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  1. Chalgravesteve

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    There's a reason why its two hand operated.......if you modify it so its one hand operated, then one day you might need it to be one hand operated! It never ceases to amaze me how people seem to imagine that 10/20/30 tonne of hydraulic pressure can be stopped from damaging a human being by hope alone. Same with PTO's There's a reason why they have guards and chains.
  2. Chalgravesteve

    Imported firewood

    Whilst I understand the argument that marine diesel is not exactly environmentally friendly, unless the ship was carrying just timber, then its not making it any worse than it was already. The container ship system is circulating the globe, transporting millions of containers carrying everything under the sun. Whether is 1 more or one less container on there makes no odds. There is the argument that the more you get on, the less pollution there is per container. There is no way that we are going to go back to "the good old days" of the East India Company and "The Cutty Sark" skimming across the surface of the seas under wind power to bring us a cup of tea...... New Zealand may well be able to inspect every single container that comes into their ports, but they have a population of under 5 million people - that's almost 50% of London alone! If you compare our inspections with, say the massive port hubs of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg etc I would think that we would be more comparable.
  3. Chalgravesteve

    IBC to bulk bag

    I've got some Sainsbury's biodegradeable carrier bags at 5p each. They also hold a tonne.....
  4. Chalgravesteve

    Sitka thinnings for logs

    But unless the incinerator is at every port, then the issue remains the same. Its here and it has to be transported to an incinerator.
  5. Chalgravesteve

    Sitka thinnings for logs

    So, the power stations do a deal with the FC to take any softwood with bark on to incinerate it for them? Now that would be absolutely too simple wouldn't it..........
  6. Chalgravesteve

    How to sell more Firewood

    No problem. The point of a newsletter is to continue to engage with your customers. In my view, especially if you are selling in bulk, then there can be a longer period between them reordering? So, to maintain a communication with them also maintains your name in their minds so they are more likely to think of you as they need to reorder or you prompt the thought that they need to. If you dont don’t talk to your customer, someone else might. It’s just a simple mechanism to keep you in their minds.
  7. Chalgravesteve

    How to sell more Firewood

    I agree, we have 2 different markets. I cater for the people who can’t/won’t store firewood in volume. I’m way cheaper than buying nets from the garage and more expensive than loose bulk suppliers. I’m selling mine at around £150 per m3 and it’s a mix of hard and softwood. I’ve got 250+ local customers, I data capture and I’m going to be starting a newsletter for my customers next season, same as I do for my golf business members. I think the same principles apply to both sectors. Claiming it’s better for the customers health, them shifting the logs themselves, is pushing it though! 😂😂 So the elderly, disabled, etc etc are all better off by shifting it themselves? 😃👍
  8. Chalgravesteve

    How to sell more Firewood

    A website people can order from, a facebook site that people can see that links to the website/online shop is essential. All that will happen over the next decade is that online purchasing/searching will increase. High quality product and SERVICE is what people want. I laugh when I read stuff on here. All people are interested in is how they can do it for the least amount of hassle themselves. Turn up, tip it on someone's drive and go. Excellent service. We deliver everything in barrow bags and put them where the customer wants them. 85% of my customers buy again. They ask what about the bags? I say I collect them when I deliver the next lot. Simples....
  9. Chalgravesteve

    The science behind forced log drying

    I don’t have an arb business. I’ve got 8 tree surgeons who bring me their arb waste and chip foc. They don’t have yards and need empty trucks every day. I don’t want to do surgery. Mutually beneficial relationship. Boiler heats an accumulator tank which runs the kiln. I’ve no idea how long it will last but I look after my kit. It seems pretty solid after 3 years running so far.
  10. Chalgravesteve

    The science behind forced log drying

    £10k? You are doing it wrong! Electrics cost me about £2k per annum. We burn seasoned arb waste that is difficult to split in the boiler. If I didn’t have to jump through hoops to get the RHI accreditation I could have built the boiler and kiln for substantially less. As it is the whole thing is paid for now so the cost of operating the kiln for a year is about £2.5k and we could in theory get 40m2 a week through it so 2000 M2 i reckon it costs me about £4 a cube if I ignore the rhi
  11. Chalgravesteve

    The science behind forced log drying

    Yup that’s about right. No bad debt. It’s paid for in advance. We rarely do COD. It’s as much about service, delivering the bags to the customers log store not just dumping it on the drive. We even taken them through or into some houses!
  12. Chalgravesteve

    The science behind forced log drying

    Main business is my golf club. I do the firewood as a winter business for my greenstaff. So I already have most of the overheads covered and it’s just additional revenue/profit and keeps everyone busy. I now want to expand it and employ someone full time which means we need to double our output to about 1800/2000 bags to justify the additional staff cost. We dont advertise as hard as we could so it’s entirely feasible to do it in my opinion.
  13. Chalgravesteve

    The science behind forced log drying

    We sell almost exclusively in barrow bags. Hand packed so they are solid. We sell a bag between £39.50 - £49.50 each depending on how many are ordered together. 4 or more for the £39.50 rate. We sold virtually bang on 900 bags this year. I reckon they are about 100kg a bag on average so that would be 90 tonnes. Website is quite tidy, thanks!
  14. Chalgravesteve

    The science behind forced log drying

    That's exactly the problem with seasoning wood against kiln drying it. The sheer volume of space required to properly season firewood is enormous, and certainly in the London/Home Counties/south East England area, you can find many other uses for such large covered areas that produce more/same income for less work. Stock is simply money tied up. If someone holds £100,000 worth of stock for two years to season it, whilst I hold £5,000 worth of stock and keep replenishing it, and I turnover my stock once a week for a 26 week season, then I actually sell £130,000 worth but only tied up £5,000 at any one time......Its not how much stock you hold, its how fast you sell it and replace it and sell it again that counts.
  15. Chalgravesteve

    How are your stocks holding up?

    I'm fairly small scale (about £40K sales a year) We serve the local market within 15 miles radius. Own kiln, so we split, dry it in kiln for a week and sell it. Repeat as often as necessary. Was going quiet (for a week) and its gone nuts again. We create stock in the summer and by this stage of the season we can keep up with demand.


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