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  1. I would estimate a third of the large plant on market place does not exist . As everyone has said offer to pay on collection even if it’s not an option for you it smokes the little shits out. Another big give away is they want you to contact them through their email not through messenger .
  2. I tried your idea on my wife I am now divorced
  3. I had one of these about 10 years ago . Probably one of the fastest machines for 8 inch stuff . As well made and thought out as the new machines . Stop the wood packing in front of the ram by clearing it with hammer and big screw driver . Get a spare rubber event for the hydraulic motor coupling and your good for many hours of logging . Ours was knackered after 10 years hard use but still kept going
  4. The same lady rang me about 4 months ago and she mentioned a scheme for small producers then so fingers crossed we will get something good 😀 and yes she was very nice.
  5. For those people already signed up to woodsure have they kept up their end of the bargain. Has being affiliated with woodsure brought you a lot more business due to their advertising . Have you felt the extra support since joining . Has this scheme improved things for you and your customers ?
  6. You have not got to hold the weight up while you cut the tree down . Your cutting up firewood . Most of the weight is resting on the log . buy a 660 with 25 inch bar
  7. Cross cutting firewood I just use an ms660 your not carrying the weight all day . Put whatever bar you need on it 20 in 30 in what ever suits the job
  8. Thanks for letting me know . I have checked our machine everything looks spot on unworn and in-line . I am thinking it could be poor quality bars . Might order one up and give it a go
  9. As far as I can tell it’s not the chain going blunt quickly seems to be the bar wearing before the chain gets a chance to dull. The bar gets a good shot of lube on 6 inch stuff not so sure if you put lots of 12 inch stuff through
  10. Following helpful advice from Peter at Fuelwood this morning. having investigated all the obvious worn chain worn / bent bar we replaced with new. Away the machine went as good as new for about 2 hours then suddenly back to getting stuck half way through a log and cutting bananas. Sharpening the chain never helped but turning the bar over to the unused side sorted the problem. but the reason bars are wearing out so fast is in the past someone may have used excessive force to cut logs with a blunt chain and this can bend the bracket that holds the hydraulic sprocket motor . This puts the saw bar out of line with the bed and causes fast wear on one side of the bar. I will I’ll check and investigate this morning and up date . I thought I would post while things are fresh in my mind
  11. I don’t need that many lids and 500 ibc tanks cut in half take up a lot of room 😄. I just cut the top 6 inches off and use that for a lid less height and less eyesore . I have started cutting the sides of the tank into 6 in strips and using this as labels on the side of the cage threaded through the bars
  12. Cut the top and bottom off . Make sure they are reasonably clean . Then fit them inside each other when they weigh 1000 kg which is a hell of a lot of plastic liners take them to a trade waste tip/recycling centre they will charge £95 per tonne and take them from you . Don’t buy ibc with nasties in them water soluable or fruit juices ad blue etc are ok
  13. We produce kindling and can stock you all up in the summer but currently have a lead time of 6 weeks . Can’t cope with demand currently


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