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  1. Probably lol. Best stick with my current method. Was trying to cut the dust down a bit but probably just have to live with it. I've managed all these years so far 🤣
  2. That's basically what I do now but you get loads more ash when using smokeless, which I do to keep it in over night or when I'm running low of wood.
  3. Hi Do any of you guys use a ash vaccum cleaner to clean your stoves? I'm thinking of getting one but not sure what one to get. Don't want a thing big really. Thanks Josh
  4. Well I got a Makita one. Just cut some horse chestnut up and it went through it like butter! I know horse chestnut not the hardest of wood but it was fairly big rounds. I'm pleased with it.
  5. Why's that? What's wrong with them?
  6. Just ordered a 14" 36v Makita saw. I've still got my petrol saw for when I have loads to do. Just like the idea of the Makita for when I want to cut logs up on a Sunday afternoon and not make too much noise!
  7. I'm swinging towards Makita as I have there battery's and tools already.
  8. Peter have you tried the bigger saws? I'm tempted by a 16" but won't bother if it's too much for it.
  9. Yes I understand that. How many logs would you expect to cut from a charge? I know logs very so much but a rough guide
  10. Hello I have a homlite 14" petrol chainsaw I bought years ago. I'm happy with it but was wondering if a battery one would be any good? I only use it for cutting up my own logs for my wood burner and sometimes it's a faff to cut up a wheelbarrow load with the petrol saw as you need petrol oil etc. Anyone with experience with them? I'm thinking Makita as I've already got power tools by them using the same batteries etc. Cheers Josh
  11. Hi Phill. What's happened is convesa have changed the way thier flues lock together. So even though it's all the same make the last 500mm on my flue is actually different to the rest. I have had to modify the structural band that clamps the last 500mm pipe to the rest of my flue. I've had a fire going since Saturday and all seems well.
  12. All joints can be inspected and non in the joist or rafter space. It comes out right by the eaves so the rafters it goes through is about 200mm from the joist it just went through where it has a support. There isn't anything wrong with it. Its just the convesa structural band not sealing!
  13. Nothings blown off mine and was absolutely fine until I raised it. I raised it as it was slightly lower than the ridge and every now and then when the wind blew a certain way I'd get a bit of a down draft. So I extended it 500mm using a structural band. The cowl is clipped on using the standard clip band it comes with. I thought I was just being 'belt and braces' using the structural band as it's last support brace is the upstairs ceiling joist which is 1300mm from the top of the flue pipe, then the cowl on that. The structural band is possibly not needed as they can be 2meters unsupported it says online. But we seem to get very strong winds these days.
  14. I was thinking about doing that and have the band inside but it would be a faff and after measuring up the band would be poking through the roof. I could use the non structural band I guess but prefer the idea of it as i have the fear of it blowing off in the wind 🤣
  15. I'll get pics up tomorrow as it'll explain it easier. Do you have a convesa flue pipe?


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