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    Our company used this tip site today to tip our chippings. We had been doing a highways job in ecclesfield Sheffield removing some Lombardi populars. The access to this tip site was very good. It’s a allotments/ youth centre. Real nice lady who we spoke to just rang up and arranged to tip. I think this tipping idea 💡 is brilliant saves a lot of time and money 💰 thanks 👍
  1. I have seen a few badgers 🦡 about on the land. There is always plenty of foxes 🦊 there is one or 2 roe deer 🦌 knocking about to. We never get any muntjac or fallow tho. As for rabbits 🐇 I have got some other land I shoot over and rabbits are plentiful they have come back with a vengeance been a good year I think. need the population reducing I’ve had my orders from the farmer lol they grow a lot of greens. And as for stoats I sore 2 chasing some young rabbits down the farm lane a few months ago. But we have had a lot of problems with mink.
  2. I’ve seen a few clutches of Pheasants on our local shoot what I do a bit of keepering on. I shoot all the the vermin tho and trap the magpies and keep the local fox population down. We have a very good hare population on and a steady number of English partridge. Plenty of the Frenchman tho. I was also looking at some dikes the other day what I’m just waiting for birds to finish nesting to start clearing to feed for this season. Seen 2 or 3 clutches of mallards. I was out doing my rounds at the weekend and I found 3 lapwing nests all with chicks 🐥 they was really nice to see being a rarity. Cheers 🍻👍
  3. In my opinion He sounds to me like he’s a customer who you don’t want to work for. I wouldn’t of worked for him from quoting the job idd of walked away and let someone else do the job who will work for nothing. From experience if you have always done a good job they always come running back with there tail between there legs. 👍
  4. 😂 looking at that I thought it was real at first glance I was thinking 🤔 I bet they need to change there pants. Then realised guessing must be PlayStation 😂
  5. I’d say a willow to 👍
  6. Lmao you wouldn’t get me in there lol 😂
  7. The other factor I think is regards to how long do you leave something to decrease and then the poor lady or gent is in the situation of having to carry out the work. This tree would be easy enough to carry out the works. But some times people leave things not thinking of how are we going to carry out the work and what poor tree surgeon/ arb has got to go up it lot of factors. 👍
  8. I think some times it’s down to certain factors in my opinion. if it’s on a kids playing field I would say its a high risk and some type of work should be carried out to make it safe. But On the next breath if it was in the middle of a farmers field that tree could stay like that for hundreds of years. But there is a but will it you can’t really say so there still is a possibility so when it comes to joe public it can’t be chanced that’s my take on it. 👍
  9. Our company is the same we have gone quiet to and we usually always have work We haven’t done anything to our advertising Iva. Work has just gone slow think people are just thinking about spending there money on different things. Work will pick up again at some point just have to take the ruff with the smooth mate. 👍
  10. I would say a Scots pine 🌲👍
  11. Same here we have gone quite to. Just have to take ruff with smooth it will pick up again 👍


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