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    That's the issue. Theft will not stop until people stop buying stolen gear. I have absolutely no facts to back this up, but in my opinion, less than 5% of hand tools nicked will ever be recovered by the police. That might be a generous figure actually! So the only way to get the stuff recovered after its been nicked, is for some kind of miniature tracer/sim which gives you the gps location of the item. Bearing in mind that power tools have batteries or mains electric cables or motors in the case of chainsaws, it can't be difficult surely to utilise those sources of power? Then when its nicked and used, you can track where it is. Hoping that the police will find it and return it is a waste of time.
  2. Chalgravesteve

    Show us your website!

    www.logs.co.com Our website and webshop.
  3. Chalgravesteve

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    ....and that's entirely my view and my experience as well!! My customers buy from me because we use local timber, and our wood is dry. We use barrow bags and put the bags where they want them, not just dropping it loose on the drive. I provide a product and a service that no one in my area comes close to, and a HETAS (or anyone else's) sticker won't make it any better than it is now. If I put a "ready to burn" logo on my product, I'll design it myself and use my own!
  4. Chalgravesteve

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    The company is owned by its directors, although it is limited by guarantee and not shares. I quote from my email from "Laura Sceal, Business Manager, Grown in Britain Team" We are connected to Woodsure and Ready to Burn. We do offer a discounted audit rate if you choose to have both audits done at the same time.
  5. I've recently been approached by "Grown in Britain" to register my kiln dried firewood with them, to enable me to display the logo on my products which are all sourced from within 20 miles of me. I have also been approached by Woodsure, the woodfuel quality assurance scheme. I have also been approached by the "Ready to Burn" scheme as our products are all under 20% MC and we kiln dry it ourselves. All of the above are linked/operated/controlled by HETAS Ltd? And when you search Companies House, HETAS is a private limited company, with over £1 million in cash in the bank according to their last filed accounts? I always thought that HETAS was a regulatory body? Clearly its not? Now I take my hat off to them if they have built a private business around providing other private businesses with certification saying that products/services are compliant, but compliant with what? There have been recent published articles regarding firewood (The Clean Air Act) and the emissions etc, and it would seem to me that there is a push towards having these brandings on products to enable the consumer to know that the product meets certain criteria, but I can't see how that is compatible with a private company run for profit? Or am I missing something here?
  6. Chalgravesteve

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    firewood is not a sustainable energy supply!! How the hell can it be sustainable when you can burn a tree in one day but it takes 20 years to regrow back to the same size? The consumption of wood in fires will always outstrip the regrowth! We use entirely arb waste in our firewood production, so these trees are coming down anyway, but it has always struck me as being a strange claim that firewood is sustainable!
  7. Chalgravesteve

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Its pallets. Apart from the blue/red ones, thats a pretty dry pile of timber!!
  8. Chalgravesteve

    Biomass in a low-carbon economy

    Some interesting stuff in there. Hard going at times, and I haven't read it in full yet........
  9. Chalgravesteve

    Mixed hardwood near Dunstable

    messaged you
  10. Chalgravesteve

    Being able to supply your demand

    No you don't have to give a base price for clearing the tree/s. That's one job. Price it accordingly. You remove the cut down tree and dispose of it in that price. Cutting it up into firewood, storing/seasoning it and delivering the end product to a customer is a completely different job. Ask yourself this. If the tree is so valuable as profit/firewood, why don't all the people who have trees being removed all just keep the trees themselves and sell it and make all that lovely profit themselves? You are undervaluing yourself and doing 2 jobs for one income.
  11. What it says really!! renovating a 1920 3 bed semi with fireplaces and chimney. Rooms are smallish at around 10’x12’ what would you recommend as a good small stove? I’ve heard the Morso squirrel is a good small one? Cheers
  12. Chalgravesteve

    Quote for a job

    Hi All I have a customer with a specific request. I don't have the materials or the time to do it. I need 8" diameter logs cut the approx 2ft length and split into quarters along the whole length. I need 300 in total, so 75 logs at 8" diameter and 24" length split into quarters. So allow for margin for error and lets say 100 logs. They don't need to be dry, and there is no specific species required. the "cheese wedge quarter" will be approx 100mm x 100mm x 600mm long. I need them early next week, delivered to Toddington, Beds. Anyone fancy the job? I need a price asap please if you want it. Cheers Steve
  13. Chalgravesteve

    Bulk Mobile Chipping

    That's what I was after. Cheers
  14. Chalgravesteve

    Bulk Mobile Chipping

    Hi All I'm told that there are companies who have substantial sized mobile chippers which take all sorts of sized chunks of arb waste and chip it down. I'm interested in seeing what the cost for this is, does anyone have any contacts or knowledge of anyone doing this? Cheers Steve
  15. Chalgravesteve

    Haulage Required

    Depends what the wood is? Is it cord, arb waste, chip or random branches?


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