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  1. I wrote a long post for you the other day then found I was not signed in and lost the lot 😖 I will try and stick to the facts mecc late is a good European alternator and won’t cost 4 k more like £1000 speak to Steve wells at mecc alte . find a generator motor calculator on line and make sure 10 Kva is big enough. If both these motors are under heavy load at the same time I think this will stress the windings and cause early failure. does the alternator smell of burning. Like a flymo on a bad day if yes defo chuck it. we avoid rewinds now like the plague 80 % of the cost and they are never the same as new. When heat is applied to remove the old windings the residue magnetism is reduced this is a particular problem if you are going to use it for running motors. alternatively get a bell housing on the engine and mount a hydraulic pump you will get far more power there is a huge amount of efficiency lost in a generator . There is a good hydraulic company called harrier I think
  2. Hope everyone is keeping well . Kindling in stock currently if anyone needs any
  3. New cabstar with palfinger crane chuffed to bits with it so far 👍🏻
  4. Thank you for your thoughts . I can deliver logs in bulk bag with hiab soon mess or grunting and straining . I have asked for cash in an envelope so we can clean it when back at base. i have cancelled all adverts but will deliver to people with real need just put a new vehicle on the road
  5. We are still getting enquires Are people still delivering logs . Heating is one of the basic necessities in life.
  6. I found they all read within 40% of each other 😂especially when the batteries get low . Cant see 20 -25 % being a big deal the problem stuff is 36 % and plenty of that gets delivered cheap. We mostly sell kindling and kiln dried logs . Because there are a lot wet logs about especially this time of year that is why kiln dried is so popular why not pay 25% more for 50 % more heat .
  7. They interviewed a professional log seller on the news tonight . Who explained he bought his cord two years ago so now it’s ready for cutting up and sending out 😂. How is that kiln dried . Also when we sold logs and bought in cord I found beech left in the stick for two years was still 35% in the middle. The best way to season was to process green and barn store in crates for a year or two or put in a poly tunnel. i don’t think logs up north reading 20-25% is a problem it’s the 40% green stuff that needs cracking down on
  8. Crashed or broken a week later and parts obsolete like the rest of the crap they turn out 😁
  9. Thanks for the suggestions . That’s the problem at the moment kindling is a better use for the timber than bio mass and we would pay more.
  10. We have made and sold tonnes of kindling this year but struggling to find nice down graded pine timber . If anyone knows of anything or wants to supply it so we can turn it into kindling for them let me know. We recently picked up this packing case timber which is ideal . 1 metre long + 2x2 and bigger are what we are looking for .thanks for looking
  11. Hi Mark we are currently out of stock and taking orders but would love to supply you . I will reply to your message shortly
  12. Never had much luck with cherry or apple always wondered what all the fuss was about . beech and ash my favourites Hawthorns good round this way too
  13. For 126 nets inc delivery to most places inc vat total price £360.00
  14. Fresh unused untreated pine softwood neat tightly packed bone dry kindling 40x50 approx 4kg


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