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  1. I can join now unfortunately 😂😁
  2. gensetsteve

    Retail cost of kindling per KG?

    If we are still selling wholesale will be a pleasure
  3. gensetsteve

    Retail cost of kindling per KG?

    The price paid for chip for biomass has jumped up recently this has to have an effect on clean softwood available. Last year the supermarkets were selling kindling cheap at around a £1 a kilo . This year I see Tesco selling small bags around 1.5 kilos for £2.99 we have held our price for 3 years at £1.80 for 3.7 kilos but our timber source is drying up so the only way we will survive is to pay more for the raw material and increase our price. I would say £2.30 is about right . If we can’t get that sort of money I will shut down but I think a lot of others already have that is why we have been so manically busy recently
  4. gensetsteve

    wholesale kindling

    We are not far if you want to collect
  5. gensetsteve

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    6 pallets 126 nets on ea pallet can deliver in the morning 😃
  6. gensetsteve

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Yes very much so how many nets do you require and where are you based
  7. gensetsteve

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Waterproof covers to ensure our kindling reaches you bone dry
  8. gensetsteve

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    We can deliver upto 630 nets on this trailer pm for prices
  9. Hi Steve 

    pm me if you still need info regarding kindling 

    if you would like to see some we have a Facebook page called loggywood 

    regards Steve 

    1. Steve2011


      Hi Steve sorry I had to order some mid Aug as was nearly out I may still need more for this year if you can pm prices that would be appreciated.

      cheers Steve 

    2. gensetsteve


      Hi Steve £1.70 + vat 


      regards Steve 

    3. Steve2011


      Will be in touch. Delivery I take it that would be a pallet price? 


  10. gensetsteve

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Pm sent
  11. gensetsteve

    Selling poplar as firewood

    The first load of pop I had burned nearly as well as the beech. The second load I used was awful so now I don’t take the chance now. Both were as well seasoned as each other
  12. gensetsteve

    Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Loads in stock just a few pics
  13. gensetsteve

    Bags of Kindling for sale in the south sticks

    Hi everyone hope your all enjoying the weather and not getting too burnt in the trees . Thousands of bags of top quality kindling in stock as always . Clean unused joinery of cuts bone dry and dust free phone or email for details 07801 953338
  14. gensetsteve

    300 TDi fuel stop solenoid help!

    I have the same solinoid on my bobcat Peugeot engine first one lasted 15 years now I seem to need a new one every few years I think I get them from hella. The other thing to do and this is even more important on the later td5 is don't run around on empty all the time as the fuel gets hotter as it passes through the engine and empty tank heats up more and quicker than a full one
  15. Had an 80 series LC about year 2000 but actually found front axle unreliable compared to my current 100 series. Had a low mileage 3 year old disco 4 one of the nicest vehicle I have owned but zero reliability will never be on my list in future. i would say an 04-06 year 100 series LC would be your best bet. 04 onwards they got the better dash and 5 speed auto box. Make sure it's rust free some go to rot others are perfect. If you get one with hydraulic active suspension when it breaks spend £1500 and put it back on coils. rated for towing 3.5 tonnes but 4.5 tonnes in other countries so up to the job. Strong engine for towing and 25 mpg when solo. Plenty of leg head and arm room. pattern parts are a lot more available now as well


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