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  1. I can't speak for others but in my case I burn wood in a large biomass boiler to produce the heat to run the kilns. We have approx 32,000 litres of water in an accumulator tank which drives the kilns 24/7. We burn the boiler twice a day to maintain the heat cycle into the accumulator tank and the kilns draw heat from the AT. The kilns are equipped with temperature sensor and humidity sensors which determine when to remove the heated, moisture laden air to maximise the capacity of the heated air to draw off moisture from the logs. We use the surplus wood that is hard to split into firewood as the fuel for the boiler, as we are processing arb waste to produce the firewood that we sell. The kilns can produce approx 36/40m3 of dry (12 -15% MC) wood per week.
  2. Surely, anyone with any common sense will understand that when you are trying to "manipulate" a rule in order to not comply with it, then you know that you are breaking it. The world seems to be full of people who think that rules/laws should not apply to them. Novak Djokovic, Boris, Dominic Cummings, John87, etc etc I don't agree with the requirement to register for Ready to Burn. My stuff is ALWAYS well under 20% MC, I've invested a lot of money in kilns and boilers and machinery to process, shift and deliver firewood. I know that my product will stand up to any scrutiny and test to determine it is under 20% MC, but the law now says it has to be registered, so despite the fact that I know I comply anyway, I'm now registered. In the great scheme of things, there are much more higher cost elements of firewood production than a registration for RTB.
  3. I've not found a better way than a daily manual schedule. Assuming that you are doing the same as us which is delivering over a 15/20 mile radius, we had a map printed which shows all the postcode areas overlaid and circles showing the 15/20/25 mile radius from us. As we get orders in, we build a schedule around the larger ones, in terms of geographic location. If we get a late order into the same area as an existing schedule and we have space on the van, we get it on to minimise the travel distances as much as possible. It wouldn't be difficult to create the manual master list into an excel spreadsheet though for each day.
  4. Why rip out the old boarding? If you put the new, extra deep insulation onto the existing loft boarding, you are still insulating and retaining any heat existing below that? If you need some loft flooring, put a new suspended loft floor in where you need it? If you rip out all the old stuff, you are then putting new extra deep insulation onto the ceiling boards of the room below. If you put it onto the existing loft floor, there is an insulated layer under your insulated layer and unless there is a bloody great hole where the air can escape to within that layer, then you must be achieving the same thing.
  5. Unless your loose (or tightly stacked) logs are all certified under 20% moisture, you can't use your pickup truck anyway as you need to be selling in a volume greater than 2m cubed........ Lights blue touchpaper and stands well back.........
  6. You guys have got too much time on your hands......... that pile must have taken about a month or more to create at that pace.
  7. Had a few questions on the Garden Cube. Its made in the UK, and really solid and well built. The cube has 4 glass sides which are completely and easily removable for cleaning. The firebox top and bottom are 5mm steel and supports are welded on all sides.
  8. Really Good. We load it with logs about 12" long and quite chunky, in a criss/cross pattern and burn it from the top down. Once its going, you can sit a comfortable distance from it, you don't have to huddle round it close to get warm! We were outside in 2 degrees c for several hours a few weeks ago!
  9. http://www.logs.co.com/?product=the-garden-cube-outdoor-stove Absolutely fantastic piece of kit. 4 glass sides. 1.5m flue. really solid construction and weighs 90Kg so its not going to move! You can get you current "Rule of 6" around it, no one is getting covered in smoke or ash. RRP is £1495 inc VAT and delivery to most mainland UK addresses. I'm happy to do an "arbtalk" deal for anyone interested. Please PM me.
  10. Hi Can anyone supply me with pallet loads of netted logs, preferably kiln dried but will take seasoned and kiln them myself if need be? Also Pallet loads of kindling. Please PM me with contact and prices. Delivery To Toddington, Beds Thanks Steve
  11. Yes thats all correct. Its way more complicated than just heating up a kiln and keeping it hot. I agree that if you can get the air to higher to higher temperatures at the start then you can re use the air/heat so you dont have to reheat it back to the full highest point, but you then also have to run that cooling air through a dehumidifier to remove the moisture it now holds, before you heat it up and send it back into the kiln. If you just keep reheating the moisture laden air, it wont absorb any more water so it becomes a balance between how much does it cost to get the water out of the air against the cost of heating fresh air drawn from outside to a level that enables the wood to dry in the timescale that is acceptable.
  12. Our kiln does not "cook in a large oven" The principle of kiln drying, at least in my kiln, is that you create a flow of warm air, over and through the stack of firewood you are trying to dry. Warm air holds more moisture and so it absorbs the moisture from the wood as it passes through, thereby drying the wood. Its the same as drying your hands in a hot air drier. Once the moisture is absorbed into the air, you have to eject that humid air and replace it with new fresh warm air which will continue the process. People seem to have a vision that a drying kiln is like a furnace. Its not.
  13. Dear All. I have an option on my firewood sales website for my customers to buy a chopping block for £10 and its collection only. There's always some who don't read the collection only bit! So I've got 2 online orders for a chopping block at £10 each , one in TA9 (Highbridge Somerset) and the other in ST6 (Brown Edge, Stoke on Trent). If anyone local to those two addresses wants to exchange a lump of tree trunk for a crisp £10 note, just message me with your name and mobile no and I will put you in contact with the two customers. Cheers Steve


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