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  1. Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Thank you for your post Mistajay, slippymurphy and cgs hopefully you should all have a private message ( pm ) regards Steve
  2. Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Hi if you are collecting 50 bags is minimum but to make it worth while on a pallet you want as much as you can get on as it's the same price. We are getting 126 bags on a pallet currently but not sure if any have gone by freight yet. Or we can send 105 bags. The freightbon a pallet of kindling costs £50 + vat to most areas but not remote or highlands.
  3. Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Hopefully everyone should have a pm. If not let me know and I will try again
  4. Wholesale kindling clean and biscuit dry

    Thank you Richy 👍🏻

    <p>hello mate,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>could you please email me prices for kindling mate</p>

    <p>please email to, <a href="mailto:" rel="">gyles1996@gmail.com</a></p>

    <p>delivery would be to IP12 1QS</p>

    <p> </p>



  6. Kindling made from new downgraded pine construction timber. 40 x 50 green or orange monofilament nets neatly filled weighing 3.5-4.5 kg 126 nets netwrapped to a pallet cost of freight to most places £50 + vat We currently have enough raw material in stock for 3 years and produce all through the winter so never run out.
  7. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Had my bobcat 17 years . Versatile and reliable . I am getting a bit old for all the clambering in and out. You can avoid a lot of damage on grass by taking wide sweeps and teasing it around corners or 3 point turns.
  8. Commercial vehicle recovery cover

    AA still cover our 3.5 tonne with 3.5 tonne hooked on the back but that's because we have been with them since 1999. I did read about 10 years ago they won't do it for new members.
  9. Bfgs are nice and thick unlike a lot of other brands as I found to my cost when buying second hand trucks. It was never long before they were on bfg mt' s they well worth the extra £20 each all day long.
  10. Interesting forklift ebay

    I never seen one before I don't think they made many of them. Imagine the neck injuries on rough ground :burnout:
  11. Interesting forklift ebay

    I think I may have spotted a major flaw in the design
  12. Advice on Euro road trip

    Have been looking at the same thing over the last couple of weeks. I notice no one has mentioned the west coast of France . We like beaches and mountain bikes would this area be suitable ? Possibly taking a new sprinter tl9 minibus could be expensive on the ferry but advantages are full aircon , high driving position and bikes and kit inside. Lots of really useful info on here with places I never heard of and would never think to visit reading with interest . Eventually I might drive to Crete to visit my father but much to see closer to home first.
  13. Firewood processing charges

    If it was me I would commit to a day that way both sides will have a better idea of what's achievable with the kit available. Also some oak can be a real pain to split especially is seasoned a while. If it's hard going at least your only committed to a day and can alter price to reflect work involved.
  14. Torn cartilage

    I had a medial meniscus tear and had keyhole surgery. The person collecting me forgot to bring a wheel chair up so l walked the half mile on crutches. I was driving the next day but it was the right knee so no clutch work. Climbing trees and in out of machines no chance for a week or two but did everything else. Recovering from the op will probably give you less grief that what you are coping with now. Watch the doc does not sign you off work otherwise your insurance is invalid.
  15. Sandbag filling

    Reminds me of easy jet


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