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  1. Hi Jacqui, where abouts are you based ? ,iam based in Cheshire but do travel ,I have some photos up on my website at lbchainsawcarvings.co.uk , cheers Lee.
  2. Hi, gusharts sell them, search for chainsaw carving on the site, although had to get it re-milled as sizing was off to fit die grinder, or b&q do a cheap rasp set for a drill which you can make easily if you have a dremel and grinding disc
  3. Slightly different shade red tho, but works
  4. Hi, I managed to fit with bit of modification a titan beaver pro? Swivel chute onto my lawnflite gts1300 chipper (looks similar type) and works fine, best part is I paid £90 I think for it, lawnflite wanted £350! for one
  5. Two benches from last month first a hagrid, fang and Norbert the dragon from Harry Potter and The snail and the whale from the kids books ,both carved from cedar with oak seats
  6. Hi , as per title iam after a oak slab with following dimensions: 2-3" thick 13-16" wide all heart wood 6ft long Green or seasoned doesn't matter Nothing special quality wise as it's just for carved bench seat, ideally around the Cheshire area , cheers Lee.
  7. Thanks guys, yes not intentional but created a hybrid rabbit/hare is the way they seem turn out haha
  8. Lawnflite gts1300 is good little chipper ,had mine about 2 years now with no trouble
  9. Trigger is variable on msa160c & the msa200c, they really are the best for detail work not so much for general carving with 1/4" carving chain and bar, real slow chain speed and very grabby, but great with the r7 carving bar and tiny 0.43?micro pico chain
  10. Hopefully finally managed upload a few photos of this years carvings so far of a oak dormouse, Western red cedar otter, oak owl stump carving, and a cedar hedgehog and peter rabbit , all chainsaw only ,cheers lee.
  11. Been using Yokohama geolanders for last few years on Mazda b2500, big difference between the AT tyres that the truck came with , especially on wet roads.
  12. Hey up, just keep going with the saw mate and the detail will come with time, I was tempted by chisels/power gouges etc when I started but stuck with chainsaw only and 7 years later glad I stuck to saw only.
  13. Hey up, iam always after logs for carving and based in norley so not to far away, unfortunately only the bigger pieces 10"+ diameter and 2-6ft lengths if that's any help? ,cheers lee.
  14. Thanks for the reply's lads , couldn't stretch to the top end one so compromised and went for a jsp force10 mask from screw fix, bit uncomfortable after few hours ,but works no more breathing in crap ,bits in eyes and no misting up!,cheers lee.


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