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  1. If you set it for 6 inch does it consistently cut them say 5 3/4 to 6 1/4 if that makes sense . Can you grip the last 6 inches of cord wood and cut it or is it to unstable to hold down
  2. 10 inch diameter logs are ok but need to be less than 6 inch to go under the fingers in the kindlet. So the ideal log is 6 inch by 6 inch
  3. How does the farmi 36 handle 6 inch logs . We need to cut timber to make kindling. Doesthe log fall nicely into the splitting chamber, if not how much grief is it to rectify
  4. I like the look of the Farmi 36 with its own petrol engine but not sure how it handles 6 in ch logs
  5. Are there better processors out there . We had a Hakki pilki but found anything shorter than 10 inch fell into the splitting chamber on end . We need to process for a kindlet so only have about 20 mm of le way . Thinking maybe Dalen or preferably something with a petrol engine
  6. Not only do they keep the ash and beech round here they think it’s worth thousands on market place
  7. I normally work on 1 tonne of green softwood will make 100 nets of kindling in 40 x 50 nets
  8. I would cut a few trees down rent a kindlet for a week and make sure your timber kindles easily . I think you will learn loads and possibly be horrified how much work is involved. The best plans for your wood could be chip especially with high prices at the moment.
  9. The above is correct . In theory the start up current is actually 6 times but the power factor helps out a little so three times is normally sufficient. A motor that is star delta starting will help things further rather than direct online . I see an engine powered pto years ago like a power pack would that be a better idea less thermal and friction losses
  10. Hi 


    126 nets on a pallet delivered including vat would be £330 


    nets are 38x48 


    regards Steve 

  11. Big rings 30 cm long or just over, we sell to customers with big fireplaces if they are 50 cm cut them in half with chainsaw . Because nets command a premium price you can afford to buy cord wood for them
  12. Thank you for all the replies . I have been using poplar this week for kindling 4-6 inch stems. I am thinking now the smaller stems have smaller branches and therefore small knots . Also younger stems are softer and easier to split . Maybe a decent wood processor would be good to cut up to 12 in ch stems
  13. I need a large circular saw to cut poplar into accurate 6 inch rings . maybe part of an old American processor that no longer splits . Ideally needs to handle all sizes to at least 18 inch and bigger if possible .


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