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  1. I have 10ft hedge on my land, but my neighbours would like the height to be reduced by 3 to 5 ft as it restricts their view. I have consulted a chartered surveyor who has confirmed that the hedge is not caught by the High Hedges act. Nevertheless, my neighbour informs me that he intends to lower the hedge without my permission and use the services of a local Tree Surgeon “qualified to undertake chain saw work”. I don’t know which Tree Surgeon he intends to use. I think I understand where I stand legally with my neighbour on this, but do I have any action against the Tree Surgeon: - a) if they just turn up and cut the hedge when I am out b) or they turn up and proceed to cut the hedge after I have informed them, they do not have my permission as it is on my land. Kind Regards,
  2. What a great hedge - I am jealous! - a lot of hard work no doubt - do you feed it? Regards,
  3. Mick, A further question - some of the bushes (8 ft) were planted about 10 weeks ago. Would you expect them to start sprouting soon, or do I need to be more patient? Regards,
  4. Thank You. It is just that most laurel hedges in the area are sprouting.
  5. I have a laurel hedge planted 4 years ago and is about 6 ft high. However I would have expected it to start sprouting with new growth by now (10th April) but nothing at the moment. Is this unusual? Thank You and Kind Regards,
  6. Dumper, Thank You for your sensible suggestion.Much appreciated. We intend to act in your advice - and I will ask the tree supplier to pay for the nematodes - we are fertilising with Miracle Grow. Regards
  7. Thank You. It took nearly a day to plant them - and I had to pay the gardener - I would then have to pay him to dig them up - i.e. another day and then a further day to plant the replacements. Is there a cheaper solution? Regards,
  8. We have just planted a 20 ft strip of hedge using cherry laurel trees purchased in 35 L pots. The approximate height of each tree is 2.25 m, but the landscape Gardener who did the planting has warned us that the roots contain Vine Weevil larvae, and has advised they need to be treated with an appropriate Vine Weevil killer. We purchased “Bug Clear Ultra Vine Weevil Killer” but have since researched the subject and note on the RHS website that “this product cannot be used to treat edible plants or ornamental plants growing in the ground” but should be used for plants growing in containers only - so we intend to return it. The supplier of the trees has advised us to purchase nematodes, but reading the literature on this, it is apparent they have to be introduced into the soil when it is relatively warm certainly above 5 degrees the ground is certainly too cold at the moment. A picture of one of the larvae is attached. Advice on how to deal with this problem would be appreciated.
  9. Thank You. If I plant Cherry Laurel or Bay Laurel which is the fastest grower? Regards,
  10. I have just had a landscape gardener down to quote for some structural work in the garden. I mentioned the Laurel v Bamboo debate - he thinks the Laurel which he described as “very healthy” will outpace the Bamboo - he also recommended Bay Laurel - as this should grow faster than the Cherry Laurel. Looking online the Cherry Laurel is described as having the faster growth rate?
  11. I would spend it if I had the room!
  12. Yes good point - I would be happy with another 2 feet this year. Although potted plants would not suffer too much of a shock? Thank You.
  13. Thank You for your prompt reply. We intended to plant the Arrow bamboo within a bamboo root barrier. also Arrow Bamboo is a "clumping bamboo" so shouldn't run anyway? I would prefer the laurel hedge, but it has only grown 2 ft 6 ins in three years despite constant watering and feeding. If I replace them with 6 ft laurel trees is there any advantage to this in the long run?
  14. A neighbour has taken down a 20 ft high hedge which was beautiful and gave both our properties complete privacy. This has resulted in a vital gap of 12 ft wide whereby they now can see clearly into our home living, dining room and also outdoor area where we sit in the summer. This now means we have no privacy whatsoever. We think the hedge belonged to our property as ours was the first built many years before but we have no way of proving this and now it is of no consequence as the hedge has gone. We have some arrow bamboo either side of this gap which we like and in the middle of the gap on our side are three, 4 ft high, cherry laurels that I planted 3 years ago when they were 1 ft 6 ins high. We now need something quick growing, can form a dense screen and can grow to about 15/20 foot. We are thinking of planting further arrow bamboo but that means taking out the cherry laurels. Question 1: Is arrow bamboo the best for this particular situation.? Question 2: Should we just wait quite a bit longer to get 15 feet from the cherry laurels? Kind Regards,
  15. Thank you - the top is 3m wide! I have planted some more laurels in another part of the garden ,but only 3ft high at the moment, - hopefully they will grow quickly. I have also planted a few Griselinia plants.


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