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    Business video

    What a great story. You've really moved things on in the last 10 years. Taken a few risks and thought carefully about the opportunities there are, what you want to do - and then gone and done it. If half the people in this country had a tenth of your drive - we'd be world-beaters. Be proud. Well done.
  2. One word of caution with Alders - especially if planting when 'mature'. Depending on the variety - they can produce an absolute mass of suckers if the roots are disturbed. Beautiful trees though they are - we planted some 10 years ago and it's been a constant battle...
  3. Wish I had 1% of your talent. Lovely work. Agree with you about the Makita saws. I have one and think it's under-rated.
  4. Just idly thinking about other uses for this beast. Especially as there have been a few too many postings in the last few days about members having equipment stolen. I'm imagining one of these in a lock-up that 'fires-up' and starts tracking towards the b4sta4rds that have broken in...
  5. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Or open another company and get to work...
  6. Bunzena

    Scythe mowers

    This what happens when you have too much time on your hands, have a really big shed and watched Thunderbirds as a kid.
  7. Simple. Always look at the total cost -because that's what I'm going to pay. But I NEVER buy on price alone. Happy to pay a bit more if I know the company has a reputation for good advice/service. That's especially true if it's something that I'm only ever going to 'buy once' or 'buy very occasionally'.
  8. If you've not already approached them try the Insurance Ombudsman. https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/businesses/complaints-deal/insurance/home-buildings-insurance/settling-home-insurance-claims They have the power to compel the insurer to act.
  9. The trouble is - it's a numbers game. All they need is one or two people/businesses to pay-out and they're ahead. All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration... Vigilance, people. Vigilance.
  10. If that had been me - the wee coming out would have extinguished the flames
  11. Dog vs Rabbit.flv Steve - I think what your proposing will work - and I don't see the rats causing problems. You don't say what sort of rabbits you've got. Big/small? We had a French Lop [weighed 5kgs] and he'd see anything the size of a rat 'off'. When he got p1ssed-off - he'd chase the children round the garden AND he'd been neutered! The enclosure sounds pretty secure. Maybe set it up and see how it goes. Echoing Stubby - rabbits can be pretty protective. [See attached]. I'm not aware of rats invading a rabbit warren in the wild... Dog vs Rabbit.flv
  12. I'd echo Mark J. It is easy to set up a company - but there are some pitfalls too. Especially in terms of understanding your responsibilities for filing, etc. A good accountant will advise on your options - and will even set things up for you, if you want. It will cost a bit more - but it saves time and worry in the end. Don't have or know a decent accountant? Always go on recommendations.
  13. I switched to Aspen 3+ years ago across all my kit. I had to change some parts after a the first season [Carb diaphragms and fuel lines] because Aspen seemed to cause some issues [leaks - primarily]. Now all is fine. This is another reason I haven't gone back - even briefly - to standard two stroke and pump fuel. Like a few others here - I now have a mix of petrol and battery tools. True that for some jobs - battery doesn't cut it - but for many it does. I have only used the petrol strimmer/brushcutter twice this season. The future is electric! Accept that Aspen is expensive but I'd never go back. In 100 years time, people will marvel at the risks we put ourselves in using ordinary petrol in tools we used 'close-up'. Alkylate fuels like Aspen are far from perfect - but what price is your health?


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