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  1. Contact Trees Please | Buy Trees Online WWW.TREESPLEASE.CO.UK Contact Trees Please the specialist growers and sellers of trees, shrubs, hedging...
  2. Can you claim off your insurance for the cost of clearing the tree and reinstating the fence? Unfortunately the timber has little value in offsetting this cost.
  3. JSN

    Beech bark

    Is it a graft line? Is the top bit fancy? - cut leaved or purple. Above the line looks thicker in girth.
  4. JFL gets a bit of a kicking there. Not sure I’d be comfortable signing any tree off as ‘safe and healthy’, doubly so one in the central reservation - with crown symptoms - from 50 mph! Also thought , ‘to be put on enquiry’, was a lovely turn of phrase. Good stuff.
  5. Hi Drew Attitude makes the difference - doubly so in tree work. I don’t think it matters how you get your initial CS units - everyone starts green at beginner level and you will still have to serve your time until you are competent. Obviously any work experience has value but try to get a start with the biggest / best company you can. Depending on where you live maybe expand your search to include Tyneside and County Durham. Best of luck.
  6. Hiya Sam - well worth checking out: TreeSource - Summerfield Books WWW.SUMMERFIELDBOOKS.COM Welcome to Summerfield Books - suppliers of new, rare and out-of-print books... Also, have a look at the AA website - they have useful info on there and you may be eligible to join for free as a student.
  7. Sorry - I’ll answer the question instead of spouting off from the top of my head. A potential hazard has been identified. The risk of harm needs to be assessed. I’d consider the historic length of time fungus present, with the amount of potential contact between fungus and kids, and weigh that up against all recorder instances of harm to children from fungus at the school. This will give you an idea of the actual risk. If risk deemed too high, put controls in place. still a bit spouty - but there you go.
  8. Ha - was it part of the brief to identify potentially harmful fungi? If you feel you have a duty of care and consider it a genuine hazard it needs addressing. I don’t / wouldn’t. It is an educational opportunity - beneficial mycorrhizal fungi with Birch etc. Needs to be processed through an animal to release hallucinogenic properties, reindeer / Laplanders etc. Very interesting.
  9. JSN


    The bairn just now: What pine has the longest needles? Me: Hmmm maybe Pinus radiata - that’s got canny long needles. It’s a two needle........ Her: Duhr its a porcupine! Tickled me
  10. Are you pro felling or against? it’s difficult to tell. They don’t look particularly over-mature or dying to me.
  11. Now then, Atlas Cedar is my shout. Atlas - ascending, Lebanon - level, Deodar - down. Branches in pics tend to ascending to my eye, as opposed to level or down. Cones Spruce? Deffo not Cedar.
  12. Hi Martina - from the pics it looks like a variegated poplar - probably Populus candicans ‘ Aurora’ Unfortunately the construction of your wall and driveway are not conducive to the long term survival of this tree. I fear that any remedial work to try and improve the situation will be costly, impractical and only lead to false hope. As the tree is obviously important to you it may be possible to take cuttings and grow new specimens from these. At least that way you’ll still have the same tree. I’m sorry that’s not what you want to hear. Best of luck with it all. Jim
  13. The gift of taxonomy is a marvellous thing! The species only relates to the particular genus that comes before it. It can’t differentiate between all the species on the planet - just those within the Oak grouping, if using the example above.
  14. Hi Jess - I’m confused as to why all of your posts relate to blatant local authority / housing association trees? Are you responsible for these trees in a professional capacity? What’s the crack? I don’t suppose it matters either way - it just piqued my curiosity.
  15. Now then - the proposed route will definitely be detrimental to the trees. Unfortunately it can take up to 10 years for the full effects of root damage to be seen in the crown. It’s obviously the cheapest / easiest route for your neighbour but not the best for the trees. If none of it is his land, I would politely suggest he reconsiders - perhaps taking then up his own drive. (Marked blue rhs of pic if I’ve understood correctly).


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