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  1. Just to put Just to put things into perspective-PPE Medpro secured two contracts worth £203m to supply PPE in the early months of the pandemic after normal competitive tendering regulations were suspended. The Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her husband, Douglas Barrowman, who have both acknowledged they were involved in the company, have previously been interviewed under caution by NCA investigators
  2. Really,should our Economy ever show signs of bouncing back-which is not a given-What we really need is a robust apprenticeship system.There IS an apprenticeship system-but its beyond crap right now,they are paid less than the minimum wage-and unscrupulous employers just 'churn' them when their apprenticeship comes to an end.It reminds me me of how the yts system was equally abused back in the day-and I worked for a company that did it.We NEED a reservoir of young keen people who are mentored in building/mechanical/engineering skills if we are ever to get out of this hole we're in.But equally,they need a logical,assured pathway to see a viable,well-paid job at the end of their low-paid period.
  3. Basically,this Country is alarmingly close to being ****************ed now.We are raising a generation pretty much doomed to minimum wages/20 hr weekly contracts-or less.A generation who will never be in a position to buy their own home-or indeed thanks to airnb,not in a position to even rent a home in their area.This means there is no impetus for our Economy,Our stagnant/zero growth over the last 10 odd years is hugely worrying,compared to virtually every other Country in Europe-we are way,way down the lists.Ok,the pandemic didnt help,but also brexit will go down in history as the U.K.basically cutting its own throat due to 'Empire fantasists'- most of whom have no plans/desire either to live or indeed invest in their home Country.I'd love to see an up to date poll of how Brexit has worked out for the fishing/farming sector-or more recently the horticultural nursery industry that imports live plants-but I already know that result.BT/our utility companies +the train network is beyond a disgrace.And meanwhile,these clueless tw*ts in power try to seduce us with tax cuts!No one likes paying tax,but really given half a brain,most of us understand thats what pays for a half-decent infrastructure.
  4. Ah,Farage is your man then-or even Swiss Tony!
  5. Umm,I think the American Natives were fairly happy and prosperous,before the white Government absolutely massacred their tribes,slaughtered all the buffalo herds,stole their lands,forced them at gunpoint onto Government reservations often Thousands of miles from their environments-research my user name re: the Cheyenne nation.I'm not totally convinced they actually WANTED anything to do with the White Man's 'Government'.And as to Henry Ford commenting on the Native American's genocide via people like him-well,thats beyond a facile,ludicrous comment.Just shows how you can pluck any stupid,deeply inappropriate quote out of the ether to 'strengthen' a viewpoint.Beyond bizarre..
  6. We just need to show a tad of empathy for that sad scion of the late Queen tho.The poor devil can't sweat- allegedly.Luckily its not a problem I suffer from judging by the close attention of horseflies as I strimmed today.Even more sadly,a father who had to resort to feeding his daughters at pizza express so often that he could confidently assert he was NOT female kiddie fiddling some years ago,but having to ruff it with his daughters in a pizza joint.WORSE still,his elder brother (recently elevated),now seems intent on evicting him from a pathetically small detached 20 room property.I dont mind telling you-I feel his pain....
  7. Ha!Yes-but preferebably leaving their countless unearned millions behind for the benefit of the Country would be a nice thank you/leaving present.
  8. Give them 2 choices-up against a wall-or work as Amazon couriers with 120 plus deliveries to make every day 😉
  9. It IS odd that the Greens arent doing better,I supect its got something to do with the fact that-at least here in the UK.'Single issue' parties dont do to well,at least when it comes to Gen.Elections.
  10. Excellent,accurate synopsis of the political climate we live in,that is a complete moral vacuum.👌
  11. Makita for me,got all the obvious builder/carpentry stuff plus a fair few ope gardening tools now,never had a bad battery or bare tool either,so thats 25 batts and 20 odd tools too.
  12. Showing your lack of political nous there mate-I bet you a penny to a pound she will certainly be the next Tory leader, she's been v.quietly manoeuvring for some time now,and obviously bigging up her military credentials at this moment in time.Also,of course-who the else is there that would put their head into the noose that is the tory party in opposition-Jacob rees-mogg?A man of the people-if you still have a nanny @age-what-58 odd?In fairness,he may actually only be 23-weirdos like him look 60 as soon as they come out of the womb...
  13. Great 4 panel front cover on the private eye today-Rishi!contemplating a blue bus-"this is a funny looking private helicopter".Starmer and Reynor in front of a red bus"We're hoping to throw Abbot under it".Ed Davey in front of his-"this way to Chessington park folks",Farage in front of yet another bus gleefully stating "I'm standing"with the riposte-"aye well,you can never get a seat,thats why",humour is alive and well in the U.K. 👌
  14. So-you dont opine was that a good thing-or a shocking new development?Also,I forgot to mention the absolute right of kings to rule-then the nobles demandingg a say in their governance/taxes etc,and eventually Democracy 'trickling down' painfully slowly.Again,not GIVEN by the then ruling classes-fought and died for by the likes of the tolpuddle martyrs,the suffragettes and so on.Again,you dont comment whether you see enfranchisement of the general populace a great advance-or a retrogressive development that you disapprove of.
  15. I quote "you cant change the system",umm,tell that to the feudal serfs,the suffragettes, the vote grudgingly given to non-property owners! I think you will find if you have even the most rudimentary grasp of British political history,you may grasp the fact that you CAN change the system....


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