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  1. Lol 😂 that’s mad have you any idea what type of butterfly 🦋/ moth it is ? Never seen climbing gear chewed seen plenty of fishing tackle chewed by mice or moths what’s been in the garage 👍
  2. Price is what it is if the taxman asks for £550 you can’t turn round and say it’s over my budget. Or a bill drops through the post. 👍
  3. I don’t think you can go wrong with the lanyard you have made up. I use the marlow split tale 5m with teufelberger eye to eye with the hitch climber with vt. I don’t use a Steelcore flip line everyone has a different preference and setup. 👍
  4. Wish I was saying I think I’m a millionaire 💰 😂
  5. In my opinion they just want pruning. That’s if you don’t want them removed. But if you don’t want to be paying out to have work carried out every so often I think you have answered your own ? You no what needs to be done pay the once remove them and the problem is solved. As for poisoning pets I don’t no about that. But on your photos in my opinion they just need reducing. Look for another well recommended tree surgeon/arborist in your area and ask there advice. 👍
  6. We have removed a big sycamore today. that’s what we did took the line down at the house 🏠 climbed the tree felled it and then put the line back up afterwards. And there was no issues all worked as it should. If we hadn’t of removed the lines it would have taken days home owner spoke to the phone people before we removed it took months to organise tho was a real pain in the ass. 👍
  7. 😂 I could where them as a helmet 🪖 I’m only a 6 😂
  8. One of our green mech Arb track 150 had a similar fault to that it was a dodgy fuse what was getting hot and it kept cutting the machine out. 👍
  9. How do you no it’s not going to be a £million job idd never earn that kind of money but big firms mabie do
  10. I thought people ringing was just apart of being self employed. 👍
  11. Should die off Naturally if they keep cutting the new growth off in theory if there is no vegetation it can’t photosynthesis but it’s time consuming. 👍


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