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  1. Two man team with cherry picker needed for structural deveg, small trees, mainly ivy & saplings. start asap, approximately 7 days. Gareth on 07795363175
  2. Hmm, will see if my Stihl hedge cutter attachment will fit on to my mates Stihl pole saw, any special connector/coupler required or a simple straight swap? Thank you
  3. Thanks for the suggestions so far, yes, tried the ladder approach, literally not enough width to move around, it is so tight. The Echo telescopic with additional extension suggestion may be worth pursuing though. I've always exclusively used Stihl hedge trimmers so know nothing about the Echo, are they up to the job?
  4. Anyone have any bright ideas how I can tackle a 6mtr high conifer hedge that requires a short back & sides, trouble is that access to the front face is awkward because of close proximity to two bloody poly tunnels more or less running the whole length of the hedge (approx. 20mts) there is literally just enough space to stand between hedge and poly tunnels. This hedge is in a large rear garden with no access for any type of tele handler to lift me over the top of the poly tunnels and apart from erecting a scaffold working platform over the poly tunnels I cant think of another way of doing it, apart from an extra long hedge trimmer, is there such a thing available? This situation is made somewhat more awkward by the fact that this is the home of a commercial client of mine that I get quite a bit of work from so it wont go down too well if I try and get out of it by saying I'm too busy, etc. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi Alex Im looking for a team of 3, it’s too much for one person
  6. 3-4 days work near Holsworthy, chipping/stacking, general tidy up, need to get this work wrapped up so will to pay above normal daily rate.
  7. Got a job that needs finishing off near Holsworthy with tracked chipper, anyone local that could help me out?
  8. Got a job that needs finishing near Holsworthy with tracked chipper, anyone local that could help me out?
  9. Couple of riverside trees need removing in Dumfries, easy access, willing to pay top rate for these works 07795363175
  10. Anyone in Glasgow able to help me out? 07795363175
  11. Looking for climber & groundie to carry out several jobs in Glasgow with immediate start.
  12. Urgently require two ground cutters for one months work in East Sussex area, good daily rate, will pay cash in hand. 07795363175 for more info
  13. Have a few weeks work available for 2-3 man team, some climbing but nothing major, mainly ground works. Call/text 07795 363175 for more details
  14. 2 x man (self employed) team required for various bridge maintenance works in East Sussex area for a few weeks, tree works will include some climbing but nothing major, other works will include minor scrub clearance on embankments and ivy removal from bridge walls. There is also a requirement for a brickie (or someone with brick laying experience) to carry out various minor re pointing jobs. Plan to start these works by the end of the month (October). Phone/text 07795363175 for further details
  15. Got some stock proof fencing & other bits & pieces need doing in the Plymouth area in January if anyone is interested. Call 07795 363175 for details


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