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  1. kimtree

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    the mecanil head has been a game changer for us
  2. I have made them from two pieces of aluminium sign board and used 40mm slices of poly board for spacers. then i make a u bolt out of aluminium rod which gets threaded and then bent around the basket rail so the carrier can slide on the rail but not fall off. they last 2 years then i make a new one I did have a clip on one once come off from 15 metres with a saw in it which wasn't clipped in luckily it landed in a mulched flowerbed and with no damage
  3. kimtree

    the 'todays job' thread

    are'nt you just loving that loader?
  4. kimtree

    Looking for work Australia

    stay south currently its 40 plus degrees here
  5. kimtree

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    lesson learnt never trust your fellow humans
  6. kimtree

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    did put me on my life's path though
  7. kimtree

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    bit like the YTS. Paid bugger all and well and truly utilised as slave labour
  8. kimtree

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    yes but i had visions of 20 quid at least. Still by the next holiday i made sure to ask for work on a set rate.
  9. kimtree

    I'm not very good with pumps

    check the voltage coming into the pump. In my previous career i worked for a bloke in the water supply game .And on one site the power coming in was much to high causing the pumps to shit themselves. i have no idea why though
  10. kimtree

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    i worked for a chicken and dairy farm across the road when i was 13 during the school holidays. Miserable bastard said i was going to get paid and after slogging my guts out he gave me a fiver.
  11. kimtree

    the smell of wood

    i have chipped a lot of Sandalwood. Its pleasant at first then becomes quite unpleasant to the point of wanting to vomit
  12. kimtree

    Weirdest thing you have found in a hedge

    Last century when i was an apprentice at West Dean estate a jar of what appeared to be mercury was found whilst clearing a hedge along the road to Singleton
  13. kimtree

    You are God for a Day

    the most sensible answer to a stupid thread as for certain there is no god
  14. kimtree

    Forst ST8 spout question.

    on my vermeer 1800xl the drum pocket right under the knife where the chip shatters must be made of a mild steel as it concaved itself so badly i had to get it built back up and then hard faced as well. Chipper had only 1200 hours or so at the time but mostly is machine fed and we will chip very large wood as well
  15. kimtree

    Forst ST8 spout question.

    on my Vermeer 1250 the chute had what looked like half an orange where the chip had been hitting before it eventually blew out. Vermeer Corp beefed up the chutes on the 1800xl where the chip hits but for some strange reason made the sides out of 2mm and this is where they then failed. On mine i replaced the 2mm sheet with 6mm plate and problem solved


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