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  1. whats best smokeless coal to buy please guys for my multifuel burner,thanx
  2. im gonna go with the multi fuel type,so am i correct in thinking i can go from using it to burn dry logs/wood and at times use smokeless coal fuel ? and if so what is the best smokeless fuel to buy,thanx,sorry for so may questions,i just want to make sure im doing my homework before getting it,as said earlier it will really mainly used in winter,thanx again all
  3. some great info guys,really appreciate the advice given
  4. unsure whether to get multi fuel or just wood burner,decisions,decisions!!!!
  5. lots to think about then guys but some great info that ive learned so far of yous guys,thanx
  6. thanks peasgood,,would you say 4kw is ample my room is just under 6x4
  7. am i better off with a multi fuel? im a joiner an dwork regularly with oak,so there are benefits for me ther,lol,also also is that manufactured stuff any good? thanx woodworks
  8. hi,new to forum ,looks great site.ok i have just bought a bungalow and was thinking of getting a woodburning stove,but which one,god knows.my living room is about 6x4 metres and 8ft ceilings.it would moreso be used in the winter obviously,can anyone recommend a particular one if possible,would like a biggish window in it.we have a fireplace with chimney,although at the moment its blocked up with plasterboard and a electric fitre surround covering it up.are there any these days that dont create a load of dust in the room,thanx guys for any advice offered, or would people recommend a multi fuel burner??


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