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  1. Hopefully finally managed upload a few photos of this years carvings so far of a oak dormouse, Western red cedar otter, oak owl stump carving, and a cedar hedgehog and peter rabbit , all chainsaw only ,cheers lee.
  2. carver83

    What winter tyres are best for a Navara NP300?

    Been using Yokohama geolanders for last few years on Mazda b2500, big difference between the AT tyres that the truck came with , especially on wet roads.
  3. carver83

    what level of detail?

    Hey up, just keep going with the saw mate and the detail will come with time, I was tempted by chisels/power gouges etc when I started but stuck with chainsaw only and 7 years later glad I stuck to saw only.
  4. carver83

    Woodchip & Timber tip site - Frodsham - Cheshire

    Hey up, iam always after logs for carving and based in norley so not to far away, unfortunately only the bigger pieces 10"+ diameter and 2-6ft lengths if that's any help? ,cheers lee.
  5. carver83

    Best full face mask???

    Thanks for the reply's lads , couldn't stretch to the top end one so compromised and went for a jsp force10 mask from screw fix, bit uncomfortable after few hours ,but works no more breathing in crap ,bits in eyes and no misting up!,cheers lee.
  6. Hey up, after few full days of sanding carvings finding the disposable face masks ain't up to the job, and was thinking of going full face , any recommendations appreciated! Cheers lee.
  7. carver83

    Monkey Puzzle Timber available

    Hey up , Il be interested sent you msg
  8. Hey up, ive got roughly 18 cube of split semi seasoned logs that's open to offer, at least 15 of that is mostly oak bit of beech,sycamore,ash,silver birch and the rest mix of spruce,larch,redwood,cedar. Its made up from the decent offcuts from chainsaw carving and logs that haven't made the grade, used to sell bit of firewood but its just not worth hassle anymore so ideally the lot to go, carny get pictures up on here but if you interested msg me your email and Il send some pics over, near Holmes chapel Cheshire ,thanks for reading cheers lee.
  9. carver83

    logs wanted for carving

    Hi matt, where abouts are you based , and what logs are they? Cheers
  10. carver83

    logs wanted for carving

    Hi ,thanks for your reply but iam based in Cheshire so be to far travel,cheers
  11. carver83

    logs wanted for carving

    Hey up, looking for logs for chainsaw carving 15"+ diameter and 3-6ft lengths, ideally Douglas fir,larch,oak,conifer ,cedar near to arclid Cheshire , pay or swap for carvings if interested 0780 7825118, thanks for reading!
  12. Hi ,iam after oak,larch,cedar,conifer logs wanted for carving ideally 18"plus diameter in the cheshire area, pay cash or swap for chainsaw carvings ,cheers lee.
  13. carver83

    Carvers in Snowdonia

    Hi scott, iam based in Cheshire but do travel, I've got few pics up on facebook and instagram under lbchainsawcarving ,cheers lee.
  14. carver83

    timber wanted

    Redwood,larch,cedar,macrocarpa wanted at least 18" plus diameter ,near arclid cheshire ,cheers lee 0780 7825118.
  15. carver83

    Cedar and Redwood for carving

    Hi , how much for 7ft chunk of redwood , iam based in arclid ,cheshire, thanks


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