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  1. Hope I never have to see anything like that mate and I totally agree there’s people don’t realise how much the world is going by them now days.
  2. ? If you had been picking your kids up from school if you had seen a tree what you thought looked hazardous would you have gone and told somebody that you think it’s a bit dodgy i think someone should have a look at it? That’s all am getting at mick I no I would even though it’s not my job Iva. That’s all am saying and am guessing you would don’t mean nothing by it but I just don’t think there is any common sense anymore no communication and so on that’s all I was getting at there is a lot of ppl what should have a duty of care.
  3. Hi understand that but aren’t other people allowed to make decisions? Totally agree with you I no it’s not the same but if there was gale force winds wood you go walking through a wood? And regarding the tree couldn’t someone else have gone and got a second opinion I no I would have done mate. Lot of factors and lot of things what could have been done on that day but do agree council to blame but think things could have been handled differently imo.
  4. Why didn’t they just fell the tree why would you recommend further inspections? The person obviously had a suspicion it was in bad health so why take the risk FELL the Dam thing a play ground isn’t a place to take risks 😠 poor girl. Surely teachers must of thought the tree was dodgy to and why let kids play near trees in high winds it’s scandalous. 😠
  5. If you don’t mind me asking what type of job do you do behind a desk if it’s good money why change? I Love my job but I no when I come to the end of it ready to retire I no my body ain’t going to be much good and I will suffer with a lot of aches and pains later on in life do now . And at the end of the day it’s all to do with money that’s what work’s about making money but there is easy ways and hard ways to make a living. Arb work is interesting and very physical and you can make a living but in my opinion you make more working for your self. But if you are making a good living doing what your doing now and your not killing your self I’d stick to that that my honest opinion but it’s what makes you happy mate 👍
  6. There not stag beetle long horn beetle one of them types took a big ash tree down a few weeks back and it was full of the larvae 🐛 and beetles 🪲 👍
  7. What are they field fare and red wings? It’s good though nice to see. They semt late this year we usually see them on the hawthorn berry’s. Great to see 👍
  8. That’s how I started my old man taught me to climb and do the job before I even went and did my climbing courses. I think it’s a good thing because I think some people once they have tried it might think it’s to much like hard work and say it’s not for them. And then they have wasted there money 💴 I think a lot of people see what we do and think I can do that watching someone who has done it for years and makes it look easy but don’t really realise how strenuous the job is. It’s not for everyone. 👍
  9. I can understand Sunday league mate but not at that level.
  10. There’s one thing I don’t know if I will ever see England win a tournament. I was thinking to my self last night would i rather see arsenal win the league again or England win the World Cup. Iva way if arsenal don’t win the premier league this year then that will be a right kick in the bollacks 😂
  11. I did think they played well though I Hope Croatia 🇭🇷 and Morocco 🇲🇦 get into the finals now.
  12. Lol 😂 I don’t no what you was watching Steve lol 😂 but I do agree with you on putting the ball in the back of the net. 👍


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