We got that welded up to get the machine out of the property we were working in at the time but then decided not to trust it and waited for the new part .Some of the electronic parts was 3 months. I am pretty sure this machine is jinxed as every time it performs flawlessly and i then tell my worker 'gee isn't this great 40 trouble free hours" it immediately cracks the shits and stops working!
  13. i remember a bloke saying he had never broke a thermos while sitting in a nissen hut at West Dean. only to have the hut take off in a high wind while we was planting trees later and only his thermos broke
  14. crane grab saw is absolute game changer for me. Trees that used to take the whole day or longer to put on the ground with a crew can now be done in a couple of hours on my own. Have a look at the treemek instagram page to see how far the Americans are taking the concept
  15. Finally someone else in the tree world has bought one. Better just hope yours wasn't made on a Friday like mine turned out to be.Mines a DT24 which is an earlier model but is basically the same except for a different basket attachment arrangement. We have had a lot of electronic problems


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