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  1. As Steve says - look at a Junior ISA - or similar. The interest rates on a Standard savings accounts are really poor. Barely above inflation - assuming you believe the figures quoted for inflation! There are quite a few online providers of ISAs. One that is consistently 'recommended' [e.g. by MoneySavingExpert] is provide by A J Bell. They also have some really good explanatory guides on their website for people [like me] that struggle with all the fancy terminology. I'd say it was worth a look.
  2. Vaccines? [Now where did I put my tin hat??!] 😉
  3. I'm 'boggled' by how you do this. So clever. So much skill. Brilliant.
  4. My guess is that you won't need planning [not in a conservation area] - but a quick chat with the planning officer [or a good local builders as per Nepia, above] will confirm this. A double-check that there are no covenants on the house preventing a 'change of look', would be wise too. However, you may well need to get everything signed-off by building control. Cladding of any sort is a hot topic because of the awful repercussions of Grenfell. That cladding may also need to be treated with 'fireproofing'. And you may well need to let your insurance company know.
  5. It's this kind of ingenuity that won us two world wars.... 😄
  6. That certainly used to be true. But now - mainly because of the internet - it's much less so. It will come down to how the powers that be define 'the market' Only a good, specialist lawyer would be able to advise. But through personal experience - I believe you stand a reasonable chance of making a realistic case. But only as a last resort. A simple letter might be all you need. Always use 'the law' in layers.
  7. If this continues to be a problem - there may be something you can do legally under 'passing-off'. This law prevents another company from trading with the same name and/or offering the same goods. In effect - using the goodwill and reputation you have built up for their benefit. You don't have to be registered or have a trade mark - it falls under a greater set of laws of Intellectual Property. It may be worth a quick chat with a lawyer if it gets more of a problem. As I understand it - you would have to be able to assert that it was causing trading issues for you, hurting your reputation, etc. Legally that there was some kind of 'infringement'. Not every lawyer has the skills to advise you. Make sure you use someone with a track record in this slightly specialised area. It may be all that it takes is for a letter to the principal at the other business, formerly warning them of the issues. Listening to your side of the story - it should be them, not you considering a name change.
  8. With the Tax man on one side and thieving &5$! on the other - it's hard for the honest working man/woman under the circumstances. Whilst I'd never condone it - I can see why people are tempted to take the law into their own hands. Come on Plod - help us out.
  9. Gold. I just died in your arms tonight. I lost my heart to a starship trooper. I'll get my coat....
  10. Bvgger. Was planning to work today - now thoroughly distracted by this. 😡
  11. It's Acer palmatum Tsuma gaki. Needs a bit of shade - but a real beauty. This picture is just after leaf break in the spring. Fairly easy to obtain. Quick to about 3m high and then slows down. Autumn colour is pretty plain though.
  12. Wow - that sounds like a fantastic spot to plant. Very envious - in the best possible way! 😉 Looking forward to the 'Open day'. The best book - I think - on Japanese Maples is by Vertrees and Gregory. Really good resource. For the nutters like me - I really like the less well-known Acer shirasawanum varieties. Harder to find but really overlooked. Enjoy.
  13. Agree with Gary - an Acer would be a good choice. I have a bit of an Japanese Acer 'problem' - with a collection of 100+ varieties. If the spot is breezy and in full sun - be cautious. Japanese Acers don't like too much of either. Varieties I'd look at would be any Acer palmatum dissectum [the weeping, mound forming varieties], Acer palmatum Osakazuki [blazing autumn colour - gets to 5m in height], Acer palmatum Trompenburg [very sun tolerant, very dark leaves, nice upright habit 4m high], Acer palmatum Shin deshojo [gorgeous pink spring leaf, but needs shade and shelter, 3m high] or Acer palmatum Sango kaku [coral pink stems, fresh yellow/green leaves in summer, needs some shelter 4m+ high]. I've seen all of the above in B&Q over the past few years - so not too difficult to obtain. If you want to create something really eyecatching, then mix up an Acer shirasawanum aureum [really acid green] with Acer palmatum Bloodgood [deep, dark red]. Looks spectacular. People say they need acid soil - but I would disagree. Perfectly happy in any soil that's not strongly alkaline.


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