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  1. With half the country sat on their ass claiming dole or furlough last thing on the governments mind is to stop people working even if their logs are slightly damp.
  2. What’s the best softwood for turning into kindling and why ?
  3. What’s nasty about the saw dust I don’t like the splinters from larch
  4. Do you have one in Bournemouth we can view
  5. Cord under cord under 6 inch can go straight through without splitting but cord over this will need splitting
  6. Up to 16 inch anything bigger I will split first
  7. I need to hire a wood processor twice a year to process timber for kindling . All straight cord wood currently have 25 tonnes of ash to process. Machine can come with operator . Machine must lend it self to cutting 6 inch logs all day. Need 25 tonnes of Douglas fir cut twice a year or more if busy. location Andover Hampshire fresh coffee supplied
  8. Market place probably out of my area I will have a look it was a good 3-4 ft in diameter
  9. There was a big ash or beech trunk in Angus last week for planks . He may not of got an offer and let go for firewood . Might have been in wood lots
  10. If you set it for 6 inch does it consistently cut them say 5 3/4 to 6 1/4 if that makes sense . Can you grip the last 6 inches of cord wood and cut it or is it to unstable to hold down
  11. 10 inch diameter logs are ok but need to be less than 6 inch to go under the fingers in the kindlet. So the ideal log is 6 inch by 6 inch
  12. How does the farmi 36 handle 6 inch logs . We need to cut timber to make kindling. Doesthe log fall nicely into the splitting chamber, if not how much grief is it to rectify
  13. I like the look of the Farmi 36 with its own petrol engine but not sure how it handles 6 in ch logs
  14. Are there better processors out there . We had a Hakki pilki but found anything shorter than 10 inch fell into the splitting chamber on end . We need to process for a kindlet so only have about 20 mm of le way . Thinking maybe Dalen or preferably something with a petrol engine
  15. Not only do they keep the ash and beech round here they think it’s worth thousands on market place


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